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Pro Tools Expert
Pro Tools News, Tips And Tricks, the number one independent Pro Tools blog.
United Kingdom

Meet The Team

Here is the team of volunteers behind Pro Tools Expert.  Although first started by Russ Hughes, the blog is now run by a dedicated team of people in their spare time. Each member of the team brings their own skills and interests to the team. We are all joined by a common aim: to do what we can to help serve and support the worldwide Pro Tools community.

Russ Hughes - Editor

Mike Thornton - Deputy Editor

Eric Johnson - Community Manager

Neil Hester - Windows Editor

James Ivey - Hardware Editor

Wolfgang Sussitz - Contributor

Franco Pellegrini - Contributor

Philippe Faucher - Contributor

Adam Vass - Contributor

Mike Aiton - Contributor

Julian Rodgers - Contributor

Dan Cooper - Contributor

Rex Strother - Database Manager