How To Map Drums To MIDI In Pro Tools Using Ableton Live

In this Pro Tools video tutorial Russ shows how those who use both Pro Tools and Ableton Live can use Ableton to convert the audio into MIDI.

In this video you find out how to ReWire Ableton Live with Pro Tools, how to export audio and bring it into Ableton Live. How to create a MIDI version of the audio and export it out of Ableton Live and back into Pro Tools. Finally you can learn how to use other instruments in Pro Tools with the MIDI file.

Using Side-Chained Gates And Signal Generators To Augment Drums

In this video Julian demonstrates how you can use side-chained gates and signal generator plug-ins to augment the sound of kicks and snares and how you can key from multiple tracks to add realism. 

How To Fix Mistakes In Pro Tools Using QuickPunch

Russ shows how to use the QuickPunch feature in Pro Tools to fix recording mistakes.

In this Pro Tools video tutorial he shows how to do this using both a foot switch and also using markers to set an in and out point and also pre and post role.

This is perfect for those who need to fix audio mistakes but only have one pair of hands.

How To Set-Up Pro Tools Shortcuts In Steinberg Cubase 7.5

After many requests by the community Russ starts this series of helping Pro Tools users interested in working with other DAWs. A poll on this site found that over 60% of people are using more than one DAW, in some cases three, this video will help those people jumping between Pro Tools and Cubase or considering the switch.

Keyboard shortcuts are the core to any effective workflow in any DAW. Many Pro Tools users have mastered these and have them ingrained into their memories making using any other DAW hard work.

Several DAWs offer the option to remap the shortcuts to custom settings.

In the first video in a series Russ shows how to remap Cubase 7.5 shortcuts to work just like Pro Tools. He shows that in a matter of minutes you can fly around Cubase as if you were using Pro Tools.

Sampling Masterclass Part 1

Marcus Huyskens starts this new series of sampling masterclass.

In this first video tutorial Marcus talks about cleaning up the samples using various techniques.

Marcus is founder of Bad Cat Samples and and part of the Pro Tools Expert team.

Stereo Electric Guitar Tricks In Pro Tools

Russ shows a couple of simple tricks for making electric guitars stereo in Pro Tools.

The best bit is that both tricks require no extra gear and cost zero to make happen!

Using Vienna Ensemble Pro 5 On Two Macs Using Ethernet

In this video tutorial Russ shows how to use Vienna Ensemble Pro on 2 Macs over ethernet.

The video explains how to set up Pro Tools, see both Macs on one screen, connect both instances of VEP5 and then route it back to Pro Tools.

Get A MIDI Beat Playing Rock Solid With A Real Drummer

Russ shows two ways to get a MIDI beat playing rock solid with a real drummer.

In this video he explains that quantising a beat is not always the answer and can create more problems than it solves, especially when the drummer is playing with a nice human feel.

You may want to get an entire MIDI beat locked with a drummer or just push a few beats into time.This video covers both possibilities and demonstrates how easy it is to get everything in time, even human time!

Take Control Of Tempo In Pro Tools

In this video Russ shows how flexible Pro Tools is for getting instruments in time with a track of varying tempo or for getting an audio track with varying tempo into time.He also shows how to get an audio track to change tempo.

Setting Up Custom Templates In Pro Tools

Marcus takes an extended look at creating a Pro Tools template from scratch, getting it just how you want it and then saving it for later use.In this video he includes a lot of very cool shortcuts and tips and tricks, before long you’ll be a Pro Tools ninja flying around the keyboard and having more time to make great tracks.