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FabFilter Have Released Their Pro-Q 2 Plug-in - Now You Can Check It Out For Yourself

Our friends at FabFilter have released, as promised, the new version of their amazing Pro-Q EQ plug-in. The new features include Full Screen mode, unique Natural Phase processing, Auto Gain, Spectrum Grab, Gain-Q interaction and slope support for all filter types make Pro-Q 2 better than its predecessor.

Completely Redesigned From the Ground Up

This is no little upgrade, the team at FabFilter have completely redesigned the internal filter engine which not only improves the existing zero latency and linear phase modes but also makes it possible to add a new natural phase mode and have filter slopes from 6dB per octave to a massive 96dB per octave.

FabFilter Pro-Q 2 Fey Features

  • Natural Phase mode to perfectly match the magnitude response of analog EQ’ing while also closely matching the analog phase response, without noticeable pre-ring or a long latency
  • Full Screen mode for super-precise adjustments
  • Spectrum Grab: just grab and adjust a peak in the real-time spectrum analyser right away!
  • Universal slope support for all filter types, for example enabling users to make ultra-narrow bell filters or very steep shelves including 18, 30, 36, 72 and 96dB/oct.)
  • Highly improved Linear Phase mode, offering a better magnitude response and smooth changes without zipper effects
  • New EQ filter types: Tilt Shelf and Band-Pass, in addition to the existing Bell, High/Low Cut, High/Low Shelf and Notch filter shapes
  • Gain-Q interaction option: when enabled, Q and gain influence each other in a pleasant way often found in analog mixing consoles
  • EQ Match feature to automatically match the spectrum of another track via the side-chain input
  • Auto Gain automatically adjusts the output gain to compensate for the audible gain loss or increase introduced by the active EQ bands
  • Improved spectrum analyser with adjustable range, tilt, freeze, and horizontal zooming
  • Optional piano roll display
  • Flexible interface resizing
  • Full output level meter
  • Phase Invert option
  • Highly improved CPU optimisation: Pro-Q 2 uses less memory and is more than twice as efficient as its predecessor!
  • Improved analog magnitude matching in Zero Latency mode

Pricing And Upgrades

FabFilter Pro-Q 2 is now available for EUR 149, USD 199 or GBP 124, supporting both Windows and Mac OS X in VST and VST 3, Audio Units, AAX, RTAS and AudioSuite plug-in formats. 

Existing FabFilter customers can purchase or upgrade to Pro-Q 2 with very attractive discounts by logging in to their online user account.

Try Before You Buy

You can download the Pro-Q 2 from the download page on the FabFilter site and try it out for free for 30 days. Then if you decide to buy it you just use your personal license key to unlock it.

Show & Tell Review Coming Soon

We will be making one of our show and tell reviews of this plug-in very soon.

Using Waves Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter To Bring Character And Sheen

In this free video tutorial Russ shows how the Waves Vintage Aural Exciter has some tricks up its sleeve. In this video Russ gives two examples how the different mix modes bring entirely different results.

In the first example he uses the Aural Exciter to add character to a drum loop.

In the second example he uses the Aural Exciter to add air and sheen to strings.In this in depth video tutorial Russ shows how there’s more to the Aural Exciter than first meets the ear.

Watch it here

Free Powerful Synth And Sequencer Plug-in For Pro Tools And Other DAWs - Kontakt Hosted

If you own Kontakt then here is an excellent free synth and sequencer plug-in that allows the user to create complex looping arpeggiator patterns and then moprh them. Thanks to community member Glenn Skinner for the tip.

Kosmology FreeFall

FreeFall is a completely Free version of the powerful Kosmology Sequencing System, which uses 110 Sampled Instruments collected from current Kosmology and Kosmos products to offer a free entry point into the world of Kosmology. Kosmology provides 8 completely separate instances which can be switched in real-time via a specified set of Midi notes. Each instance uses 2 synths with independent Filters, has 7 sequencers with independent clock divides and step amounts as well as 48 assignable parameters. The workflow is enhanced by lots of useful options such as copying, pasting and randomizing and a single instance can be copied to all Instances or to a specific instance. The idea is that you set up the 8 instances and then play them as an instrument as you would with any synthesizer, they are even polyphonic.

Kosmology requires Native Instruments Kontakt 5.3 Full Version (it will only work in Kontakt player for 15 minutes).

