SSL Announce The XL-Desk - The Smart Dumb Analogue Console

Solid State Logic have announced what they describe as the ‘smart dumb analague console’ the XL-Desk. The desk includes lots of very cool features such as the SSL Buss Comp, internal 500 series slots and multiple busses, it’s a real mixing desk made in the SSL tradition.

SSL say this about the new console;

XL-Desk is a modern twist on the classic analogue studio console. It’s designed for tracking or mixing engineers who require an analogue console within a DAW centric studio, but don’t want or need the integrated DAW control and analogue level automation other SSL console products have made the new hybrid studio standard.

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New Version Of iLok License Manager Available With New Hide Feature

So anyone who opens their iLok License Manager, as I did this morning, should be presented with this rather unfriendly warning that you need to update your License manager software.

Think Before You Update

As we say with all updates, irrespective of where they come from, do not do the update if you are in the middle of a key project. Wait until the project is completed, and it doesn’t matter if its Pro Tools, Waves or iLok, the same message applies. The only difference here is if you need to work on your iLok licenses you have to do the update.

So I clicked on the OK button and was presented with this window which explains what fixes are in this new version of iLok License Manager.

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Digital Sound Factory Ultimate E-Mu Ensoniq Rack £149 – 50% Savings

We had a very succesful deal at the end of last year where we offered the Digital Sound Factory Proteus Pack.  As you may remember what sets the Digital Sound Factory sounds apart from the others is that Digital Sound Factory has acquired the exclusive rights to the original Proteus hardware sound ROM’s and has remastered this legendary content for software synthesizers. Starting with the original waveforms, DSF has programmed over 3,500 instruments used in the Proteus hardware to be compatible with modern software synthesizer formats. So these sounds are way more than resampling classic hardware, they have access to the original data that created these classic sound modules.

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MeterPlugs - Ian Shepherd's Perception $99 - 33% Discount

Mastering is something Music production folks with get involved in somewhere along their careers, whether you are a mastering engineer by trade or dip into it occasionally you’ll be interested by Perception.

Loudness changes our perception of the music we hear, If you play someone two identical pieces of audio, but one of them is slightly louder, they perceive it as sounding brighter and bassier – “better”, in most people’s opinion.

This has always been a challenge – how can we tell: “Is this really better ? Or just louder ? Making accurate, impartial judgements about this has always been a key skill of the mastering engineer, which can take years to learn – and even then, there’s an element of opinion involved.

Perception allows you to hear past the “loudness deception” and make truly impartial, accurate decisions about the best possible sound for your music.

Technical information:

Perception is available for both PC & Mac (including Mavericks), in VST, AU and AAX versions (Pro Tools 10.3.6+ or 11) – all in 32 and 64-bit. There is currently no RTAS version. Full documentation is also included.

Pro Tools Expert RedNet Event Hosted By Alchemea London

Join Pro Tools Expert and other industry professionals for an evening with the Focusrite RedNet team hosted by our friends at Alchemea College in London. An evening for audio professionals to meet the Focusrite RedNet team, to see RedNet in action and to take part in small informal demonstrations of RedNet’s potential in music and post environments.

It is an opportunity for those who are considering investing in RedNet to have their questions answered and to see and hear it in action.

There will be a free bar during the evening so it’s also a great opportunity for audio professionals to meet up and chat over drinks.

The event takes place on Tuesday October 21st 2014 at Alchemea College in London.

Spaces are very limited so book early, only those with tickets will be admitted on the evening.

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Nugen Audio Celebrate Their 10th Anniversary With A New Plug-in - MasterCheck And A BOGOF Offer

In this Show & Tell video, Mike takes you on a tour of the new MasterCheck plug-in from Nugen Audio to help you deliver content in this new loudness normalised world including on line services like iTunes Radio and Spotify. Watch and find out what the hidden feature is and why he has awarded MasterCheck Editors Choice.

Mix & Master for Today’s Music Platforms

MasterCheck reveals how the consumer will hear your productions on a range of platforms, so you can produce with confidence and certainty. Mix and Master for the listener directly to Apple, Spotify, DAB Radio and TV specifications. 

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Exclusive: Lindell Audio Announce Plug-ins Of Their 500 Series Hardware - Get Them From Pro Tools Expert

We are thrilled to announce that Lindell Audio, makers of awesome 500 series hardware, are now shipping a new range of plug-in emulations of their own hardware.

Pro Tools Expert have been working behind the scenes with them during the development process, we have also made sure that Pro Tools Expert users get them first and you can now buy them from us now.

The range consists of 3 beautifully modelled 500 series units and a full 500 series rack continuing all you need for some vintage 500 series goodness. Even better the prices are killer, the single plug-ins are just £59* and the complete channel strip is just £149*.

Watch our show and tell video of the Lindell plug-ins

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Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant Wins Sonnox Community Award For August

We awarded Kevin the Sonnox Community Award for August back in Podcast 133 for his ongoing support to the community with his comments to our posts. Kevin has been so busy that it has taken till now to get a photo and for him to choose which plug-in from the Sonnox Elite Collection. In fact Kevin told even in this image, he is not at his best, as it was taken right after last night’s/this morning’s Channel 4 NFL show. Kevin told us…

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Majority Of Pro Tools HD Users Working From Home Shows Poll

During our recent Waves webinar we ran a number of polls, two revealed a growing trend, that Pro Tools HD users are increasingly working from home.

In our first poll of around 1000 attendees around 60% of those who answered said they were owners of Pro Tools HD systems.

When the same group were asked ‘where do you mix and record’ 57% said they worked in a professional home studio and only 13% said they used a commercial studio. In some cases some users said they did both, this has always been one of the main reasons many use Pro Tools, knowing they can move a project easily between locations.

Reducing Budgets For Projects

These numbers are hardly surprising, the reduction of both music and post production budgets, the closure of many music and post facilities and the reducing cost of professional equipment make working from a home studio more likely.

Once Pro Tools HD systems and the profesionals who use them were largely found in commercial studios, but now you are as likely to find the same professionals working from their bedroom or a shed in the garden.

Waves DigiGrid Webinar 

If you missed the Waves DigiGrid webinar then head over to the archive where the entire event is avaiable for you to watch and read at your leisure.

Watch the Waves DigiGrid webinar here