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Show And Tell Review Of Waves StudioRack 

Russ takes a look at the new Waves StudioRack plug-in chained and sees what features it has and how useful it is for both Pro Tools users and these using other DAWs.

Watch it here

Empirical Labs Distressor Plug-In Emulation For $1

Cocell Productions have created an Empirical Labs Distressor emulation plug-in which runs in VST, AU 32 and 64 bit modes and RTAS 32 bit all they request is a $1.00 donation.

It’s a fully featured offering;

  • Modelled Classic Compressor pluginBased on acclaimed 8X Compressor.
  • Gain Reduction meter.Input control (Relative threshold).
  • Threshold Controlled Circuitry(-30 to -50 dB).Ratio switch (1, 2, 4, 8, 20 and NK)
  • Attack time control (0.05 ms to 4 secs).Release time control (0.30 ms to 3 secs)
  • Distortion modes switch (Static Custom C1, Static Custom C2, Odd D1, Even D2)
  • Output control (0 to 40 dB).Side-Chain Filter modes Clean(0) HP 80Hz(D), HP 80Hz Audio(A), BE 6kHz(B)

We’ve downloaded it and tested it - if you own Bluecat MB-7 or Patchworks it runs in that for Pro Tools 11.

The $1.00 donation price tag belies it’s features and sound, so for anyone looking for something like this then check it out. Our only advice is give them more than the requested $1.00, people like this deserve our support. We gave them $5 but give what you can afford.

More here

Use iZotope Alloy 2 To Get Drum Overheads Under Control 

Russ shows how using a transient processor can help to get a set of overheads under control.

Transient processors are an often overlooked but vital tool for mixing helping to push forward parts of the audio that are getting lost or pull back parts that are too far forward.

When this is applied in a multi band process they can take a piece of problem audio and help get it back into shape.

Click here to watch now

Show And Tell Review Of UAD Thermionic Culture Vulture

Russ takes and look and listen to the latest addition to the Universal Audio UAD stable the British favourite Thermionic Culture Vulture.

He gives it a run on bass, guitar and vocals and shows the fun that can be had with this unique audio plug-in.

Watch this review of the UAD Thermionic Culture Vulture

Melda MAutoPitch Free Auto Tune Plug-in Show And Tell Review 

Russ takes a look at Melda MAutoPitch a free auto tune plug-in that is part of a free suite of 23 plug-ins from Melda in AAX, VST and AU formats for use in Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase, Ableton Live and many more DAWs.

Universal Audio Announce UAD v7.8 Software

Universal Audio have announced UAD v7.8 Software which includes the long awaited release of Thermionic Culture Vulture Plug-In, along with Valley People Dyna-mite Plug-in and Tonelux Tilt EQ Plug-In.

Along with the new plug-ins UAD v7.8 software offers Session compatibility between Mac/Windows with Pro Tools 11.2

Download UAD v7.8 Software

You can download the latest version of the UAD software for both Mac and PC from Universal Audio here

Thermionic Culture Vulture

The Thermionic Culture Vulture is a legendary, studio-grade, high-gain valve unit that provides a palette of vivid distortion colors — from sublime thickening textures to demonic growls of perverted mayhem, thanks to its three distinct all-valve circuit topologies. More here

Valley People Dyna-mite Plug-In

From our friends at Softube - long considered a “secret weapon” by top engineers and producers, the Valley People Dyna-mite limiter/gate/expander is a legendary creative tool capable of extreme, yet musical, effects on a variety of sound sources. Designed in conjunction with Softube, the Dyna-mite plug-in is a dead-on emulation of this classic — even enigmatic — dynamics processor for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces. More here

Tonelux Tilt EQ Plug-In

Another from Softube and a favourite of some of the Pro Tools Expert team is the Tonelux Tilt EQ. Quickly mix as you go and strike while the inspiration is flowing with the Tonelux Tilt EQ plug-in for UAD-2 and Apollo interfaces. Developed by Softube, the Tilt EQ models the entire electronic path of the Tonelux Tilt hardware designed by the legendary Paul Wolff, giving you an accelerated workflow for broad-stroke EQ sculpting to dial-in your mixes — fast. More here

Free Clipping Plug-in For Pro Tools

The team behind Grind Machine and Grinder guitar and bass plug-ins Audio Assault have a cool free clipping plug-in for use in Pro Tools - KlipFreak.

