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Trinnov Launch The D-Mon Series Of Digital Monitoring Processors With Eucon Support For Pro Tools

We have been looking at the Trinnov monitoring optimisation system in three videos. In Part 3 we were able to reveal exclusively a new product that Trinnov are unveiling at NAMM today. This new product is the D-Mon Series, which is a brand new range of Digital Integrated Monitoring Processors.

3rd Party Partnership With Avid

Trinnov have partnered with Avid as part of Avid’s 3rd party program and so the D-Mon® Series has been developed primarily to meet the Eucon protocol specifications and provide Avid Pro Tools users with a comprehensive alternative to the X-Mon analog processor that has been used alongside their control surfaces to achieve their monitoring functions. It is backwards compatible so it can easily replace an X-Mon irresppective of which control surface solution you have.

In our world of fully digital studio setups, the need of a digital unit able to connect directly to the DAW is important, especially when most of the studios just want to benefit from both analog and digital domains to remain compatible with legacy consoles, control surfaces or DAW’s and the Trinnov D-Mon Series are designed to meet that need. 

D-Mon Series Highlights

  • Based on TrinnovOptimizer for acoustic tuning of multiple stereo up to 7.1 speaker sets, with comprehensive functions and processing for advanced monitoring.
  • Compliant with Avid control surfaces, including Eucon (S6, S5, S3), and X-Mon Midi (D- Control & D-Command) – Ready to interface with Yamaha, Lawo, Calrec, and many other protocols.
  • Offers Full Audio Routing Matrix, User Assignable Functions (Main, Alternate, Cues, Talk-Back, Listen-Back, Headphones, etc.), an 18x16 Internal Mixer, Digital & Analog Inserts, fully assignable Intercom control etc.
  • D-Mon|8 (5.1/7.1 studios) : 24 Digital IOs | 8 Analog IOs | 8 Analog High Definition Outputs.
  • D-Mon|4 (St./LCRS studios) : 8 Digital IOs | 4 Analog IOs | 8 Analog High Definition Outputs.

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Get A Cool Pro Tools Drive Icon For FREE

Thanks to community member Shane Felton he’s created this Pro Tools drive icon and asked us to share it with the Pro Tools Community.

Simply download the icon image file here and then use it on your Mac or PC to have a very cool Pro Tools drive icon. If this file does not work and you prefer then simply use the GIF icon at the top and that will work too.

Please share with your friends or on Facebook, Twitter or Google+

Install info for Mac users from comminuty member El Sidius below;

After downloading or copying the custom icon file(s) to your computer follow these steps:
1. Select the desired icon in the Finder.
2. Choose Get Info from the File menu.
3. Click the icon that appears in the Info window.
4. Choose Copy from the Edit m
Note: Leave the Info window open.
5. In the Finder, select the application, folder, or document whose icon you want to change. Note that the Info window immediately updates to display the newly selected item.
6. Click the icon that appears in the Info window.
7. Choose Paste from the Edit menu.
8. Close the Info window.