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Berlin Based Adam Audio Have Been Saved From Bankruptcy

Andre Zeugner from Adam Audio has been in touch to tell us that German entrepreneurs with the CWM holding company on December 11th, 2014 have acquired ownership of ADAM Professional Audio . As we reported earlier, ADAM Professional Audio ran into difficulties with capitial funding after taking on too many projects and products.

The new owners have already gone on record that their goal is to invest in ADAM Audio and bring production back up to normal as well as to invest in new products which will strengthen ADAM Audio’s already excellent market position.

A representative of the new shareholder, Sebastian Canzlertold us….

ADAM Audio is known worldwide in the pro audio industry for its superb speakers. Due to the high precision and quality of the products as well as the large technical expertise of its employees, the company has become very quickly a leading supplier of professional audio monitors. All of this provides a very good basis for further growth, which we strive for together with the existing team.

Sven Schmöle, Managing Director of ADAM Audio added…

With CWM we have a partner on our site that supports our passion for innovation and helps us realize our full potential. Our task now is to resume production as soon as possible in order to supply our customers with products again.

Sunday Sound Effects Round Up - Sonniss Deals, Free Content From A Sound Effect, Interview With Ryan Billia 

Pro Sound Effects Interview Ryan Billia From Rumble Audio

Pro Sound Effects have released their first Sound Design Spotlight interview in which they interview Ryan Billia from Rumble audio based in Brooklyn, New York. In the video Ryan shows his audio post facility in East Williamsburg and talks about his particular approoach to sound deisgn and how he use sound effects and his first experiences of using the Hybrid Library from Pro Sound Effects and goes into more detail on how he designed the sound for an Icelandic Geyser scene in the Sony Pictures Classic “Land Ho” feature film.

Free Sounds Effects From “A Sound Effect”

Many of the sound effect creators on A Sound Effect, another site that sells sound effects from a variety of independent sound effects providers, have teamed up to offer an early Christmas present of over 130 sound effects for free which work out to be 2 GB when uncompressed, or about 1.5 hours worth of sounds.

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Pro Tools Software Makers Avid Relisted On NASDAQ

Avid, makers of Pro Tools software have been relisted on NASDAQ as of yesterday, December 8th 2014.

The company was delisted in February becuase of the late filing of its 2012 Annual Report. 

In a statement John Frederick, the company’s chief financial and administrative officer said 

“We are pleased that Avid stock will once again trade on the Nasdaq.”

For more information visit the Avid investor relations page

Ex Waves And E-MU Systems Audio Research Director Joins Apple As SoC Audio Architect 

Ex Waves And E-MU Systems Audio Research Director Dana Massie has joined Apple Inc. as SoC Audio Architect. Massie has a background of DSP expertise, which it looks that Apple will be taking advantage of as they bolster their audio team with Massie offering as SoC (System on Chip) audio architect.

It’s not known what products Massie will be working on, although Apple used technologies from his previous company Audience as part of the iPhone 4.

Be it consumer or pro, Apple are hiring some top talent right now for their audio development work.

Sunday Sound Effects Round Up - All Your SFX News In One Place

Here at Pro Tools Expert Towers we have been getting a lot of news of different sound effects collections being released from a range of providers so we intend to bring them together in one place.

Airborne Sound Free Firearm Library

Airborne Sound are currently offering a free gun library that contains over 1,100 files in over 7 gigs of gun recordings. This collection includes bonus sound files, documents, and freshly revised metadata previously unavailable elsewhere.

Chuck Russom FX Are Offering Guns (Single Serving Packs)

Continuing the gun theme, sometimes you need gun sounds, but you don’t always need a huge collection of them.  So Chuck has wisely covered both angles. There is a multi gun pack, but if you just need one or two guns then you can buy a pack with just one gun. 

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Berlin Based Adam Audio Has Entered Bankruptcy Proceedings

According to a post on the Resident Advisor website and also seemingly verified from some comments left by someone claiming to work for Adam, the Berlin based monitor company Adam Audio has entered bankruptcy proceedings.

Thankfully unlike the US Chapter 11 filings this move is an attempt to put the business on a stronger footing and back into a solvent trading position.

The quote by ‘Adam Audio’ on the site and in response to the news says;

Hey Jordan, if I may add this to your post: right at the moment there are several companies which are very interested in investing in ADAM Audio. Our CEO and the preliminary insolvency administrator are looking for the best possible solution here. At the same time both are working flat to restore availability of products, and as you quoted correctly this is very likely to be the case at the beginning of next year.

