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How To Create The Muse Sound Avid With Eleven Rack

In this free Pro Tools video tutorial, James Ivey shows how to create the Muse guitar sound using the Eleven Rack.

Settings for the amp are shown below. Download the patch FREE here

Amp Settings

Reverb Settings

Fuzz Settings

EQ Settings

Avid Eleven Rack Editor Review

In this video, James takes a look at the NEW Avid Eleven Rack editor software application.

How To Create The Beatles Sound Avid With Eleven Rack 

In this FREE video tutorial James shows how to create the Beatles guitar sound using the Eleven Rack in this video tutorial. Download the preset here

Amp Settings

Compressor Settings

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New Eleven Rack Editor Coming Soon

Avid have not disappointed Eleven Rack users hoping to see the Eleven Rack editor back inside Pro Tools, they have gone one stop further by creating a brand new version. 

A new standalone version of the Avid Eleven Rack Editor is coming soon, although some users may have got emails early by mistake, Avid assure us they will have the download ready soon.

We’ve been given a preview of the new software and we love it - here are the details.

Now standalone so works with it without Pro Tools, you can use it with any DAW.

It can be open in a separate window with Pro Tools open at the same time, or Logic for that matter… who would have thought it!

  • Requires a 64-bit operating system—Windows 8, Windows 7, or OS X 10.8 or later.
  • Free download, commencing this week.

We will have some videos made by James Ivey shortly to give a full show and tell.

Don’t forget to check out James Ivey’s amazing Eleven Rack vidoes here

How To Create The Dream Theater Guitar Sound Avid With Eleven Rack 

In this free Pro Tools tutorial James shows how to create the Dream Theater guitar sound using the Eleven Rack in this video tutorial.  Settings are shown below. Download the patch here

Amp Settings

Reverb Settings

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FREE Eleven Rack Presets For James Ivey's Signature Sounds

Our recent FREE video tutorials showing how to get signature sounds from some of the most iconic guitar players using the Eleven Rack has been going down a storm. We have been asked to supply the presets for download, so here are Eleven Rack presets completely FREE for you to use.

Click on the links below to watch the video and download the free presets. 

More videos coming soon!

How To Create The Eric Clapton Sound Avid With Eleven Rack 

In this FREE video tutorial James shows how to create the Eric Clapton guitar sound using the Eleven Rack. See below for the settings. Download the Eleven Preset here for FREE

Amp Settings

EQ Settings

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How To Create The Iron Maiden Bass Sound Avid With Eleven Rack

James Ivey shows how to create the Iron Maiden guitar sound using the Eleven Rack in this video tutorial. The setting for each part of the sound is shown below. Download the Eleven Preset here for FREE

The Amp Settings

The Distortion Settings


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How To Create The Prince Purple Rain Guitar Sound Avid With Eleven Rack

James Ivey shows how to create the Prince Purple Rain Guitar Sound guitar sound using the Avid Eleven Rack in this video tutorial. 

Of course perfect for Pro Tools users as well as those using Eleven Rack in standalone mode.

See below for the individual effects settings. Download the Eleven Preset here for FREE

If you would like to see more of these then let us know in the comments section.

The Eleven Rack amp settings

The Reverb Settings

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How To Create The Pink Floyd Guitar Sound With Avid Eleven Rack 

James Ivey hows how to create the Pink Floyd guitar sound using the Eleven Rack in this video tutorial.

Of course perfect for Pro Tools users as well as those using Eleven Rack in standalone mode.

See below for the individual effects settings.  Download the Eleven Preset here for FREE

If you would like to see more of these then let us know in the comments section.

The Eleven Rack amp settings.

The Eleven Rack effects settings.

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Eleven LE And Smack LE Both Authorising Full Versions In Pro Tools 11

Community member Shane Felton has come across a nice little Easter Egg with Pro Tools 11; Eleven LE and Smack LE licences will unlock Eleven and Smack in AAX.

Top Jimmy went on to write in the DUC, It appears that simply renaming “Eleven LE.dpm” to “Eleven.dpm” and “Smack! LE.dpm” to “Smack! TDM.dpm” will trigger the updater to install the 64-bit AAX native versions that do authorize with the LE licenses.”

This may be a nice bonus, or a cock-up, but either way it’s worth knowing. The entire thread in the DUC is here

Get Under The Hood Of Eleven Rack With Excellent Guide

Community member Marco Niccolai wrote to us with a brilliant email containing an in-depth exploration of Eleven Rack - even if you don’t own it then you should check this out. It is very thorough and Marco deserves our thanks!

