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Pro Tools Hack - Create Track Presets In Pro Tools

This was sent to us by community member Phillip Nichols.

It’s a simple hack to get Pro Tools to create track presets. Simple and genius.

If this doesn’t make it into Pro Tools 11, then Avid need shooting!

If you are on 8 or 9, then here’s how to do it…

1) Go to Applications > Avid > Pro Tools (or Digidesign > Pro Tools for v8 or 9). Here, create a folder titled “Track Presets”. I also recommend creating folders within “Track Presets” for different categories (ex: Submix Masters, Reverbs, etc) although you can do that later on.
2) Create and configure tracks (including inputs, outputs, names, sends, volume, pan, plug-ins, etc) as desired.
3) From the File menu, choose Save As Template.
4) Choose “Select Location for template”
5) Navigate to a folder within the Track Presets folder (or create a new folder in Track Presets) or just save anywhere then move the template(s) to these folders later.

Once your templates are saved to folders within the “Track Presets” folder, they will appear as options in the New Track dialog below the normal track types (audio track, aux input track, etc). You can still use Command + Down/Up to switch through these and Option Command Down/Up will switch between multiples in your sub-folders.

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