Pro Tools tips, tricks, support and news for users of Pro Tools. Free Pro Tools video tutorials and free Pro Tools plug-ins. We support both the music and post production community.

We offer advice for users of all versions of Pro Tools both current and legacy formats. We’re independent and are not affiliated with Avid or their associated companies.

Pro Tools tips, tricks, support and news for users of Pro Tools. Free Pro Tools video tutorials and free Pro Tools plug-ins. We support both the music and post production community.

We offer advice for users of all versions of Pro Tools both current and legacy formats. We’re independent and are not affiliated with Avid or their associated companies. 

How To Resurrect A 2006 Mac Pro 1,1 So It Can Run OSX Yosemite

Community member Julius Chan has sent us this handy guide to getting a 2006 Mac Pro to run the lastest Mac OS X Yosemite.

Here’s his helpful guide.

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Win One Of Ten LVC Audio Limiter Bundles

This month we are giving you the chance to win one of ten limiter bundles from LVC Audio. The Limiter Bundle consists of two limiter plug-ins, Limited T & Limited-Max.


LVC Audio describe the Limited-T plug-in as a character track limiter, useful for many aspects of mixing.  It can be used anywhere a traditional limiter is needed. Additionally, Limited-T is capable of adding “glue” to busses, and to impart certain warm characteristics on single tracks. It all starts with a clean and transparent compressor/limiter engine.

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Win One Of 10 Copies Of Antares New Auto-Tune 8

We recently reviewed the new Auto-Tune 8 from Antares and also toook time to try and understand a little more about what happens in the design and developement process for a plug-in when we interviewed Dr. Andy Hildebrand, Founder/Chief Scientist of Antares and the creator of Auto-Tune.

Now you have an opportunity to win one of 10 copies of this iconic pitch correction plug-ins. Fill in the form below and you might be one of the lucky 10 people to win a copyof Auto-Tune 8.

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Waves Announce Their March Mixing Special Offers

Waves have released their new deals for this month under the banner of March Mixing. You can check out the full list of special offers available on their Specials page for March but here are a few we would like to highlight.

Don’t forget that all Waves plug-ins now come with Native and SoundGrid licenses and you can find the full list of March Mixing Special Offers on the Waves Specials page.

Zplane Vielklang Instant Harmony V2.0 Plug-in £59 - 26% Discount

Harmonise your melody with one single click - loading a single-voiced audio file - and create natural-sounding background choirs and brass arrangements. 

Watch as Dan Cooper puts this new version of Vieklang from Zplane through its paces to see if it can deliver great sounding harmonies.

We are able to offer the community Vielklang 2 for just £59, that’s 26% discount on their current price, but only for a limited period.

Vielklang Instant Harmony from Zplane generates harmonies with up to 4 voices. It detects the best fitting harmonies for each individual input melody, and automatically synthesizes up to four voices with the voices not merely running in parallel but with their voicings selected to sound most natural (voice leading).

More on our deal on the Zplane Vielklang

Sub £1000/$1500 8 Channel Mic Preamps Round Up

I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about sub £1000 8 channel preamps recently. On last week’s podcast I said that I thought this was an area where there wasn’t a huge amount of choice available. I namechecked offerings from Focusrite as well as Behringer as the popular choices in this category with the Midas offering an quality alternative to the excellent Audient unit at closer to £1000. Since saying all of this I have been remembering other alternatives from other manufacturers and I thought a roundup of available units would be useful. Prices are intended as a guide only, hence there being one unit coming in slightly above £1000.

It turns out there was slightly more choice than I (and possibly you) realised. This is a list and not much more, the intention is to offer an overview of this area of the market, if you need more info specs are easily found online.

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Sunday Sound Effects Round Up - Sonic Salute, Chuck Russom, Hiss And A Roar, Tovusound, Sonniss

Sonic Salute - Mopeds

In collaboration with sound designer Rune Palving (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, 1864, and Tordenskjold), and sound designer Peter Albrechtsen (Antichrist, The Queen of Versailles, and The Idealist), Sonicsalute is proud present the Mopeds Library.

Ranging from new and non modified models, to many characteristic sounding (old and wrecked), and one heavily tuned moped. The collection contains - Onboard driving and maneuvering (long onboard drives); Ambiences; Passbys; Circles; Incoming/aways;Start/stop; Revs; Horns & Fuel covers.

4 of the mopeds have been recorded in a multichannel setup, covering alot of needs. When imported, one can easily switch from onboard microphones (exaust/motor), to mono or MS boom microphone, to a total from the ambience stereo microphones, and all in sync!

