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Soundtoys Radiator Plugin Full Version Release Iminent

Way Back in March Soundtoys ran a competition in conjunction with a new free plugin release which was only available for a limited time as part of their annual SXSW promotion,

The “Little Radiator” (pictured above).
Was a free Pre-Amp saturation, “warming” , “distortion” plugin with simple drive and wet/mix control.


Now it seems that the full version with expanded features release is iminent,

 Users who won prizes in the competiontion were also promised upgrades to the full version once released.
Those upgrades are now filtering through to the winners and although not yet visible in the soundtoys online shop, I suspect it soon will be,

Here are the details of the plugin taken from the manual


As of Today (21/12/2012) the plugin is officially released and full information is now available on the Soundtoys Website along with special upgrade pricing of just $49, a savings of $40 off the regular upgrade price for current owners of “Little Radiator”. 

Offer ends January 3, 2013

Also Soundtoys have posted a walkthrough video on their website


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