Kilpfreak could not be simpler to use, an input, a large knob to adjust the amount of clipping and an output control.

Available in VST, AU and for Pro Tools 10 and 11 Mac and PC.

More here

LiquidSonics Reverberate Convolution Reverb Plug-in £35 - 30% Discount

LiquidSonics’ Reverberate is a highly efficient hybrid convolution reverb audio processor offering true zero-latency operation for two separate, stereo impulse responses for Mac and PC supporting AAX, RTAS, VST and Audio Units formats. Check out Mike’s Show & Tell review to get a sesnse of what is under the hood of this convolution reverb plug-in.

Creative Convolution

Reverberate provides a rich and dynamic reverb from impulse responses by modulating an amalgamation of two, separately controllable true stereo IRs using an LFO. Further modulation is possible using the post-processing effects; an all-pass interpolator chorus and delay unit provide a fuller sound and an over-sampled analogue prototype paragraphic equaliser is provided with dual LFOs. These features make for a livelier, more creative sound than typically associated with some convolution reverbs.

In addition to loading impulse responses from audio files Reverberate is able to generate supplementary independent early reflections and tails for additional control over a room’s sonic characteristics.

  • True stereo convolution reverb
  • Available for Intel Mac and PC
  • 32/64-bit VST, AU, AAX, RTAS
  • Dual IR for true-stereo capability
  • Early/late IR pitch modulation
  • 250 presets, 400 MB IRs
  • Early reflections module
  • Zero latency (or up to 8192 samples)
  • Wav, SDIR, Aiff and Flac support
  • Integrated sample browser
  • Integrated presets browser
  • ADSHR envelopes with linear, log and exponential shape control
  • 50%-150% stretch
  • Double oversampled EQ with modulation per IR
  • Pre-delay up to 500ms
  • Post-FX linear-interpolation chorus
  • Post-FX modulated delays
  • Post-FX EQ with LFO modulation
  • Impulse response chaining

LiquidSonics Reverberate System Requirements For 1.x Releases 

  • Windows XP to Windows 8 (VST, RTAS, AAX)
  • Intel Mac - Leopard 10.5.8 to Mavericks 10.9.x (VST, AU, RTAS, AAX)

TAL-U-NO-LX Synth Plug-in £27 - 25% Discount

Recently we offered the TAL Bassline 101 as a deal and a lot of you took up the opportunity to get that great monophonic bass synth plug-in. As one of this month’s deals we are offering another TAL product which is an emulation of a very popular hardware synth.

TAL-U-NO-LX is a complete rewritten emulation of the popular hardware with a new engine and GUI. Up to date zero feedback delay filters and carefully calibrated controls make this synth a good replacement for the analog device with all the advantages software plugins have. As an addition, the TAL-U-NO-LX also supports portamento and different filter LFO waveforms and some more useful features. An arpeggiator with different sync modes and hold function is also included. A very fast envelope with a smooth roll-off, emulated inaccuracy and a very smooth filter sound gives this synth the typical sound. The synth was calibrated after a hardware device that’s property of TAL.

TAL-U-NO-LX  Features 

  • Self resonating zero feedback delay filter (24dB LP).
  • Filter range up to ~40kHz (depends on the sample rate).
  • Calibrated and tuned after TAL’s hardware device.
  • Midi learn / automation for all controls.
  • Improved alias free oscillators for an authentic sound also @ 44’100Hz sampling rate.
  • Arpeggiator with different sync modes (host, midi clock, not on).
  • Portamento and mono mode.
  • LFO manual trigger button.
  • Sustain pedal support.
  • Up to 12 voices.
  • New file based preset system for transparent preset management.
  • More than 300 factory presets by different sound designers (FMR, Particular - Sound, TAL).
  • Original hardware “Factory Bank A” included.

TAL-U-NO-LX System Requirements:

Windows: Windows XP or higher (32 / 64 bit)
OSX: OSX 10.6 or higher (32 / 64 bit).
AAX: Pro Tools 10.3.6 or higher

Acon Digital Announce Deverberate 1.5

Acon Digital have announced Deverberate 1.5, a plug-in designed to reduce the effect of reverb on recorded material.

It’s no secret that we are big fans of RX, but this solution offers a seperate and affordable solution without any loss of quality for those needing just to deverberate.

Mike is now working on setting up a deal for the Pro Tools Expert community.