So, we are all very confident, that we´ll return to normal business operations soon ;-)

Those needing more information about outstanding orders or service issues can contact Adam Support at

Source: Resident Advisor

Ex SSL And Sony Oxford Engineer Peter Eastty Joins Apple As Director of SoC (System on Chip) Audio Processing

Apple have recently hired ex SSL and Sony Oxford engineer Peter Eatty as Director of SoC (System on Chip) Audio Processing.

According to his web site Eassty has a long and respected career in audio.

Peter Eastty obtained a B.Sc. in Applied Physics from the University of Durham, (1969) and immediately began creating digital signal processors. His first, built for the university’s electronic music studio, was in daily service for decades. He spent seven years with Electronic Music Studios Ltd. (EMS) in London creating two 192-channel digital signal processors for the company’s in-house studio…

Peter was then invited to start the digital mixing console project at Solid State Logic in Oxford. He gathered in the team he led in the creation of the SSL O1, a combined digital audio recorder, editor, and mixing console. During his years at SSL he developed an integrated software/hardware approach to real-time digital signal processing which was later to become the basis for successful DSP based audio products for SSL, Oxford Digital, SONY and others too shy to be named.

In 1988 with a few key team members, he then started Oxford Digital Limited, having traveled to Japan to secure a long-duration contract to design digital hardware, software, and consoles for SONY. As Chief Engineer, his technical role in the project included overall system design of both software and hardware, with key contributions in the design of DSP algorithms and ASICs. The result of this work, the SONY OXF-R3 digital audio mixing console, is still highly regarded by its users for both sound quality and ergonomics. Peter spent thirteen years as Chief Consultant Engineer at SONY Oxford, Pro-Audio R&D. He was responsible for creating the world-leading team in the real-time processing of 1-bit digital audio (DSD). These advances played a vital role in enabling SONY/Philips to introduce the Super Audio CD. In 2005 he started a new incarnation of Oxford Digital with John Richards and designed hardware, silicon and software for a range of companies in the professional and consumer audio areas.  

Peter has been chair of the UK section of the AES, has presented numerous papers at AES Conventions. He also gives frequent presentations at an international level. Whether dealing one-to-one with world famous musicians and recording engineers or lecturing on DSP to a full auditorium in North America, Japan, or Europe he uses his knowledge of the subject, and a little humor, to inspire and inform.

The story originally reported by Mac Rumors is unclear as to how Eastty’s vast skills will be used, however they speculate;

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Cream Bass Player Jack Bruce Dies Aged 71

Jack Bruce, bass player with iconic rock legends Cream, has died aged 71.

Cream, made up of Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Bruce, are considered by many to be one of the most important groups in rock music. Bruce wrote most of the songs, including ‘I Feel Free’ and ‘Sunshine Of Your Love’, he also sang vocals.

Bruce’s death was announced on his official website. A statement from the family said: “It is with great sadness that we, Jack’s family, announce the passing of our beloved Jack: husband, father and granddad and all-round legend. The world of music will be a poorer place without him, but he lives on in his music and forever in our hearts.”

Image: (CC) Christian Sahm.

Mac Mini Gets An Upgrade - Even Better For Mac Based Audio Production

You may recall a recent Pro Tools Expert article about using the Mac Mini for your home studio.

In the original article we talked about why we thought it made a good choice for Mac lovers on a budget, how Apple have made it an even better proposition.

The new Mac Mini has got a refresh with:

  • Fourth-generation Intel Core processors 
  • Faster integrated graphics 
  • 2 x Thunderbolt 2 ports
  • 802.11ac Wi-Fi wireless networking; IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n compatible

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SoundToys Announce PrimalTap Retro Delay And Plug-in Rack

SoundToys, purveyors of top plug-ins and some of the nicest people on the planet, have some new goodies they are showing at AES 2014.

PrimalTap Retro Delay

Based on the vintage Prime Time delay unit PrimalTap is a dual digital delay with;

  • VCO modulation, 
  • multiple feedback modes, 
  • two very unique features from the classic hardware. The “Multiply” control, originally created to make the most of limited RAM memory, doubles the delay time with each click of the knob. It also reduces the sample rate, creating long lo-fi delays, and unusual pitch jumps while switching between the four settings.
  • The “Repeat Hold” button loops the entire delay buffer, and everything that’s stuck in it. Once the sound is “held”, you can continue to warp, modulate and pitch-change to create bizarre audio landscapes. These two controls really are “must-hear” features.

Release Information

PrimalTap will be available individually, and included in Soundtoys 5, featuring the full line of Soundtoys plug-ins and the new Soundtoys Effects Rack. Upgrades from Little Upgrades from Little PrimalTap will also be available.