Pro Tools Expert People's Choice Awards 2014 - Nominations So Far

We’ve been thrilled by the response to this year’s Pro Tools Expert People’s Choice Award, the nominations are coming in at quite a rate and as we hoped for both large and small companies. 

To recap this year we are on the hunt to find the People’s Choice for Most Innovative Brand and the Brand With Best Customer Service and during November we are asking you to nominate who you think deserves the award, then in December the brands with the most nominations in each categories will be short-listed to a top 5 and then it’s down to a public vote. This really is the People’s Choice Award, anyone could win.

If you want to know more click here to nominate, you’ll also be entered into a prize draw to win great prizes.

Here are the nominations so far:

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Get The Brand New Waves Plug-in Free This Friday - Here's How

Our friends at Waves are launching a brand new plug-in this Friday and you can get it FREE.

They say on their tease page;

This Black Friday everyone is going home with a brand new Waves plug-in. FREE.

We have no idea what it will be.

  • What do you think it will be?  
  • What would you like it to be?

To find out more and to make sure you get the brand new Waves plug-in click here. Lets hope that they have laid on plenty of bandwidth capacity as everyone tries to download it at once.

How Do You Collaborate? A Look At Collaboration Workflows And Technologies For Creatives

Bob Brown has worked with many top tech firms and was part of the team working on collaboration technologies at Avid and more latterly Gobbler. In the first of three articles Bob talks about the concept of creative collaboration, the opportunities and the challenges.

Yesterdays Technology for Today’s Workflows

The tools we use for music production have been developed over the past 50 to 100 years. Musicians and engineers love vintage microphones, analog effects, and the sound of tape; ironically, it’s the imperfections of past technology that sound more pleasing to our ears.

The majority of todays DAWs such as Pro Tools, Logic X Pro, and Studio One are based on designs that evolved from tape machines and the old studio workflow. Additionally, these DAWs are designed primarily around a single user or single operator workflow. In general, there is one mouse and one keyboard controlling the DAW.

Most DAWs are designed to have a person record arm a set of tracks and queue or start the transport recording when the musicians are ready. Many have modes or external hardware that allow the single operator be the musician and start the transport rolling with a count off or a pedal switch. In some cases there may be multiple people mixing simultaneously with a control surface - such as ones that model traditional mixing desks.

When a group of musicians are working together in different studios, they are faced with many challenges including the diversity of DAWs, plug-ins, interfaces, and even outboard gear. Even assuming everyone has the same sets of tools, most DAWs do not have advanced features for cloud-based project or session workflows. Collaboration is often facilitated via sending and receiving whole copies of a project, or important audio bounces (thus limiting editing capabilities between collaborators). With these limited tools, it quickly becomes difficult to track and manage all of the copies of media.

While there are promising new technologies geared toward collaboration using traditional DAW workflows - such as Ohm Studio and Steinberg Nuendo.

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Gobbler Hold Their Hands Up To Their Email Mistake & Put It Right

In Podcast 142 Kevin De Wit told us about the email that Gobbler sent out advising all Gobbler 1 that…

  • Gobbler 1 accounts would be closed as of 1st December 2014
  • Gobbler 1 users should download their content from the Gobbler 1 system and upload it to Gobbler 2 by December 1st 2014 if they didn’t want to loose it.

We know that Kevin wasn’t the only one that was a little shocked by this email, we received the same email too.

Gobbler Hold Their Hands Up And Fix The Mistake

Within a couple of days Gobbler send out a second email explaining that they had made a mistake and what they were going to do to resolve it.

Recently, we sent an email letting you know we were planning on sunsetting the Gobbler 1.0 product. We didn’t think things through as thoroughly as we should have and we know how important Gobbler is to your workflow. So I spoke with the team and we have a new plan.

First and foremost, we will NOT be shutting down service for previously paid users effective December 1st. While free Gobbler 1.0 accounts will be closed, we will continue to provide the paid Gobbler 1.0 service until our 2.0 product can provide a rich set of features that truly improves upon the 1.0 client. Your data will continue to be available and your service will not be interrupted!

Furthermore, we’d like to say thank you for being a loyal Gobbler:

  • Starting today your paid account is FREE

  • You can now use as much storage as you’d like

If you have already paid for an annual account, we will be issuing a prorated refund to you. If you have a monthly subscription, you will not be charged again related to Gobbler 1.0.

This week, we met up with the CEO of Gobbler, Chris Kantrowitz and he gave the details behind what went on and also addressed some of the other concerns about migration and backups.

The Email Should Not Have Gone To Everyone

Chris explained that the original email was meant to only go to people with dormant free Gobbler 1 accounts, ie people who had signed up for a free Gobbler 1 account, and hadn’t used it in a long time.

