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How To Set-Up Pro Tools Shortcuts In Steinberg Cubase 7.5

After many requests by the community Russ begins this new series of helping Pro Tools users interested in working with other DAWs. A poll on this site found that over 60% of people are using more than one DAW, in some cases three, this video will help those people jumping between Pro Tools and Cubase or considering the switch.

Keyboard shortcuts are the core to any effective workflow in any DAW. Many Pro Tools users have mastered these and have them ingrained into their memories making using any other DAW hard work.

Several DAWs offer the option to remap the shortcuts to custom settings.

In the first video in a series Russ shows how to remap Cubase 7.5 shortcuts to work just like Pro Tools. He shows that in a matter of minutes you can fly around Cubase as if you were using Pro Tools.

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Is Pro Tools' Number Up?

Those starting up Pro Tools 11 after a recent upgrade will have found that the splash screen on start-up has changed. Unlike earlier versions of Pro Tools, including early releases of the current version, the number has gone and been replaced with simply ‘Pro Tools Software.’

Some thought it was simply a case of Avid stating the bleeding obvious, but the reason is likely to be connected to the recent discussions around the way Avid push out Pro Tools updates in the future.

If you are waiting for a Pro Tools 12 grand announcement there is a high likelihood you ain’t going to see it, instead the numbers as product names are being dropped and you’ll simply be able to tell which version you are running in the lower right hand corner of the about screen.

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How To Create Pro Tools Session Archives That Are Future Proof

In this free Pro Tools video tutorial Russ shows how to create a back-up of a Pro Tools session that is future proof and does not rely on proprietary software.

He shows how to use plug-ins so that presets are retained for use in other DAWs and also the creation of back-up stems in both clean and effected formats. All these things will ensure that you can open the Pro Tools session in any DAW and at any time in the future.

This video is useful for those both needing to work with other DAWs and for those wanting to create an archive that is future proof.

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A-Z Of Pro Tools - C Is For Cache And Clip

Caches are a key part of any computer system and effectively are temporary stores designed to retrieve data quickly. For example, browsers use them so you don’t have to keep downloading the same images again and again and caching appears in two places in Pro Tools disk caching in Pro Tols HD and Wave Caches for the waveforms in the clips.

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5 Things To Consider When Thinking About Moving To A New DAW

In a recent survey by Pro Tools Expert many Pro Tools users said they used more than one DAW, some using multiple DAWs.

You may be thinking of moving to a new DAW but the very idea of having to learn a new DAW fills you with dread, not becuase you think other DAWs can’t cut it against Pro Tools, but because you’ve spent years working with Pro Tools and to move is almost the same as being asked to write with the other hand. Surveys suggest people get divorced more often than they move banks, we wonder if it’s the same for moving DAWs. In most cases it’s the pain in ass to move that stops people from making the leap to another DAW.

If you are a professional it is wise to consider having a plan B, the reason many businesses stick with Pro Tools is that they have built their entire business around it. With Avid’s current plans they hope to make you more reliant on an Avid ecosystem not less, Avid Everywhere is built on the premise of a proprietory one-stop solution for all your business needs. It’s not smart to be so reliant on one technology for your business, the recent events have shown that when things go wrong in the relationship many are left with a feeling of powerlessness.

With Avid’s current plans they hope to make you more reliant on an Avid ecosystem not less

So if you are considering moving to another DAW here are 5 things to consider.

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Why Avid Are Hoping You Will Buy Into Their Pro Tools Support Plans

Avid announced their Pro Tools Support Plans yesterday hoping as many Pro Tools users as possible will buy into them.

Although as is the case with so many Avid announcements so many questions remain unanswered, most of all for those who have already invested in Pro Tools 11. There’s already a pretty ugly thread on the Avid forum the DUC gaining momentum. Community member Nigel, a long time and loyal Pro Tools owner wrote; 

This is very confused, and hares are in danger of running, but Avid’s communications this time are even more opaque than we’ve experienced previously. I’m astonished that Avid continues to fail to appreciate how unclear information causes massive ripples of discontent and is very damaging to its reputation.
Community member Mike wrote;
Why does Avid have to be so cryptic in their product announcements? It leaves too many unanswered questions.

There’s a clear reason this announcement has been made now, which is (other than dot releases) the Pro Tools product features Avid have been pushing as part of their ‘Everywhere’ plan are not going to be here this year and now are cited to appear ‘sometime in 2015’, according to a comment from Avid yesterday on this blog. Sometime in 2015 means anytime between 3 months and 15 months from now.

This leaves customers with some options to consider.

