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Use iZotope Alloy 2 To Get Drum Overheads Under Control 

Russ shows how using a transient processor can help to get a set of overheads under control.

Transient processors are an often overlooked but vital tool for mixing helping to push forward parts of the audio that are getting lost or pull back parts that are too far forward.

When this is applied in a multi band process they can take a piece of problem audio and help get it back into shape.

Click here to watch now

Audio Repair in Music Production: Removing Sudden Unwanted Sounds Video

RX guru Mike has created another RX video for our friends at iZotope showing how to master this awesome plug-in.

An unwanted noise in the background can ruin what would otherwise be a perfect take. In this video, Mike shows you how to use RX 3’s Spectral Repair module to fix problems like a cough or a sound glitch.

iZotope RX Nominated For Resolution Award And They Are Hiring Too

Congratulations to iZotope for the nomination of their brilliant RX3 audio repair suite for a Resolution magazine award.  Only registered Resolution readers are eligible to vote in the Resolution Awards. To vote, Resolution readers should take their Reader code and Postcode (as displayed on their magazine’s address label) and enter them in the My Subscription section of the Resolution website.

Once you have logged in, you will see a link to the Resolution Awards Voting page. Each reader can vote once and has a maximum of seven votes to cast in the Product Categories. Readers can vote in all the Creative Awards Categories. Voting will close in the middle of September and the winners will be announced in a special Winners Supplement in the October issue of Resolution. 

iZotope Is a Winner Again

In other news from iZotope, they recently won the 2014 New England Innovation Award by the Smaller Business Association of New England (SBANE). Selected from 210 organizations that lead development in their fields, iZotope was chosen by SBANE for its technological contributions to and reach throughout the audio industries. Former winners come from varying fields such as technology, manufacturing, service (both for profit and not for profit), and retail/distribution. Previous winners have included notable companies such as Staples, PictureTel, Ben & Jerry’s, Aurora Imaging Technology, and iRobot so they are in good company.

Would You Like To Work at iZotope?

iZotope is expanding and they are looking to hire people. They are looking for software and dsp engineers, product designers and managers, a customer and tech support manager, people to join the marketing team, and there is a software test engineer internship too.

Check our the careers page on the iZotope site.

Guides from iZotope

Don’t forget there are great guides from iZotope, one on audio mastering and another on audio repair.

Guitarists - iZotope Need Your Help

Our friends at iZotope are looking for the help of guitarists.

Can you take a moment to complete this survey?

Complete the survey here

My 5 Favourite Mix Buss Plug-ins

An essential part of my mix chain is the plug-ins applied to the mix buss. Below are my top 5 go-to plug-ins, all used for various reasons and not all at the same time.

Slate VBC

The VBC is my go-to plug-in for both mix and drum buss processing, although modelled on some very famous hardware, the combination of the unique Slate tweaks to the models, the ability to combine the three units, the filtering and the option to mix both clean and processed signals make this a winner for me. Of all the Slate plug-ins this one is my favourite. See our Slate VBC review here


There are a lot of tape emulations on the market, but I keep going back to the ATR-102. It has a great sound and best of all some excellent presets. The ATR-102 is great at gluing a mix together and doing some audio magic, in fact the kind of thing printing a mix to tape does - funnily enough. See our UAD ATR102 review here

iZotope Ozone 5

Ozone 5 has a number of uses for me on a mix. I use the multiband compressor to keep everything under control, it allows me to push both the lows and the mids hard without them getting out of control. I also use the multiband stereo feature, pulling the low into the centre and pushing the top out to the edges.

UAD Dangerous BAX EQ

A recent addition to the toolbox, the Dangerous BAX Eq is simply magic. The EQ curves are musical and the M/S processing is awesome for pushing electric guitars, backing vocals and keyboard out to the side of a mix to give the vocal a chance to breath. There’s some hot presets from Fab Dupont, well worth checking out. See our Dangerous BAX Eq review here

Pultec EQP-1A

There’s a few Pultec EQ emulations on the market, suffice to say all of them can help with the low end trick which has made the Pultec EQs a go-to when needing to give your low end some energy without colouring the low mids. The unique curves of the boost and cut manage to do this like no other EQ around. We show how to do the Pultec EQ trick here


Of course all of this is down to taste, I’m sure there are plug-ins that find there way onto your mix buss that I’ve missed. So those are my mix buss favourites, what are yours?

