Pro Tools tips, tricks, support and news for users of Pro Tools. Free Pro Tools video tutorials and free Pro Tools plug-ins. We support both the music and post production community.

We offer advice for users of all versions of Pro Tools both current and legacy formats. We’re independent and are not affiliated with Avid or their associated companies.

Pro Tools tips, tricks, support and news for users of Pro Tools. Free Pro Tools video tutorials and free Pro Tools plug-ins. We support both the music and post production community.

We offer advice for users of all versions of Pro Tools both current and legacy formats. We’re independent and are not affiliated with Avid or their associated companies. 

Waves Weekend Deals For February 28th & March 1st

Waves Special Offers For This Weekend

3 more great plug-ins at great prices from our friends at Waves, but hurry these will finish on Sunday.

  1. Waves H-Delay Hybrid Delay Native Plug-in $49 - normally $150 - Watch our free tutorial on 3 Tricks For Using Waves H Delay In Pop Track Mixes 
  2. Waves JJP Guitars Native Plug-in $39 till Sunday - normally $100 - Watch our free tutorial as James uses JJP Guitars in his Mixing Drums with Waves Signature Plug-ins series.
  3. Waves V-Series Suite $99 till Sunday - normally $500 - Watch this free in-depth video tutorial with mixing engineer and educator Michael White for an inside look at the Waves V-Series

Grab them while you can.

Remember to check out their Specials page for more great deals.

A-Z Of Pro Tools - N Is For New Tracks, Nudge, Numeric Keypad And "N"


When looking at what to include for the letter N I have noticed a common theme. All of these resources I have linked to have something in common. They are all highlighting common keyboard shortcuts. I think I have said before that my policy on keyboard shortcuts is that they are intended to be “shortcuts” i.e. they speed up the execution of things you do often. There is little point learning a shortcut for something you rarely do (and you’ll find it really hard to remember it as well). So with this in mind here are some N’s (and some shortcuts) I couldn’t get by without.

New Tracks

All sessions have tracks in them. Templates have their place, if you find you are building identical sessions time after time then save a template but if you are new to Pro Tools I strongly recommend you build your own sessions, avoid the stock templates in the quick start dialogue. You can use the newly introduced double-click with modifier to create new tracks but I’ve never really used them as the track creation shortcuts are second nature to me and more flexible.

Read the Article and watch the free video here.

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Mackie DL32R Preview At NAMM 2015

James heads out of the main halls at NAMM to the Mackie hall to talk about the new Mackie DL32R Live sound rack mounted mixing system with Ben Olswang from Mackie.

The Mackie DL32R is a powerful 32-channel digital mixer completely controlled wirelessly from Mackie’s intuitive Master Fader™ iPad® app - MIX FREE The DL32R features flexible, professional I/O in an incredibly compact design so you can place it anywhere. It’s “Built-Like-A-Tank” so it’ll stand up to life on the road. Plus, it remembers your settings for quick setup.

Watch the Mackie DL32R preview video here

Quick Tip: Using Memory Locations In Pro Tools To Clean Up A Session

Sometimes when I work with big sessions with large track counts I like to structure them to make it easier to get a better overview of the session and I use memory locations to help me do that.

Find your guitar tracks (or any tracks you like) in the Edit window or Tracks section and select all guitar tracks by holding down the shift key and selecting them. Once selected, the track names will be in highlighted in the Edit window as above.

Navigate to the dropdown menu in the Track window and pick ‘show only selected tracks’.

Now all the other tracks in your session will be hidden in the Edit window, leaving just the guitar-tracks that you just selected showing.


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The Little Things - Our Clients Don't Know When We've Done Them But We Do

Perfection is said to be as much a curse as it is a blessing, especially for creative types. We record, edit, mix audio or shoot, cut and grade video and often we just can’t leave it alone, or indeed be satisfied with the end results. When asking creatives if they are happy with their past work, many will tell you “no.” I listen to albums I made 10 years ago and want to go back and replace snares, or watch videos I cut 5 years ago and want to re-grade them.

