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Get A Free Plugin From Soundtoys - The Little MicroShift

Soundtoys are at it again !
At this years SXSW Soundtoys are giving out free codes to a new exlusive plugin totally FREE !

Click this link to go and get yours Have a play with it and tell what you think.

The redemtion code should already be filled in on the form but in case its not use this one:
You will need to have signed up for a Soundtoys account so if you dont have one make sure you do that too.

 The Plugin is RTAS/VST/VST3 format and requires you to create a Free Soundtoys account and to own an ilok.

Participants also have the chance to Win An original Eventide H3000 D/SE autographed by two of it’s creators, Ken Bogdanowicz, and Bob Belcher. 

The Rules
You have to have an iLok USB key and active account. - What’s An iLok?
You have to have or create a SoundToys User account at our webpage.
You have to have a valid “Sharing Code” to get the software.
You can post your code to forums, social network sites, email blasts, whatever you want to do to get more people using your code, but… Be aware of the rules of the places you post. We are not responsible for your posts be removed for violating the rules of other sites.
Only codes redeemed and iLoks authorized before March 29th EST will be accepted.
Grand prize & Runner Up winners from previous SoundToys contests are not eligible for Grand or Runner up prizes, but are eligible for free upgrade prizes if they qualify.
Deadline is March 29th. After that, contest over, all evidence disappears like it never happened. We’ll announce the winners so they can gloat, and we’ll have some special deals for those who widened their perspectives with Little MicroShift.
Contest rankings will be updated once daily and are calculated using a VERY complex 2-variable algorithm that we can’t even start to explain. To check your contest stats, login to your account. You will see # of shares, # of downloads and your overall ranking. Keep in mind that downloads are the most important aspect of your score. No downloads, no score. So make sure your friends download their free plug-in. How bad can that be?
The Prizes
One Grand Prize winner: An original Eventide H3000 D/SE autographed by two of it’s creators, Ken Bogdanowicz, and Bob Belcher. Free upgrade to MicroShift, and an awesome SoundToys Swag pack.
One 2nd place runner up: SoundToys Native Effects AND a free upgrade to MicroShift AND an awesome SoundToys Swag Pack.
One 3rd place runner up: Choice of a free SoundToys Native plug-in, a free upgrade to MicroShift AND an awesome SoundToys Swag Pack.
The next top 50 sharers get free upgrades to MicroShift.
Everyone else who got Little MicroShift authorized 

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