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Free Tutorial: Mixing Drums with Waves Signature Plug-ins - Part 2

In this video James talks about his approach to mixing real drums using Waves plug-ins.
In this second video in this series he looks at creating the perfect Hi Hat, Ride and Overhead sound using the JJP Signature plug-ins and uses the Kramer plug-ins to help glue the drums together.

Waves Plug-ins Used In This Video

JJP Cymbals & Percussion

Jack Joseph Puig told us this about his JJP Cymbals & Percussion…
There’s really so much you can do with cymbals and percussion. You can use some lo-fi effect to fatten up shakers. You can take out the mid-range on tambourines to make them sound brighter, or you can add some dirt and distortion to make them sound grittier. You can boost the high end to enhance the shimmer of the cymbals or compress them hard, to bring out other aspects of their sound. The JJP Cymbals & Percussion plugin gives you instant access to all the different colors I like to use, so you can just fire it up, find what you need, and stay creative.

JJP Guitars

Jack says…

Click to read more ...

Win The Brand New Sound Radix Drum Leveler Plug-in With Loop Loft

In addition to their end of year sale Loop Loft have joined forces with Sound Radix to offer the chance to win one of 5 copies of the brand new Drum Leveler Plug-in. On their website they say;

Purchase anything from The Loop Loft during The Black Friday Sale and automatically be entered to win the amazing new Drum Leveler plugin from Sound Radix!

We will be giving 5 copies of The Drum Leveler via random drawing of customers who purchase anything today through December 1st at 12:00am ET.  Winners will be notified via email on December 2nd.  Customers must select the “accept marketing” option during checkout in order to be entered into the contest.

Click here for more information

Do You Want Perfect Cymbal Rolls From A Sampler? This May Be What You Are Looking For

A nice find by community member Matt Blue is a new product from small sample developer Loops De La Creme, Cymbal Rolls.

If you have ever tried emulating a cymbal roll realistically in MIDI then you’ll know it’s pretty hard, but thanks to Loops De La Creme, Cymbal Rolls this is now just a key press and a modulation wheel away.

Increase the dynamic and emotional impact of your tracks with these responsive, intuitive and fully customisable instruments.

Press a key, use the modulation wheel, release the key: It’s never been easier to infuse your music with epic, organic, gorgeous sounding swells!

  • 10 hand-picked premium cymbals 
  • 278 samples (WAV, 24bit, 48kHz) 
  • up to 34 dynamic layers for maximum realism 
  • 10 single cymbal roll instruments 
  • 1 dynamic set with all cymbals 12 sound design instruments (Kontakt multis) 
  • 20 Impulse Responses (reverb) 
  • license agreement + user manual included 
  • Total size uncompressed: 1,57 GB 
  • list price: €42
  • Special deal of half off until November 30th 2014

Check out the demo video here

808 The Movie Official Trailer - Featuring Half The Music Industry, Their Mum And The Dog

It seems the Roland TR808 got it’s first full length movie and the trailer is out, it features a lot of people from the music industry including Phil Collins, Rick Rubin, Pharrell Williams and many more.

You can watch the official trailer for “808” the documentary by clicking this link.

I found the orginal story on Rolling Stone, where the comments have started to go South pretty fast, you might want to go and see how they progress with a bag of popcorn, they might end up to even more entertaining than this cool film.

Steven Slate Drums 5 Platinum Announced - SSD5 Coming Soon

In what looks like a bit of a cock-up, Sweetwater have announced Steven Slate Drums 5 Platinum before Steven Slate has. A nice find by eagle eyed Neil in the latest Sweetwater mailer it looks like this will be an announcement from Slate at AES.

Complete facts are sketchy but what we can see from the print ad is;

  • SSD5 Complete version for $399
  • SSD5 EX version for $149
  • Samples recorded on 2” tape
  • New browser
  • New mixer
  • Thousands of ‘go to’ grooves
  • Expansion packs from Chris Lord Alge, Terry Date and David Bendeth
  • VST, AU, RTAS and AAX

More to follow once the official announcement is made.

