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Get Your Own 'Next Level Sh*t!' T Shirt

It seems our parody of the Pro Tools 11 advert has been getting a lot of love, both by the user community and also from Avid, who loved it - we even got an email from the producer who said “Just saw the “what were they looking at” Pro Tools 11 parody video…OMG dude, HILARIOUS!!!! Thanks for that.”

Whilst at Musikmesse we had a lot of people asking us to make some T-Shirts based on what are destined to be famous last words “Next level sh*t!” We’ve got both censored and uncensored designs, depending on your taste. You can order most sizes and colours, so go check them out.

So if you want to grab yourself a cool Pro Tools Expert T-Shirt, or hoodie then head over to RedBubble and grab one. Enjoy!

Check This Out

If you look to the right of this story you will see a new section called 'Amazing Deals' giving you some incredible prices on plug-ins. It's a feed from our new bargain basement page and gives you the chance of getting the silly priced, limited quantity deals before they are gone.

We tried using email, but a couple of users felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of emails, so we hope this strikes the balance of informing those looking for bargains without stressing those who don't need one right now! If you want to know what the buyers think then read this...

Avid Store - Take Care!

Updated on Thursday, July 8, 2010 at 8:32AM by Registered CommenterPro Tools Expert

We had a recent report from a user who tried to purchase a PTIEP upgrade with Paypal from the Avid Store.

The issues reported were that money was taken by Paypal but then Avid did not then authorise the transaction, putting the cash into a no-man's land, but with no product. Even worse the user is left with a message to contact customer support.

Click to read more ...

Back In Stock!

Just to let you know the following plug-ins from the Bargain Basement are currently out of stock, but we have another delivery arriving this weekend...

If you click to buy then you will be redirected by Paypal to our 'sorry' page. If that happens simply drop us a line to reserve a copy from the next shipment.

Kenny Strikes Again!

Presented by multi-platinum producer / engineer Kenny Gioia and shown entirely in Pro Tools 8, this awesome collection of in-depth video tutorials is focused on "Frequently Asked Questions".

Kenny has gathered all the questions he's been asked via email and on Pro Tools forums, and answers them all in detail as only Kenny can

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The Secret Deals

A few of you have been emailing asking about recent plug-in deals which those on the mailing list have been getting. If you're not on the mailing list then click here to join it.

Here's the deal - more here

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STICKY: Shop, Save Money and Help the Blog

UPDATED: Here's a cool way to shop, save money and help the blog! We've partnered with Amazon to create the AIR Users Blog Store. This isn't just Amazon with a Blog logo on it, we've selected the best books, plug-ins, software, hardware and interfaces from Amazon. Lots of them are at great prices, some special offers, with all the usual Amazon delivery options. Here's the best bit, you get FREE Lifetime support as a blog member.

The best bit is when you shop via our store we get a contribution back from Amazon - before you think there's a Porsche on order it's 4%, for those of you who can't do the math, that's $400 for every $10,000 spent! But we think that every little helps.

So if you normally shop at Amazon either .com or, then why not do it for the blog, everything helps!

Check out the great products here