Powerful Sequencing Features

  • 8 Instances that can be switched on the fly via Midi. each Instance has:control over 48 Distinct Parameters which include Cutoff, Resonance, Filter and Amp Envelopes Envelopes (Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release), Filter Envelope Amounts, Octave, Various A/B Tune options, FX Sends plus more.
  • Pitch Sequencer – Offsets the root note by -+12 semitones and can Tie notes and mute themVelocity Sequencer – Velocity in turn can be assigned to both Volume and/or the Filter Cutoff
  • 5 assignable Sequencers – each of these sequencers can target any of the 46 available Destinations and can like the other synth parameters can be completely different for each of the 8 instances.
  • All sequencers have independent Clock Divisions
  • All sequencers have an independent Step Size (maximum 64 steps) which is great for Syncopation

Download Information

To download Kosmology Freefall click here

AIR Announce New Riser Synth Plug-in With Special 48 Hour Sneak Peak Free Demo Download

AIR Music Technology introduces The Riser, an all-new synthesizer for creating powerful transitions. Created with electronic dance music producers and DJs in mind, The Riser infuses tracks with progression and hype brimming with AIR’s signature sound quality. 

What Is The Riser Synth Plug-in?

At the heart of The Riser are three editable sound generators – sweep, noise, and chord – letting the user manipulate the movement, timber, and tonality of the transition. Three low-frequency oscillators (LFOs) provide modulation duties to each patch, including beat-synced movements and the “Pumper” effect – a modern pulsating effect used to modify dynamics. Reverb, delay, and mixer controls let the user shape transition volume, effect saturation, and stereo imaging. Users may draw transitions from scratch, or, edit 300 presets spanning rises, falls, swells, fades, and more.

Why Was The Riser Plug-in Created?

“We understand the science behind the suspense and emotion that a great transition delivers,” noted Ben Wendelstein, AIR Music Tech Product Manager, “Until now, recreating the transition in your head has been a convoluted, manual process. The Riser puts intuitive sound-shaping tools right where you need them so you can design effects that keep the listener on the edge of their seat.”  

The Riser Highlights:

  • Transition designer optimized for electronic music production
  • 3 editable oscillators;
  • sweep, noise, and chord
  • 3 LFOs; free-running, tempo-synced, and Pumper
  • Pumper effect creates pulsating movement based on native DAW tempo
  • Configurable delay and reverb with wet/dry processing
  • Adjustable panning movements and master stereo width control
  • AU, VST, AAX; 32- and 64-bit; Mac or Windows

15 Day Pre-Release Trial Of The Riser Plug-in

Get a full-version, 15-day trial of The Riser as a free download for a limited period of 48 hours here.

The AIR Riser Plug-in Price And Shipping Date

The Riser will be available for purchase on September 1st, 2014 with a price of $79.99 USD. For more information, visit www.airmusictech.com/theriser

Watch The Exclusive Pre-Release Review Of The New AIR Riser Plug-in

Pro Tools Expert were given an exclusive pre-release copy of the new AIR Riser plug-in, you can watch our video review of the AIR Riser plug-in here.

TC Electronic Announce System 6000 Integrator Plug-in For Pro Tools

Our friends at TC Electronic have launched a DAW integration solution for their System 6000. The System 6000 Integrator plug-in enables you to save and reload the complete settings of your System 6000 as part of your Pro Tools project just by using an ethernet connection.

Using automation it is possible to automate preset changes during playback, which means you can get even more out of the four processing engines of System 6000 than ever before. For instance, one engine may apply subtle 8 channel reverb in one scene and extraordinary DXP dynamics processing or UnWrap HD in the next. TC Electronic’s Thomas Valter told us….

We are very excited that users are now able to integrate their System 6000 with their DAWs and NLEs. What may seem like a minor and simple addition to the System 6000 platform is in fact a game-changing move that adds a whole new dimension to System 6000. As DAW components change in three year cycles, many professionals use System 6000 to ensure their most precious audio effects. Before, this was a challenge when managing projects; and typically involved MIDI or custom solutions to synchronize data.

The System 6000 Integrator plug-in will be $499, but until 1st September it will be available for $299 as an introductory offer. TC Electronic is also offering a free 14-day trial for all System 6000 users.

Free Clipping Plug-in - LVC Clipshifter - Now In AAX And RTAS Beta

ClipShifter is a wave-shaping clipping-style limiter that can be used in various points of a mix. It is now in AAX and RTAS beta.

