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Maggot Software Move Spanner & Conformalizer To iLok Authorisation

Our friends at Maggot Software have announced that Spanner and Conformalizer are moving to iLok authorisation. What this means for current users is….

  • Current and future versions of Spanner and Conformalizer will require iLok2
  • You will need to surrender your old maggot auth codes to get your iLok activation code
  • You will need to run Pro Tools 10.3.5 or greater since the new iLok’d Spanner version requires it.
  • Your old version will continue to run if you choose not to make the transition just now.

Remember that if you upgrade to the current build you’ll need to have your new iLok activation on hand.

The iLok’d versions are:

  • Spanner 2.1.11 (identical to 2.1.10 other than copy protection)
  • Conformalizer 3.6 (identical to 3.5.1 other than copy protection)

If you email Maggot with your current auth details they will send back your new iLok activation code.

Your old code will start with MSP- (for Spanner) or MCF- (for Conformalizer)

Maggot Software Open Their Winter Sale

Confused, don’t be, remember that it’s winter in the Antipodes. So till the end of July Maggot Software have everything marked down 20%

So go to the Maggot store and get your deal now.

Maggot also have a YouTube Channel and there’s a lot of geeky technical guff as well as some entertaining demos of sexy features like the Spanner iPad controller app and the Movie Overlay for visual panning.

spanner - introduction and demo

spanner - v2 demo including iPad remote and overlay

conformalizer - tracking VFX shots

conformalizer - rebalancing sessions

conformalizer - conforming databases

Justin Webster From Maggot Software At RSPE June 6th Only

Friend of the site, Maggot Software owner/lead developer Justin Webster will be visiting RSPE in Calfornia, on June 6th from 11am-2pm. RSPE say…

This is a very special occasion, as Justin rarely makes it to the US. We’re proud to represent and distribute this unique, useful suite of plugins, and we’d love to invite you to come by for a closer look at the whole Maggot Software line! Not a Maggot user yet? You may already be a fan of Justin’s work. His sound and dialogue editing has appeared in such films as Lord of the Rings, King Kong and District 9.

We saw the unique overlay feature at Mediaspec’s Pro Tools 11 event where you can steer Spanner using an overlay over the video window on your desktop enabling you to place the sound at a specific point on the picture image. Justin also has an iPad app too that enables you to control Spanner from your iPad. See Justin’s video on this.

Maggot Announce Spanner v2 & Spanner Remote v1

We have covered this creative surround panner plug-in that does so much more, when it first came out. Its just got better Justin has released v2 of the plug-in and a free iPad app that enables you to control Spanner from your iPad. I have had a quick play and it it very intuitive to use.  Here is what Maggot say…

This is the most exciting update to Spanner yet. There’s a raft of fixes, tweaks and improvements and two of the most interesting features ever seen in a plugin: The QT overlay window and the iPad remote controller app. So you now have visual feedback on pan position right on top of your movie window, as well as a dedicated multi-touch pan controller on a portable tablet. Of course there’s also a new demo video, showing just how groundbreaking these two features are.

Spanner remote iPad app released
The Spanner remote iPad app is a dedicated multi-touch controller for the Spanner plug-in. With a stack of groundbreaking ergonomic design features it is really a revolution in panning and an entirely new approach to controlling audio plugins. Available now, free from the appstore.

Maggot Software Close To Adding New Feature To Spanner

Justin has announced this tease on his Facebook page…

There’s one particular feature I’ve been wanting in a panner since the first time I walked onto a mix stage - and now I finally have it! Stay tuned…

Wonder what it could be?