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Problems With Timecode And Field Recorder Workflow - Can You Help?

Community member Johannes Wengert sent us in this question and to date we have drawn a blank and so we thought someone else in the community may have the answer. Johannes asked…

I have a question concerning metadata in wav-files. I’ve received an AAF from Media Composer (not embedded audio, not consolidated but full copies of all wav files) and successfully imported it. Everything good so far. Now comes the problem:

I need to conform the multitrack audio (it’s a concert recording) to the rough mix from Media Composer using the “field recorder guide track” option in PT using timecode. Everything has been recorded properly with TC during the show so no problem there. Pro Tools cannot conform the tracks because there is no valid time stamp in the audio from MC - When I look at the files using the Workspace or the “Wave Agent” by SoundDevices it shows a Original Time Stamp / Start TC of 01:00:00:00 for every file

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Pro Tools Expert Podcast Episode 123

Neil, James & Mike Aiton bring you another show with talking points, tips, tricks and questions answered.

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Talking Points

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  • Matt North - Structure Free Shortcuts In Pro Tools 11
  • Phil Tuttle - Audio Clicking in Pro Tools
  • Brent Smith - Vocal Plug-in Chain EQ

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Pro Tools Expert Sonnox Community Award - Hall Of Fame So Far

Don’t forget that every month there is a chance to win a Pro Tools Expert Sonnox Community award, sponsored by our friends at Sonnox.

So far our winners have been;

All of them did some came up with some great ways of helping the Pro Tools community and in doing so also got themselves a Sonnox Elite plug-in.

To win, simply hang around here and share your expertise with great tips and tricks - it could be you!

Ableton Live Expert Community Web Site To Launch In April

We are thrilled to announce the forthcoming launch of Ableton Live Expert, a community for users of Ableton Live. I’m a committed user of Pro Tools and proud to be, but my son and all his mates are using Ableton Live and he asked me when there would be a community like Pro Tools Expert for them. Ableton Live Expert is the Ableton Live Community offering news, reviews, tips and tricks.

Ableton Live Expert Team

The new site Ableton Live Expert will go live in early April 2014 and aims to be a one-stop site for users of Ableton Live. The Editor of the new site is artist and Ableton Certified Trainer Martin Delaney, a.k.a. Mindlobster. Besides his vast experience as a trainer, he has written over 100 magazine articles, and the ‘Ableton Live Tips & Tricks’ series of books. Martin has produced several video training packages and also designed the Kenton Killamix Mini USB MIDI controller. Martin will be heading up the new Ableton Live Expert team.

Ableton Live Expert - Get More Information

If you are a user of Ableton Live then you can find out more by;

Create Studio Sound Panels & Gobos Using IKEA Bookcases

Community member John Mackniskas has emailed us to tell us about his custom built studio sound panels and gobos using IKEA book cases. He writes;

Hi guys, I have a great tip on building high quality sound panels and GoBos using IKEA book shelves and rigid 703 fiberglass insulation.

You go to IKEA and buy the KILBY, Bookcase for $24.99 (Article Number: 400.681.54). It’s so simple to assemble. Then go to Hobby Lobby or an fabric store and buy yourself some Travel knit fabric, it is very elastic and will not wrinkle and is also really inexpensive.
Go to Home Depot or do a Google search on where to get yourself some Owens and Corning 703 or the comparable Johns Manville 814. for the insulation material. I used a staple gun to staple wood strips in to hold the travel knit. Anyway these are really great and would cost hundreds if not thousands to buy already made.

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Pro Tools Expert Partner With Pro Tools Users Forum

We know that some of our readers really appreciate forums as they try to get answers.

Pro Tools Expert have teamed up with the highly popular ProToolsUser.org who have been around since 2007.

With contributions from both enthusiasts and top engineers and producers it is worth checking out.

More information about the Pro Tools forum here.

Issues With Low Latency Mode In Pro Tools

Updated on Thursday, January 16, 2014 at 5:58PM by Registered CommenterMike Thornton

Kenny McLellan sent us an email explaining he is having problems with the low latency monitoring mode in Pro Tools 11. He says…

When I make an audio track and wish to input monitor with record enabled, if I turn on low latency mode I cannot hear the audio.  The meters are indicating that there is a signal present etc. If I turn low latency off, then I can hear the audio. I have been using this method for years with my 003 and have never had this problem before.  I am aware that I can lower the buffers etc but this affects my mix when i have an abundance of plug ins running etc. I have checked the routing etc and all is OK. Having done some more research,  I have just discovered more about low latency monitoring. It seems that the Mbox 2 LLM does not work with PT11 and with 003 LLM mutes the audio.  Avid advised me to use 11.0 driver with Mountain Lion, PT 11.1 and PT 10.3.8. They then replied asking me to check the routing etc. I told them I have been using LLM for years never had any problem with LLM until now, and I am waiting on answer from Avid.