Chuck Russom Looking at Multi-user And Site Licenses

A key area of focus right now for Chuck Russom FX is multi-user and site licenses. Chuck would love to see his effects used in as many studios and projects as possible! If you work for a game developer/publisher or audio post house, he would love to talk about how he can help your company license the sounds you need for your team and your projects and can taylor licenses to fit teams of any size. You can reach him on the Chuck Russom FX Facebook Page, or find me on Twitter (@chuck_russom)

Hiss And A Roar Release Mechanism Motors And Machines

This library is a celebration of machine sounds from a pneumatic blast furnace to a century old guillotine, workshop power tools, antique clockwork Meccano engines and a Mamod model steam engine, domestic hand tools, sewing machines, a tortured battery drill as well as more contemporary tools such as a CNC Router and a 3D printer.

Along with the unique rhythms of each machine, a range of performances have also been coerced from each  – captured using extended range Sennheiser MKH80X0 mics as well as contact mics, and delivered as multitrack 24bit 96kHz .WAV files

Over three months research & recording has resulted in a huge 20.4GB library with over six hours of unique source material, delivered as 533 metadata enriched .WAV files. 

Hiss And A Roar are offering this library for $99 until March 6th. After that it will be $179.

Tovusound Release Edward - A Foleyart Instrument

Edward brings real recorded and natural randomized Foley Artist footsteps and offers high end quality and parameters to adjust distance and environment based on Native Instruments Kontakt engine.

Tovusound’s Edward – The Foleyart Instrument is a live playable Foley Artist Instrument made for Native Instruments Kontakt with adjustable distance and high end recordings. The Edward sound patch gives access instantaneously to thousands of high quality and real recorded footsteps including different walking speeds, behaviours and surfaces. Edward brings the timeless and high potential of Foley Artists that fits perfectly in today’s studio.

  • 25.000 real and natural randomized Foley sounds in high quality HD WAV @ 24Bit, 96 kHZ
  • Different walking speeds and behaviors
  • 29 combinations of shoes and surfaces plus 3 patches clothes
  • Unique recording setup to easily change footstep distance
  • Automatically left/right-foot diversion
  • Add room response if you like
  • Envelope and filter control ready to hand
  • Use your favourite Midi Controller
  • Tablet Control ready
  • Classsic metataged WAV library included

This is a very interesting cost effective solution that uses the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt and with a regular price of $69, but just now it is around $58.

Developments At Sonniss

For the past couple of months Sonniss have been working hard fixing all of the bugs that have plagued their system, migrating the server to a faster switch over at Amazon, and moving office to a new centralised location in Manchester City centre. Things have been very busy and now it’s back to business as usual.

In the next couple of weeks they are planning some huge deals, competitions and plenty of exclusive libraries you can’t find anywhere else on the internet.

Deal: Virtual CZ From Plugin Boutique £37 - 35% Discount

Plugin Boutique present VirtualCZ, inspired by an iconic series of digital synthesizers made in the 1980s. Watch as Russ relives this iconic synth.

We are pleased to be able to offer the community this iconic synth at the great price of just £37, which is a 35% discount.

Many people fondly remember the CZ synths and they have become retro-classics that are highly sought after, having been used on countless techno, house, rave and synth-pop records in the late 80s and early 90s.

Many artists still use the CZ today for its unique sounds, including great pads and synth strings, screaming leads, big basses, weird FX, metallic percussion and above all RAVE ORGANS. Like many timeless synths, it has a unique sonic quality and will be a beneficial addition to anyone’s synth collection.

More on the Plugin Boutique VirtualCZ deal.

Waves Weekend Deals For February 28th & March 1st

Waves Special Offers For This Weekend

3 more great plug-ins at great prices from our friends at Waves, but hurry these will finish on Sunday.

  1. Waves H-Delay Hybrid Delay Native Plug-in $49 - normally $150 - Watch our free tutorial on 3 Tricks For Using Waves H Delay In Pop Track Mixes 
  2. Waves JJP Guitars Native Plug-in $39 till Sunday - normally $100 - Watch our free tutorial as James uses JJP Guitars in his Mixing Drums with Waves Signature Plug-ins series.
  3. Waves V-Series Suite $99 till Sunday - normally $500 - Watch this free in-depth video tutorial with mixing engineer and educator Michael White for an inside look at the Waves V-Series

Grab them while you can.

Remember to check out their Specials page for more great deals.

A-Z Of Pro Tools - N Is For New Tracks, Nudge, Numeric Keypad And "N"


When looking at what to include for the letter N I have noticed a common theme. All of these resources I have linked to have something in common. They are all highlighting common keyboard shortcuts. I think I have said before that my policy on keyboard shortcuts is that they are intended to be “shortcuts” i.e. they speed up the execution of things you do often. There is little point learning a shortcut for something you rarely do (and you’ll find it really hard to remember it as well). So with this in mind here are some N’s (and some shortcuts) I couldn’t get by without.

New Tracks

All sessions have tracks in them. Templates have their place, if you find you are building identical sessions time after time then save a template but if you are new to Pro Tools I strongly recommend you build your own sessions, avoid the stock templates in the quick start dialogue. You can use the newly introduced double-click with modifier to create new tracks but I’ve never really used them as the track creation shortcuts are second nature to me and more flexible.

Read the Article and watch the free video here.

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