Get A MIDI Beat Playing Rock Solid With A Real Drummer

Russ shows two ways to get a MIDI beat playing rock solid with a real drummer.

In this video he explains that quantising a beat is not always the answer and can create more problems than it solves, especially when the drummer is playing with a nice human feel.

You may want to get an entire MIDI beat locked with a drummer or just push a few beats into time.This video covers both possibilities and demonstrates how easy it is to get everything in time, even human time!

Take Control Of Tempo In Pro Tools

In this video Russ shows how flexible Pro Tools is for getting instruments in time with a track of varying tempo or for getting an audio track with varying tempo into time.He also shows how to get an audio track to change tempo.

Setting Up Custom Templates In Pro Tools

Marcus takes an extended look at creating a Pro Tools template from scratch, getting it just how you want it and then saving it for later use.In this video he includes a lot of very cool shortcuts and tips and tricks, before long you’ll be a Pro Tools ninja flying around the keyboard and having more time to make great tracks.

Faking VCA Spill In Pro Tools

Julian discusses a feature found in high end Avid consoles, VCA spill. This allows a mixer to take control of large sessions with tracks spanning across the mix window and beyond the screen real estate. In this video Julian shows how you can fake VCA spill in Pro Tools.

How To Bounce Instruments In Any Version Of Pro Tools

Following a request Russ shows how to record the audio of virtual instruments onto audio tracks in any version of Pro Tools, he shows the various methods required depending on the plug-in used. He also shows how to make sure no audio is lost during the process.

How To Fix An Out Of Phase Stereo Audio File In Pro Tools

In this short video Russ shows how to check a stereo audio file for phase issues and then how to repair it using Pro Tools plug-ins. No need for expensive third party plug-ins or applications, the audio can be repaired in seconds.

A Really Simple Way To Add Interest To Midi Synths And Beats

Russ shows a really simply way to add interest to synths and beats.

In this video he shows some automation tricks that take average to great.

How To Set Up Headphone Sends In Pro Tools

In this Pro Tools video tutorial Russ shows how to set up headphone sends for those wanting to create complex headphone routes for different performers.

He also shows the extra features available in Pro Tools HD that can automate some of the complex and laborious parts of the task.

Side Chains 101: External Side Chains

In Part 2 of this series Julian looks at using external side chains with gates and compressors.

How To Create Super Tight Synth Parts In Pro Tools

Russ shows the trick for creating super tight synths in Pro Tools.

He also shows how this trick can be used to tighten up other instruments in Pro Tools.

All plug-ins used are part of Pro Tools.