Hello Pro Tool Expert, I really appreciate your daily support, this time a wish to give, if can help, a little tribute to the community. I start to appreciate Avid Eleven Rack, it recreates a lot of nice gear, but it’s not easy to understand what you are using whatching only a small graphic interface. So I took the detailed descriptions on Avid site, some pics of the gear and the corresponding ER interface. Put all together and did a recap on a PDF. If you think this can be useful for the community, you can download from here and  let it be available for who want it.”

Thanks Marco, this is excellent.

Download your copy here

Eleven AAX Update Causes Both Confusion And Concern

It would seem that the AAX update of Eleven is not working in LE format, some users have reported this on the Avid DUC and are now rollling back their Pro Tools installs to retain their Eleven LE install.

Digi Tech Support have responded to a thread on the DUC by saying

“I understand the concern expressed by Eleven LE owners, and unfortunately don’t have details on getting from Eleven LE to Eleven AAX Native yet. Keep in mind that the real missing piece with Eleven was running DSP on HDX, and that’s what this update provided. It’s a step in the process.”

Watch this space! Discuss.


Cool Avid Eleven Rack Video

Thing are looking up on the video front at Avid. This is a very cool video from Avid expert Sean Halley as he shows you how easy it is to build a tone by selecting your amp, cabinet, mic, and effects within Pro Tools. You'll quickly hear how accurate the models are—and see how fun it is to explore and create the perfect tone. It won't be long before Eleven Rack becomes your go-to recording rig.

Eleven LE Winner

This months winner of the brilliant Eleven LE plug-in from Digidesign is Mark Richard from Dublin, Ireland.

Mark says: 'I've been following for a year or more it just keeps getting better, you have great drive.

I've watched practically every video, gotten great use out both the free sounds, and some of your amazing value libraries, also you've pointed me in the right direction with your links to other great blogs and sites.

I continue to recommend the blog to friends and co-workers, and am looking forward to telling them I won the Eleven LE prize!'

Well done Mark.

Visit soon to find out about January's amazing prize!

Eleven Rack Live at Music Live 2009

Anders shows off the cool Eleven Rack to the guys from Sonic State.

Playback issues? Watch it here

Eleven LE Winner

The lucky winner of this month's prize a full copy of Digidesign Eleven LE is Scott Miller from Wichita Kansas. 'I love the AIR User's Blog. I use the Structure video tips, especially the Structure Sampling 101 and Vocal Tips videos. And the Structure samples are great and they have greatly increased my tonal palette.'

We're glad we can help you in your creative pursuit. Scott is also working on a musical adaptation of the Bunyan classic Pilgrim's Progress. I hope there's some serious axe grinding in there Scott!

WIN A Copy of Digidesign Eleven LE

AVID have done it again and this month they're giving away a full copy of Eleven LE the ultimate guitar plug-in for Pro Tools. Developed using an innovative new amp modeling technique, Eleven gives you instant access to an amazing collection of sought-after sounds based on classic Fender®, VOX®, Marshall®, Mesa/Boogie®, and Soldano amplifiers.* Simply call up a preset to immediately re-create a hit-making guitar tone, or design your own signature sound by mixing and matching amps, speaker cabinets, and mic models — all captured at their best in a world-class studio.

Simply answer this question on the entry form, which guitar recording expert was enlisted to ensure top notch miking techniques were used when creating the Eleven Rack?

Sorry this competition is now closed

Digidesign Eleven Rack Review - The Next Level

As promised you would hear it here first, here is the new Eleven Rack, a 19" guitar rack, so here's a comprehensive run down for you.


Eleven Rack is a powerful guitar signal processor that delivers the tone of a wide variety of amplifiers, speaker cabinets, microphones, and effects units. The combination of all of this gear and their control settings make up a Rig.

Eleven Rack comes loaded with over 100 Rigs that showcase the range of tones our collection of amps and effects can achieve. The built-in Rigs are a good place to start, but the power of Eleven Rack really comes into play when you create your own.

You can audition, manage, edit and create Rigs right from the front panel of Eleven Rack. When using Eleven Rack with Pro Tools LE, the built- in Eleven Rack Control window offers another convenient way to do this work.

