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Pro Tools Expert Exclusive Loops & Samples Bundle From ModeAudio

We are very pleased to announce a great deal on an exclusive bundle of loops and samples from the team at ModeAudio.

Save 50% With Our Exclusive Super Bundle

We have merged their Dance and Hip Hop bundles into a super bundle just for our community and just for one month and you are saving 50% on the cost of all the libraries contained in our bundle. The Pro Tools Expert bundle is just £60.

The super bundle is available in 5 different formats to suit the full range of DAWs and platforms so choose carefully and select the correct Add To Cart button for the format you want. 


Apple Loops


Ableton Live Pack (also includes 12 Projects, 8 Drum Racks & 8 Impulse Kits)

Reason Refill (also includes 10 Projects, 52 Dr. Octo Rex Patches, 8 Kong Kits & 8 NN-XT Presets)


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Bad Cat Samples' Bad Cat Pack - 6 Sample Packs Bundled Together £42 - 33% Discount

We are offering an exclusive bundle of all Bat Cat Samples VIs including the latest addition, a Celtic Harp VI. The bundle consists of…
  • The Music Box
  • The Bass Pedals
  • The Indi Glock
  • The Performachord
  • The Lucky Harp
  • The Mini Keys

All the VIs in the bundle have character and are different to most samples out there. You need Kontakt 5.3 or above to use these VIs, although for our Logic Pro friends sevral will run inside EXS 24.

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