Add money into the equation and the problem gets even harder.  We strive for perfection, but within limited time and financial constrains (in fact, the two are intrinsically linked when you work as a professional). There is a danger of wanting to cut corners, especially when on tight deadlines, however many of us simply work longer and inevitably for freE to deliver a great project.

For many of us (and this is partly why so many creative businesses fail), our primary motivation is not money; it is our desire for excellence if not perfection.

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Air Display Updated To V3 With USB Connectivity To Compete With Duet Display

Just before Christmas we covered a great find Duet Display, as well as suggesting 3 ways to use the Duet Display. Avatron Software make a similar product to Duet Display called Air Display 2 that was WiFi only and could be a little laggy as a result. They have been in touch to tell us that they are updating their Air Display 2 to AIR Display 3 to add USB connectivity and more. It seems that Apple have relaxed their policy on rejecting apps that accessed USB when Duet Display was approved and it would appear from the announcement of Air Display 3 this isn’t a one off. MacRumours said of Air Display 3…

In our limited testing, Air Display 3 used over USB worked well, with little lag, and its performance was comparable to Duet Display. There’s still an option to connect over WiFi if USB is not available, but using WiFi was considerably more unreliable with a lot more of a delay when attempting to perform tasks. 

What Are The New Features In Air Display 3?

  • USB: They have added USB. You can still communicate over Wi-Fi, which is very useful in some cases and allows you walk around untethered, but you can also plug in your dock connector and see much faster performance with no perceptible lag.
    This is great for using Air Display in locations with a hostile Wi-Fi network, like hotels, coffee shops, airplanes, and some corporate and campus networks.
  • Pressure: They are retiring their Air Stylus iOS app and rolling all of its features into Air Display 3. Now you can draw with your favourite pressure-sensitive stylus directly into a Mac app like Photoshop or Motion.
    In Air Display 3, they have added support for all of the latest styluses and on iOS 8, you don’t even need a stylus, just tilt your finger to simulate pressure changes.
  • Pinch-Zoom: You can use familiar gestures to zoom and pan, which is quite handy at Retina resolutions and makes the iPhone a useful second display.
  • Speed: USB speeds up the Air Display connection a lot, but Air Display 3 also dramatically increases performance over Wi-Fi.

If you haven’t come across Air Display before then here is a summary of what it can do…

  • Multiple Monitors: Air Display 3 connects up to 4 iPads simultaneously for powerful multi-monitor configurations.
  • Keyboard: Type using Air Display’s built-in keyboard or any Bluetooth keyboard.
  • Cross Platform: The free Mac host app is not just for iOS; it can also connect to our Air Display clients for Android, Mac, and Windows.
  • Touch Gestures: You can control your Mac with intuitive iOS gestures: tap or drag to operate the mouse or tap, two fingers to right-click, drag two fingers as a scroll wheel.
  • HiDPI: Choose Normal, Retina, or HiDPI resolution to suit your taste.

For the moment Air Display 3 is only available in the App Store for Mac users, Windows users can still get Air Display 2, but they will be releasing a Windows version of Air Display soon.

They are also intending to create an App Bundle to enable Air Display 2 and Air Stylus users upgrade to Air Display 3 for a discounted price.

Users will also need to download a free Mac app from the Avatron website to connect their iOS devices to their Macs.

Free AAX Limiter Plug-in From GoodHertz

New kids on the block and boutique developers GoodHertz have just announced AAX support for their plug-ins including their Faraday Limiter which they describe as a peak limiter with a big transformer sound and even better news is that it is free at the moment. So check it out and let us know what you think of it.

What’s In A Name?

Named after the inventor of the electrical transformer, Faraday Limiter’s analog-modeled input/output transformers are responsible for its beefy, harmonically-rich sound. The limiter circuit is smooth yet lively — it can pump faster and further than any limiter we’ve ever heard while retaining its characteristic punch and warmth. Faraday Limiter sounds great on buses, individual instruments, vocals, dialog, etc. and allows for a level of timbral shaping and tonal coloration that can’t be achieved with any other dynamics processor.

