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Pro Tools Hardware Checker

We’ve created a community list for Pro Tools users to check to see if their device works with Pro Tools 9 and 10. It is hoped that over time this will help users thinking about buying a device for Pro Tools 9 and to check for issues and bugs with a device. As this is a community list then it only shows devices added by members of the community. If you are a device owner then please add you device. If you are manufacturer then please feel free to add all devices you make which work with Pro Tools 9 and 10.

Please use the ‘search’ options which are very powerful. If you have a device not shown that works then please add it to the list, if you have encountered any issues then please say what the issues are including system used; for example Mac OS X 10.6.2. If your unit works correctly then please say which version of the software it works on.

If you think a listing is missing or incorrect then please add or edit to the listings. Please just give facts, not opinions.

This is a community service and is not run or endorsed by Avid; no warranty is implied or given for the information suppled.