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Wave Arts Announce Availability & Upgrade Pricing Of AAX Plug-ins

Wave Arts have made available their entire plug-in available in AAX Native format and 3 of the plug-ins in the PowerSuite bundle also available as AAX DSP plugins which will make us HDX owners very happy. They have also released details of how existing Wave Arts customers, like myself, can crossgrade to AAX versions of the Wave Arts plug-in they already own.

The information and pricing structure is in the FAQ section of their site. 

The crossgrade from Native to AAX Native for existing users is 10% of the price of each plug-in,

To go from Native to AAX DSP there is an additional $100 per plug-in (or $250 if you go for all three).

For example, TrackPlug to TrackPlug AAX native would be $14.90 (10% of $149) and additional $100 to go to TrackPlug AAX DSP.  

Power Suite to Power Suite AAX would be $49.90 (10% of $499). Or if you already own PowerSuite and want to crossgrade to PowerSuite AAX +DSP, the cost is $299.

The AAX Native versions still allow you to use the plug-ins in the other naitve formats like AU & VST, so you don’t loose that option when crossgrading to AAX.

There you have it. That is another plug-in vendor who has moved their brand across to AAX. But I do hope that the guys at Wave Arts will consider making Dialog an AAX DSP plug-in too.

Hopefully as NAMM 2013 unfolds we will hear many more AAX announcements….

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