Drumdrops Drum Samples Mixed By Guy Massey - Free To First 20

Our friends at Drumdrops are releasing the 1965 Ludwig Super Classic Kit Kontakt 5 pack tomorrow, 28th August between 4pm and 4.30 pm with a special introductory offer.

  • First 20 people will receive it free
  • Next 50 people will receive it for £ 15.00
  • Next 50 people will receive it for £ 25.00
  • Next 50 people will receive it for £ 30.00
  • And then it will return to £ 40.00.

Recorded At Top London Studio The Square

The kit was recorded by our resident Drumdrops engineer Ben Thackeray and mixed by Grammy award winning ex-Abbey Road engineer Guy Massey. The drummer was Tim Weller, a busy UK session drummer recent clients included - Death in Vegas, Chris Difford, Future Sound of London, Marc Almond, Beverley Craven, Natalie Imbruglia, Duke Special, Ellie Goulding and Noel Gallagher.

The recording took place in Miloco’s The Square Studios in London. Quite a controlled and tight sounding live room so you can really hear the sound of this kit and treat it later. For mic pre’s we used a combination of the SSL G-Series and a number of external pre’s including Calrec 1061’s, Valve Telefunken V76, a Neve 1066 and Neve Prisms.

Mixed On SSL-G Series

The kit was mixed on the SSL G-Series console at The Square by Guy Massey. In the past few years Guy has worked with many artists including Bill Fay, Ed Sheeran, Ultrasound, Neil Hannon and Thomas Walsh and Paul McCartney as well as many up and coming acts. In 2010 he won two UK Music Producer Guild awards for engineer of the year and best album. He won engineer of the year again this year.

More Drumdrops Deals

Check out our Route Seventy Sticks sound lbrary in this months deals here

Get The Kit For Free

Head over to the Drumdrops site from 4:00pm GMT tomorrow to grab them

Looking For A Massive Roland 909 Kick Drum? This Should Do It

The search for really huge kick drum sounds has been on for as long as we can remember, especially in dance music.

There have been many approaches to the problem, some try stacking sounds, others use plug-ins like subsonic bass and other’s simply rely on conventional use of compressors and EQs.

However a group of Edinburgh musicians took a novel approach and went to the source, making a huge but fully working Roland 909 drum machine, so big several people can play it at the same time.

Constructed of wood and having pads about a 1’ square this huge Roland TR909 drum machine is fully working.

We can only assume they use Monster Cables to connect it up. Puns welcome.

Watch the monster TR909 drum machine video here

Get A MIDI Beat Playing Rock Solid With A Real Drummer

Russ shows two ways to get a MIDI beat playing rock solid with a real drummer.

In this video he explains that quantising a beat is not always the answer and can create more problems than it solves, especially when the drummer is playing with a nice human feel.

You may want to get an entire MIDI beat locked with a drummer or just push a few beats into time.This video covers both possibilities and demonstrates how easy it is to get everything in time, even human time!

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Drumdrops Route Seventy Sticks - 30% Off Any Tracks In This Album

Exclusive to Pro Tools Expert customers for the month of August, Drumdrops is offering 30% off any purchase from the album Route Seventy Sticks. 

Route Seventy Sticks is an album containing 32 Americana drum tracks available to purchase as drum multi-tracks with all the seperate mics, drum stems and mixes or four bar drum loops. The Multi-tracks come with Pro Tools 9, Logic 9, Ableton Live 8, Reaper 4, Cubase 6 & Studio One 2.5 Session files as well as tempo maps, OMF files for exporting into any other DAW and of course the audio files. The Stem packs include the audio files as 24 bit 44.1 WAV files and a tempo map. The loops are formatted as Apple Loops, Rex 2 and WAVs for importing into any sampler.

Laidback rock, sun-soaked pop, driving blues grooves and down-home country across a range of tempos from easy riding to open freeway. 

