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How To Create The Eric Johnson Guitar Sound With Avid Eleven Rack

James is back with more signature sounds for the Avid Eleven Rack. In this Free video tutorial James takes a look at creating the Eric Johnson guitar sound.He shows which guitar amps, cabs and effects he uses.

Download the free preset for Eleven Rack here

Eric Johnson Eleven Rack Amp Settings

Eric Johnson Eleven Rack Reverb Settings

Eric Johnson Eleven Rack Echo Settings

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How To Create The Joe Bonamassa Guitar Sound With Avid Eleven Rack 

James is back with more signature sounds for the Avid Eleven Rack. In this Free video tutorial James takes a look at creating the Joe Bonamassa guitar sound. Download the free preset at the bottom of this post.
He shows which guitar amps, cabs and effects he uses.

Eleven Rack Amps

Eleven Rack Reverb

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All Pro Tools Expert Member Only Videos FREE To Watch This Weekend

This weekend only we’ve unlocked our vault of over 600 Pro Tools videos, normally only available to Pro Tools Expert members.

There’s everything from production tricks, in depth tutorials on plug-ins, virtual instruments and hundreds of Pro Tools tips and tricks.

This Pro Tools video tutorial library runs into hours of material to help you get up to speed, or learn some new stuff. Check them out here.

So spend the weekend enjoying the Pro Tools Expert video tutorials. If you like them then you may want to think about signing up for membership. In the meantime this weekend is on us!

Create Rich And Complex Textures In Pro Tools Xpand2 - Free Video

In this FREE Pro Tools video tutorial Russ shows those who may have limited budgets that you don’t always need to spend money on plug-ins to get great results.

Russ takes users under the hood of Xpand2 to show how to create rich and complex textures that can be controlled during a performance.

In this video Pro Tools users will learn how to stack sounds, use arpeggiators to create movement, assign filter controls and use MIDI CC for extra control.

Watch it here

Using VCC In Pro Tools Tutorial

Sampling supremo, post editor and friend of the blog Marcus from Bad Cat Media gives a nice video tutorial on using Slate VCC in Pro Tools.

The Pro Tools video tutorial also gives a lot of shortcuts.

Watch it here

pureMIX Announce Recording Levels Video Now Available With Subtitles

Our friends at pureMIX have released this video on setting recording levels, another of their excellent videos with subtitles in French, Spanish, Italian, and German, so if English is not your native tongue then you can still get the most of this great video.

There is a huge collection of free videos, or you can buy just this video, or best of all, sign up for an All Access Pass at the pureMIX site, check it out.

Pro Tools Expert Announce Partnership With Top Studio Tutorial Brand PureMix

Pro Tools Expert and pureMix have entered into a partnership which aims to offer Pro Tools users an amazing set of video tutorial resources for those wanting to master recording and mixing.

pureMix Video Tutorials From Top Producers

pureMix offer many live action tutorials on studio gear and technique from established producers like Grammy nominated Fab Dupont with credits to his name like Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, and Mark Ronson. New York producer Ben Lindell with credits with MGMT, Soulja Boy and Edie Brickell. Last but not least is producer Ryan West who is best known for his work as a mixing engineer and producer with Eminem, Kanye West, Usher, Jay Z, Dr. Dre, Kid Cudi and many more.

Check Out pureMix Training Content

We will be bringing some great content from pureMix in the coming weeks and months, so keep your eyes peeled - in the meantime you can head over and check out some of their current content for free.

A free video tutorial on using elastic audio

Mixing in PT11 video,  comes complete with stems from their site, you can download the stems here
Adding the great content from pureMix to the current content from Pro Tools Expert, as well as our existing content partners, this further reinforces our position as the number one Pro Tools resource on the web.

Ribbon Microphone Transformer Modification - Extended Video

In this video community member Matt Blue AKA kcatthedog shows how he has modified the transformers in his JRR Panther Active Ribbon microphone with a CineMag 9887 transformer.

The video is extensive and shows all the steps necessary to make the modification. Matt also shows the challenges he faced during the process and how he overcame issues of fitting a different sized transformers.

During the video the audio swaps from left to right on purpose, all is revealed as why this happens at the end of the video tutorial.

Thanks Matt for making this video. Watch it here

PHAROAH AUDIO’S SYNCHECK 3 - Accurate Sync In Post Is Non Negotiable!



I have just borrowed a Syncheck 3 from Mike Woods at Dirty Dog Audio Ltd, the UK distributor of SYNCHECK and will be using it for a series of forthcoming test on video codecs/hardware in Pro Tools 11.1.3, so I thought a quick introduction would be helpful to those who haven’t met this device yet (you really should know about it if you are serious about post!).

Syncheck was developed by Richard Fairbanks, an Emmy-nominated re-recording mixer, editor, sound supervisor and owner of Manhattan’s Pharoah Audio, and is now on its third hardware iteration.

Syncheck was conceived to work out with absolute certainty the sync delay of your visual playback system and also, and somewhat more importantly, how robust the sync is and whether there is any drift – but more on that later. So, when your client asks is that in sync, you can answer with certainty, knowing that your playback system is calibrated and corrected, and you are not seeing hardware errors.

SYNCHECK 3 - How Does it Work?

Syncheck has on board sound and light detectors that register the leading edge of the sound and light burst from a test file, and measures how much time occurs between them. Simples!

The LED display shows whether audio or video is ahead (i.e which occurs first), and what the delay is, measured in fames and also in milliseconds, from hundredths of a frame up to half a second! (where at which even your mum would notice the sync!). This is all achieved at an accuracy of +/- 0.03 milliseconds (that’s about 7% of a frame at 25fps!), and in real time too.

Syncheck 3 has a buffer of 40 measurements and will store these for you. It can calculate average error, and the “span” (maximum deviation).

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Side Chains 101: External Side Chains

In Part 2 of this series Julian looks at using external side chains with gates and compressors.

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