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Apple Pro Audio Applications Team "Decimated"

Apple’s Pro Audio application team is virtually gone, according to recent conversations with a couple of ex-Apple employees. Europe is now down to just two pro application specialists according to sources, with the key pro applications job going and with no plans to replace the post. In the meantime the outgoing post-holder’s deputy has had to assume responsibilty for any work in addition to their own. In the words of one of them, the team has been ‘decimated’.

Futhermore, we have been told that the next big audio application from Apple will be for the iPad.

Whilst at first this may have Pro Tools users gloating over those who use Logic, it does not bode well for anyone who uses Macs for none-Apple creative pro applications.

Tim Cook did assure Mac Pro users a few months ago that we had not been forgotten, but with the long wait for a new Mac Pro, the ongoing wait for a new version of Logic and the scaled down Final Cut X - there is not much concerete evidence of Apple investing in its professional user base. A search on Apple’s job site threw up some audio related jobs but these relate to speakers for iPods, audio in Final Cut and internal sound engineers.

Of course none of this is confirmed and Apple never respond to speculation or rumour. All we can say is watch this space and hope that Apple surprise us all with something other than an iOS device soon.

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