First Thoughts
OK there's some very cool things when you get an Eleven Rack:

  • Standalone mode - no need to take your computer on the road
  • A new Eleven Rack window built right into Pro Tools, so when you have an Eleven Rack you get all your rigs to edit on screen - very nice and a lovely GUI.
  • The True Z input - to cut a long story short you can't re-create what happens between your guitar and an actual amp or effect digitally. So Digi developed a unique True-Z direct input that automatically adjusts the input impedance to match that of the particular amp/effects rig signal chain. Thanks to the True-Z input, plugging into Eleven Rack is just like plugging into a real amp or effect.
  • Convolution cabinets and mics, so you get the sound of the amp, through the cab, through the mic, in the room!
  • A set of software based but real knobs that map to the settings on your rig.
  • A shed full of classic stomp boxes and effects that emulate some of the old favourites that have been around for decades like BBD Delays, old comps, even spring reverbs!
  • More inputs and outputs than you can shake a stick at, giving you everything from a simple jack input right through to integration with your HD rig!
Orange Is The New Black
One of the first thing that strikes you is the daring choice of orange as a colour, love it or hate it, I think it looks great and is sure to show your friends and those who like to spot what artists are using in their rigs that they have an Eleven Rack - this is no boring black box to drop into the background with all the others.

The thought that has gone into this baby is evident, when you see how the team have thought about the interaction between the Eleven Rack and the user, both live and in the recording environment it is brilliant. For example when you track from the Eleven Rack on Pro Tools a little plectrum icon appears on the track to indicate that the rig settings for that part are contained in the track if you choose to embed them. Secondly you can track clean and then 're-amp' the part down with all the rack settings in the track, if you wish you can also add some more external amps and effects before final recording.

The next very nice feature is Digi's decision to use standard MIDI protocol for controlling the rack, so no one can accuse Digi of cashing in on selling their own footboard or controller, you can use the one you like! Great move!

The Amps

  • ‘59 Tweed Lux
  • ’59 Tweed Bass
  • ’64 Black Panel Lux Vibrato and Normal
  • ’66 AC Hi Boost
  • ’67 Black Panel Duo
  • ’69 Plexiglas
  • ’82 Lead 800
  • ’85 M-2 Lead
  • ‘89 SL100 Drive, Crunch, and Clean
  • ’92 Treadplate Modern and Vintage
  • DC Modern Overdrive and DC Vintage Crunch
The Speaker Cabinets
  • 1x12 Black Lux
  • 1x12 Tweed Lux
  • 2x12 AC Blue
  • 2x12 Black Duo
  • 4x10 Tweed Bass
  • 4x12 Classic 30
  • 4x12 Green 25Watt
The Mics
  • Shure SM7 Dynamic Microphone
  • Shure SM57 Unidyne III Dynamic Microphone
  • Sennheiser MD 409 Dynamic Microphone
  • Sennheiser MD 421 Dynamic Microphone
  • Neumann U67 Condenser Microphone
  • Neumann U87 Condenser Microphone
  • AKG C 414 EB Condenser Microphone
  • Royer 121 Ribbon Microphone
The Effects
I would give you the effects list, but it's long and read's like a who's who of the vintage and classic stomp box world - it makes me seriously think that some will be using JUST an Eleven Rig, which I must say feels kinda weird knowing how much guitar players like their gadgets strewn around the stage at gigs.

In Closing
What you need to know and after doing my research on this project that from the amps, the cabs, the mics and the stomp boxes this rack has been a labour of love and obsession. These are not any old amps, mics or cabs, but hand picked for their tone and character. For example the AC30 isn't just any old AC30 but one the team have evaluated like a bottle of vintage red wine, making sure it's spot on.

This, I think is what makes the claims of the Eleven Rack changing the game more than just some marketing hyperbole. When you play a rig in the Eleven Rack it's been created like a work of art, a meal with precise herbs and spices. It is one of those moments when everyone else making their guitar rack first made a big mistake because this rack may well do for Digi in the guitar world what Pro Tools did for them in the recording world - first isn't always best, remember Nokia were making phones for over 10 years before Apple!

Take my advice and don't take anyone's advice about the Eleven Rack, but try it for yourself. Sure there will be those who will have opinions on it, but trust me, get in line at your music store and try this monster for yourself, but be warned it's likely to bite you in the ass and before you know it you'll have the brightest guitar rack around!

You can head over to Digi from the 23rd and check out some very nice audio examples of the rig, and get a brochure

MSRP is $1259 with a street price of $899

Acoustic Guitar Through Eleven Video

What happens when you put an acoustic guitar through Digidesign 11 FREE? Russ was asked the question, so he had to try. See what great results you can get with an acoustic through Digidesign Eleven FREE!

Watch it here