There’s a simple reason why 70s rock legends like Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young, Steely Dan and The Eagles continually pop up on your FM dial - it’s the sound of these records. There’s a pre-digital warmth in the lavish productions of this golden age in rock that stand the test of time.

Now you can get your kicks with the latest addition to the Drumdrops family - 32 drum tracks featuring that classic sound of 70s America. Route Seventy Sticks serves up laidback rock, sun-soaked pop, driving blues grooves and down-home country across a range of tempos from easy riding through to open freeway.

Played with feeling and precision by London session drummer Tim Weller this sumptuous recording even throws in some 12/8 blues shuffles and a bit of brushwork for that bonafide country rock sound. The bedrock of those bygone days is here in 24-bit multi-tracked glory plus stems and DAW-friendly loops which should certainly put the bang in your burrito. With drums this good you’re halfway down that road to writing a classic already.

All 32 tracks on Route Seventy Sticks can be purchased on a track by track basis either as Drum Multl-tracks, Drum Stems or Drum Loops. Alternatively you can purchase all the tracks on Route Seventy Sticks as a complete album in each format.

Drumdrops Route Seventy Sticks Review

“Drumdrops’ ‘album’ concept lets you buy full multitracks, stems and/or loops, by song or by ‘album’. This one has 32 US-style rock/pop drum tracks, all exhibiting a warm, analogue 70s sound. It’s tastefully performed by UK sessioneer Tim Weller, with genres including blues, country, folk-rock, shuffle and ‘laid-back’ (think Fleetwood Mac). We recommend the multitracks for full mix control. 8/10” Computer Music December 2012

Matt Chamberlain Drums From Loop Loft With Exclusive Pro Tools Sessions £32 - 33% Discount 

This is a brand new release from Loop Loft and Pro Tools Sesssions included in this bundle are exclusive to Pro Tools Expert.

As one of the most in-demand session drummers of the past 20 years, Matt Chamberlain’s extensive list of recording credits is a veritable who’s who of the music industry including Peter Gabriel, The Wallflowers, Fiona Apple, Kanye West, David Bowie and Elton John (just to name a few).  With the release of Matt Chamberlain Drums, songwriters producers and engineers around the world now have unprecedented access to the unmistakable “vibe” of the drummer behind countless hit songs.

Recorded at Chamberlain’s personal studio inside of the famed Sound City complex in Van Nuys, California, The Matt Chamberlain Pro Tools Drum Sessions captures an incredible range of beats, sounds and styles.  Nine complete Pro Tools sessions each give you dozens of rhythmic and sonic options ranging from organic brush grooves, to driving rock, to vintage soul, to dynamic and experimental cinematic textures.  

Included in the collection are over 380 beats, fills and breaks, all recorded in pristine 24 bit, 96 kHz audio.  In addition, the Pro Tools Sessions give you access to 15 channels of separate audio tracks, allowing you to mix every element of Matt’s drum kit, including kick, snare, toms, overheads and a variety of room mics.  The download also includes loops in REX2, AIFF, WAV, Stylus RMX and MIDI, allowing you to utilize the beats in any DAW or loop plug-in.

Matt Chamberlain Drums Specs: 

  • File Size: 7.6 GB for 96 kHz Multitracks (Pro Tools)
  • File Size: 667 MB for 48 kHz Stereo Loops
  • 387 Grooves, Fills & Breaks
  • 9 Pro Tools Sessions
  • 73 Samples (Three Drum Kits)
  • Sessions include (Audio & MIDI):
  • 72bpm Cinematic Mallets
  • 84bpm Swunken Pocket
  • 92bpm Folky Brushes
  • 100bpm Rawk Roll
  • 107bpm Funky Trixons
  • 110bpm Abstract Linear
  • 115bpm Tom Tom Attack
  • 122bpm Dance Muzak
  • 180bpm Three Four
  • Instant Download
  • 100% Royalty Free
  • 24 Bit 48 KHZ Stereo Loops
  • 24 Bit 96 KHZ Multitracks (Pro Tools)
  • WAV, REX2, Stylus RMX and AIFF (Apple Loops) Formats