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Pro Tools Expert Podcast Extra - Interview With Chris Nicoll

Chris Nicoll is Head of Production for the Capital FM Network. His work covers radio imaging for multiple stations including Capital FM in the UK, Then there is sound design for Capital TV and HearTV station idents as well as audio mixing for various Capital FM Television advertisements and major Stadium events like Capital’s Summertime Ball at Wembley Stadium, and Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball at London’s O2 Arena.  

He also runs his own compostion and sound design company with clients like bigFM in Germany and ZM in New Zealand.

You can listen here;

BBC Tell Story Of Roland 808, 303 and 909 Drum Machine

The BBC have just run a radio documentary about the Roland 808, 303 and 909 drum machines.

In this one hour show BBC Radio 1’s Kutski discovers how three small electronic boxes from the 1980’s sculpted the sound of both Hip-Hop and Dance music. He makes it his mission to track down the team that worked on the Roland 808, 303 and 909 machines to see if they had any idea their inventions would have such a massive influence on contemporary music.

He plots their integral role in the development of hip-hop, house and techno; and the myriad of sub-genres that have spawned from these. Kutski chats to DJ Premier, Richie Hawtin, Seth Troxler, The 2Bears, Flostradamus and Pete Tong amongst others as he founds out why producers around the globe continue to be obsessed with these sounds, more than three decades after they were first created. More here

50th Anniversary Recreation Of The Beatles Debut Album "Please Please Me" Recording Sessions

Today is the 11th of February 2013 and the 50th anniversary of the recording sessions for the Beatles debut album “Please Please Me”

The BBC along with a long line up of well known musical artists have invaded the famous Abbey Road Studios and are attempting to recreate the whole thing as close to the original time line as possible.

You can follow the whole thing on the BBC website here along with regular photographic and video updates as the day progresses (contents may be regional and not accessible in some areas).

Here is part of what BBC Radio 2 have said about the event:

“Today 50 years to the minute, within the same four walls where Please Please Me was committed to tape, scores of artists will attempt to recreate the famous session.

Musicians including Joss Stone, Stereophonics, Graham Coxon, Beverley Knight and Glenn Tilbrook will gather in Abbey Road’s Studio 2 to reinterpret the tracks recorded on 11 February 1963. BBC Radio 2 will be dominated by 12 Hours to Please Me, starting at 10am and finishing — just as the original session did — at 10.45pm. Tune in now. ”

Listen to Mike's handiwork - The Pythagorean Comma on BBC Radio 3

Over the last 2 months I have been working on and off on a Radio 3 drama for ‘The Wire’ slot and it has been a really challenging project to work on. The Pythagorean Comma hinges on the fact that the two different names we give for the black note on the piano in between the two white notes, D and E (“Ray” and Mi” in tonic Sol-Fa)- have two names – either D sharp or E flat. However, acoustically, and away from the piano (in the voice, or on a stringed instrument) these are not quite the same. The piano, with its so-called Equal Temperament, is in reality an out-of-tune compromise! and this difference gives the play its name.

Loosely based on Jules Verne’s story “Mr Ray Sharp and Miss Me Flat”, “The Pythagorean Comma” is a music drama with text by Blake Morrison and music by Gavin BryarsVerne’s story takes place in a 19th century Swiss village. This contemporary version is set on a remote fictional Scottish island but the essential story is unchanged. A village organist gets old and deaf and stops playing and the organ falls silent.

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