Waves Weekend Deals For October 25th & 26th 2014 Only

Waves Special Offers For This Weekend

3 more great plug-ins at great prices from our friends at Waves, but hurry these will finish on Sunday.

  1. Waves DeEsser native plug-in $49 - normally $100
  2. Waves L1 Ultramaximser native plug-in $49 till Sunday - normally $200
  3. Waves Broadcast & Production Bundle $499 till Sunday - normally $1400

Grab them while you can. Check out the Specials page too for more great deals

Pro Tools Fundamentals - Mapped Output Busses

The last point in my article on busses touched on the fact that outputs in Pro Tools are no longer simply connections to physical outputs in your system. Since Pro Tools 9 they have been busses which are “mapped” to these physical outputs and it is this intermediary buss which builds in the flexibility into the system to allow easier transfer of projects between systems with different outputs.

Why Do Outputs Become Unavailable?

As your sessions become more complex they become less “portable”. By that I mean when you try to transfer to a new system there might be more outputs which are unavailable, either because they don’t exist on the new system or because they do exist but are called something else and quite possibly use different hardware. For example if you are working on a system in “Shed Studio” - a fictitious ITB studio with main outputs named “Stereo” and you transfer to a new system at “Fancy SSL Studio” with individual outputs connected to a mixer. When opening the session saved with the IO settings for “Shed Studio” the output “Stereo” isn’t available. Under the old system the session would open with all faders greyed out, still mapped to this unavailable “Stereo” output. Under the new system the output isn’t mapped directly to this unavailable output but to a buss called “Stereo”instead. This buss can be remapped to an output which is available and Pro Tools will make a “best guess” as to which available output it should substitute in place of the unavailable one.

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5 Tips For Getting A Great Vocal Performance In The Studio

You’ve got a great track down and now it’s time to get those all important vocals recorded to make this a killer hit. If there’s anything that seems to get more people stressed, it’s recording the vocals.

The longer you spend trying to get a vocal performance right in the studio the harder it can get, so the sooner you get the killer performance better.

The key to a great vocal recording is a great vocalist performing at their best. Remember recording vocals is not an exercise is seeing how many takes and edits you can get down in a marathon session, it’s trying to capture the emotion and passion, with the least amount of stress.

So here are our top 5 tricks for getting a great vocal performance.

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Hiss And A Roar Release Heavy Metal Impacts Library

HISS and a ROAR have released another great sound effects library that will also have huge potential in sound design and music sampling too. Check out the ‘Making Of’ video.

This library includes over 1,900 metal impact sounds ranging in scale from massive silo hits, five ton concrete block metal impacts, a selection of four large scale metal skip bins, metal gates, truck decks, solid metal plates, an industrial digger scoop, to the total destruction of a filing cabinet, manipulation of a heavy steel 44 gallon drum, a stainless steel water tank, a copper bin and a WWII petrol tank.

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Avid Suspend Pro Tools Upgrades Until New Support Plan Is Released In November

Community member Tom Jenkins has reached out to us so we can tell you all that Avid have suspended sales for all upgrades until the new support plans are released in November.

Tom was trying to upgrade his Pro Tools 10 and CPTK to Pro Tools 11HD but was thwarted online. So he checked with Avid Customer Care and they responded with this…

Thank you for contacting Avid Customer Care. For the moment, no upgrades for Pro Tools are available on our webstore because we are doing some changes in the our upgrade system. If you do not want to wish to wait until the launch, you can try and contact one of our resellers. 

So for now the only way of getting an upgrade is through your Pro Tools dealer.

Waves Confirm Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite Compatibility 

Waves have announced that Waves Native plug-ins and WLC are now OS X 10.10 Yosemite Compatibile.

Their full statement reads:

Dear Valued Waves User,

We are pleased to announce that all Waves Native plugins V9 as well as the Waves License Center are now fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
Click here to download the updated installer

Please note: SoundGrid plugins and software applications are not yet supported by Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite. We are working to resolve this compatibility issue as soon as possible.

If further assistance is required, you are more than welcome to contact our tech support team

Best regards,
The Waves Team

For more information visit Waves web site

Creating Your Own Sounds Using Waves Codex Synthesizer

In this free video tutorial Russ shows how to create a sound from scratch using the Waves Codex synthesiser. 

In this video Russ shows how to start from scratch, how to modulate the pitch of an oscillator using an LFO, change the envelope. He then shows how to give the sound rhythm and movement using both a sync LFO and the inbuilt sequencer. Finally he adds some effects to give the sound some final polish.

This video is perfect for those new to synths and who want to know more about programming and moving beyond presets.

Watch ‘Creating Your Own Sounds Using Waves Codex Synthesizer’ here

Pro Tools Expert Synchro Arts Revoice Pro 3 Launch Event At Alchemea London

Many of those who attended the excellent RedNet evening which took place at Alchemea in London this week said they thought the events were a good idea, so with that in mind we’ve got the next one confirmed.

An evening with the Synchro Arts’ team to explore the soon-to-be-released Revoice Pro 3 and be some of the first people to see the brand new version. Synchro Arts are saying Revoice Pro 3 has even better sound, features and workflow enhancements.

Event Details

The event takes place at Alchemea London on Thursday, November 20, 2014 from 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM - as before many of the Pro Tools Expert team will be there.

Free drinks and nibbles, so also a great chance to chat and meet other audio professionals.

Limited numbers, book early.

Book your place at the Pro Tools Expert Revoice Pro 3 Launch event hosted at Alchemea London online now.

Is Pro Tools' Number Up?

Those starting up Pro Tools 11 after a recent upgrade will have found that the splash screen on start-up has changed. Unlike earlier versions of Pro Tools, including early releases of the current version, the number has gone and been replaced with simply ‘Pro Tools Software.’

Some thought it was simply a case of Avid stating the bleeding obvious, but the reason is likely to be connected to the recent discussions around the way Avid push out Pro Tools updates in the future.

If you are waiting for a Pro Tools 12 grand announcement there is a high likelihood you ain’t going to see it, instead the numbers as product names are being dropped and you’ll simply be able to tell which version you are running in the lower right hand corner of the about screen.

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PureMix Release New Video On Stem Mixing And Loudness Control

Fab Dupont is on a roll after his excellent video on compressor fundamentals he has now released a video on stem mixing and loudness control.

In this video, Fab Dupont focuses on the numerous benefits derived from working with stems like faster workflow, greater versatility especially on larger sessions and yes, loudness control.

But Fab isn’t trying to show how to “make the loudest record ever” rather in this video he shows how to manage headroom and dynamic range to emphasize certain parts of your mix like drums, percussions, bass, etc. If your music relies heavily on sub bass frequencies and/or heavy hitting drums and you’ve had problems handling your low energy and transients, you know what he is talking about.