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Pro Tools Video Tutorial - Get Your Audio Into The Pocket Using Elastic Audio

The best option is always to get a great performance when recording a band, no amount of editing is going to make up the difference. However there are times when you’re given a track to mix and the you have no option but to try and sharpen the track up.

In this Pro Tools video tutorial ‘Get Your Audio Into The Pocket Using Elastic Audio’ Russ shows how to get three tracks sounding like the band played together, even if they didn’t.

Do You Have A Control Surface That Meets Your Needs? Pro Tools Control Surface Survey

There’s an ongoing discusssion about control surfaces for Pro Tools in our community.

Are you using a control surface? Does it meet your needs? Are there things missing. Or are you left cold by the offerings for Pro Tools users?

Take a moment to complete our poll - it’s for the community and not being run for any brand to use for market research data.

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Re-amp Virtual Instruments And Soft Synths In Pro Tools To Add Character

In this video Russ demonstrates the benefit of reamping virtual instruments and soft synths through hardware pre-amps to help add harmonic content and sit them better in a mix.

For this demonstration Russ uses Pro Tools 11, AIR Hybrid and the Universal Audio Twinfinity 710 to show you the effect on a synth bass and poly synth.

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Apple Mac Mini i5 Late 2012 Running Pro Tools On Internal Soundcard - Power Test

A few days ago we took the latest Macbook Pro Retina 15” for a spin to see how it handles Pro Tools 11, you can see our Macbook Pro 15” Retina Pro Tools 11 test here.

We’ve been asked to run the same test on a Mac Mini, so we’ve run this test on a Late 2012 i5 which is more or less the same kind of spec as the new mid range model in the latest round of Mac Minis. 

This is the basic’ test, just the Mac Mini, internal soundcard and internal drive, it’s just you, your Mac, an iLok, headphones and a USB micro keyboard.

Is it just fit for a few demo tracks or can you get some real work done… find out below.

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Pro Tools Tip: Choosing The Best Codec When Bouncing To A QuickTime Movie in Pro Tools

When bouncing your work to a QuickTime movie in Pro Tools you are not normally given any choices regarding the codec that will be used in the process.

However, when holding CTRL+OPTN+CMD (Mac) while selecting File > Bounce to Quick Time Movie, and than hitting OPTIONS in the pop-up window, you will be able to choose from all the available codecs presently available on your system and make a variety of selections to suit your requirements.

How To Map Drums To MIDI In Pro Tools Using Ableton Live

In this Pro Tools video tutorial Russ shows how those who use both Pro Tools and Ableton Live can use Ableton to convert the audio into MIDI.

In this video you find out how to ReWire Ableton Live with Pro Tools, how to export audio and bring it into Ableton Live. How to create a MIDI version of the audio and export it out of Ableton Live and back into Pro Tools. Finally you can learn how to use other instruments in Pro Tools with the MIDI file.

Members watch this video tutorial here

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Users Intending To Upgrade Beyond Pro Tools 11 Drops From Half To One Third In Latest Poll

The results of out latest Pro Tools users poll are in, in which Pro Tools owners were asked to tell us their upgrade plans in light of the recent announcement from Avid about the new Pro Tools 11 licensing.

A poll was conducted before Avid confirmed the final details and after the same poll was conducted again. The latest results of the 1500 people polled show the number intending to upgrade beyond Pro Tools 11 dropping from half to one third. It seems that the facts only made Pro Tools users less convinced of the new Pro Tools licensing.

The results are shown below. Discuss.

How To Map Drum Samples To A Loop In Pro Tools - Free Video Tutorial

In this free Pro Tools video tutorial Pro Tools Expert’s Russ Hughes shows you how to map drum samples to a loop in Pro Tools.

He covers; importing samples into the Pro Tools timeline, tab to transient, keyboard shortcuts and more.

Have Your Upgrade Plans Changed Now Avid Have Announced The New Pro Tools Licensing? Poll

Last week we ran a poll asking the community what their Pro Tools upgrade plans were, in light of what we all knew about the new Pro Tools licensing options. Some users said they were unable to say until they knew the facts, some voted at the time.

Now Avid has made the official announcement what are you plans? Have you changed your mind or has the announcement made little difference to what you already thought?

Let us know by voting and leaving your comments. We give our analysis of the new Avid Pro Tools licensing options here.

Pro Tools Tutorials For Beginners: MIDI Basics

Do you want to understand the basics of using MIDI in Pro Tools?

In this free Pro Tools video tutorial Russ takes you over MIDI in Pro Tools and how to get your favourite MIDI synths, samplers and drum machines working. In this session find out how to:

  • Create an instrument track in Pro Tools
  • Insert a virtual instrument
  • Using The MIDI Editor
  • Using MIDI tracks
  • Setting up Xpand2
  • Using MIDI loop record

Watch this free Pro Tools video tutorial here