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Cleaning Up A Guitar In Pro Tools Using iZotope RX4 - Free Video Tutorial

In this free iZotope video tutorial, Russ shows how easy it is to clean up extraneous noises on an otherwise great guitar part using iZotope RX4.

He also demonstrates the new RX Connect plug-in allowing you to play the audio from iZotope RX4 back through your DAW.

Watch this free video tutorial here

iZotope Announce Great Deal On Stutter Edit - 60% Discount

Buy iZotope Stutter Edit in September for 60% Discount The Lowest Price Ever!

Keyboard Magazine said…

There’s nothing like Stutter Edit – no other plug-ins have successfully combined buffer chopping, live performance, remixing, and “studio thinking” to this extent.

Designed by top producer BT and developed by iZotope, Stutter Edit is an innovative tool for both studio and stage that delivers cutting edge audio slicing and manipulation.

How Does Stutter Edit Work?

Stutter Edit´s features revolve around an innovative engine that continuously samples live audio, storing that audio in a buffer that can be manipulated in a myriad of ways.

Special Offer Until 30the September 2014

Our friends at Time+Space Distribution are offering iZotope’s Stutter Edit for just £59.95 or 71.95 Euros inc vat. If you are outside the EU they are offering it at $112.28 exc vat.

Plus Get Free Stutter Edit Expansion Packs

Once you´re using Stutter Edit, you can add even more fuel to your creative fire with FREE Stutter Edit Expansion Packs available to download from the iZotope website. Featuring multiple preset banks and 250+ gestures, these packs will help you add chopped-up vocals, funky disco-style breaks, sweeping rhythmic filters, and more.

iZotope Announce RX4 And RX4 Advanced Audio Repair Software

Our friends at iZotope have announced the next version of their award winning audio repair software RX, with RX4.

Buiding on an already impressive set of features RX4 offers; 

  • Clip Gain: Easily adjust and balance the volume of vocals and instrumentals with this new non-destructive editing feature.
  • Dialogue Denoiser: Reduce distracting background noise from dialogue and vocals in real time (now a standard feature with both RX 4 and RX 4 Advanced).
  • RX Connect: Streamline your process with a round-trip workflow compatible with Pro Tools, Logic, and other popular hosts.
  • Leveler: Automatically balance the volume of your mix, freeing more time for creative mix decisions.
  • EQ Match: Ensure a consistent-sounding mix by seamlessly matching multiple recordings with varying sonic profiles.

Some of the Pro Tools Expert team have already had a sneak peek at RX4 and we have to say it is even better than ever. As each iteration of RX appears it is hard to think how it can be improved, but RX4 is far more than a makeover, it has even more power and will be a godsend to audio professionals everywhere as they use it daily for everything from minor tweaks to saving the entire job.

More information about iZotope RX4 can be found here

Use iZotope Alloy 2 To Get Drum Overheads Under Control 

Russ shows how using a transient processor can help to get a set of overheads under control.

Transient processors are an often overlooked but vital tool for mixing helping to push forward parts of the audio that are getting lost or pull back parts that are too far forward.

When this is applied in a multi band process they can take a piece of problem audio and help get it back into shape.

Click here to watch now

Audio Repair in Music Production: Removing Sudden Unwanted Sounds Video

RX guru Mike has created another RX video for our friends at iZotope showing how to master this awesome plug-in.

An unwanted noise in the background can ruin what would otherwise be a perfect take. In this video, Mike shows you how to use RX 3’s Spectral Repair module to fix problems like a cough or a sound glitch.

iZotope RX Nominated For Resolution Award And They Are Hiring Too

Congratulations to iZotope for the nomination of their brilliant RX3 audio repair suite for a Resolution magazine award.  Only registered Resolution readers are eligible to vote in the Resolution Awards. To vote, Resolution readers should take their Reader code and Postcode (as displayed on their magazine’s address label) and enter them in the My Subscription section of the Resolution website.

Once you have logged in, you will see a link to the Resolution Awards Voting page. Each reader can vote once and has a maximum of seven votes to cast in the Product Categories. Readers can vote in all the Creative Awards Categories. Voting will close in the middle of September and the winners will be announced in a special Winners Supplement in the October issue of Resolution. 

iZotope Is a Winner Again

In other news from iZotope, they recently won the 2014 New England Innovation Award by the Smaller Business Association of New England (SBANE). Selected from 210 organizations that lead development in their fields, iZotope was chosen by SBANE for its technological contributions to and reach throughout the audio industries. Former winners come from varying fields such as technology, manufacturing, service (both for profit and not for profit), and retail/distribution. Previous winners have included notable companies such as Staples, PictureTel, Ben & Jerry’s, Aurora Imaging Technology, and iRobot so they are in good company.

