Nugen Audio Celebrate Their 10th Anniversary With A New Plug-in - MasterCheck And A BOGOF Offer

In this Show & Tell video, Mike takes you on a tour of the new MasterCheck plug-in from Nugen Audio to help you deliver content in this new loudness normalised world including on line services like iTunes Radio and Spotify. Watch and find out what the hidden feature is and why he has awarded MasterCheck Editors Choice.

Mix & Master for Today’s Music Platforms

MasterCheck reveals how the consumer will hear your productions on a range of platforms, so you can produce with confidence and certainty. Mix and Master for the listener directly to Apple, Spotify, DAB Radio and TV specifications. 

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Exclusive: Lindell Audio Announce Plug-ins Of Their 500 Series Hardware - Get Them From Pro Tools Expert

We are thrilled to announce that Lindell Audio, makers of awesome 500 series hardware, are now shipping a new range of plug-in emulations of their own hardware.

Pro Tools Expert have been working behind the scenes with them during the development process, we have also made sure that Pro Tools Expert users get them first and you can now buy them from us now.

The range consists of 3 beautifully modelled 500 series units and a full 500 series rack continuing all you need for some vintage 500 series goodness. Even better the prices are killer, the single plug-ins are just £59* and the complete channel strip is just £149*.

Watch our show and tell video of the Lindell plug-ins

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Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant Wins Sonnox Community Award For August

We awarded Kevin the Sonnox Community Award for August back in Podcast 133 for his ongoing support to the community with his comments to our posts. Kevin has been so busy that it has taken till now to get a photo and for him to choose which plug-in from the Sonnox Elite Collection. In fact Kevin told even in this image, he is not at his best, as it was taken right after last night’s/this morning’s Channel 4 NFL show. Kevin told us…

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Majority Of Pro Tools HD Users Working From Home Shows Poll

During our recent Waves webinar we ran a number of polls, two revealed a growing trend, that Pro Tools HD users are increasingly working from home.

In our first poll of around 1000 attendees around 60% of those who answered said they were owners of Pro Tools HD systems.

When the same group were asked ‘where do you mix and record’ 57% said they worked in a professional home studio and only 13% said they used a commercial studio. In some cases some users said they did both, this has always been one of the main reasons many use Pro Tools, knowing they can move a project easily between locations.

Reducing Budgets For Projects

These numbers are hardly surprising, the reduction of both music and post production budgets, the closure of many music and post facilities and the reducing cost of professional equipment make working from a home studio more likely.

Once Pro Tools HD systems and the profesionals who use them were largely found in commercial studios, but now you are as likely to find the same professionals working from their bedroom or a shed in the garden.

Waves DigiGrid Webinar 

If you missed the Waves DigiGrid webinar then head over to the archive where the entire event is avaiable for you to watch and read at your leisure.

Watch the Waves DigiGrid webinar here

Pro Tools Track Hack Trick - The Complete Video Series Mac And Windows

The Pro Tools track hack, first found by community member Philip Nicols has been one of our most popular items on the blog ever - apart from pics of Russ in a mankini. however we had to take the pics of Russ down but the good news is here is a recap of all the Pro Tools track hack videos. Enjoy

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Free Reverse Loops From The Makers Of REV

Ouputsounds, the makers of REV a different take on loops are offering some free sounds that you can use in Kontakt that they have created using REV. You don’t need REV to use these loops. Check out their video too.

The 300 Mb ZIP archive contains reverse loops for Kontakt (5.01+) and REX2. WAV and Apple Loops are included as well. Installation instructions are included in a Readme file.

A download link will be sent to you after filling out your name and email address.

More info here - spooL esreveR eerF

A-Z Of Pro Tools - B Is For Bounce To Disk & Bounce To Track

Bounce To Disk is the way in which either entire mixes or parts of a mix can be mixed down to a file using the internal mix engine in Pro Tools.

A Little History

In the ‘good old days’ of audio production whenever a track needed to be mixed then it would be sent as an analogue audio signal to another machine, or to another track on the same machine. In the very early days before multitrack recorders this would be playing off one machine, adding a live performance, and mixing them together onto another machine and then doing it over and over until it was finished.

Then as multitrack machines came along, once you had used 3 of the 4 tracks, to add more tracks, you had to mix those first 3 tracks down and record it onto the 4th track so that you could free up the first 3 tracks to record more material and so on.  As multitracks expanded the need for more tracks always out stripped the tracks available so that the practice continued through into the digital world with machines like the Tascam DA88 and Alesis ADAT.

Then there was the final bounce to a separate stereo machine to make the final master, first in analog and then digital. As technology developed DAWs began to offer the option to do all of these options within the box including creating a final master file for either manufacture or more recently for digital distribution on the internet.

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Avid S6 Video Tutorial From RSPE Audio - Layouts

RSPE Audio has just released a new Avid S6 video showcasing layouts. In the S6 video tutorial, Hollywood mixer Gary Lux shows how to create, edit and recall layouts. 

Layouts on the Avid S6 allow you to program and map channels onto the surface from any of the EUCON-connected DAW.

To learn more about the S6, visit our blog dedicated to Avid’s S6.


Recording And Mixing Without Limitations Isn't Always The Best Thing And Won't Prepare You For The Professional World

My wife and I have a common hatred… jogging. We live right by a park and we simply can’t see the point of running around a park aimlessly. We always chuckle watching parents jogging with strollers, they look like they’ve stolen a baby. My sister is a triathlete, just the thought of it tires me out, she trains relentlessly to make sure she is in shape for the events she competes in.

Production without any limits can be like jogging - it’s fun and keeps you in shape, you may even be able to run a marathon but the truth is that having goals can help you to focus and give you far better results.

Recording and mixing for fun can be great, but it has it’s pitfalls, mostly down to having no restrictions and certainly no goals. If you are not careful you can disappear down a black hole and spend your life chasing your tail.

If you want to sharpen your recording and mixing skills then here are a few ways you can do that, most of them drawn from the world of being an audio professional.

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