Server Side Migration

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Microsoft Users Are Old Men Living In Scotland, Apple Users Are Young Women Living In London - Find Out More

YouGov, the UK Government web portal has launched a new web site based on UK census data.

The UK website allows users to search on a variety of criteria this includes brands. We’re not sure how seriously to take the results, but it is a lot of fun seeing what pops up when you put in various search terms.

For fun we tried Microsoft and Apple, in the absence of Avid and Pro Tools and got the following:

Customers of Microsoft are: Male, 60+, living in the far corner of Scotland, work in IT and have over £1000 a month in spare change.

Customers of Apple are: Female, Mid 30s, living in London, work in media or publishing and also have over £1000 a month in spare change.

The results are based on generalities, otherwise Russ needs to get a better job to pay for his sex change operation.

Go try it out, if nothing else it’s a lot of fun.

All Member-Only Production Tricks Videos Free To Watch This Weekend

This weekend only we’ve unlocked our vault of our Production Tricks Videos, normally only available to Pro Tools Expert members.

There’s everything from production tricks, in depth tutorials on plug-ins, virtual instruments and hundreds of Pro Tools tips and tricks.

This Pro Tools video tutorial library runs into hours of material to help you get up to speed, or learn some new stuff. Check them out here.

So spend the weekend enjoying the Pro Tools Expert video tutorials. If you like them then you may want to think about signing up for membership. In the meantime this weekend is on us!

Pro Tools Fundamentals - Playback Modes

Pro Tools offers five different playback modes. These can be accessed by right-clicking the play button on the transport bar or from the transport controls in the toolbar at the top of the edit window if you have them displayed. If you want to customise your toolbar simply right-click on some empty space and select the element you wish to add or remove (see below). By far the most commonly used playback modes are Normal and Loop but there are others and they are definitely worth being aware of even if they are rarely used, I have had several experiences of confused people wondering what is wrong with their session when they have accidentally triggered half-speed playback!

The five playback modes are:

  1. Normal
  2. Loop
  3. Half Speed Playback
  4. Prime for Playback
  5. Dynamic Transport 


As this is the default behaviour it is easy to overlook, so much so that I had to go back and change this post from four playback modes to five - I forgot about it. You’re in Normal mode when you aren’t in any of the others. Pro Tools plays back at the correct speed without looping, basically its normal…

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Waves Weekend Deals For November 22nd & 23rd Only

Waves Special Offers For This Weekend

3 more great plug-ins at great prices from our friends at Waves, but hurry these will finish on Sunday.

  1. Waves Q10 Equaliser Native plug-in $29 - normally $100
  2. Waves CLA Unplugged Native Plug-in $39 till Sunday - normally $100
  3. Waves Kramer PIE Compressor Native Plug-in $69 till Sunday - normally $200

Grab them while you can.

Check out the Specials page too for more great deals

Trent Reznor Talks Creative Process With SoundToys - Video

Our friends at SoundToys have created a new video series featuring some of the hottest names in the production world, Trent Reznor and the NIN team. They say;

We’ve been meeting up with some of our favorite artists to talk about gear, sound, and making music. We captured these conversations in a new video series called Process. In this debut episode, watch Trent Reznor, Alessandro Cortini and Ilan Rubin share their creative process and how they use Soundtoys to develop sounds into songs. Stay tuned for more from our interview with Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails later this month.

Watch online now at

Apple Anger Pro Users With Lack Of Third Party Support For SSD In Yosemite

Alan Sallabank has alerted us to a story first run on, that users upgrading to Yosemite may find that there external SSDs do not work after the reboot.

Andrew Reid writes:

This looks like a real attempt to kill third party SSD drive support in Yosemite. Thousands of video editors, colourists and filmmakers have taken to using SSDs as their boot drives for OS X…

The problem is down to Apple having introduced a new “security feature” in Yosemite. Only kext drivers for official Apple SSDs are supported. Built in drives that Apple themselves use in your Macbook Pro Retina and some iMacs will upgrade just fine to Yosemite but if you have installed a third party SSD or more commonly are running off an external one, you’re out of luck.

This seems to be down to Apple turning the screws developers with third party kext drivers that Apple has not ‘signed off.’ If you have anything with drivers that Apple has not signed off then you might be out of luck. I had the same issue when using a PreSonus audio interface when testing Yosemite in public beta, you may have the same issue with an audio interface and Yosemite.

There is a ‘fix’ or ‘hack’ depending on your point of view that can be found at the end of this story, but it is somewhat troubling that Apple seem to be acting in such a heavy handed manner.

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