Would You Like To Work at iZotope?

iZotope is expanding and they are looking to hire people. They are looking for software and dsp engineers, product designers and managers, a customer and tech support manager, people to join the marketing team, and there is a software test engineer internship too.

Check our the careers page on the iZotope site.

Guides from iZotope

Don’t forget there are great guides from iZotope, one on audio mastering and another on audio repair.

Guitarists - iZotope Need Your Help

Our friends at iZotope are looking for the help of guitarists.

Can you take a moment to complete this survey?

Complete the survey here

My 5 Favourite Mix Buss Plug-ins

An essential part of my mix chain is the plug-ins applied to the mix buss. Below are my top 5 go-to plug-ins, all used for various reasons and not all at the same time.

Slate VBC

The VBC is my go-to plug-in for both mix and drum buss processing, although modelled on some very famous hardware, the combination of the unique Slate tweaks to the models, the ability to combine the three units, the filtering and the option to mix both clean and processed signals make this a winner for me. Of all the Slate plug-ins this one is my favourite. See our Slate VBC review here


There are a lot of tape emulations on the market, but I keep going back to the ATR-102. It has a great sound and best of all some excellent presets. The ATR-102 is great at gluing a mix together and doing some audio magic, in fact the kind of thing printing a mix to tape does - funnily enough. See our UAD ATR102 review here

iZotope Ozone 5

Ozone 5 has a number of uses for me on a mix. I use the multiband compressor to keep everything under control, it allows me to push both the lows and the mids hard without them getting out of control. I also use the multiband stereo feature, pulling the low into the centre and pushing the top out to the edges.

UAD Dangerous BAX EQ

A recent addition to the toolbox, the Dangerous BAX Eq is simply magic. The EQ curves are musical and the M/S processing is awesome for pushing electric guitars, backing vocals and keyboard out to the side of a mix to give the vocal a chance to breath. There’s some hot presets from Fab Dupont, well worth checking out. See our Dangerous BAX Eq review here

Pultec EQP-1A

There’s a few Pultec EQ emulations on the market, suffice to say all of them can help with the low end trick which has made the Pultec EQs a go-to when needing to give your low end some energy without colouring the low mids. The unique curves of the boost and cut manage to do this like no other EQ around. We show how to do the Pultec EQ trick here


Of course all of this is down to taste, I’m sure there are plug-ins that find there way onto your mix buss that I’ve missed. So those are my mix buss favourites, what are yours?

Free iZotope RX3 Tutorial On Using Spectral Repair In Pro Tools

Here is our very own “Mr RX It” showing in another free video tutorial, courtesy of iZotope, how to use the iZotope RX3 Spectral Repair plug-in in Pro Tools. 

In self shot documentaries the sound is often the thing that suffers, as the crew have too many other things to think about. In this example we suspect that the camera operator just didn’t hear the siren in the background on the best take so we are left to fix it in post.

See how Mike was able to improve it using the RX3 Spectral Repair plug-in without having to leave Pro Tools so speeding up the workflow.

RX3 and RX3 Advanced are on special offer until 1st May 2014. Check out the offers available from our friends at Time+Space or you can buy direct from iZotope.

Free iZotope RX3 Tutorial On Using Declip In Pro Tools & Standalone

Here is our very own “Mr RX It” showing in another free video tutorial, courtesy of iZotope, how to use the Declip plug-in module in iZotope RX3. 

In self shot documentaries the sound is often the thing that suffers, as the crew have too many other things to think about. In this example we suspect the camera operator was concentrating on the pictures and missed the meters warning that the audio was going into the red. See how Mike was able to improve it using the RX3 Declip plug-in and also when a problem needs more forensic treatment, how to export the clip from Pro Tools, work on it in the standalone RX3 application and then import the fixed version back into Pro Tools.

RX3 and RX3 Advanced are on special offer until 1st May 2014. Check out the offers available from our friends at Time+Space or you can buy direct from iZotope.