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Dolby Update Their Media Meter to v2.3 To Respond To New EBU R128-2014 Update

The Dolby Media Meter can be used as a stand-alone application or as an AudioSuite plug-in. It offers faster-than-real-time, file-based measurement although the speed is hardware-dependent. You can use this for broadcast, DVD and Blu-ray Disc™ mastering, and for program creation and quality control applications in audio production, postproduction, and broadcast facilities.

These are the modifications to the Dolby Media Meter added in v2.3

  • Supports the EBU R128-2014 specification. Integrated EBU R128 tolerance can now be set in .5dB increments.
  • Supports OS X Yosemite
  • Adds an Analyze button to the AudioSuite Meter
  • Support for the latest versions of Pro Tools, Nuendo and Sound Forge
  • Mono surround channels are no longer attenuated by 3dB with Leq(M)
  • Resolved issues with 7.1 True Peak and Sample Peak measurements
  • Warnings in the logs now appear when both tolerance values have been exceeded. Previously, they appeared when the minimum value was met and the maximum was exceeded.

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NAMM 2015: Interview With Tobias Lindell Audio New Product Preview

James from Pro Tools Expert talks with Tobias from Lindell to talk about their new 500 series modules and their new Lindell plug-in.
Tobias shows his new Lindell 77X-500 stereo buss compressor, the Lindell EVO-6, Lindell MID500 and the new 2254 plug-in emulation.

Lindell 77X-500 stereo buss compressor


With all the same impressive features as its little brother, the 7x-500, the Lindell Audio 77x-500 is a Stereo Compressor with classic “1176 Sound” that can be smooth and mellow or a melt your face rocker. 

Lindell EVO-6 microphone preamplifier

Our new EVO-6 microphone preamplifier is an all discrete design. Transformer couple I/O’s. Vintage 1731 amps. It sounds very creamy and punchy. It features old school hifi tone controls. Again all discrete and with inductor. 

Lindell 254E Plug-in

The 2254 emulation is a plug-in version of this vintage diode bridge compressor/limiter and they have made this plug in for $125.

NAMM 2015: NTP Technology Release An X-Mon Replacement - DAD AX32 & DX32 Monitor Control Processor With Eucon 3 Support

At NAMM 2015, NTP Technology have released their X-Mon replacement solution. As an Avid Connectivity Partner NTP have produced a solution for monitor control for the S6, by taking monitor control to a new level and providing the functionality of both the Avid XMON and Studio Monitor Pro in one and the same platform with various I/O that will easy adapt to any Pro Tools HD, HDX or HD Native S6 based hardware environment.

Support Multi-channel including Dolby Atmos

This will enable music and post production facilities to benefit from interfacing to both analogue and digital domains with speaker formats from stereo, 5.1, 7.1 all the way up to 64 channels for Dolby Atmos

NTP Technology’s solution is based on their hardware platform using both the DAD AX32 and the DAD DX32 converter and router matrix units. The flexible I/O platform and matrix functionality enables the DAD products to offer very flexible signal routing using all the interfaces of the unit, as well as summing processing with 256 inputs and 32 outputs.

The new Monitor Control Processor is configured and controlled via the DADman 4.2 software for both Windows and OS X, which has the support for the Avid EUCON 3 control protocol providing a complete operation from the S6 monitor control user interface as well as other EUCON 3 enabled control surfaces.

Highlights of the DAD AX32 and DX32 based monitor control processor

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PureMix Tutorial Series On Mixing 'Words To Say' - The Follow Up To Avid's 'From Creation To Mix' Series

You may have seen producer Fab Dupont and the South African band The Arrows take the song ‘Words to Say’ from demo track to a mix-ready session in the free 6 part video series called ‘From Creation to Mix’. In this 1 hour 23 minute tutorial video, Fab Dupont unveils his final release-ready mix of that same Pro Tools session.

Watch and learn as Fab deconstructs the existing mix and explains how and why each element made it to the final mix.

Fab worked 95% in the box except for some analog summing and analog 2-Bus processing. These are the plug-ins he used in this example of a modern pop production.

  • UAD: DBX160, SPL Transient Designer, LA2, EMT140, EMT250, Lexicon 224, MXR Flanger, Moog Filter, Pultec, IBP, Neve 1073
  • Soundtoys: Decapitator, Panman, Devil-Loc, Echoboy
  • Sonnox: Oxford Dynamics, Oxford EQ, Suppresser, Limiter
  • Plug & Mix: Digital Reverb, Transcontrol
  • Massey: Tapehead
  • Avid: Eleven, Boom, Xpand2
  • Waves: H-Delay

You can watch this video if you have an All Access Pass or if you don’t you can buy this video for $34 or subscribe the All Access Pass and be able to watch everything from PureMix.

