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Pro Tools Expert To MC Mediaspec's Pro Tools 11 Event On May 30th

One of our sponsors, Mediaspec, who have also provided a superb Pro Tools 11 launch prize bundle, have asked our very own Mike Thornton to be the master of ceremonies at their Pro Tools 11 event on May 30th at The Lighthouse in Glasgow, Scotland.

There will be two demonstrations, one tailored for music and the second for post production.

At the event there will also be a Q&A, with guest appearances from Producer and Engineer, Stuart McCredie (credits include: The Fratellis and Kelly Clarkson) and Kahl Henderson, dubbing engineer from leading Post Facility, Savalas (credits include: Microsoft’s blockbuster game, Halo 4 Spartan Ops and BBC’s Case Histories).

4pm: Music demonstration followed by a Q&A session hosted by Mike Thornton. Guests: Producer/Engineer Stuart McCredie and and a live performance from Georgia

6pm: Post Production demonstration followed by Q&A session hosted by Mike Thornton.  Guest: Dubbing Engineer Kahl Henderson, Savalas

If you would like to be there then you will need to register on the Mediaspec web site and remember to choose which session you want to come to, Music or Post, but please don’t register if you cannot be in Scotland on May 30th, as this is not a ‘virtual’ event. 

We have also enticed Russ to make the trip north with samples of Scottish whisky so if you are able to make it then it will be great to meet more of the community.

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