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How To Create Low Sub Bass Like The Track 'Boom Boom Boom'

Russ does a quick video to show how to get those really low bass sounds you hear in tracks like ‘Boom Boom Boom’

How To Connect Vienna Ensemble Pro Across Ethernet And Control It - Mac

Russ shows how to get Vienna Ensemble Pro working on two Macs via ethernet.

How To Get A Driving Pop Track 

Russ responds to a question about how to get that tight driving sound often heard on pop tracks. He uses just the free stuff that comes with Pro Tools.

The 5 Hour Challenge - Try It

Here’s a challenge and it will take just 5 hours to complete - try it and you’ll be amazed at the difference.

  • Spend One Hour Watching Some Tutorials
    Believe it or not, we all watch video tutorials on the team, learning is a life-long pursuit which one never completes. There are going to be things you own that you’ve never got around to fully learning - it might be Pro Tools, a plug-in, some hardware - you know. Spend one hour this week learning how to use one of those things. Most of the videos I make are born out of me being inquisitive and asking “I wonder if this is possible”.
  • Spend One Hour This Week Watching Some Industry Gurus
    If you are yet to watch any of the interviews on Pensado’s Place then check it out. Dave and Herb regularly have industry giants on the show - go over and drink in the wisdom. If you’re a post user then let us know some of the cool post videos you’ve watched recently.
  • Spend One Hour Reading A Manual
    You’ll be surprised what is hidden between the covers of those manuals. You may have already read all your manuals, but sometimes things don’t go in and sometimes things fall out.
  • Spend One Hour Listening To Some New Recordings
    I love to hear a new recording and it’s never been easier to find them. It’s as easy as checking out the iTunes album charts, searching Spotify or a hundred and one other music streaming sites. If you’ve listened to something cool recently then let us know and we can all check it out, it doesn’t have to be new, just a new discovery - if you’ve yet to check it out then give “Every Kingdom” by Ben Howard a spin.
  • Spend One Hour Learning A Fundamental
    It may be the guitar, drums, acoustics, mic placement, time code, frame rates, soldering, dithering, musical theory, orchestration. You’ll not learn everything in an hour, but you’ll know more than you would had you not bothered.

Now if you get into the habit of doing that every week then those five hours will all add up to making you someone skilled at your chosen craft - you may not end up making money from it, but you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you tried your best.

Manipulate Any Beat To Do What You Want

Russ shows you how to take any beat and make it do what you want - no plug-ins required!

Pro Tools Producer Secrets - Pultec Eq Trick


In this new series Russ shares some of the secrets from top engineers, producers and mixers.
In this video he shows the Pultec Eq trick.


Create MIDI Triggers From Audio Loops In Pro Tools

Russ shows how a little keyboard shortcut knowledge can help you create MIDI versions of audio loops - no extra software necessary.

How To Get Reversed Piano Effects In Pro Tools

Russ shows how to get a cool reversed piano effect in Pro Tools.

Pro Tools Preset Track Hack Updated For Pro Tools 11 Mac

This is an updated video of the Pro Tools track preset hack from Philip Nicols which is different in Pro Tools 11 due to file and folder locations being moved. Thanks again Philip!
To see how to do it in Pro Tools 10 and below then watch here:

Offline Bounce Power Workflow In Pro Tools 11 HD

In this video Russ shows how some pre-planning can create some powerful offline bounce workflows for those using Pro Tools 11 HD.

How To Use Elastic Pitch To Change Notes In Performances

Russ shows how to use elastic pitch in Pro Tools to alter notes in performances, no auto tune software required.

Pro Tools 11 Working With Digi002 - A Guide

Owners of both Digi002 and Digi002R were a little concerned when Avid put it in the “might work” options on their list of approved interfaces. Anyway Eric Johnson has taken the plunge with Pro Tools 11 and reports are postive, here is guide to how he got up and running! Thanks Eric, you’re a star.

In the hope that it might be helpful to someone else, here is how I updated my Pro Tools system on Mac OS X Mountain Lion from Pro Tools 10 to Pro Tools 10 and Pro Tools 11. My Mac Pro is a 2008 8-core (dual 2.8GHz quad-core) ID 3,1 w/ 16GB RAM and a plethora of disk volumes, and my interface is a Digi/Avid 002 console. Neither my computer nor my interface are officially supported by Avid for Pro Tools 11, however they’re working. Of course I plan to replace both when I am able, but for now I’m thankful for the extended life I’m getting from my existing gear.

Click to read more ...

Create A Track Freeze Workflow In Pro Tools 11

Russ shows how easy it is to create a track freeze workflow in Pro Tools 11.

Not a member? Find out more here

Automatic Ducking In Pro Tools

In this video Russ shows what ducking is and how to apply it to a track. Often necessary when making podcasts, radio or voice in video and film.

Using Pro Tools Edit Modes

In this session learn about how using the 4 different edit modes can enable you to become a power editor in Pro Tools.

The session explains and demonstrates the best uses for using the Shuffle, Spot, Slip and Grid edit modes.

Using Parallel Compression On A Drum Buss

Russ shows the advantage of using parallel compression on a drum buss.

How To Get Separate Outputs From Structure FREE

Russ shows a simple but effective tip for getting separate outputs from Structure FREE.



5 Mix Tricks That Work 95% Of The Time

Mixes are complex things and can take a long time to get right, but there are some things that will work on 95% of mixes, or put it another way here are 5 cheats for those who are just getting into mixing. I use these all the time, other people shared them with me over the years so try them and if they work for you then pass them on.

  1. Roll Off Guitars At 100Hz
    Keep the bottom end nice and clean and leave space for the bass and kick by rolling off 100Hz hard on electric and acoustic guitars.
  2. Using A Loop
    To stop loops fighting with other stuff, particularly when you use loops with live drums, I often roll off the top and the bottom and put a peak boost right in the middle to grunge it all up.
  3. Magic Bass Guitar
    Simple as this… shelving boost at 100Hz then compress nice and hard.
  4. De-Ess Cymbals
    Not a usual use for a de-esser, but if you have overheads or cymbals that are harsh then put a de-esser across them and then find a sweet spot using the frequency control and you’ll get them under control.
  5. Use Pre-Delay Instead Of Long Reverb Times
    If you want to create space with reverbs without the whole mix becoming a splashy mess, then use a longer pre-delay and a shorter decay time. So instead of using a decay time of 2.5secs, try a longer pre-delay and about a 1 second decay.

Let me know how you get on. If you have any you would like to share your own then add them in the comments. 

Pro Tools Expert Will Continue To Cover Legacy Systems

With the recent announcement of Pro Tools 11 and our inevitable reporting, some users staying on legacy versions of Pro Tools may wonder what our intentions for future video, editorial and podcast content are.

The Pro Tools Expert team appreciate that some users either do not wish to upgrade to a new system or cannot afford to upgrade.

Rest assured, it is our intention to continue to offer advice and tips and tricks (including videos) and answer podcast questions for owners of legacy systems. NEW USERS PLEASE NOTE - this is an independent community site offering tips, tricks, tutorials and advice, for product support related to your purchase please speak to your dealer or Avid in the first instance.

Get The Acoustic Feel From "Let Her Go" by Passenger

Russ shows how to get more interesting acoustic guitars using the example from the track “Let Her Go” by Passenger.