Features Of Deverberate

  • Separate adjustments of the direct sound and the reverberation levels 
  • Manual adjustment of the decay time of the original reverberation 
    • Input signal 
    • Output signal 
    • Estimated reverberation 
  • Frequency emphasis filter for the the reduction level 
    • High and low shelving filters with variable slopes (-3 to -96 dB / octave) 
    • High and low peak filters with adjustable bandwidth (0.1 to 3.0 octaves) 
    • Graphical representation of frequency response 
    • Editing of filter settings through handles in the frequency response curve


  • Available as VST or AAX plug-in on PC (Windows) 
  • Available as VST, AAX or AU plug-in on Apple Macintosh (OSX) 
  • Native 32 bit and 64 bit versions are available Supports sampling rates up to 96 kHz

Find out more from the Acon Digital web site.

Free Bass Amp And Cabinet Plug-in

The team over audio assault are making some nice guitar and bass amp and cab emulations under the name Grind Machine. Even better they have some free versions to download, they come in AAX format for Pro Tools 10 and 11 both Mac and Windows.

Often Bass player can feel left out with many plug-in concentrating on the guitarist, however this free plug-in is aimed squarely at the bass.

We tested it in Pro Tools 11 for CPU drain and it is very efficient showing marginal CPU draw of around 2-3%

About Bass Grinder Free

Bass Grinder Free is a free bass amp and cabinet plug-in, stripped down version of Bass Grinder, the full featured bass amp and cab emulation.

The free version includes

  • 2 Amps ( Dragon & Razor )
  • 3 Cabs
  • Gate

Cabinet bypass is disabled in Bass Grinder Free

How To Download Bass Grinder

For more information and to download Bass Grinder Free click here

SampleTank 3 Coming In July

IK Multimedia have announced that SampleTank 3 will be coming next month.

SampleTank 3 features over 33 GB of included sounds, over 4,000 new instruments with 21 instrument categories covering the entire span of acoustic, electric and electronic sounds. Over 2,500 drum, percussion and full construction-kit loops played by world-renowned artists, as well as over 2,000 MIDI files in all categories.

SampleTank 3 has a completely redesigned interface with 3 main environments: Play, Mix and Edit it features:

  • 16 channel multi-part Play interface with easy layering and an integrated MIDI player and mixer 
  • All-in-one sound Edit page with 3 sample engines (including formant preserving pitch-shifting and time-stretching engines), 
  • 10 filter types and 8 macro controls per instrument for quick multi-parameter editing 
  • “Round robin” and multiple articulations that are triggerable via key switch, modulation wheel or velocity
  • Multi-channel mixer-like Mix interface with 5 insert effects per channel, 4 stereo effect returns (with 5 insert effects each) and a master channel with 5 insert effects that allow for up to 30 effects per instrument 55 high-quality integrated effects, including 22 new effects for mixing, mastering and more creative applications derived from IK’s studio-grade T-RackS and AmpliTube production software 
  • New Live mode lets you organize sounds for setlist and song for instant recall during performance 
  • Accurate 3D renderings of instruments for easy identification and recall 
  • Available as standalone and 64-bit plug-in for AAX, VST and Audio Units platforms on Mac OS X and Windows Compatible with all previous “Powered by SampleTank” sound modules and sounds (can import all previous sounds and Combis)

To find out more visit the SampleTank 3 web page

Show And Tell Review Of Eventide Ultra Channel Plug-in

In this free video Russ gives a full review of the Eventide Ultra Channel plug-in. The Ultra Channel is a AAX, VST and AU channel strip plug-in with stereo widener and delay also built in.

Watch the video here

It is free until July 8th 2014 but you will need a code which you can get from here 

FREE Eventide Ultra Channel Plug-in Until July 8th With Code

As FREE plug-ins go the Eventide Ultra Channel may have just gone to the top of the list.

UltraChannel™ is Eventide’s new 64-bit native channel strip plug-in for AU, VST, and AAX64 for Mac and PC featuring micro pitch functionality from the flagship H8000, stereo delays with variable feedback paths, plus two stages of compression, gating, and five bands of parametric EQ.

UltraChannel is available as a free download through midnight July 8, 2014, after which it will cost $249.

UltraChannel is available as a free download, use coupon code 0F736710

Go here to claim your FREE Eventide Ultra Channel

DDMF Add AAX Compatibility To Lincomp, NoLimits and StereooeretS

Boutique plug-in creators DDMF have added AAX conmpatibilty to their Lincomp, NoLimits and StereooeretS plug-ins for Pro Tools.

