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We offer advice for users of all versions of Pro Tools both current and legacy formats. We’re independent and are not affiliated with Avid or their associated companies.

Pro Tools tips, tricks, support and news for users of Pro Tools. Free Pro Tools video tutorials and free Pro Tools plug-ins. We support both the music and post production community.

We offer advice for users of all versions of Pro Tools both current and legacy formats. We’re independent and are not affiliated with Avid or their associated companies. 

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Winner Of Prize Draw For FXpansion's BFD3 Acoustic Drum Studio

We are pleased to announce the winner of our recent competition to win a copy of FXpansion’s BFD3, the third generation of FXpansion’s flagship software acoustic drum studio. The winner is Brent Paschke and he told us…

Guys I’ve been coming to the site for years now. I’ve been a PT user since the 001 days. HD3 user from around 2004-2010. Now Native Thunderbolt. I’m a sucker for knowledge, tips & any info that can make bring me one step faster to my creative vision. I love that you guys tackle everything from power user tips to starting up basics to reviews of the latest products. Thanks for the years of knowledge!

Do keep checking our win page for the latest competition and if you enter you may be a winner like Brent.

Win A Copy Of BFD3 From FXpansion

Together with our friends at FXpansion we are giving away a copy of BFD3.

BFD3 is the third generation of FXpansion’s software acoustic drum studio: new levels of realism and ground-breaking features in an intuitive redesigned engine. 

With stunning new kits with mix-ready presets and modelling technology for tom resonance and cymbal swells, BFD3’s audio engine delivers uncompromising detail. The revamped interface has a new mixer and sound browser for the easiest BFD experience yet. 

BFD3’s all-new library is recorded in two fantastic rooms by engineers including Andrew Scheps, Rail Jon Rogut and John Emrich, giving you a diverse palette of drum tones out of the box. The sounds include a brushed kit and processed drum presets for fast custom kit-building. BFD3 also contains a powerful built-in environment for pattern creation and editing, complete with a range of performances by legendary drummers for effortless production of drum tracks indistinguishable from the real thing. 

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Terms and Conditions.

  • You are entering for a chance to win a copy of Fxpansion BFD3 plugin no cash alterntive. 
  • One entry per email address.
  • No warranty, training or support is offered by Pro Tools Expert for any of these products. Warranty support will be provided by the appropriate manufacturer.
  • By entering this draw you are giving permission for your information to be shared with all companies who are supplying prizes for this draw.You may remove yourself from the draw at any time, removing yourself before the end of the draw will remove your entry.
  • There is no cost to enter this draw.
  • The judges decision is final, no correspondence will be entered into regarding the outcome of this draw.
  • Ends 17th March 2014


Fxpansion BFD3 Review Including Show & Tell Video

FXpansion’s BFD drum VI has been a much loved part of the music production landscape for several years and so version 3 has been long awaited, if for no other reason for our community than that Pro Tools users now get AAX 64 bit to use with Pro Tools 11. Pro Tools Expert have been fortunate enough to have been given a pre-release copy of BFD3 to test and get fully up to speed with, so that once it hit the streets we could give you an extensive written and video review.

What’s New?

Apart from the obvious visual and format changes, now VST, RTAS, AU, AAX 64bit and standalone, there have been some changes to terminology and workflow. Here are the highlights plus a link to a full document on the changes.

  • New audio data
    BFD3’s new factory Core Library contains 5 new kits, one of which is recorded in a separate studio in 3 versions with sticks, brushes and mallets - 7 kits overall. In total, the library has 118 new kit-pieces.
  • New articulations: Snare Rim Click Hi Hat Splash and Bell Tip Tom Rim Shot and Rim Click
  • Lossless-compressed data
    BFD3 features a built-in lossless audio decompression system - the BFD3 factory data is supplied as a special proprietary format, .BFDLAC (BFD3 Lossless Audio Compression). This means that the audio takes less space on disk and uses less resources when streaming from the disk. The compression results in files that are 3x smaller and are decompressed with minimal CPU load. Equivalent data/detail settings use a third of the RAM that would be used by BFD2 - the BFD3 audio data would be approximately 160GB in size without using any compression.
  • Notable changes in terminology; Kit-pieces are now called Drums, the Kit-piece inspector is now the Drum editor
  • Interface changes - Extendable interface
    BFD3’s interface can be extended horizontally to achieve a larger working area. Note that the interface is not scaled to be larger - it simply offers a larger area of the mixer, FX slots and Groove Editor on-screen at once.
  • Layout changes
    BFD3 features a Browser on the left side of the interface, replacing the pop-up ‘modal’ chooser panels in BFD2. It is permanently visible except when using the Key Map or Automation panels, or it can be hidden when required.
  • The Kit page and Mixer page are now consolidated into a single main page - the top is switchable between the Kit display and Effects Editor while the lower part features the mixer channels.
  • The Drum Editor is shown at the right of the interface and can be hidden when required.
  • The Key Map panel has a substantially different layout, allowing more flexible methods of making assignments.

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FXpansion BFD3 Show & Tell Review 

Russ gives a full show and tell review of the new FXpansion BFD3 drum VI. See what he thinks and also check out his written review.

Free Fxpansion Single Mault SE Plugin - Available Until July 31, 2013

In association with Sweetwater Instrument and Pro Audio Store, Fxpansion have produced the Single Mault SE distortion and tone shaping plugin, Sadly not available in AAX format but who can complain about a free plugin ?

Single Mault SE is a powerful distortion and tone-shaping plugin by FXpansion. A streamlined version of theMaul 3-band distortion plugin, Single Mault SE features 7 modelled distortion algorithms with additional tone filtering, saturation, soft-limiting and transient-shaping circuits. Single Mault SE also includes a wet/dry mix control and full MIDI Learn functionality. It is provided in VST, AU and RTAS formats.

Availability & Pricing

Single Mault SE is available as a download-only product and is FREE for all user account holders. Please note that it must be authorized with a valid serial before it can be used.

Your serial must be claimed before July 31, 2013.
To create a free Fxpansion account and get yourself a copy of Mault SE sign up here. 

Loads Of Special Offers On Our Deals Page

We have a load of great special offers at the moment over on our Deals page. The sunny weather seems to have brought out a raft of special offers including….

  • Wave Rider is on special offer
  • Flux are offering discounts on their Pure Analyser
  • FXpansion are offering a great price on BFD Eco
  • Sonnox have a great deal on their Enhance bundle
  • UAD are having a Half Yearly Sale
  • Softube have got a great Summer Sale
  • iZotope are offering a discount on Trash 2
  • Toontrack have a Superior Summer Saving offer

So do keep checking our Deals page as we are always adding deals and special offers that come to our attention which we think you would be interested in.


BFD Eco Has 59% Off Until The End Of June

Our friends over at Fxpansion are offering the very cool lite version BFD with 59% off!

For those needed a real set of drums for use in their projects but who don’t have the resources to invest in a full blown drum VI then this is an excellent choice.

For more info click here

FREE Pro Tools Plug In Focus - D CAM Free Comp

Russ checks out one of over 50 FREE Pro Tools plug-ins and shows just how good some of these gems are. Get them now