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DDMF Announce Meta Plug-in Wrapper In RTAS For Pro Tools Legacy Support

Our friends at DDMF have announced the RTAS version of Meta Plug-in the AU/VST wrapper for Pro Tools.

There is already an AAX version which we recently sold in our deals store, however the RTAS version of the wrapper is to support the large number of Pro Tools users who have Pro Tools 10 and below and who are not moving to Pro Tools 11.

We are surprised to see a new plug-in released in RTAS format but there are still many 32 bit Pro Tools users who want to get their hands on plug-ins with legacy support - this is a nice move by DDMF.

To try the demo of DDMF Meta Plug-in click here

Exclusive: AIR Xpand2 To Be Set Free From Pro Tools - VST/AU Version Shipping Soon

Xpand2, the much loved synth that has shipped free with Pro Tools for several generations is about to be set free as a VST and AU version, giving owners of other DAWs the oportunity to use it in their productions.

What Is Xpand2

Xpand!2 is a virtual workstation synthesizer featuring a broad range of sound generation possibilities including multi-sampled instruments as well as FM, wavetable, and virtual analog synthesis. 

The settings of all four slots and their respective Parts can be saved as a single Patch. Xpand!2 comes with a set of over 2300 Patches, created by renowned sound designers.

New Versions Of Xpand2 In VST And AU Formats

In the next few weeks Xpand2 will be set free from Pro Tools and ship in the following versions;

  • AU and VST 32 and 64 bit for Mac
  • VST 32 and 64 bit for Windows PC


  • AU and VST - $99.99
  • Existing owners of AIEP will be able to purchase for $39.99
  • Pro Tools owners wishing to use AU and VST versions will also be subject to the same pricing
  • AAX and RTAS versions will remain free built into Pro Tools

Free Kontakt Synth With Cool Sequencer - A New Once Each Day

The team at Prodyon are giving away a synth a day on their YouTube page. 

Today’s synth is very nice giving an organic synth sound which moves over time with the sequencer patterns.

There are plenty of knobs to tweak, so geeks should be in their element.

Watch the video and get the free synth link from here

DDMF Announce New Channel Strip Plug-in - The Strip

Our friends at DDMF, the makers of the hugely popular plug-in host Metaplugin, have announced a new channel strip plug-in The Strip. Please note the GUI is a single long GUI and not split as shown in this story.

The Strip Channel Strip Plug-in

The Strip is cited by Christian at DDMF as “the essential channel strip” and based on a hybrid design of some very nice vintage plug-ins. Even better The Strip boast low CPU usage and should happily sit on every track without putting your DAW into a sweat. It comes available in VST, AU, RTAS and AAX format, 32 and 64 bit, for Windows and OSX (10.6 and higher) Even better it is a temptingly low price of $39 right now.

Full Specifications Of DDMF The Strip

  • Low and High pass filter
  • four peaking filters
  • Low shelf filter
  • gate with variable threshold, range, attack and release to prevent unwanted noise
  • smooth compressor section
  • 2x oversampling available
  • EQ section with just the nicest little bit of saturation
  • order of EQ and compression interchangeable
  • available in VST, AU, RTAS and AAX format, 32 and 64 bit, for Windows and OSX (10.6 and higher)

Find Out More About The Strip

You can find out more and download a demo of The Strip from the DDMF web site.

Now Over 100 Free Pro Tools Plug-ins

There was a time when VST owners were getting all the free plug-ins, but not anymore. Following the recent update from Melda, our free Pro Tools plug-ins list now runs to over 100. 

They include plug-ins from top software developers like Softube, Bluecat, Fxpansion, Brainworx and more. This list include instruments, effects and some really cool tools.

Head over and search this list, if you think some RTAS and AAX plug-ins are missing then please let us know.

Free Pro Tools plug-ins

Have fun!

Stillwell Audio Announce Version 3 With Free Upgrades For Pro Tools Users

Stillwell Audio have announced version 3 of their software which sees 19 plug-ins updated and adds compatibilty for both RTAS and AAX for Pro Tools users.

Even better it offers free upgrades to 19 of their plug-ins for which are now both 32 and 64 bit as well as RTAS and AAX for OS X and Windows users.

They has also announced a brand new web site, posting this news;

It’s been a LONG time coming, but it’s finally here. Version 3.0.0 brings many noteworthy features and fixes.  All known compatibility issues have been addressed for current users, and for those users that have been waiting patiently (or not), we’re finally fully consistent; all plugins are available 32 and 64 bit, both Mac and PC (with the exception of Psycho Dither which is still WIP and Microschope which has been retired due to lack of activity).  The most exciting bit for new users, though, is additional platform support.  We now support VST3 and (wait for it) Pro Tools.  Our plugins are available in RTAS (legacy), 32-bit AAX Native (Pro Tools 10), and 64-bit AAX Native (Pro Tools 11).  Where appropriate, we have also built in support for Audiosuite.