DDMF StereooeretS

With StereooeretS you can increase the stereo fiels as much as desired, but without losing punch in the low end from removing too much “oomph” from the center channel. It splits up the audio in a high- and a low frequency part and lets you adjust the width, gain and even pan of both bands independently! Features: can be fed with L-R as well as M-S signals. Phase of both channels can be flipped. Solo option for all bands and channels to help you hear what you are doing. Built-in stereo field analyzer to prevent phase issues. Available in Windows VST/RTAS/AAX and Mac VST/AU/RTAS/AAX format (32 and 64 bit, Intel, OSX 10.5 and higher).

DDMF NoLimits

This look-ahead limiter completes DDMFs mixing and mastering portfolio and will be your weapon of choice to bring you up to competitive levels. Features: optional auto-gain, optional transient stereo linkage, advanced mode for variable lookahead, attack and release times, and a state-of-the-art dithering algorithm. Last but not least: it sounds smooth, yet powerful… Available in Windows VST, RTAS, AAX and Mac VST, AU, RTAS and AAX formats (32 and 64 bit, Intel, 10.5 and higher, 32/64 bit).

DDMF LinComp

LinComp is a linear phase multiband compressor, a tool that belongs in every mastering chain. Multiband compression allows you to take care of the levels and response times of four frequency bands independently, and the linear phase crossover guarantee that all this happens with no damage done to the audio whatsoever. Independent threshold, attack, release, ratio and gain controls as well as master faders for simultaneous control let you sculpt the dynamics of your tracks in any way imaginable. Select the compression type by switching between hard and soft knee, use LinComp as a brickwall limiter with the built-in clipping function, and do A/B tests to find out the optimal setting. We still don’t know why we sell a high quality plugin like this for only $39, but well, we do, and you better buy it before we change our mind. Available in 32/64 bit VST/RTAS/AAX for Windows and VST/AU/RTAS/AAX for Mac Intel (10.5. and higher).

More here

June Deal - Blue Cat Audio Liny EQ £69 - 35% Discount

Phase linear EQ plug-ins are especially useful in mastering scenarios and there are a good number of features in Blue Cat Audio’s Liny EQ that have mastering work written all over them like MS and the Spectrogram display is brilliant. Mike takes a look at the new Liny EQ from Blue Cat Audio and discovers some very interesting features, take a look. 

Blue Cat Audio Liny EQ Overview

Blue Cat’s Liny EQ is an 8 bands linear phase equalizer with very low latency and comprehensive visual feedback: thanks to its highly optimized linear phase kernel, it processes the signal without phase distortion, with an unusually short latency (less than 3 milliseconds).

Its wide range of gain (+-40dB) and multiple filter shapes make it very flexible for a graphic EQ, letting you create unique EQ curves. The dual channels version offers independent settings for the left/right or mid/side channels, with flexible linking capabilities for an optimal workflow.

The highly customizable user interface includes a first class spectrum analyzer and spectrogram viewer. It lets you choose the best layout and display options to adapt the plug-in to your own workflow.

Blue Cat Audio Liny EQ Features

  • Linear phase graphic equalizer
  • very short latency (less than 3 ms: 128 samples at 44,1 kHz), with minimal pre-ringing artefacts.
  • customizable range (+/- 40 dB).
  • Exact EQ curve display.
  • Four EQ shapes.
  • Automatic gain compensation.
  • Real time spectrum analyzer display.
  • High resolution color and greyscale spectrogram display.
  • High resolution color peak meter.
  • Single and dual channel versions.
  • Left/right or mid/side processing for spectral stereo widening or narrowing.
  • Advanced channels linking capabilities.
  • Multiple display sizes.
  • Highly customizable user interface: display what you need, the way you need.
  • Full MIDI control and automation support with silent, zipper-free parameters update, advanced response control and MIDI Learn.
  • No CPU load on idle: when the plug-in is fed with silence, the processing smoothly shuts down, to optimize the CPU usage of your Digital Audio Workstation.
  • Skinnable and customizable user interface with transparency management.
  • Smooth Bypass: activate/deactivate the plug-in with absolutely no noise.
  • Undo/Redo.
  • Full featured integrated presets manager

June Deal - Wavesfactory TrackSpacer 2.0 £36 - 25% Discount

“The Fight For frequencies Is Over”

Wavesfactory’s TrackSpacer is a 32-band EQ that analyses a track via an external sidechain and then applies the opposing frequency curve to the track you place the plug-in on in real time. Since its release, they have fine-tuned this mixing weapon for even better results and workflow based on user feedback.