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The Pro Tools Expert Community Award Sponsored By Sonnox

In Podcast 98 we discussed the idea of encouraging the community to help each other. As we have said on many occasions we aren’t the only Pro Tools Experts, it works best when we pull together as a community to help each other when and where we can. There are plenty of places on the web for trolls and negativity, if that’s you style then the Pro Tools Expert community may not be for you. Many of our members work hard to create a positive and supportive community of Pro Tools Experts and we think that kind of attitude should be recognised and encouraged.  

With all of that in mind we would like to reward those in the community who go the extra mile to help others.

Each month we will award the Community Member Of The Month Award sponsored by Sonnox. We are very pleased to announce that Sonnox are sponsoring this award as they want to support us in building a positive community, but we need to make it clear that Sonnox has no other involvement, and in no way endorses or encourages any individual comment or view submitted on Pro Tools Expert. This award would go to the individual who in the judges opinion made the best contribution to the Pro Tools Expert community.  For example it could be for…

  • A single post helping a community member with a problem on the main site or on our Facebook page. 
  • A great video demonstrating a tip or trick in a new way.
  • A collection of smaller posts all with the aim of helping the community. 

In the first podcast of each month we will announce the award from the previous month and explain why we have chosen that individual. We will post the story with a picture and details of the winner as we do with other competition winners.

As this award is sponsored by Sonnox the winner each month will be able to choose one Native plug-in from the Sonnox Elite Collection.

Terms & Conditions

  • The item is download only, you must have an iLok account to use this software.
  • The decision of the judges is final.
  • Pro Tools Team members will not be included in this award.
  • While Sonnox is pleased to be sponsoring this award, it has no other involvement; Sonnox in no way endorses or encourages any individual comment or view submitted on Pro Tools Expert.

Dave Pensado Kicks Off Pro Tools Expert 5th Anniversary 

This month Pro Tools Expert celebrates its 5th anniversary, having started in 2008 as a blog to help a few people struggling with Pro Tools, we’ve now just completed our 5th year and we’re a little bigger.

We’ve been asking community members and friends of the blog to share their own stories.

Dave Pensado sent me this message last night and has given me permission to share it. Dave is a Grammy winning producer who also hosts ‘Pensado’s Place’ one of the most loved shows in the industry.

Hi Russ, congrats to you and the guys. I’m addicted to Pro Tools Expert. You guys were incredible in getting me thru the Great ILok upgrade of ‘13, and also are my AAX watch dog.  I watch all your tutorials, and take advantage of the gear/software specials often.  KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! Dave Pensado

Thanks Dave - right back at ya!

Pro Tools Expert Member Proposes To Girlfriend On Podcast

It’s certainly a Pro Tools Expert podcast first, perhaps even a podcast first. We have been asking community members to share their favourite moments in the 5 years the blog has been running- all in a run-up to our 5-year anniversary celebration in October.

However, we didn’t expect the request we got from Anthony Dominello. He and his girlfriend are fans of the Pro Tools Expert blog and listen to the podcast together every week. When Anthony asked if he could use the Pro Tools Expert podcast to propose to his college sweetheart - well, we HAD to say yes.

So, on Podcast 80, we gave Anthony the opportunity to propose. His plan was to sit said girlfriend down and have her hear the proposal along with other podcast fans from around the world. We have news from Anthony;

Short answer, she said yes.  Actually, that’s the long answer too. Thanks so much to you and the crew!  Tell Jivey not to worry about missing it— we can always have a machine play his part.  :-)

I’ve attached what is probably the earliest picture of us as teenagers. Her hand covering my face pretty much sums up our relationship at that time— I was the shy one back then.  Complete reversal now.

Chocolate on the way once the weather cools down enough.

Thanks again for being part of all this.  You rock like no-one has ever rocked before!

Please join the PTE team in wishing Anthony and Mare the very best for their forthcoming wedding and the rest of their lives!

You can hear the proposal on this week’s podcast.