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Show And Tell Review Of iZotope Ozone 6 Mastering Plug-in

iZotope claim “iZotope’s audio mastering software, Ozone 6, makes it easier than ever to master your audio simply and efficiently in one elegant standalone application.”

In this video review Russ takes a look at the iZotope Ozone 6 Mastering Plug-in. He takes a look at the new features in Ozone 6 Advanced and also gives his thoughts on those features.

Watch the review of iZotope Ozone 6 mastering plug-in here

Drum Forge Drum Sample Library - Extended Show And Tell Video Review 

In this video James takes a look at Drum Forge a new sample library by JTW Drums & JSD. Take a look and listen at how he thinks drums should sound.

Watch the video review of Drum Forge drum sample library

Show And Tell Review Of Positive Grid BIAS Desktop Guitar Amp Modelling Plug-in

Russ takes the new Positive Grid BAIS Desktop amp modelling plug-in for a spin.

Positive Grid claim that BIAS Desktop is not only a great amp modelling plug-in for guitarists, but with the added options to tweak to your heart’s content, grab new sounds free from the community Tone Cloud and also model your own sounds right from within the plug-in.

Does it live up to all the claims, Russ checks it out in this extended review. Find out what he thinks.

Watch the Positive Grid BAIS Desktop review here

Show And Tell Review Of Waves Abbey Road TG12345

Russ takes a look and listen to the new Waves Abbey Road TG12345 plug-in model of a vintage Abbey Road mixing console.

He gives a full overview of features and then shows it in action on drums, bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and vocals. See what he thinks and check out the examples before downloading it yourself and giving it a spin.

Watch the review of Waves Abbey Road TG12345 here

Show And Tell Review Of Avid Pro Series Multiband Dynamics

Russ takes a look at the latest addition in the Avid Pro Series range of plug-ins for Pro Tools. The new Avid Pro Series Multiband Dynamics. It has a couple of tricks up its sleeve, watch the video to find out what they are and see what Russ thinks.

In this review of the new Avid Pro Series Multiband Dynamics we look at:

  • The feature set on this new AAX Native and DSP plug-in.
  • The sidechain feature and how it works.
  • The extra plug-in that ships free with the Avid Pro Series Multiband Dynamics

Watch this video review of the Avid Pro Series Multiband Dynamics here

Show And Tell Review Of UAD AMS RMX16 Reverb

Russ takes a look at the UAD RMX16 reverb plug-in - not any plug-in but created by AMS in association with Universal Audio.

Does it really sound like the 80s classic that featured on thousands of top hit singles and albums?

Russ gives a full show and tell on drums and guitars in this video review.

Watch this video review of the UAD AMS RMX16 reverb plug-in

Exclusive: Video Review Of The New AIR Riser Synth Plug-in For Music Production

The new AIR Riser synth plug-in makes creating rises and drops in your music productions a cinch.

The AIR Riser Plug-in

The Riser has three editable sound generators – sweep, noise, and chord – letting the user manipulate the movement, timber, and tonality of the transition.

Video Review

We were given a pre-release preview copy and so here is the exclusive review of The Riser the latest plug-in from AIR Music Tech, the makes of the much loved Velvet, Transfuser, Structure, Hybrid, Strike, Loom and Vacuum Pro, all part of the Pro Tools Instrument Expansion Pack or IEP.

In this extended video review Russ shows you how it works and gives you a demo of some of the presets within the new Riser plug-in from AIR.

Get A Pre-Release Demo Of The AIR Riser

For more information on how to get a pre-release demo of AIR Riser click here.

Brahma Ambisonics Microphone Review

Updated on Monday, August 25, 2014 at 12:34PM by Registered CommenterMike Thornton

You may remember that back at the beginning of December last year we posted a story about helping to Kickstarter Project for a new low cost Ambisonics microphone from Brahma.  We promised to review the microphone and I recently received a package from India with a Brahma mic to review.

The microphone comes in a padded zip up case and then when you open it you see a lovely wooden box with the brand name inset into the lid in brass letters, a nice touch.

Ambisonics Is not New

Ambisonics has been around for a long time and the most well known name in Ambisonics is The Soundfield. Many years ago I recorded a demo CD for AMS, then owners of the Soundfield brand. The final recording we made was a choir singing an African song whilst dancing around the mic. At that time (1991) there was only one place where you could play it back and experience the full Ambisonic experience with height and that was the demo room in the AMS factory in Burnley, not 20 minutes drive for me from Manchester.

It is only now with the introduction of immersive sound formats like Auro 3D and Dolby Atmos that we can experience the full 3D audio that is in the Ambisonics format and so I am looking forward to a resurgance of Ambisonics as one native format to record immersive sound in.

A or B Format

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ICYCube 4 Bay eSATA & USB3 External HDD Enclosure Review

If you are looking for an enclosure to keep all your hard drives in then the ICYCube 4 bay may well be the one for you.

There’s a lot of discussion about Thunderbolt these days and often to the detriment of USB3, however in many cases when it comes to moving data, although the quoted specs of both formats may be different, in the real world there is often not a lot in it.

A second consideration is that the same drive with a Thunderbolt connection instead of USB3 is going to set you back a lot more. Add to this the cost of Thunderbolt cables and the idea of using USB3 is far more attractive than you may think. 

With this is mind we tested the new ICYCube MB561U3S-4S 4 Bay USB 3.0 & eSATA External HDD Enclosure. It is a 4 bay enclosure that uses both USB3 and eSATA. It houses both 3.5” and 2.5” drives, which can be mixed in any way you wish.

Our test unit has 3 Seagate Barracuda 3TB 7200rpm drives and a Crucial 1TB SSD.

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Show And Tell Review Of Ample Sound Bass P

Russ takes a look at the Ample Sound Bass P virtual instrument. This instrument aims to offer the ultimate P Bass sampled instrument, but it also has a few other tricks up its sleeve.

Watch this video review to see what Russ thinks of this addition to the growing range of Ample Sound instruments.