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How To Tighten Vocal Stacks In Pro Tools

Russ shows how to tighten up vocal stacks using some of the standard features in Pro Tools.

In this video you will learn several techniques and keyboard shortcuts that will be useful for editing audio in Pro Tools including tab to transient, strip silence, audio warp and more.

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How To Create The Glitch Effect In Pro Tools

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In this video tutorial, Russ shows how glitch effects in Pro Tools are just 2 keyboard shortcuts away.

No plug-ins to buy, simply this nifty editing trick.

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How To Add Drums To Existing Tracks And Keep Them In Phase

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In this video tutorial Russ shows how you can add additional drums sounds to existing ones in Pro Tools and get them in phase. This is essential when adding other sounds to existing drums.

He uses two cool features in Pro Tools to get the same results in seconds.

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Avid Everywhere for Audio Webinar

Our friends at Avid are hosting the Avid Everywhere for Audio Webinar, it takes place May 21, 2014 - 2:00 pm ET

This is one Avid webinar that all Pro Tools users should see, as it will explain and demonstrate how Pro Tools will work as part of the Avid Everywhere concept.

Register for this exclusive webinar and Q&A session with the Avid audio product design team to see exciting upcoming workflows:
  • Connect with talent around the globe using Pro Tools cloud collaboration
  • Preserve your work now and into the future with track Freeze and PXF archive
  • Manage, track, and document assets with rich, open metadata
  • Make connections—and license and sell content using the new audio marketplace
Don’t miss this opportunity to see this Pro Tools technology preview and join the conversation. Register now to attend the webinar.

Pro Tools Running On A Dedicated Machine: Update Week 1

Last week we ran the story Does Pro Tools Run Better On Dedicated Machines? We Tested It To Find Out.

Early findings were enlightening, but some asked if we would keep you updated. Was a fresh install just as likely to become sluggish as time went on, or would it continue to perform well?

So here is the update a week on. A diary of Pro Tools on my general purpose Mac and then a diary of the Pro Tools machine.

The General Purpose Mac Running Pro Tools - Week 1

  • Several general crashing when inserting various plug-ins.
  • Several crashes when closing Pro Tools
  • Installed UAD version 7.7 with some odd results.
    • No UAD presets worked at all
    • Major crash when using Neve 1073 which rendered Pro Tools unable to open without crashing
    • Complete uninstall of UAD 7.7, trashed all PT preferences using PT Helper and then reinstalled
    • Finally got Pro Tools to open but still no presets in UAD plug-ins 

The Dedicated Mac Running Pro Tools - Week 1

  • No crashes to report
  • Installed UAD version 7.7 with no issues. 
    • All UAD presets worked. 

So there are the results after week 1, check back next week for more diary entries.

Universal Audio Announce AAX Windows Compatibilty For Pro Tools Users

Our friends at Universal Audio have announced AAX 64 Windows 7 compatibility on their UAD powered plug-in platform. This is part of the version 7.7 release of their highly popular UAD powered plug-in range.

We can here the cry sounding across the world of ‘yey!’

There are some important notes for Windows users.

To use Pro Tools 11 with UAD AAX 64 plug-ins under Windows 7, please be sure to follow the steps below.
  • Install the UAD v7.7.0 software. Be sure to restart the computer after installation.
  • Open the Pro Tools 11 application. The UAD AAX 64 plug-ins are automatically scanned during launch.
  • After plug-in scans are complete, restart Pro Tools 11. The UAD AAX 64 plug-ins are now ready for use.

This release also brings some more features, check our other stories to find out more.

How To Read The F*****g Manual

If you’ve ever been in a forum then you may have come across the 4 letters RTFM, which stand for Read The F*****G Manual. This response of course assumes that the person asking the question hasn’t read the manual and often says far more about the person responding than the person asking the question. There are times when one can read a manual several times over and still not find the answer.

A few weeks ago we asked you what you what subjects you would like us to cover on Pro Tools Expert. One community member suggested we wrote an article about the importance of reading the Pro Tools manual.

So here is our guide on how to get the best from your stuff by reading the manuals.

1. Get The Manual Before The Product Arrives

When I first started buying gear in the 1980s user manuals were printed and often ran to several hundred if not thousands of pages. Some came in plastic clip binders and they weighed a ton, even more recently if you purchases a product like Logic the bulk of the box was user manuals. Today user manuals are just a click away, I wonder if like me you download the PDF manual before the product arrives? If you don’t then you should, by the time most of the stuff I buy arrives I’ve read the manual from cover to cover.