Free iZotope RX3 Tutorial On Using Spectral Repair In Pro Tools

Here is our very own “Mr RX It” showing in another free video tutorial, courtesy of iZotope, how to use the iZotope RX3 Spectral Repair plug-in in Pro Tools. 

In self shot documentaries the sound is often the thing that suffers, as the crew have too many other things to think about. In this example we suspect that the camera operator just didn’t hear the siren in the background on the best take so we are left to fix it in post.

See how Mike was able to improve it using the RX3 Spectral Repair plug-in without having to leave Pro Tools so speeding up the workflow.

RX3 and RX3 Advanced are on special offer until 1st May 2014. Check out the offers available from our friends at Time+Space or you can buy direct from iZotope.

Free iZotope RX3 Tutorial On Using Declip In Pro Tools & Standalone

Here is our very own “Mr RX It” showing in another free video tutorial, courtesy of iZotope, how to use the Declip plug-in module in iZotope RX3. 

In self shot documentaries the sound is often the thing that suffers, as the crew have too many other things to think about. In this example we suspect the camera operator was concentrating on the pictures and missed the meters warning that the audio was going into the red. See how Mike was able to improve it using the RX3 Declip plug-in and also when a problem needs more forensic treatment, how to export the clip from Pro Tools, work on it in the standalone RX3 application and then import the fixed version back into Pro Tools.

RX3 and RX3 Advanced are on special offer until 1st May 2014. Check out the offers available from our friends at Time+Space or you can buy direct from iZotope.

Free iZotope RX3 Advanced Tutorial On Using Dereverb In Pro Tools

Here is our very own “Mr RX It” showing in a free video tutorial, courtesy of iZotope, how to use the new Dereverb module in iZotope RX3 Advanced.

In self shot documentaries the sound is often the thing that suffers, as the crew have too many other things to think about. In this example all Mike had was the camera mic and it was too far away from the presenter in a reverbant space. See how he was able to improve this clip using the Dereverb plug-in in Pro Tools.

RX3 and RX3 Advanced are on special offer until 1st May 2014. Check out the offers available from our friends at Time+Space or you can buy direct from iZotope.

Repair & Enhance Your Audio For Less In April With iZotope RX3

Mr ‘RX It’ here, our friends at Time+Space in assocation with iZotope are offering the iZotope RX3 range at some great discounts, so if you haven’t got it yet then do check out their iZotope RX3 page.  RX3 is over 30% off and RX3 Advanced is 40% off making it a great opportunity to get the Avanced version with the brilliant Dialog Denoiser and Dereverb modules that only come in RX3 Advanced. 

Time+Space are also offering my Groove 3 RX3 Explained video tutorial course on special offer too.

Used everywhere from Hollywood post production studios to leading sound editing facilities, the award-winning RX 3 transforms troubled recordings into professional-grade material. Built for the toughest audio repair tasks, RX 3 will remove noise, clipping, hum, buzz, crackles, unwanted reverb and more with unprecedented power and precision.

More Pictures From Winter NAMM 2014

Here are some more pictures from Winter NAMM 2014. Above is the Universal Audio Apollo Twin that has won Best In Show.

Look who we came across, the one and only Dave Pensado chatting with Master Groove3 Trainer Eli Krantzberg.

Our friends at Softube have won Best in Show from ProSound Network for ther Console 1.

Look at this combination - Zynaptiq’s UNVEIL inside Blue Cat’s PatchWork with the Avid S6 control surface, using PatchWork’s new parameters mapping feature. 

iZotope have got a very full awards shelf from Sound On Sound, Pro Audio Review Magazine, The NAMM Show, and Electronic Musician.

Here is the Technical GRAMMY for Lexicon.

Show And Tell Review Of iZotope Breaktweaker 

Russ takes a look at the new iZotope Breaktweaker plug-in, beat generation on steroids. Find out what he thinks in this extended video review.

iZotope Announce New Application - Break Tweaker At NAMM

iZotope have come up with another ground breaking instrument that could change the concept of rhythm, beat, and drum programming. Designed by BT and developed by iZotope, BreakTweaker could be the beat machine of the future.

