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5 Chances To Win A Copy Of Acon Digital's Restoration Suite

Take a look at Mike’s Show & Tell Review, if you like what you find then why don’t you enter the competition?

What’s In The Restoration Suite?

Digital Restoration Suite consists of four audio restoration and noise reduction plug-ins that are the result of several years of research within the field of noise reduction and audio restoration algorithms:

DeNoise is a plug-in designed to reduce stationary noise, such as broadband noise, hiss, wind noise, buzz and camera noise. Great efforts have been put into preserving as much of the original signal as possible during the noise reduction process. As a result, DeNoise can reduce or in many cases completely remove the noise in a very transparent manner without loss of transients, attacks or “air” in the recording.

DeHum targets hum and buzz typically introduced by poorly grounded electrical equipment, but also other tonal noise sources like electrical motor noise.

DeClick is designed to remove impulsive noise such as clicks and crackle. These distortions are frequently encountered on LP and 78 RPM records, but also occur in digital recordings due to drop-outs or distorted data packets.

DeClip restores audio recordings distorted by analog or digital clipping.

Acon Digital Restoration Suite is available in 32 and 64 bit versions, as AAX or VST for both Windows and OS X or as AU plug-ins for OS X.

What Are The New Features in v1.5?

They have given the visual appearance a facelift and improved the workflow with undo and redo support, A/B comparisons and a new preset manager that allows presets to be exported and imported from XML files.

The adaptive mode in DeNoise can now be set to target either broadband noise only or a combination of broadband and tonal noise. The combined mode allows adaptive de-noising of stationary noise with tonal components such as engine noise, AC noise and similar.

The Pro Tools integration has been improved with support for highlighted controls when using automation and automation menu keyboard shortcuts that simplifies the workflow.

Would You Like to Win A copy of DeVerberate?

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5 Chances To Win An Editors Keys Headphone Stand


Are you fed up with your headphones always being in the way, or get buried under stuff. Then check out the Editors Keys Studio Series Headphone Stand. It is a simple yet beautiful headphone stand, which can sit perfectly on your desk within comfortable reach.

Top Benefits

  • Made of a lightweight acrylic plastic material.
  • Holds your headphones in place during or after recording.
  • Prevents your headphones from damage.
  • Looks pretty damn cool on your desk! 

If you want to prevent your headphones from becoming damaged during recordings, then why don’t you enter this competition and you never know you might be one of 5 lucky people to win a Desktop Headphone Hanger. 

Headphone Hanger Specs

  • Height of Stand: 30 cm,
  • Ground plate 13 x 12 cm (w x d) 
  • Maximum weight of  the headphones - 648g or 1.4286lbs 
  • Max height for the headphone - 25cm

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