The plug-ins included in the new upgrade include the much loved 1973, Bombadier and Vibe EQ, the entire list is impressive and is shown in the chart below.

They also offer 100% functional trials of their plug-ins for you to try.

To find out more about the new version 3 plug-ins visit the Stillwell Audio website here

Free Plug-in To Check Your Stereo Mixes

Mixing in stereo has its issues, many fail to check their mixes when translated to mono, or even more extreme scenarios like speakers wired backwards.

PANIPULATOR 2 Free Plug-in

Boz Digital Labs have created the PANIPULATOR 2, it lets you know what your mix sound like summed to mono? Flip a switch to find out. What if someone wires their system so that they can only hear the left channel? Flip a switch to hear what that sounds like. What if they reverse the wiring on one of their speakers? Flip a switch to find out to see how that will affect your song. These are all common scenarios, and the last thing you want to do is find out is that your mom’s voice, that you thought was buried in the mix, pops out when played over the loudspeakers at Nordstrom.

Panipulator will barely make a dent in your CPU usage, so there is no reason that this plug-in should not be a default on every single song you mix.

Available Formats:

Windows: VST2 (32/64), VST3 (32/64), RTAS (32), AAX Native (32/64)
Mac: AU (32/64), VST2 (32/64), VST3 (32/64), RTAS (32), AAX Native (32/64)

Sonnox Oxford Dynamics - 6 Modules In 1 - 40% Off This Week

Our friends at Sonnox are continuing their May deals, this week it’s the highly versatile ‘Swiss Army Knife’ Oxford Dynamics plug-in, offering 40% off until May 14th, more information about Sonnox deals here.

Sonnox Oxford Dynamics Plug-in Features

Modelled on the Sony OXF-R3 digital console, the Sonnox Oxford Dynamics plug-in features;

  • 64-bit compliant (AAX / AU / VST)
  • The dynamics section from Sony OXF-R3 console
  • Separate sections for Compressor, Gate, Expander, Limiter
  • 2-Band side chain EQ (with audition function)
  • Warmth control for extra presence and tube-like warmth
  • Three different compressor types (linear and exponential curves)
  • Variable soft knee compressor
  • Separate 5.1 bus compressor (where supported)
  • Ultra low noise and distortion

Using The Sonnox Oxford Dynamics Plug-in On Vocals

There’s an excellent video tutorials showing how to use the Sonnox Oxford Dynamics Plug-in on vocals by our old friend Fab Dupont. Watch the free video tutorial here

LVC Announce RTAS And And AAX Betas For ClipShifter, PreAMPed And HotPhuzz

Boutique plug-in developer LVC Audio has aanounced RTAS And And AAX Betas For ClipShifter, PreAMPed And HotPhuzz. The betas are currently available for OS X.

ClipShifter is a waveshaping clipping-style limiter that provides enough user controls to be useful in all mixing stages.

PreAMPed is a virtual analog modeling plugin that has 13 different preamp models. Each preamp model has distinct saturation levels, EQ curves, transient responses, harmonic distortion, cross-talk, and other settings.

HotPhuzz is a saturation designer plugin.  It is a creative tool that specializes in the creation of distinct saturation tones. 

In their news section they write;

“LVC-Audio is happy to announce beta support for RTAS and AAX formats for OSX.  This includes PreAMPed, ClipShifter, and HotPhuzz. In addition to support for RTAS and AAX formats, the updates also fix a common bug with the user interface.  This prevented text entry on Macs, and made the text appear the incorrect size on many Windows and Mac computers.  Although PhreePhuzz currently does not support RTAS/AAX, an update is provided to correct the text problem.  To update, just proceed to the plugin pages to download the latest versions. To celebrate the updates, you can get an 11% discount (for Pro Tools 11, of course).  Just enter PT11 during checkout.  This code will be valid until the end of May. …and yes, Transector RTAS/AAX is coming soon.”

For more infomrtion on this and other LVC Audio plug-ins visit their web site


Using Waves CLA Guitars To Transform A Basic Electric Guitar

In this free video tutorial Russ takes a look at the CLA guitars plug-in, an easy to use instant gratification plug-in that can help those using basic audio interfaces to get a variety of different sounds in their tracks.

This Waves CLA Guitars is on special offer this weekend - check it out here