This is what iZotope have to say about it…

  • Manipulate audio at a molecular level: control pitch, rhythm, and texture at the finest resolution on the market.
  • Escape traditional drum grids: create complex polyrhythmic beats with unique isorhythm and playback speed settings.
  • Explore stunning content: experiment with presets and drum samples designed by top musicians, including BT.
  • Craft the perfect drum sound: blend drum samples with synthesis to generate compelling hybrid sounds.

There are two versions, BreakTweaker will sell at $199 until Feb 19th and then $249 and then BreakTweaker Expanded which will sell at $249 until Fen 19th and then $299.  BreakTweaker Expanded includes three add-on Expansions that complement BreakTweaker’s extensive Factory Library: Vintage Machines, Cinematic Textures, and Kicks & Snares by Beatport Sounds. 

Check out Russ’s video review and find out what he thinks of it.

iZotope Send Pro Tools Expert 5th Anniversary Best Wishes

Our friends at iZotope, who are one of the best companies to work for, have sent us 5th anniversary greetings…

Dear Russ, Mike and the crew at Pro Tools Expert,

Congratulations on five years as a hub for the audio community! After reading hundreds of posts filled with lessons, leads, and laughter, the world looks forward to hearing what the Experts will teach us next. 

Best of luck on the next five and beyond!

Your friends at iZotope

Top Game Audio Sound Designer Charles Deenen Talks About Izotope Plugins

“Charles Deenen is one of the gaming industry’s preeminent sound designers and mixers, with credits like the Need for Speed series, Fallout, Star Trek and his support on Activision’s Call of Duty®: Ghosts. Since writing a sound driver for Commodore PET at the age of 13, he has left his creative fingerprints among top selling games from Electronic Arts, Interplay and Shiny, and other companies.
Over the course of his career, Deenen has remained aligned with innovations in audio software, particularly iZotope’s RX, which he has been using for many years. iZotope recently caught up with Deenen, who discussed the role that iZotope’s RX 3 and Insight played in how his design work assisted the studio teams on Call of Duty: Ghosts.”
Read the full interview here: 

iZotope Is A Top Place To Work Says The Boston Globe

iZotope who make products like RX3, Nectar, Alloy, Ozone and Iris are expanding and what’s more they came out well in a survey undertaken by The Boston Globe as a top place to work.

What employees say….

“Every day is a new adventure! We work hard, and it is a very fun environment. iZotope operates like one big family!”

“I am constantly learning new things and maintaining my footing within the industry. ”

“I get to work on innovative and interesting products.”

“The people are enthusiastic and work well together. Hours are flexible. Products we create are great.”

Check out their careers page, there are all kinds of jobs going.  if I were to move to the US, I couldn’t think of a nicer place to live and work.

Show & Tell Review Of iZotope Nectar 2 Vocal Suite 

Russ takes a look and a listen to the iZotope Nectar 2 vocal suite, he let’s you know all about its features and what he thinks.

iZotope Release Nectar 2 And It's AAX 64 Bit For Pro Tools 11

iZotoope have released their vocal production suite Nectar 2. See what’s new here.


  • Explore 11 powerful tools in one plug-in: HarmonyPlate ReverbFX,PitchDelayDe-EsserSaturationCompressorsGateEQ, and Limiter.
  • Get smooth, pitch-perfect takes quickly with dedicated Pitch Editor and Breath Control plug-ins in the Nectar 2 Production Suite.
  • Finesse your sound with surgical detail using powerful advanced controls.
  • Improve vocal production at all stages, from tracking through mixing.
  • Rapidly audition different vocal sounds with 150+ presets, in a variety of genres from classic to modern.

Learn more about Nectar 2 Features


NECTAR 2 STANDARD EDITION - Normally $229 but until Oct 30th $179

BUY NECTAR 2 PRODUCTION SUITE  - Nectar 2, plus dedicated Pitch Editor and Breath Control plug-ins. Normally $299 but until Oct 30th $219 

UPGRADE TO NECTAR 2 If you own Nectar 1 or Nectar Elements, you are eligible for special upgrade pricing. Log in to your iZotope account for your upgrade coupons as there is special pricing available until October 30th.