2. Take Advantage Of The PDF Technology

A second benefit of manuals now been written in PDF format is you can word search them to find the answer you are looking for. Most manuals go even further, for example the Pro Tools Reference Guide often mentions other pages or chapters and if you click on the link it takes you to that page. So don’t wade through a manual like a novel, use the technology to find things fast.

3. Study The Manual And Become A Guru

The current Pro Tools Reference Guide is split into 54 chapters which means you can read a chapter a week and have the entire manual covered in just about a year. I like to do this and either learn new things or refresh myself on things that I may have forgotten. So try setting yourself the Pro Tools Reference Guide in a year challenge, it’s only a chapter a week, which means you can go deeper than just skimming for answers.

4. Set Yourself Exercises

One I like to do is to open a new blank session and then choose a chapter and create some practical exercises based around what I’m trying to learn. For example if I want to learn how to warp audio then I’ll create a new track with some audio in and then work my way through that part of the manual until I’ve got it. When we read we take in the theory, when we do it then we apply that theory in a way which means it sticks. I highly recommend this to you, within no time you’ll be doing things you never dream of.

5. Print Parts Out As Reminders

The idea of printing is regarded by some as a sin, however sometimes it helps to print out a page or a section so you can go though and highlight important things that you want to remind yourself of. For example the Keyboard Shortcuts guide for the popular shortcuts is handy and you could print it out and laminate it for quick reference.


Perhaps I’m a little odd but I love to read user manuals, I love trying to discover a feature that I didn’t know was there.

Remember you never stop learning, until you pick up the manual you may not have even started. 

Pro Tools Expert Podcast 115

Does Pro Tools Run Better On Dedicated Machines? We Tested It To Find Out.

If you’ve had trouble with Pro Tools then there may have been some point when you have been directed to a number of ways to try and solve it. Avid have some helpful trouble shooting guides as well as system optimisation.

We have an entire section on this blog to help you get the best from your Pro Tools system, kindly sponsored by dedicated Pro Tools computer builders, Pro Tools PC.

Some suggest that turning off network cards, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, Disk Search tools like Spotlight, and background apps that do things like monitoring hard drives can make a difference.

We often suggest that you do a clean build and also use an OS that may not be the most up-to-date snazzy latest version, but is proven to work better.

Perhaps you’ve taken all of these things with a pinch of salt and thought that your crashes or slow performance are down to software bugs and not the way your Pro Tools machine is set-up. Or perhaps you are one of those people who thinks, ‘why should I have to set my machine up around Pro Tools, surely it should just work?’ Well in theory that may be a fair thing to think, but car manufacturers suggest oil and fuel types for better performance, or the best tyre pressure to get optimum mileage and efficiency, of course we can choose to ignore the advice, but it may mean we end up with performance that is far worse than it could be.

The Pro Tools Challenge

I decided to see what would happen if I installed two identical Crucial M500 SSD drives in my Mac Pro and on one drive ran the Mac as I would any other computer I own, with all the Apps I would normally have installed on my computer like Office, Photoshop etc as well as plenty of handy little Apps and with every process running like it does normally. I am also unique in the fact that my machine has beta versions of plug-ins as well as demos and, as a reviewer, a lot more plug-ins than the average bear. The install of Pro Tools is 11.1.3 and not a clean install, simply an upgrade from previous versions. This Mac is running OS X 10.8.5 Mountain Lion

On the second identical drive, a Crucial M500 SSD, I formatted it from the box, installed OS X 10.8.3 Mountain Lion and then a clean install of Pro Tools 11.1.3. I then only installed the plug-ins I really use, so no betas, no demos, no stuff I use once in a blue moon. You can see the Applications installed in the image below, yep it’s pretty sparse. The suff in red highlight is the stuff that Apple install and won’t let me remove, it seems that Photo Booth is an essential system application! ;)

I won’t go into my issues with Mavericks in this article as that would just muddy the water, suffice to say, I’m not a fan, so this test is using Mountain Lion.

This is an identical machine, which has two start-up drives so I can dual boot, one for day-to-day work the other as my studio Pro Tools machine.

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Pro Tools 11.1.3 Announced

Updated on Friday, May 2, 2014 at 3:02PM by Registered CommenterNeil Hester

Avid have announced Pro Tools 11.1.3 an update for exisitng Pro Tools 11 owners.

There’s a lot of issues resolved in the latest release, we’ve listed them all below.

We’ve been reporting a lot about video issues in Pro Tools 11, so it is good to see a long list of resolved issues for video.

Download Pro Tools 11.1.3 from your Avid account

For a full list of the issues resolved read on.

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