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Pro Tools Tutorial: Exploring Auro Tools Within Pro Tools To Work In The Box In The Auro 3D Format

In the 5th video in this series Auro product specialist Sven Mevissen shows Mike Thornton how the various Auro Tools work within Pro Tools to create Auro 3D mixes. See how Auro Technologies have created a tool set that has circumvented the 7.1 maximum channel count within Pro Tools so that we can use Avid’s DAW to mix in Auro formats up to 13.1.

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Using Side-Chained Gates And Signal Generators To Augment Drums

In this video Julian demonstrates how you can use side-chained gates and signal generator plug-ins to augment the sound of kicks and snares and how you can key from multiple tracks to add realism. 

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Pro Tools Tutorials For Beginners: Starting Your First Pro Tools Session

In this FREE Pro Tools video tutorial Russ goes right back to basics and shows users how to create, record and save their first Pro Tools session.

If you are new to Pro Tools 11 then these free Pro Tools video tutorials “Pro Tools Tutorials For Beginners” are aimed at helping to get those new to recording and mixing in Avid Pro Tools up and running.

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What Are Your Pro Tools Upgrade Plans?

We’ve been asked by some members of the Pro Tools community to run a poll to see what the upgrade plans of Pro Tools users are. As promised here it is, we think we’ve covered all the bases.

Has the recent Pro Tools licensing announcement had an impact on your future plans?

Has the new Pro Tools 11 discounting tempted you to invest?

You know the drill, vote away and leave your comments.

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How To Fix Mistakes In Pro Tools Using QuickPunch: Video Tutorial

Russ shows how to use the QuickPunch feature in Pro Tools to fix recording mistakes.

In this Pro Tools video tutorial he shows how to do this using both a foot switch and also using markers to set an in and out point and also pre and post role.

This is perfect for those who need to fix audio mistakes but only have one pair of hands.

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How To Use External Hardware Effects In Pro Tools


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Following a request from the community Russ does a full video tutorial on how to connect hardware in and out of Pro Tools. He looks at both the software set-up in Pro Tools and the hardware set-up.

This video tutorial also shows you how to account for any round trip latency that may be introduced depending on the hardware being used.

After watching this tutorial users should be able to use their favourite hardware in Pro Tools sessions.

Pro Tools Mapped Shortcuts For Cubase Users - Free Download

You may have seen our recent video tutorial on creating custom keybaord shortcuts in Cubase 7.5 for those wanting Pro Tools keyboard shortcuts.

Community member Emilio Conesa has now provided his presets for users to import into Cubase as a free download.

Emilio is a pro session guitar player who has worked with artist such as Bobby Brown and The Whispers. He writes.

Hello Russ! Here’s a link to the key command xml file in my dropbox. Read the notes also. Anyone can have at it. Don’t forget to backup your previous commands in case.

I haven’t been able to use Pro Tools 11 due to show stopper bugs such as the delay compensation problem. It’s been a very disappointing experience. Emilio

You can download the Pro Tools keyboard shortcuts for Pro Tools presets file created by Emilio here

Will You Still Be Using Avid Pro Tools In 3 Years Time? Poll

The last few weeks have seen more discontentment amongst Pro Tools users, some fuelled by the uncertainty created by the recent support upgrade announcement.

How confident are you about Avid’s future? How much has this affected your confidence in using Pro Tools long term? Do you still think you will still be using Pro Tools in 3 years time?

As ever please vote and leave your comments for discussion.

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How To Set-Up Pro Tools Shortcuts In Steinberg Cubase 7.5

After many requests by the community Russ begins this new series of helping Pro Tools users interested in working with other DAWs. A poll on this site found that over 60% of people are using more than one DAW, in some cases three, this video will help those people jumping between Pro Tools and Cubase or considering the switch.

Keyboard shortcuts are the core to any effective workflow in any DAW. Many Pro Tools users have mastered these and have them ingrained into their memories making using any other DAW hard work.

Several DAWs offer the option to remap the shortcuts to custom settings.

In the first video in a series Russ shows how to remap Cubase 7.5 shortcuts to work just like Pro Tools. He shows that in a matter of minutes you can fly around Cubase as if you were using Pro Tools.

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Is Pro Tools' Number Up?

Those starting up Pro Tools 11 after a recent upgrade will have found that the splash screen on start-up has changed. Unlike earlier versions of Pro Tools, including early releases of the current version, the number has gone and been replaced with simply ‘Pro Tools Software.’

Some thought it was simply a case of Avid stating the bleeding obvious, but the reason is likely to be connected to the recent discussions around the way Avid push out Pro Tools updates in the future.

If you are waiting for a Pro Tools 12 grand announcement there is a high likelihood you ain’t going to see it, instead the numbers as product names are being dropped and you’ll simply be able to tell which version you are running in the lower right hand corner of the about screen.

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