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Pro Tools 11.0.1 Update Now Available

Today, Avid released a Pro Tools 11.0.1 update for registered owners of Pro Tools 11.

The update addresses some minor post-ship issues and fixes detailed in the readme files:

Windows/PC Readme 

 The ReVibe II plug-in is now available with support for Pro Tools 11.0.1 (and higher) and Pro Tools 10.3.6 

  • Pro Tools now receives MIDI input on Windows 8 when logged in with a non-administrator account. 
  • Touching a VCA Master while in automation write or latch no longer causes all members of the group to become audible (when volumes are set to –INF dB). Also, signal is no longer incorrectly sent to the VCA tracks’ corresponding sends.
  • When using ASIO applications with the Avid ASIO Driver with HDX or HD Native hardware, audio will not distort.
  • With the JL Cooper Surround Panner declared, Pro Tools will not quit unexpectedly when using the Shift Key for various commands.

Mac OSX Readme

  • The ReVibe II plug-in is now available with support for Pro Tools 11.0.1 (and higher) and Pro Tools 10.3.6
  • Certain third-party plug-ins no longer cause your computer to hang when quitting Pro Tools

Registered owners of Pro Tools 11 can find the installers, HD Drivers, etc., in the “Your Products” section of their Avid Account.

Full details are available on the Pro Tools 11.0.1 update page of the Avid website

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