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Get A Cool Pro Tools Drive Icon For FREE

Thanks to community member Shane Felton he’s created this Pro Tools drive icon and asked us to share it with the Pro Tools Community.

Simply download the icon image file here and then use it on your Mac or PC to have a very cool Pro Tools drive icon. If this file does not work and you prefer then simply use the GIF icon at the top and that will work too.

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Install info for Mac users from comminuty member El Sidius below;

After downloading or copying the custom icon file(s) to your computer follow these steps:
1. Select the desired icon in the Finder.
2. Choose Get Info from the File menu.
3. Click the icon that appears in the Info window.
4. Choose Copy from the Edit m
Note: Leave the Info window open.
5. In the Finder, select the application, folder, or document whose icon you want to change. Note that the Info window immediately updates to display the newly selected item.
6. Click the icon that appears in the Info window.
7. Choose Paste from the Edit menu.
8. Close the Info window.