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Manipulate Any Beat To Do What You Want

Russ shows you how to take any beat and make it do what you want - no plug-ins required!

MIDI Instrument Power Workflow Using Instrument Tracks 

Here’s a video showing the very cool tip from community member Steve Peach on making powerful MIDI workflows whilst minimising screen real estate in Pro Tools.

Pro Tools Expert Podcast Episode 74

Russ, Mike, Neil, & James are back with a packed Pro Tools Expert podcast that includes….

This podcast was brought to you completely by Pro Tools 11 and you can listen here;

Community Tips From This Week's Podcast Part 2

We continue to get a great response to our appeal for tips from the community and each week we are giving away a storm-trooper iLok to the best tip of the week. Here are second batch of the tips that were submitted to this week’s show starting with this week’s winner from Jeff Meredith…

  1. Jeff Meredith Insert a de-esser before your reverb to scale back the more noticeable bits in the high end on things like snares and acoustic guitar. It lets you have more control over your reverb and keep it sounding natural!

  2. Michael Moeding When prepping a session for ADR go through the script and create memory locations for all dialog to be replaced.  Type the characters name and full line of dialog into the comments section of the memory location.  as you start the recording session double click the memory location of each line of dialog you are about to record and copy the comments section and paste it into the record track’s name.  Each line of dialog you record will have a clip with the characters name and dialog line as well as the record and take number.  The ADR editors and mixers will love you more!

  3. Will Gurrey Don’t leave your iLok hanging around otherwise your son will nab it thinking its a flash drive!

  4. Marco jr Battistella Never, NEVER ever leave your black iLok on a table in the studio and let your Great Dane in it unsupervised for a couple of minutes. Why? Because you end up looking for your dongle for hours just to find out that your dog ate it. Sounds funny? Well, true story.

Do keep sending your tips in, and you may win a storm-trooper iLok.

Community Tips From This Week's Podcast Part 1

We have had a great response to our appeal for tips from the community and each week we are continuing to give away a storm-trooper iLok to the best tip of the week. Here are some of the tips that were submitted to this week’s show…..

  1. Jonathan Becerra My tip is to make a ritual with your iLok so that you never forget where it is at all times. Since the iLok is the holder of your most valuable licenses I believe that it should be the forefront of your studio set up and tear down ritual. Get a small lock box for the iLok that you can secure to an underside of your studio desk. Once there always start and finish with getting your iLok form the lockbox so that it becomes a habit. Hope this helps with some security and paranoia of messing up or losing your iLok!
  2. Espen Hollund I just want to share some of the shortcuts I use all the time to speed up my workflow. When renaming tracks you can hit cmd+enter or cmd+rigt arrow or  cmd+down arrow to get to the next track to the right. If you want to go to the next track to the left hit cmd+left arrow or  cmd+up arrow. This saves a lot of time compared to double clicking each track. When I’m zooming I always use the keyboard shortcuts. I then hit cmd+] to zoom in and cmd+[ to zoom out. I also think the possibility to dial in nudging distance in samples is worth mentioning again for new listeners. Set nudging to samples, dial in how many samples you want to nudge, select the clips you want to nudge and hit + or - on the numeric keyboard to nudge. Also the cmd+= is a must-know-shortcut for everybody with just one computer monitor. Hit escape when in the edit window to switch between the different Edit Tools (selector tool, smart tool etc.)
  3. Micke Løvdalen I’ve found a really crazy shortcut in PT 10 Mac.  On an audio track, make a selection and press Shift-Ctrl-alt and number 3. This will give you a sine wave at 1k.
  4. Brian Russ Read The Manual aka RTM or RTFM. Seriously, it will save you precious minutes you will otherwise not get back, wishing you had spent time in the alps yodeling out to the valleys below, or whatever.


More later this week, including this week’s winner.

Pro Tools Producer Secrets - Pultec Eq Trick


In this new series Russ shares some of the secrets from top engineers, producers and mixers.
In this video he shows the Pultec Eq trick.


Create MIDI Triggers From Audio Loops In Pro Tools

Russ shows how a little keyboard shortcut knowledge can help you create MIDI versions of audio loops - no extra software necessary.

Using Multi-band Compression To Sweeten A Final Mix

Russ uses the very cool Blue Cat Audio MB-5 to show how to sweeten a mix using multi-band compression.

UVI Workstation AAX Kills Mini Grand - Workaround

UVI Workstation and Mini Grand have fallen out and are now in counsellingReports have been emerging that sessions using the new 64-bit AAX version of UVI Workstation are causing Mini Grand to lose sound. This is a confirmed bug.

No word on this bug from UVI yet; however, a workaround is to instantiate UVI Workstation LAST on a session - also, make the UVI plugin INACTIVE before saving the session, which will force other VIs to load before UVI when reopening that session.  Once the session is open, go ahead and reactivate UVI.

We’ll let you know when there’s a permanent fix.

How To Get Reversed Piano Effects In Pro Tools

Russ shows how to get a cool reversed piano effect in Pro Tools.