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Creating Your Own Sounds Using Waves Codex Synthesizer

In this free video tutorial Russ shows how to create a sound from scratch using the Waves Codex synthesiser. 

In this video Russ shows how to start from scratch, how to modulate the pitch of an oscillator using an LFO, change the envelope. He then shows how to give the sound rhythm and movement using both a sync LFO and the inbuilt sequencer. Finally he adds some effects to give the sound some final polish.

This video is perfect for those new to synths and who want to know more about programming and moving beyond presets.

Watch ‘Creating Your Own Sounds Using Waves Codex Synthesizer’ here

Positive Grid BIAS Desktop Guitar Modelling Plug-in Shipping Now - Is This The Plug-in Guitarists Will Love?

Positive Grid have already got a good reputation with their iOS guitar modelling app, but now their desktop version has started to ship.

Both version ship with a great collection of modelled amps, the option to audition presets on their ToneCloud and download them and customize to your heart’s content. In the pro version you also get to do some magic where it listens to an amp recording and then matches your sound to it.

Positive Grid BIAS Desktop comes in two versions.

BIAS Desktop features;

  • 36 authentic amp models to get started.
  • Complete BIAS amp design modules for customization.
  • Download thousands of amp models from ToneCloud.
  • Sync with BIAS iPad and iPhone.

  • BIAS Professional Desktop features; 

  • Everything from BIAS Desktop, plus:
  • Amp Matching Technology to capture your tube amps.
  • Featured artists Amp Matching presets download.
  • Glassy, Crunch & Insane Amp Expansion Packs.

    More Information About Positive Grid BIAS Desktop

    Download A Demo Of Positive Grid BIAS Desktop 

    Free Rock Drum Kit Plug-in - MT Power Drum Kit In AU VST And Format Mac And PC

    Mark the Editor over at Reason Expert has tipped us off to a cool free drum kit with a surprising feature set, albeit with a single set of sounds, however after taking it for a spin we think it is worth having in your plug-in arsenal, especially if you are starting out and looking for a nice drum kit.

    MT Power Drum Kit is made by a developer called Manda Audio and although the site suggests there is both a free and paid for version of the plug-in it now seems that the paid for version is being given away for free. You simply try to buy it and then you get directed to a page telling you it’s now free.

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    More Information Emerges About SoundToys 5.0

    They won best in show at AES 2014 and more information has emerged about SoundToys 5.0.

    The new Soundtoys Effect Rack is the core of the next version of SoundToys, Soundtoys 5. The new version will enable users to create, audition, save, and recall combinations of Soundtoys effects.

    The Soundtoys Effect Rack integrates all 12 Soundtoys effects into a single plug­-in, improving workflow by visually displaying an entire effect processing chain – eliminating the need to navigate multiple plug-­in windows to adjust parameters, add new effects, or change the order of effects. It also includes overall input and output level controls, a wet/dry mix control, and a global feedback control – which add new creative possibilities that would require additional plug-­ins or complicated routing to accomplish in most DAWs.

    Soundtoys 5 will ship Q4 2014. Pricing TBA.

    Show And Tell Review Of Waves Abbey Road TG12345

    Russ takes a look and listen to the new Waves Abbey Road TG12345 plug-in model of a vintage Abbey Road mixing console.

    He gives a full overview of features and then shows it in action on drums, bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and vocals. See what he thinks and check out the examples before downloading it yourself and giving it a spin.

    Watch the review of Waves Abbey Road TG12345 here

    Show And Tell Review Of Avid Pro Series Multiband Dynamics

    Russ takes a look at the latest addition in the Avid Pro Series range of plug-ins for Pro Tools. The new Avid Pro Series Multiband Dynamics. It has a couple of tricks up its sleeve, watch the video to find out what they are and see what Russ thinks.

    In this review of the new Avid Pro Series Multiband Dynamics we look at:

    • The feature set on this new AAX Native and DSP plug-in.
    • The sidechain feature and how it works.
    • The extra plug-in that ships free with the Avid Pro Series Multiband Dynamics

    Watch this video review of the Avid Pro Series Multiband Dynamics here

    Show & Tell Review Of The New Avid Pro Series Subharmonic Plug-in

    Avid have announced the 2 new plug-ins that we got a sneak peak of at IBC last month. Russ is taking a look at the Pro Multiband Dynamics plug-in and here Mike takes the new Avid Pro Subharmonic plug-in for a spin on speech, music and sound effects in stereo and surround modes and finds it has a neat trick up its sleeve. It can be controlled by MIDI.  

    Check out this video review of the Avid Pro Subharmonics plug-in here.

    Waves Announce The Abbey Road EMI TG12345 Channel Strip Plug-in

    Our friends at Waves have announced the new Abbey Road EMI TG12345 Channel Strip Plug-in.

    The TG12345 was the first-ever solid-state console from EMI which epitomized the sound evolution of the late ’60s and early ’70s and helped shape groundbreaking recordings by the Beatles, Pink Floyd, and many others.

    Abbey Road EMI TG12345 Channel Strip Plug-in Features

    • Developed in association with Abbey Road Studios
    • Based on the legendary TG12345, the first solid-state console from EMI
    • A complete modeling of the entire TG12345 channel strip
    • 3-band EQ with continuous gain and frequency
    • Includes TG12345’s famous compressor/limiterModeled on the actual desk used by the Beatles on their album Abbey Road

    Price And Details

    The new Waves Abbey Road EMI TG12345 Channel Strip Plug-in is available for an introductory price of $99 (normally $200). You can download a demo here

    Lindell 7X-500 Hardware Versus Plug-in Shoot Out - Reader Poll

    Here’s the latest shoot out between hardware and software, this time the Lindell 7X-500 hardware versus their plug-in version.

    Remember this is not a contest, simply a chance for you to listen to audio examples through both the hardware and the software and then decide which on your prefer. They are grouped together so all audio in group A is either hardware or software and vice versa.

    It’s all a bit of fun so don’t get too hot under the collar with either the process or the results.

    Lindell 7X 500 Hardware And Plug-in Examples

    We will give the answers as to which is which in the next few days.

    Which Do You Prefer?

    Show And Tell Review Of UAD AMS RMX16 Reverb

    Russ takes a look at the UAD RMX16 reverb plug-in - not any plug-in but created by AMS in association with Universal Audio.

    Does it really sound like the 80s classic that featured on thousands of top hit singles and albums?

    Russ gives a full show and tell on drums and guitars in this video review.

    Watch this video review of the UAD AMS RMX16 reverb plug-in