Community Tip - Tips for Denoising

With the support of iLok, more tips & tricks from the community. Here is one from James Hixon…

Hi, guys.  The community tips have been very helpful.  I’m enjoying them.  I have one I’d like to suggest. A lot of the post work that I do involves interviews that were shot in less than ideal environments.  It seems like there’s always noisy HVAC, a running refrigerator, etc.  Or, the shooter used the awful “preamps” in their DSLR.  Noise reduction plugins are great for this, but if you have to push them too hard, the artifacts they leave can be almost as bad as the noise.  

A very effective way to deal with this is to use two different plugins together. What I usually start with is the Waves Z-Noise.  I will select an area of the track where the noise is isolated.  Then, I’ll click ‘Learn’ in Z-Noise and play the audio to have the plugin sample the noise.  Clicking ‘Learn’ again will take it out of learn mode.  I then push the ‘Reduction’ fader all the way to to the top, and, if need be, I’ll bump the ‘Threshold’ up to maybe 2.  Whatever makes most of the noise go away without doing too much harm to the track.

Now, we have a track with reduced noise, but in many cases, there’s a warbly artifact left over. Then, I turn to Waves NS-1.  You don’t need much of it.  I’m usually only pushing the fader up to five.  I might push it up to 10 or 15 in extreme cases.  Use your discretion.  This plugin will eliminate the artifacts of the first plug-in, and leave you with a very clean dialog track.

Mike - Multiple passes with lighter amounts of noise reduction is the way to go. I would recommend that you get iZotope RX3, it is the best in my opinion, it is my go to restoration bundle, especially now RX3 Advanced has the new real time zero latency dialog denoiser and dereverb modules.

If you would like the chance to win a stormtrooper iLok, courtesy of iLok, send in tips you think no one has thought about.  Please don’t just send shortcuts which are easily found elsewhere, or pull ideas from the manual; instead, be creative about your tips & tricks. Please use the Contact Us page to send us have your tips.

iZotope Win A Emmy With RX

We want to congratulate our friends at iZtotope for winning an engineering Emmy for RX.

Just in time for RX 3’s arrival, the Board of Governors of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has awarded iZotope a 2013 Engineering Emmy® for RX Audio Repair Technology! This award is presented to an individual, company or organization for engineering developments so significant that they materially affect the transmission, recording or reception of television.

iZotope say;

“We are so proud to add this Engineering Emmy to RX’s sterling resume, and even more proud to introduce the next version of our flagship audio repair tools to such a supportive user community.

A sincere thank you for helping make RX an industry standard for television and broadcast!”

READ MORE about RX’s Emmy award.

TRY the new RX 3.

iZotope Announce Nectar 2 And It Will AAX 64 Bit Too

iZotope Inc. has announced the next version of their award-winning vocal 
processing technology, Nectar, will be coming in October 2013. Nectar 2 will bring the best of 
digital innovation and analog character into a complete set of tools specifically for voice.

Brett Bunting, Product Manager for iZotope Inc. says…

“We were excited to revisit what made Nectar so ideal as a vocal processing plug-in. We’ve spent a lot of development time incorporating new ideas designed with our users in mind. Nectar 2 users won’t believe how quickly they’ll be able to recreate classic vocal sounds or invent brand new ones.”

With Nectar 2, add character to tracks using modeled plate reverb, harmonic saturation, and 
new creative effects. Stay in tune, remove distracting breaths without the need for audio 
editing, transform a single vocal take into a harmonized ensemble, and much more.

Highlighted Features

  • Add harmonies to vocal tracks with the new Harmonizer. Play with intelligent automatic 
    settings or define your own with a MIDI controller.
  • Add space and character to vocals with the EMT 140-modeled Plate Reverb module, 
    featuring a unique saturation control to emulate the original plate’s preamp.
  • Finesse vocal takes quickly with the new Pitch Editor and Breath Control plug-ins.
  • Explore seven new creative effects in the new FX module.
  • Dive in with a streamlined Overview panel for simple adjustments and added metering
    for visual feedback.
  • Choose from 150+ new presets in styles that range from classic to modern.


Customers who purchased Nectar after August 1, 2013 will receive a free upgrade to Nectar
2 upon release. Special upgrade pricing will be available for all previous Nectar and Nectar 
Elements customers upon release.


Sign up to hear when Nectar 2 becomes available.


Nectar 2 can be used as a plug-in in your favorite host. Supported plug-in formats include 64-
bit AAX (Pro Tools 11), RTAS/AudioSuite (Pro Tools 7.4-10), VST, VST 3, and Audio Unit.