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Pro Tools 11.3 Returns To Old Style Installer On Mac

Mac users may recall that since launch of Pro Tools 11 for Mac that to install Pro Tools 11 it was simply a case of unarchiving and then dragging the Pro Tools 11 application into the Applications folder.

It appeats that with Pro Tools 11.3 Avid have now reinstated a full installation procedure.

It’s not known why this is the case but it may be that Avid have been working on improving their installers to deal with possible issues caused by remnants of earlier installations being left behind.

Some users have also noted that on first launch Pro Tools is running a new PACE licence installer procedure. PACE is the software that contains the copy protection as part of iLOK. This software periodically updated by PACE.

Please do post any issues or other observations you have if you install Pro Tools 11.3

Pro Tools 11.3 Announced - Apple OS X 10.10 Yosemite Compatibility 

Avid have today announced Pro Tools 11.3 with compataibilty for Apple OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Avid write;

Issues Resolved in Pro Tools | Software 11.3

  • Pro Tools reports an “Automation Too Dense (AAE –9155) error when soloing/unsoloing. (PTSW-196601)
  • Importing MXF files from Pro Tools into Media Composer can result in incorrect files being linked due to matching sourceID. (PTSW-194005)
  • Pro Tools reports an AAE-9173 error during real-time bounce to disk. (PTSW-195074/PTSW-197275)
  • The timing of automation may be off when there is delay induced by plug-ins further down in the signal chain. (PTSW-196906)
  • When loaded as a session, certain AAF Files exported from MC 7.0.4 and 8.3 may cause Pro Tools to quit unexpectedly. (MCDEV-2132)
  • Pro Tools links to incorrect files when working with chunked MXF video. (UME-1104)
  • Some types of ProRes 422 files show black rather than the expected video when played back in Pro Tools 11.1.3 and higher. (UME-1101)
  • Certain Apple Pro Res files do not display correctly in Pro Tools (they appear as blank video) even though the files open without presenting an error. (PTSW-196429)
  • Pro Tools with Avid Interplay presents and offline media error when using the Send to Playback command even though all media is online. (PTSW-195195) 

System Requirements and Compatibility with Pro Tools 11 Software (details)

  • Pro Tools 11.3 supports Mac OS X 10.10 & 10.10.1 (Yosemite), 10.9.5 (Mavericks) and 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion)
  • Pro Tools 11.3 supports Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and Windows 7 SP1
  • Avid Artist, S3, and MCPro Users: EuControl and Workstation are not officially qualified with Yosemite at this time. Upgrading to Yosemite is not recommended yet for use with these products. If using Pro Tools 11.3 with these on Mountain Lion or Mavericks you should install EuControl 3.2 or higher (My Artist Login)
  • S6 owners should update to version 1.3 to use Pro Tools 11.3 (Avid Account > My Products > S6 Software Update > Show)

For full information visit here

Which Is the Best VO Mic? - The Pro Tools Expert Voiceover Microphone Shoot Out Blind Listening Test - Part 3

Following on from our previous post on how and why we are doing our Pro Tools Expert VO Mic shoot out (including the signal path) here is the THIRD part of our blind listening tests. If you missed the first set of mics then you can find them here and the second set of mics, you can find them here

As before, we are using the Neumann U87 as the named reference mic for each batch of listening tests because it is one of the most used voice over microphones in the industry and so, familiar to most people.

For each microphone there is an example of male and female voice for you to listen to and compare with the U87. We would like to know which you prefer and why. Please vote and continue to let us know what you think. In due course we will be revealing the results and sharing which mic was which. 

The VO Mic Blind Listening Test - Part 3




Thank you again to Andrew Bickenell and Posy Brewer our professional voice artists for their dulcet tones and to Nigel Woodford of Richmond Film Services for the loan of the microphones for the test. 

Want To See Pro Tools On Your iPad? Duet Display Allows You To Use Your iPad As A Second Monitor

No it’s not a Photoshop job, that really is Pro Tools on an iPad and even better it’s using the power of the Mac to run, let us explain.

Duet Display is a new Mac application for OS X and iOS that tethers your iOS compatible device to your Mac and making it a secondary monitor, but rather than being connected by laggy WIFI it uses the cable and some clever software.

Developed by an ex-Apple engineer the new Duet Display app gives you an instant second monitor, even better it allows you to use touch on the iOS device to control whatever application is on screen.

We’ve tested it with Pro Tools and it offers menu functions, faders, mutes, solos and more. It does not allow pinch pull editing, but many common features such as control over plug-ins, MIDI and timeline editing and work. As an instant second monitor with touch control for Pro Tools, it’s a handy little app to have. It even charges your iPad as you use it.

At £6.99 Duet Display is going to be a very popular app - all we need now is Apple to make a large iPad. At the moment it is Mac only but rumours suggest a Windows version is coming.

For more information on the Duet Display for Mac and iOS clcik here

Free Delay Effect Plug-in - Native Instruments Replika

Native Instruments are offering a free delay plug-in called REPLIKA until the end of the year, after which it will cost £44.00

REPLIKA is what Native Instruments describe as “THE ESSENTIAL DELAY” here are the highlights;

REPLIKA packs two professional quality delays and a powerful diffusion algorithm into a sleek, streamlined interface. Simple to use with a resonant filter and classic phaser built in, REPLIKA is a versatile delay for anything from subtle slapback to warped sheets of noise.

