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Win A Life Time Subscription To Musistic - A New Cross Platform Collaboration Plug-in

Musistic Is A Brand New Technology

Musistic is a new technology and system that allows collaboration with anyone, anywhere, on almost any digital audio platform using a plug-in to transfer audio. 

They are passionate about providing you tools that kills any downtime which distracts you from creating your music with others. 

A Different Take On Collaboration

They were all too aware of the problems present in remote collaboration and wanted to find a way where we didn’t have to continually download, ship files just to get on with the creative flow. So they created a plug-in that took care of all that. So it doesn’t matter what DAW you are using, as long as it supports the usual plug-in formats like AAX, AU and VST then you can collaborate with Musistic.


Musistic is a subscription based service with a range of different levels. You can pay monthly or annually, and you can choose the level of features and much much storage space you need on the Musistic servers.

Win A Lifetime Subscription

With our friends at Musistic we are offering the chance to win a lifetime subscription to Musistic.  If you collaborate with other creatives then check Musistic out and enter the competition, you might be the lucky person that wins…

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5 Chances To Win A Copy Of Acon Digital's DeVerberate Plug-in

Take a look at Mike’s Show & Tell Review, if you like what you find then why don’t you enter the competition?

Acon Digital DeVerberate Features

  • Separate adjustments of the direct sound and the reverberation levels
  • Manual adjustment of the decay time of the original reverberation
  • Frequency spectrum representation of the of the following signals:
    • Input signal
    • Output signal
    • Estimated reverberation
  • Frequency emphasis filter for the the reduction level
    • High and low shelving filters with variable slopes (-3 to -96 dB / octave)
    • High and low peak filters with adjustable bandwidth (0.1 to 3.0 octaves)
    • Graphical representation of frequency response
    • Editing of filter settings through handles in the frequency response curve

Typical Uses for DeVerberate

  • Attenuate reverberation in existing recordings
  • Change the perceived distance in a mix by changing the balance between the direct sound and the reverberation
  • Improve dialog and location sound
  • Forensic specialists can improve speech intelligibility
  • Boost the natural reverberation in existing recordings

Would You Like to Win A copy of DeVerberate?

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Win A FabFilter Total Bundle Or The New Pro-Q 2 EQ Plug-in

Our friends at FabFilter have let us have one Total Bundle which consits of every plug-in FabFilter make and also and runners up prizes we have 2 copies of the brilliant new Pro-Q 2 EQ plug-in to give away.

What’s In The Total Bundle

The Total Bundle is a set of all FabFilter plug-ins. With this bundle, you get their EQ, multiband dynamics, compressor, limiter, de-esser and gate/expander, creative multiband distortion, stereo delay, filter and synthesizer plug-ins worth over $2000 if purchased separately.

Check Out The New Pro-Q EQ Plug-in

Take a look here to see a video and see the new features in the Pro-Q 2 plug-in 

If you like to have the chance to win a FabFilter Total Bundle or the new Pro-Q 2 EQ plug-in then enter your details below and one lucky person will win the Total Bundle and 2 lucky people will win a copy of the Pro-Q 2 plug-in.

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