LVC Clipshifter - Free Version

ClipShifter uses what the developer describes as ‘a unique threshold control to change the clipping threshold dynamically based on the transient characteristics of the incoming audio.’

The clipping distortion can be altered to offer various effects ranging from hard, brickwall-style clipping, to softer saturation with compression. Get in deeper and tweak the sdditional parameters to control the even- and odd-order components of the saturation.

ClipShifter is released as a free and paid-for plug-in.

LVC Clipshifter - Paid Version

The paid version adds

  • oversampling (2, 4, and 8 times) with selectable double processing, 
  • mid/side processing, and a 3-way multiband frequency control. 

The multiband frequency control can be used to apply clipping to certain frequency bands independently, while the free version applies the audio clipping to the entire frequency spectrum.

LVC Clipshifter - Download

To download the free Clipshifter plug-in click here

Using Waves GTR3 On Rock Bass

Russ shows how using the Waves GTR3 can help to beef up a bass sound in a rock mix.

The Waves GTR3 is a collection of plug-ins aimed at guitar and bass players and include amps, cabinets and stomp boxes.The Waves GTR3 is often overlooked but can be an excellent tool for bass guitar parts.

Russ shows how it can change the sound and also how it can be mixed with the original to help vary the tone.

Click here to watch this free video tutorial

Eventide UltraChannel Update And Free Video Tutorials

Eventide who were generous enough to give away their $250 Ultrachannel plug-in have released an update to fix some nasty bugs. They have also partnered with Groove 3 to offer some free Eventide Ultrachannel tutorial videos to those who wish to use them.

To get your free Eventide Ultrachannel turorials just go to https://www.groove3.com/str/redeem_code.php and enter in the promo code: eventide30day

Release Notes for UltraChannel Version 2.0.151.

  • Fixed several bugs related to session tempo and session restore when tempo sync is on.2. 
  • Fixed default install location for 32 bit Windows VST. Version 2.0.91. 
  • Fixed various issues related to Delay loading, tempo sync, and control.2. 
  • Fixed an issue where EQ wouldn’t pass audio, or would oscillate on plug-in load in some very rare cases.3. 
  • Fixed pop on plug-in instantiation or session load if XFormer was engaged.4. Improved session tempo compatibility with Logic5. 
  • Fixed an issue which was causing extreme CPU loading on some processors in some DAWs6. 
  • Corrected typos and improved User Guide 

Eventide Ultrachannel OS X Download

Eventide Ultrachannel Windows Download

Universal Audio Announce New Plug-ins From Plugin Alliance - Elysia Alpha Compressor Plug-In Collection & Mpressor Plug-In

Universal Audio have announced two new plug-ins from partners Plugin Alliance and from the Elysia development team.

Elysia Alpha Compressor Plug-In

A powerful, ultra-high-end tool for mixing and mastering, the elysia alpha compressor raised the bar upon its release in 2006 with innovative functions and its 100% discrete, ultra transparent, Class-A circuit.Fetching over $10,000 new, the alpha compressor is nearly unmatched amongst dynamics processors for its openness and clarity. Designed by Brainworx, the elysia alpha compressor Plug-In Collection for UAD-2 and Apollo interfaces is a faithful emulation of the world-class hardware.

More on the Alpha Compressor plug-in here

Elysia Mpressor Plug-in

The elysia mpressor plug-in for UAD-2 and Apollo interfaces redefines what a compressor can be. With unique features like gain reduction limiting, anti-log curves, and negative ratios, the mpressor is much more than just another compressor.It’s a creative tool that offers punchy sounds with beautiful coloration, as well as more extreme processing options. Developed by Brainworx, the mpressor plug-in is an exacting emulation of the high-end, Class-A hardware.

More about the mpressor here

Why Acon Digital Multiply Should Win The KVR Developer Challenge

The awesome Acon Digital Multiply plug-in, recently reviewed on Pro Tools Expert is 1 of 37 entries to win the KVR Developer Challenge this year.

The winner gets up to 60% of the prize fund, currently at around $1400.00

However Acon Digital Multiply is the only plug-in that is AAX and supports Pro Tools users.

We think plug-in developers who support Pro Tools users should get our support, so we encourage to go and vote for Acon Digital to win here.

Go here to sign up for membership and vote