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ADL Penteo 4 Pro Surround Upmixing Plug-in £399 - 33% Discount

Audiotech Digital Ltd has announced today the release of the new Penteo 4 Pro plug-in that discretely converts stereo to 5.1, offering exacting control over sound image placement to create high-quality, sonic-free and natural-sounding surround.

Check out Mike’s detailed Show & Tell Video Review and find out why he likes this so much and Penteo 4 Pro Surround is his ‘go to’ upmxing plug-in and why he has awarded it Editors Choice.

Penteo 4 Pro Deal Has Finished

We are sorry but the deal finished in mid April 2014. You can buy the plug-in direct from the guys at Audiotech Digital Ltd for $999.

Penteo 4 Pro is 100-percent ITU down-mix compatible to the original stereo. The plug-in features an intuitive visual interface modeled after vintage gear, and offers six automated preset modes as well as advanced manual controls for fine- tuning.

Native AAX64 Support For Pro Tools 11

Penteo 4 Pro now natively supports Avid Audio eXtension (AAX) for true 64 bit processing. As a result, Penteo 4 Pro AAX64 uses 52% less CPU processing power thereby allowing a sound designer more flexibility to simultaneously use more tracks in a mix than ever before.

New Features

  • Touch Screen Controls – In addition to mouse operated controls, Penteo 4 Pro is the first up-mixer to support multi-touch controls. Mixing is not a linear, sequential process — Penteo’s unique multi-touch interface allows a sound designer to control more than one Penteo feature at once, thereby creating a natural mixing experience through simple hand contact. Penteo 4 Pro is the world’s first multi-touch plug-in designed for use with the Raven MTX Surround console.
  • Pro Tools Automation Keyboard Shortcuts for all parameters - Quickly add and select parameters for automation using standard control/alt/cmd shortcuts.
  • Usage Preferences – With choice of circular or vertical knob drag usage options, a sound designer can select the most natural feeling knob movement for mouse or multi-touch.
  • New bypass channel routing - Stereo bypass channels now routes to the ProTools channel output standard. 

Exponential Audio Announce Release Date For Surround Reverbs

On Friday November 29, 2013, Exponential Audio’s new surround reverbs will be available for purchase in the Exponential Audio webstore.  These powerful and flexible new plugins are already at work in a number of major facilities and it’s time to turn them loose.

  • Phoenixverb Surround $359
  • Phoenixverb Surround (upgrade form stereo version) $259
  • R2 Surround $459
  • R2 Surround (upgrade form stereo version) $349
  • Phoenixverb & R2 Surround bundle $659
  • Phoenixverb & R2 Surround bundle (upgrade form stereo bundle) $459

You can learn more about them right here, and you’ll be able to download and demo them for yourself as soon as they’re available.  

Exponential Audio Announce PhoenixVerb Surround and R2 Surround

As we announced exclusively on the podcast Exponential Audio is proud to announce a pair of new surround reverb plugins.  

PhoenixVerb Surround and R2 Surround are modeled on the popular PhoenixVerb and R2 plugins and support every popular format from mono to 7.1.  Both are native plug-ins, and support AAX, AU, VST and RTAS on both Mac and Windows in 32 and 64-bit forms.   PhoenixVerb Surround is a pure, natural reverb that subtly blends with any source material.  R2 Surround is a more active character reverb that makes any track stand out.

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Perfect Surround Announce Penteo 3 Goes Multi-Touch

Perfect Surround’s stereo to surround upmix plug-in is now multi-touch and is great for using on the Slate Raven control surfaces. This is what Perfect Surround say…

Penteo 3 Touch is the world’s first multi-touch plug-in designed for use with the Raven MTX Surround console.

Mixing is not a linear, sequential process so Penteo’s unique multi-touch interface allows a sound designer to control more than one Penteo feature at once, thereby creating a natural mixing experience through simple hand gestures.

Penteo 3 Touch has all the exact same functionality as Penteo 3 Pro, but also with the added ability to exercise touch-screen control over all features from the Slate Raven MTX Surround console.

This is great news, as you will have experienced if you have watched my show & tell review of the Penteo 3 it produces great upmixes that downmix perfectly.  Now to have multi-touch for the Slate Raven control surfaces is a very neat move. 

ADL Pento Pro 3 stereo to 5.1 Upmixing Plug-in Show & Tell review

Mike takes the Penteo Pro 3 stereo to surround plug-in for a spin around his surround rig to see if it lives up to the claims of being completely downmix compatible. As we can only release videos with stereo audio everything you listen to is the downmix of the plug-ins surround output.

It is currently available in RTAS, VST or AU formats but they are working on an AAX version for Pro Tools 11.

Penteo 3 Pro is available for £675 plus VAT. If you would like to try it for yourself then you can request a free trial.

They have just announced Penteo 3 Touch - all the same functionality as Penteo 3 Pro, but with added multi-touch control that is included with the new Slate Raven MTX Surround console. Watch the video here.

Soundfield Announce Plug-In Update Status And Pro Tools 11

We have heard from Soundfield about the status of their plug-ins the UPM-1 and Surround Zone and this is what they have said….

“We are just in the process of creating our Plug-In strategy for the future and both AAX (native not DSP) and 64-bit support feature highly. 

We also asked about about comments that the UPM-1 puts a heavy load on the computer and they responded…

“We know that the UPM-1 is resource hungry, in the hardware version we are running a dedicated SHARC DSP which is running pretty much flat out. The new version will have some savings but it will never be a lightweight plug-in, great upmixing takes a lot of resources.”

You can see my review on the UPM-1 here, and certainly in the absence of the TC Electronic UnWrap, this is in my opinion one of the best upmixing plug-in around at the moment and it would seem they are across the process hungry issue too. So I am looking forward to the new version of the UPM-1 that I can run on my Pro Tools 11 HDX rig.

Show & Tell Review Of Iosono's Anymix Pro Surround Plug-in

The Anymix Pro plug-in is described by Iosono as “the surround maker” and actually it isn’t an unreasonable description. Mike demonstrates how it is a Surround panner that can pan outside of the surround field with loudness and EQ compensation built in. It is also a Surround Upmix enabling you to produce surround capable and downmix friendly upmixes of stereo content.

Please note what you are listening to is a downmix of the surround output.

Show & Tell Review On Schoeps Free Double MS Tool Plug-in

We have just added the Schoeps Double MS Tool to our free plug-in database and so I thought it would be could to take a look at it as double MS or MSM is my preferred surround micing technique.

Maggot Software Close To Adding New Feature To Spanner

Justin has announced this tease on his Facebook page…

There’s one particular feature I’ve been wanting in a panner since the first time I walked onto a mix stage - and now I finally have it! Stay tuned…

Wonder what it could be?