As implied by name, TrackSpacer cleverly creates space or room in a mix for any instrument, voice, or other audio source by performing automatic, multi-band equalisation on a per track basis. But how, exactly, does it do that, then? Quite simply, it analyses the audio frequency content in a track/bus via Sidechain, and applies an intelligent 32-band EQ to subtract those frequencies from the channel/bus where TrackSpacer is inserted — giving room or space to a specific track by reducing its frequencies on another track in realtime, in other words! It is not a multiband compressor, it is not a dynamic EQ, it’s a completely new approach.

In the show and tell video above, James takes a look at TrackSpacer 2.0 from Wavesfactory. He shows how it can be used to clean up a track and cut out the clutter to let the important stuff shine.

TrackSpacer In Music

TrackSpacer is versatile and can be used in many different situations. For example, a very basic use is to duck on the bass the frequencies that the kick drum is using. There are many more uses like “acoustic guitar - electric guitars”, “snare drum - overheads”, “snare - synths”.

TrackSpacer In Post

Another use is for post production, when a voiceover has to speak on the top of a background music. Set the plug-in so it reduces the frequencies that the voice uses to the background music. 

Simply insert TrackSpacer in the bass track and have it listen to the kick track via sidechain, adjust the filters and set the ratio knob. Decide if you want TrackSpacer to subtract frequencies in the entire stereo, or only in the mid channel. 

TrackSpacer Testimonials & Reviews

Sam Inglis - Sound On Sound - nominated at the best effect plug-in of 2013 SOS Awards

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best, and the idea behind Trackspacer is so simple that I’m surprised I’ve never seen another plug-in that does the same thing. Trackspacer is original, slick and effective, and well worth investigating.

Blake La Grange Shares His Go To Plug-ins For Mastering

Community member Blake La Grange is a producer and engineer living and working in Southern California and runs his own mastering business Mercury Mastering. He is a full-time mastering engineer and has worked with members of Chicago, Cheap Trick, Cake, and artists like P.O.D., Mase, and many more. Blake told us…

With hundreds of songs under my belt, from all different styles, I have learned to adapt to just about every genre that comes my way.

So here is his personal take on using plug-ins in Pro Tools for mastering.

Kush Clariphonic Parallel EQ

This thing is absolutely amazing.  It can be used to throw on the stereo buss right before you send a track off to mastering, or used on anything with distinct hi-end like acoustic guitars, strings, or vocals. I own the actual hardware and use it 9 times out of 10 for mastering. In my opinion the plug-in is almost identical. It basically boosts two areas of top-end (around 2-6k and 6-20k). I usually hate boosting anything because I’ve adapted a philosophy to cut problem frequencies, but this changes everything. It boosts harmonic frequencies to truly add shimmer and clarity without the terrible harsh frequencies you get if you were to boost on a regular EQ. Just when you think a mix can’t get any better, start playing with it, bypass, and wonder why you lived without it.

Waves SSL G-Equalizer

I often use this EQ for cutting. It sounds so much better than any “10-Band” type EQ. Because you are limited to SSL’s parameters, it sort of forces you to be a better engineer. Whenever I need to get rid of that room resonance or muddiness, I’ll use this to notch out around 200-500Hz. It also has an “analog” switch so that after this hits a compressor or a limiter, you can hear that analog hum that we all long for in this digital age. Instead of throwing on another plug-in or using another EQ, I’ll use this to boost (sometimes). It is extremely sensitive, however; its 2dB boost seems like an 8dB boost on every other EQ. I’ll never cut or boost more than 3dB on this. Another helpful feature is the high-pass filter to cut out all the mess under 40hz.

Waves MaxxBass

This works similar to the Kush EQ where it boosts harmonic frequencies rather than grabbing a knob at 100 and turning it to the right. It also has a similar effect as the Kush EQ, but it’s geared toward low-end frequencies. Whenever a mix is lacking excitement in the low-end, I’ll use this to bring out the harmonics of the kick and bass. I use the frequency switch to find the bass or kick. If they are both sitting in the same frequency range, the MaxxBass won’t be of much help to you, but it’s a great “go-to” if you want to stay away from boosting low-end.