REPLIKA provides three distinct algorithms. Modern is a digital delay that delivers the crystal-clear repeats of high-end units. Vintage Digital delivers the charismatic grit of early studio delays. Diffusion delivers a fresh sound that rides the line between delay and reverb.
A high-class resonant filter and classic phaser add subtle to drastic motion that can be sync’d to the beat for intense sound design. You can even adjust your signal’s placement in the mix with normal, wide, and ping pong stereo modes.

REPLIKA’s powerful sound shaping features are laid out on a slick, essentials-only interface. Choose your delay mode and fine-tune lows and highs. One-knob subdivision adjustment steps you through the most widely-used delay times. And adding modulation is just as easy with simple combinations of three intuitive knobs and two buttons to choose between phaser and filter – lowpass, highpass or notch.

Download REPLIKA for free here

Antares Release Auto-Tune 8 With Flex-Tune, Real Time Pitch Correction & Ultra Low Latency

We are very pleased to announce that Antares are the latest brand to partner with Pro Tools Expert as they release the most recent version of Auto-Tune which features Antares’ new Flex-Tune technology, with what they describe as an “ultra low-latency mode for tracking and live performance in real time, and an even better workflow”.

Auto-Tune 8 Flex Tune

The new Flex-Tune feature allows you to set the rate at which Auto-Tune corrects pitch away from the scale notes, allowing singers much more freedom to exercise their vocal creativity while still providing the pitch correction and audio quality that Auto-Tune that people expect from Antares. 

Learn More

Auto-Tune 8 Low Latency

Auto-Tune 8 also features a new, ultra-low latency mode that provides real time correction for tracking and live performance, editing tools that are now active during playback and are apparently even easier to use. Add to that, a more customizable workflow designed to enhance your recording experience and you have Auto-Tune 8. 

Learn More

Auto-Tune 8 Automatic Mode (Click For Full Size)

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Softube Saturation Knob Plug-in Now Free To All

The Softube Saturation Knob is a great plug-in but previously only available via Avid or PreSonus, now Softube have set the beast free and you can now download it in AAX, RTAS, VST2, VST and AU completely free and without having to sign up. Softube write;

As of today, Softube’s Saturation Knob is available as a free download. It can be used in any VST, Audio Units or AAX host—and also as a Rack Extension in Propellerheads Reason—on both Mac and Windows platforms. You’re welcome.

The Saturation Knob has previously been available exclusively for Presonus Studio One and Pro Tools users, but today we make it available for users of other DAWs as well. For VST, AAX and Audio Units, Saturation Knob is part of the installer package, which includes all Softube plug-ins.

No iLok is required for using the Saturation Knob. For any of the other Softube plug-ins in the installer package, iLok owners can download 20 day demonstration licenses. 

Download Softube Saturation Knob for free here

Is It A Support Plan Or A Software Subscription?

The Importance of Perceived Value

I’ve posted some thoughts about “perceived value” before, in my recent piece about streaming vs owning music I suggested that if something costs less, it has less perceived value. The elephant in the corner of the digital economy is that there are two kinds of goods, those which are difficult to manufacture and those which are not. The huge difference between hardware and software is the ease with which digital goods can be copied. If you can make as many of a thing as you want, how much is one worth? This is where the illegal downloader tries to justify their action. “If the product is infinitely reproducible at zero cost then I haven’t cost you anything” would be the justification to the software pirate - Of course they have cost the industry a huge amount but this cost is less tangible than stealing a physical product.  

Creative Content & Software

The two digital products we are most concerned with at Pro Tools Expert are creative content and software. As people who make their living or aspire to make their living producing creative content like music, videos radio programmes etc, we are more aware than most of the knock on effects of limitless online piracy. As we all know, the story can appear bleak for professionals trying to survive in a world which contains the perfect mechanism for the unrestricted, unauthorised distribution of the fruits of our labours.

Living in Cloud Cuckoo Land

As software consumers it is easy to assume that software is written by massive corporations in gleaming white futuristic buildings with overpaid developers whizzing down wide corridors on Segways (at least that’s how I imagine it is). However when you sit down and think about it, that is as silly as a consumer of music assuming anyone who has ever put a record out lies all day in a platinum infinity pool in a house in the Hollywood hills.

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Source Elements Release Source-Connect 3.8.1 Update & Yosemite Support For Source-Nexus

Impressive Demo Of Source-Connect From the AES Trade Show Floor To Chicago

The team at Source Elements decided to demonstrate a live vocal overdub with a vocalist in Chicago being recorded on the AES trade show floor in Los Angeles, using cellphone data paths and a clever aggregating device. Check out the video.

Source-Connect 3.8.1 Update

There is a free update for all owners of Source-Connect 3.8 that is now available. There are some great new features that Source Elements have added to Source-Connect to make it even more powerful.

All Versions

  • Support for OSX 10.10 Yosemite
  • 64-bit AAX support for Pro Tools 11
  • 64-bit VST support for Nuendo
  • Remote Transport Sync support for 64-bit applications
  • New security features for corporate networks

New For Source-Connect Standard 

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Avid Release Yosemite Drivers For Mbox3 Interface - Pro Tools Yosmite Support On the Way Perhaps?

Thanks to eagle eyed community member Brett Parker for spotting that Avid have released Yosemite compatible drivers for the Mbox3 family of Avid Interfaces.

Lets hope that this points to Yosemite support for Pro Tools 11 coming along very soon.