Pro Tools Expert Podcast 151 NAMM 2015 Special

Russ Hughes is back and he is joined by Mike Thornton and Neil Hester with a NAMM 2015 Special to talk about the highlights from the NAMM 2015 show.

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Tracks Freeze Confirmed As Pro Tools Feature On Avid Store

There’s been a lot of discussion around the recent Pro Tools 12 announcement, creating as many questions as answers, one in particular is the addition of track freeze. Whilst there have been implications of track freeze as an addition in Pro Tools 12 no one at Avid has explicitly said this. Even the new Pro Tools 12 Features page makes no mention of it.

Some users have said it comes as part of the cloud collaboration and that earlier demos of future Pro Tools features also indicated track freeze. However those early demos were technology previews and came with a very clear legal disclaimer that nothing was promised as features and would be confirmed at a later date.

However a recent addition to the Avid store page has a this line added (see image below) to the list entitled ‘Why Upgrade To Pro Tools 11’.

Last on that list it says ‘Enjoy track freeze and many more exciting new features coming throughout 2015’

So although this feature seems to have been alluded to in various demos, interviews and other sources, Avid seem now to have confirmed this in their own store.

Will it come in the first version of Pro Tools 12? Who knows, the text simply indicates it being a feature in 2015.

8 Tips For Getting A Great Bass Guitar Sound

It’s one of the things we get asked a more than anything else when it comes to recording instruments, how do you get a great bass guitar sound?

If you are a veteran to recording then this list should come as no surprise, but if you are new then try these and see how much difference they can make to getting the right bass sound on your tracks.

Quality Counts

They say that a bad workman blames his tools, that’s partly true, give a great bass player even a cheap instrument and they will do amazing things. However it’s not just about the playing but it’s also the sound of the instrument. Get a great bass guitar - bass is one of those instruments that shows when the money has been spent. That’s got a lot to do with the wood and the quality of the instrument - with bass you can hear it!

String Theory

Try Different strings; they all have different sounds. A decent bass player will already know this, but if you are new to bass then take a trip to a decent music store and get some advice on the different types of strings and their different weights, you’ll be surprised by how much they can affect both sound and performance.

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NAMM 2015: Interview With Colin McDowell From McDSP 

James met up with Colin McDowell From McDSP to talk about the new v6 McDSP plug-ins that now includes VST and VST3 support and much more.

McDSP v6 Features 

  • In addition to VST plug-in format support, v6 includes a complete upgrade to the entire McDSP product line.
  • New user interface features, faster loading times, and algorithm optimizations across all formats are just some of the improvements in the v6 release.  
  • Pro Tools users will appreciate v6 additions such as enhanced support for the Avid S6 and S3 control surfaces.  
  • Artist presets from the likes of Dave Pensado, Kevin Churko, Joe Barresi, and many others are also included.
  • The McDSP v6 release will be available in March 2015.
  • The McDSP v6 release will be a free upgrade to v5 purchases (upgrades, plug-ins, bundles) made after January 2, 2015.

NAMM 2015: Exclusive Look At UAD Apollo Expanded And Console 2 Software 

James is given a full show and tell preview of the new Universal Audio UAD Apollo Expanded update with Console 2 software. The preview includes all the new software and many of the new features found in Apollo Expanded and Console 2.
Universal Audio say:
Universal Audio is proud to announce Apollo Expanded software, coming exclusively for Apollo audio interfaces as part of UAD Software v8.0, to be released in March 2015. With Apollo Expanded, users of Thunderbolt-equipped Apollo Twin, Apollo DUO, Apollo QUAD, and Apollo 16 audio interfaces can freely combine up to four Apollos and six total UAD-2 devices — adding I/O and DSP as their studio grows.
Apollo Expanded also marks the introduction of Console 2.0 software, giving Thunderbolt-equipped Apollo users dynamic new workflow options, with more than 25 new user-requested features.

NAMM 2015: Interview with Trevor Coley From Sontronics

At Namm 2015, James met up with Trevor Coley From Sontronics to talk about their new microphone the Mercury.

The Sontronics Mercury is still in development so there isn’t any firm information on it at present.

James also refers to the Sontronics Aria in the interview, you can see his review of it here

Also the Sontronics Saturn came top of the large diaphram condenser mics in our recent VO mic shoot out with 47% of the vote.