More from GoodHertz here.

G-Technology Release G-Raid Drives Using Enterprise Class 6TB or 8TB Drives

Look at what the team spotted on the G-Technology stand at BVE yesterday. G-Tech have recently released two very interesting products, the G-RAID series with USB3 and twin Thunderbolt interfaces and their indestructible drives, the G-Drive ev RaW top right and G-Drive ev ATC top left.

G-RAID with Thunderbolt & USB3

These are 2 slot enclosures that come in two formats, USB3 only or USB3 and twin Thunderbolt. Add to that, they can supply them with 6TB or their new 8TB Enterprise hard drives means than you can have a lot of storage in a very small space. The Enterprise class drives, G-Tech supply are designed for 24/7 use in servers, where as they explained to us that normal drives are not necessary built for continuous use.  One of the issues that can cause drives to fail is that the platters start to spin off centre as they get older and eventually the heads crash into the disk and that is the end of the drive. The G-Tech drives monitor and sense as the disk start to spin off centre and can correct for it, so increasing their usable life span. They can be configured at RAID 0,1 or JBOD and they explained these units come with a 5 year warranty and it just gets better.

Looking at the pricing and the 8TB Thunderbolt and USB3 unit comes in $800, the 12TB is priced at $1000 and the 16TB unit costs $1300.  If you want the USB3 only version then knock of $200 each of those prices.

G-Drive ev RAW

The RAW drive is made of a durable lightweight compound which makes it lighter than a normal G-Drive, and then adding the rugged bumper means you have a portable lightweight drive that can survive a 1.5m drop onto carpeted concrete.

G-Drive ev ATC

ATC stands for All Terrain Case. So take a RAW drive and slide it into an ATC provides a watertight unit that will float if dropped into water and will survive a 2m drop onto carpeted concrete, which takes the concept of rugged drives to a whole new level.

More G-Tech Reviews And Test To Come

It was another one of those moments where the three of us on the team that went to check them out at BVE came away saying we were seriously considering spending money on G-Tech products. So you can look forward to us putting these drives through their paces including us attempting to break them to see if G-Tech’s claims hold water.

Audient ASP880/Midas XL48 Shootout - The Results


Many thanks to everyone who voted. While the two units are of very similar quality,  that is not to say that they sound the same. Of course this is a very subjective area but to my ears the Midas was noticeably fuller, with a softer transient response and a pleasing “smoosh” to it which I enjoyed very much. The Audient was faster with excellent clarity and arguably was more transparent.

The files were: 

  • Strummed Guitar 1 - Audient ASP880
  • Strummed Guitar 2 - Midas XL48
  • Picked Guitar 1 - Midas XL48
  • Picked Guitar 2 - Audient ASP880
  • Drum Test 1 - Midas XL48
  • Drum Test 2 - Audient ASP880
  • Spoken Word 1 - Audient ASP880
  • Spoken Word 2 - Midas XL48 

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Preview Video: A First Look At The New Nugen Audio LM-Correct 2 At BVE In London

Yesterday at BVE Nugen Audio gave us the first preview of their new LM-Correct 2 which will be released for NAB in April 2015.

In this video, Nugen Audio’s Paul Tapper takes Mike Thornton through the new features in LM-Correct 2 and we also got a sneak peak at the new ISL 2 as well which together with Vis-LM 2 will make up the new Loudness Toolkit 2 which Paul assured us will be released in April 2015.

The key addition to LM-Correct 2 is the Nugen Audio DynApt solution which has been an option on their batch processing solution LMB for intelligent repurposing of audio for TV and streaming at faster-than-real-time speeds. With the release of LM-Correct 2 the DynApt extension will also be included in LM-Correct 2, Nugen Audio’s quick fix compliance tool for workstations.