First there are Pro Tools owners who don’t own Pro Tools 11 who will think that as the next version of Pro Tools is so close then why should they upgrade now? It’s a valid point, especially if it’s the same cost each time. Then there are Pro Tools 11 owners who have already shelled out for Pro Tools 11, that means there is no new version of Pro Tools for them to buy anytime soon.

This leaves Avid with a big problem.

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Slate Batch Commander Pro Tools Enhancement Software Now Available To Buy Separately As Software For Mac

When Pro Tools users saw the Slate Batch Command software for Raven many of us thought, love that software but do I have to buy the Slate Raven to get it? Not anymore, from today Slate has released it in software form for Mac. It seems it is possible to get powerful Pro Tools features without having to buy hardware you either don’t need or can’t afford.

The Slate Batch Commander software for Pro Tools enables complex and often laborious tasks to be automated. They explain;

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Gobbler 2.0 Public Beta Announced - A Complete Rethink Of Online Collaboration For The Creative Industry

Gobbler have announced the public beta of Gobbler 2.0 and it’s a complete rethink of how online collaboration works.

Gobbler 2.0 works with WORKSPACES and these can contain ANYTHING. They can contain a DAW project, or indeed several different types of DAW projects from different DAWS, or a Final Cut project as well, or the scripts for the voice over artist. In other words they offer collaboration for the modern creative world we all live in, a world where we don’t just use one DAW or have just one discipline, but we work in a mix of software applications and use a variety of skills on any project.

Our surveys have shown that most of us work with several different DAWs, we may use other tools within a project too, some of us are working with video too, so this approach makes perfect sense - application agnostic collaboration.

How Gobbler 2.0 Works

If you see the image above (you can enlarge it) this new browser based collaboration tool is a cinch to use. You create a new WORKSPACE to keep ALL the stuff related to that project, invite people to collaborate and then share your assets. You can see above Mike and I shared a Pro Tools session, had a chat about it and worked back and forth all within Gobbler. Mike found my session had a plug-in that he did not have so I simply froze the track and sent him an updated session… simple.

The new Gobbler Helper (right in the image) on your desktop is where you drag and drop stuff and it’s really smart. Drag a Pro Tools session into there and it figures out all the assets needed to send and collects and sends them without you having to think about it. If you then edit any assets it uploads the new version to the WORKSPACE without overwriting the original - versioning is coming soon.

Grab The Public Beta

Remember it’s beta so there may be some bugs, we found one and have let Gobbler know, this is the whole point of public betas - so go download and let’s get this thing in shape. You’ll need an account to get up and running but if you have an existing Gobbler account that will work, simply log in and switch over.

Grab Gobbler 2.0 beta here

What To Expect From Avid At AES 2014 - Pro Tools Cloud Sharing, New Plug-ins, S6 And S3 Software Updates

Trade shows are always a good place to see some new stuff hands on and with AES 2014 looming here’s what to expect to see from Avid.

Pro Tools Cloud

Avid are showing what they describe as their pre-release build of the Pro Tools cloud features, this includes track freeze, remote collaboration, metadata and other features. Of course little of this is new to the audio market, but this is the version Avid will be building into Pro Tools as part of an Avid workflow.

The New Pro Tools PXF Archive Format

For those interested in backing up and recovering entire Pro Tools sessions Avid will be showing their new PXF archival formal, this allows comprehensive archiving of Pro Tools in this new propriety file format.

New Avid Pro Series Plug-ins

As reported by Mike from the recent IBC show, Avid will be showing their new Avid Pro Tools Pro Series plug-ins. The new Avid Pro Series plug-ins are a Multiband Dynamics and Sub Harmonic. We are big fans of the Avid Pro Series plug-ins at Pro Tools Expert, so we expect these to be worth a look and listen.

The Latest Avid S6 Software

Avid will be showing the latest version of the Avid S6 control surface software, version 1.3 offers new features to enhance workflow. 

The Latest Avid S3 Software

Avid will be showing the new VENUE 4.5 software which offers new functionality like the ability to share I/O across two or more systems with auto-gain tracking, fast access to channels with VCA and Group Spill and more. Mike took a look at IBC 2014.

Gobblergate - Read The Avid Complaint Against Gobbler In Full

The full details (save some minor redacted items) of the Avid complaint against Gobbler is now available to read in PDF format.

It consists of several allegations which covers;

“Avid seeks damages and injunctive relief against Gobbler for copyright infringement, trademark infringement, false designation of origin, false advertising, and unfair competition in violation of federal law, as well as state and common law claims for breach of contract, trade secret misappropriation, and tortious interference with the contractual obligations of four former Avid employees who are now employed by Gobbler.”

You can read the full Avid complaint against Gobbler in PDF form here

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