Waves PuigTec EQP-1A

I decided to add this into the list simply because of the “Attenuation” knob. If you don’t have the real thing, the plug-in does just fine. It certainly doesn’t sound as good as the hardware, but it’s the next best thing. I never use it to boost up top, unless it’s a very gradual shelf of a dB or so. This EQ, however, really nails the bottom end. Once you’re done boosting, bring up the attenuation knob and it technically dips that selected frequency. I know, right - boosting and cutting at the same time? Trust me, it’s awesome.

Waves API 2500

This compressor can give you any sound you want. In my studio, I usually like to stick to clean sounding EQ’s like SSLs, but whenever I want some color to my mix, I’ll use the API 2500. It’s definitely not as good as the real thing, but it’s darn close. I love the “Tone” selector. I think of it as my “style” selector. If the mix is already sounding great and simply needs some compression, this will do the trick.

Waves L3 Multimaximizer

I wouldn’t call this my favorite plug-in, or even my “must-have” plug-in, but if you want your tracks to be loud, without sounding squashed, this will do it. Unlike the L2, this is a multi-band limiter that allows you to hone in on five different frequency ranges. I’ll even find myself boosting 1dB or so up top just because I can. If you don’t have the hardware L2, or even if you find yourself coming up short with the loudness war out there, the L3 will allow you to fight the competition without selling out to the “squash factor” sound. That is, if you use it carefully.

Mike - So these are Blake’s go to plug-ins for mastering, do you agree?  If not, what are your go to plug-ins for mastering?

Flux:: Release Alchemist v3 Now AAX Native For Pro Tools 11

Today our friends at Flux:: have released their flagship multiband dynamics tool, Alchemist, in v3 version supporting 32 & 64 bit in AU / VST / AAX Native.

Flux:: plug-ins Now AAX Native and/or DSP For Pro Tools 11

This is the last piece in the jigsaw which means that all the Flux:: series plug-ins are now available in v3 versions supporting 32 & 64 bit in AU / VST / AAX Native & AAX DSP.

Nearly All Ircam Tools Are AAX Native For Pro Tools 11

All except one of the Ircam Tools series are now available in v3 versions supporting 32 & 64 bit in AU / VST & AAX Native. SPAT is currently in beta, and Flux:: expect that to be released in v3 in June 2014.

Alchemist Upgrade Is Free To Current Users

The Alchemist v3 upgrade is free for all current owners of an Alchemist license or a bundle with an Alchemist license in, simply download the Alchemist v3 installer from their download page.  

Not Tried The Flux:: Plug-ins? Free Trial Versions Available

If you want to try any of the Flux:: or Ircam plug-ins then you can go to their download page and request a trial license. Please note that you will need either an iLok or Flux:: dongle.

Flux:: v3 Release Special - 50% Off Offer Still Available

To celebrate that all Flux:: plug-ins now are available in v3 versions they are still offering a 50% release special on Alchemist v3 and on ALL Flux:: series plug-ins, bundles and upgrades. They have plug-ins starting at only 49€ / $69 and bundles starting at only 99€ / $139 as well as a range of great bundle upgrade offers for current customers. Just enter your iLok user account id or your Flux:: dongle serial number into their online Store, or contact your local dealer.

This Weekend's Waves Deals - Native Power Pack, H-Delay Hybrid Delay, GEQ Graphic Equalizer

More great deals from our friends at Waves this weekend only.

Waves Native Power Pack

Waves native power pack consists 10 Waves plug-ins for mixing including Waves C1 Compressor, DeEsser, Doubler, IR-L Convolution Reverb, L1 Ultramaximzer, Q10 Eq, Renaissance Axx, S1 Stereo Imager, SuperTap and TrueVerb.

Get Waves Native Power Pack for $129

Waves H-Delay Hybrid Delay

One of the best delay plug-ins around giving the old school delay sound modelled on the classic PCM42 delay unit. It has bags of features and sounds great. Watch our video 3 Tricks For Using Waves H Delay In Pop Track Mixes

Get Waves H-Delay Hybrid Delay for $49

Waves GEQ Graphic Equalizer

Waves GEQ is a full-featured graphic equalizer plugin with both Classic and Modern mono and stereo components, featuring 30 ISO bands plus high and low pass filters, a high precision floating parametric EQ bell filter, and a real-time analyzer.

Get Waves GEQ Graphic Equalizer $69