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SSD Now Cheaper Than Ever As Crucial MX100 Now Less Than £50.00

It wasn’t a long time ago that SSD drives were the expensive drives only owned by a few.

Now Crucial plans to make that a thing of the past with their MX100 range starting for less than £50 via some online retailers for a 128gb SSD drive.

The entire SSD range offers great value for money with 128gb, 256gb and 512gb SSD, with the most expensive drive coming in at around £150.

Whilst the jury is out on using SSD drives for the demands of DAWs, they are great as system drives offering speedy boots times and load times of applications.

More information from Crucial, although shop around and you’ll find some deals on these new lower priced SSD drives.

Marcus Huyskens Joins The Pro Tools Expert Team

We are delighted to announce that Marcus Huyskens has joined the Pro Tools Expert team.

You may have seen a recent video on created by Marcus on the blog last week.

Marcus is the owner of Bad Cat Media, he says of his new role;

“I am a recordist and mixer, first and foremost, I also develop libraries for Kontakt/EXS 24. I do some location audio, and post mixing. Looking forward to pitching in! Cheers

Welcome Marcus to the team, we love your libaries and look forward to seeing more from you.

Musical History: Will Ferrell and Chad Smith Drum-Off - Video

Watch the video of what has been cited as the biggest moment in musical history for a very long time, theWill Ferrell and Chad Smith drum off took place just hours ago.

With cries of ‘more cowbell’ ringing in their ears they took to their kits to see who the winner would be.

Watch this video to find out who was crowned the winner of the Will Ferrell and Chad Smith Drum-Off.

Waves Announce Abbey Road Collection

Waves have announced the Abbey Road Collection, a bundle of the Abbey Road plug-ins that have been very popular for Waves users.

The Abbey Road Collection includes;


Find out more from our friends at Waves

Reason Expert Is Live!

We are thrilled to see the new Reason Expert site go live.

Mark Donnison is Editor, based in the UK, Mark is a seasoned Reason user and part of the Reason community.

If you use Reason alongside Pro Tools then go and check out the new Reason Expert site for Reason tips and tricks.

Dave Grohl To Host HBO TV Series On Recording Studios

Get ready for Sound City the TV series. Well not quite, but Dave Grohl is to host a new HBO TV show where he visits recording studios across the USA.

The new show is yet to be given a title but will feature Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio Studio in Chicago and Rancho De La Luna in Joshua Tree, California.

Sound City was a full length feature about the iconic Sound City Studios, the combination of gear porn and back stories is highly attractive to anyone with an interest in recording.

The show will air as part of HBO’s winter schedule.

Source: NME

Production Expert - Find All Of The Expert Sites In One Place

Soon Reason Expert will be launching to support the Reason Community with tips, tricks and news, again an independent site of those who are passionate and knowledgeable about Reason. Watch this space.

Production Expert

We’ve been asked if we are involved with other sites with similar names, so to avoid any confusion and to stop anyone being misled there is now a new site Production Expert, the Production Expert site showcases the collective group of Pro Tools Expert, Logic Pro Expert, Ableton Live Expert and Reason Expert, if the site isn’t listed there then it’s not one of ours, simple as that.

The Production Expert site is not meant to replace the current sites, it is simply a site to show which Expert sites belong to the Expert family and to give a quick glance at the latest activity from each site.

Production Expert - A Mobile Friendly Format

Even better, the Production Expert site is built using the very latest web technology so opening the site on your iOS or Android phone will give you all the latest news form all the sites in a mobile friendly format.

UK Online Piracy Deal Removes Teeth From ISPs

The Digital Economy Act, a bill rushed through at the end of the last Labour government, has been dealt another blow with a new deal between the internet service providers and the music and film industry.

The voluntary code now means that if someone is downloading illegal content the following will happen;

  • An alert will be sent to the ISP about the activity.
  • The ISP will write to the customer informing them that their activity is illegal, but no action will be taken.
  • If the customer ignores this then a maximum of 3 more alerts will be sent to the customer suggesting ways for them to obtain the content legally.
  • If the customer ignores the ISP then no further action will be taken.

Few ever thought making ISPs internet police was a good idea, however this latest idea of asking nicely seems to be based on the premise that most people downloading illegal content would buy it if given the option.

It’s a complex problem, but the idea of relying on the goodwill of people seems somewhat optimistic - discuss.

Pro Tools Expert RSS Feed Issues

Some users have been reporting RSS feed issues.

We have looked into this and have discovered that the original RSS feeds have been changed, this means those subscribed to these feed directly or using our iOS or Android apps will no longer have up to date news.

Those using RSS feeds directly simply need to use the new feed URL shown below.

 Subscribe to Pro Tools Expert news

Our iOS and Android apps were developed by a third party which we have discovered is unable to update them, which effectively renders them useless. This is hugely disappointing for us and we imagine many of our community who rely on this service. We apologise for this and suggest you download a free RSS reader for your iOS or Android device and then use the link above.

Thanks for you understanding.

PreSonus Open New $8 Million Purpose Built Headquarters

PreSonus have opened their new $8 million purpose built headquarters in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, featuring both a fully working studio and sound stage for testing both recording and live gear.

At just shy of 44,000-square-foot facility the new PreSonus headquarters features a fully working recording studio designed by New York-based Walters-Storyk Design Group, and a live room with a full sound stage. The studio includes a separate control room and two isolation boths.

Steve Oppenheimer PreSonus’ Marketing Communications Manager says. ‘Everything’s all wired so that you can plug right into the wall and go straight to the control room.’ The new facility offers capability to test its equipment onsite and shoot video anywhere in the building.