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Trent Reznor Talks Creative Process With SoundToys - Video

Our friends at SoundToys have created a new video series featuring some of the hottest names in the production world, Trent Reznor and the NIN team. They say;

We’ve been meeting up with some of our favorite artists to talk about gear, sound, and making music. We captured these conversations in a new video series called Process. In this debut episode, watch Trent Reznor, Alessandro Cortini and Ilan Rubin share their creative process and how they use Soundtoys to develop sounds into songs. Stay tuned for more from our interview with Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails later this month.

Watch online now at soundtoys.com.

Video: Using The Warm Audio WA76 Compressor/Limiter On Real Drums

Community member Matt Blue has made another video of his studio exploits, this time recording real drums in his home studio using a Warm Audio WA76 Compressor/Limiter.

In the video he shows his set-up including microphone technique and testing different settings for the compressor. Check it out and hear the results of his recording.

Watch the Warm Audio WA76 recording with drums video here

Pro Tools Tutorials For Beginners: Starting Your First Pro Tools Session

In this FREE Pro Tools video tutorial Russ goes right back to basics and shows users how to create, record and save their first Pro Tools session.

If you are new to Pro Tools 11 then these free Pro Tools video tutorials “Pro Tools Tutorials For Beginners” are aimed at helping to get those new to recording and mixing in Avid Pro Tools up and running.

Watch this free Pro Tools video tutorial here

Video Of T-Pain Singing Without AutoTune - Vocal Talent Or Tricks?

He may not have been the first to use AutoTune but if ever an artist’s career was defined by AutoTune then we think the prize goes to T-Pain, so much so he coined the term the ‘T-Pain Effect.’

Now this video has emerged with T-Pain singing without AutoTune, there’s no doubt on a commercial level that T-Pain banked a lot of money thanks to his T-Pain effect, but if ever there was an artistic case against the abuse of AutoTune in music production then this may be it.

This video demonstrates that sometimes the effect becomes the star and can get in the way of people appreciating genuine talent. In an interview that will air on All Things Considered. 

“People felt like I was using it to sound good. But I was just using it to sound different.”

In essence what T-Pain was doing was no different to those using a vocoder in the 1970s, but many inexperienced producers thought that it was a way of covering average vocal performances in the studio, simply copying T-Pain’s effect but failing to appreciate that talent is a necessary ingredient for a great vocal.

Watch the video of T-Pain singing without AutoTune, you may be surprised.

How To Use External Hardware Effects In Pro Tools


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Following a request from the community Russ does a full video tutorial on how to connect hardware in and out of Pro Tools. He looks at both the software set-up in Pro Tools and the hardware set-up.

This video tutorial also shows you how to account for any round trip latency that may be introduced depending on the hardware being used.

After watching this tutorial users should be able to use their favourite hardware in Pro Tools sessions.

Pro Tools Expert Announces New Partnership With FX Rentals - Amazing Collection Of Vintage Studio Gear

We are thrilled to announce that Pro Tools Expert have entered into a new partnership with top London studio rental and sales company FX Rentals.

Watch this exclusive video with Russ Hughes from Pro Tools Expert and Pat Roche from FX Rentals. In the video Pat talks about FX Rentals and the collection of amazing vintage studio and music gear, there’s plenty of gear porn in the video.

What Does This Partnership Mean?

The partnership will give Pro Tools Expert access to some of the most sought after studio gear in history from FX Rentals’ amazing collection, part of the plan is to use this collection to bring even deeper reviews and comparisons between plug-ins and the hardware originals.

We also hope to be able to bring muturally beneficial member only offers to the Pro Tools Expert community and benefits of the Pro Tools Expert resource to those using the services of FX Rentals.

What Do You Want To See And Hear?

Let us know what shoot outs and vintage gear reviews you would like us to feature on Pro Tools Expert in the comments - this is going to be fun!

Running Pro Tools On The Surface Pro 3 - Video

Robin Vincent does a full show and tell video of Pro Tools runinng on the new Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

He talks through the pros and cons of running Pro Tools on the Surface Pro 3 and considers screen resolution, performance and battery life.

Watch the full video and see the report by PC guru Robin.

Groove 3 Join Forces With Hal Leonard Publishing - Celebrate With September Special

Groove 3, the best place for online video training for the audio and music production world, have joined forces with Hal Leonard, the leading publisher of books and digital content on the music business, audio technology, and instrument history. 

Top Learning Resources

Groove3 currently offers more the 850 hours of top-notch online training. The new, exclusive content from Hal Leonard will include product by world-renowned recording, audio, and music experts from many fields, including the Hal Leonard Recording Method by Bill Gibson, the Bruce Swedien Recording Method, Rikki Rooksby’s series of books on songwriting, and much more.  Additional courses and products will be announced and released in the coming weeks.

John Cerullo, Group Publisher of Hal Leonard Books.

Groove3 is the most trusted and time-tested online quality resource for training videos for musicians, and bringing Hal Leonard’s reputable brands and content into their community will be a huge benefit to all musicians interested in learning online.

Get Our Groove 3 September Special

We’ve teamed up with Groove 3 to celebrate, so head and offer their legnedaryannual All Access Pass for just $100 - that allows you to watch all the content on Groove 3 site for an entire year. You can also try it for 30 days for $10. Head over and enter the code PTE33 at the checkout to grab this deal.

Using The FabFilter Pro Q 2 To Match EQ

In this free video tutorial using the FabFilter Pro Q 2 Russ shows how to use the new EQ matching feature in the FabFilter Pro Q 2 plug-in.

In this video the example of matching two kick drum sounds is used.

This video tutorial is showing the FabFilter Pro Q 2 in Pro Tools, but the settings in FabFilter Pro Q 2 will be the same for all audio applications.

Special - All Pro Tools Expert Production Tricks Video Tutorials Free To Watch This Weekend

It’s a Bank Holiday weekend in the UK this weekend so in case you have some free time we’ve opened up our Pro Tools Production Tricks video tutorials for free.

When we say an archive, it may take you the weekend to watch them all, the archive list of Pro Tools Production Tricks videos is shown below.

Pro Tools Tutorial Videos

The videos include Producer secrets, power virtual instrument tricks, the basics of many popular plug-ins and many more.

Normally these videos are member only exclusive content, so knock yourself out and find out what so many people sign up as Pro Tools Expert community members. To find out more about membership then clik here.

The Pro Tools Production Tricks Video Archive

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