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Tracks Freeze Confirmed As Pro Tools Feature On Avid Store

There’s been a lot of discussion around the recent Pro Tools 12 announcement, creating as many questions as answers, one in particular is the addition of track freeze. Whilst there have been implications of track freeze as an addition in Pro Tools 12 no one at Avid has explicitly said this. Even the new Pro Tools 12 Features page makes no mention of it.

Some users have said it comes as part of the cloud collaboration and that earlier demos of future Pro Tools features also indicated track freeze. However those early demos were technology previews and came with a very clear legal disclaimer that nothing was promised as features and would be confirmed at a later date.

However a recent addition to the Avid store page has a this line added (see image below) to the list entitled ‘Why Upgrade To Pro Tools 11’.

Last on that list it says ‘Enjoy track freeze and many more exciting new features coming throughout 2015’

So although this feature seems to have been alluded to in various demos, interviews and other sources, Avid seem now to have confirmed this in their own store.

Will it come in the first version of Pro Tools 12? Who knows, the text simply indicates it being a feature in 2015.

Avid Pro Tools 12 - Is it Just Pro Tools 11 With Cloud Collaboration & Marketplace Added?

Pro Tools 12 has now been announced and there are web pages to look at, full of pretty pictures, reading what there is, it would seem that Pro Tools 12 is nothing more than Pro Tools 11 with the various cloud collaboration, Avid Marketplace, and cloud storage features presented in the tech previews at NAB last April and IBC last September.

You can learn more about Pro Tools 12 features in the video from Avid and a video from a 3rd party recorded on their phone. The video Avid link to on their site to explain the cloud collaboration and Avid Marketplace features was made back in April 2014.

Release Date?

No Pro Tools 12 release date has been offered on Avid’s web site, it is just announced as ‘coming soon’, but they will have to release it within 3 months now they have made a formal announcement at NAMM 2015.

All Purchases Come With An Avid Upgrade And Support Plan

Avid tell us that all Pro Tools purchases, upgrades, and subscriptions will now come with an Avid upgrade and support plan that ensures you always have the latest features at your fingertips.

This means that you’ll get all future software updates and upgrades (as long as your plan is active), including the upcoming Pro Tools cloud services and other features, and 24x7 access to our Customer Care team experts to get help and advice whenever, wherever, and however you need it. 

Sign Up Early And Test The Product For Avid

Avid are asking users to help us make Cloud Collaboration, the Avid Marketplace, and other upcoming Pro Tools features the best they can be. Sign up for an opportunity to start using these features before they’re available to the public.

Pro Tools 12 Sign-Up Screen Leaked - With Avid Pro Tools | First - NAMM 2015

There’s been some rumours circulating about Avid announcing Pro Tools 12 at NAMM 2015.

Here’s a leaked image of the screen to sign-up for Pro Tools 12 from the Avid web site.

To be honest from reading the text there’s nothing earth shatteringly new about what’s coming and nothing that hasn’t been shown as technology previews in numerous shows during 2014.

It does however mention a new product called Avid Pro Tools | First, what do you think Avid Pro Tools | First could be?

Tutorial: How To Use VCA Auto-Spill On The Avid S6 Control Surface Using v1.3 Software

Watch as Gary Lux and Richard McKernan demonstrate VCA Auto-Spill, the most anticipated and talked about new feature on Avid S6 v1.3 software. Once VCA Auto-Spill is enabled, you simply have to focus (or attention) the VCA master and all of the slaves automatically spill out on the surface, making adjustments and edits quicker and easier. Check it out, and stay tuned for more video tutorials on using the Avid S6.

To learn more about the Pro Tools | S6, visit our dedicated Avid Pro Tools | S6 blog.

Have You Used Avid Support? Poll

There’s been a lot of discussion around the new Avid Support offer, many are wondering if they should take the plunge. It’s not been smooth roll-out with still many questions left answered.

Support contracts are in essence a form of insurance, just like car breakdown cover, so the big question is how likely is it that you would use Avid Support? With sites like Pro Tools Expert, the DUC and a multitude of other great free resources, is a support contract essential for you?

So here’s a simple survey, have you ever used Avid for support? If the answer is yes then did you get your problem resolved?

The results of this survey may help you to decide if you need to make the investment. Of course please feel free to comment as ever.

What Are The Options For The Avid Support And Upgrade Plans Before December 31st 2014?

We have had a number of queries about what to do regarding taking up an Avid Upgrade/Support Plan and so we are going to try and outline the options as we see them. Please be aware that this is our interpretation of what Avid has said in their announcements and on their site, but as an independent site we cannot be definitive, only Avid themselves can do that.

Unfortunately Avid haven’t made any further announcements to clarify the questions we raised back in early November when we outlined the case that there are too many questions for us to recommend the new Pro Tools licensing.

Very recently Julian outlined a very well reasoned case covering piracy through to Avid’s new licensing plans. Do read it if you haven’t done so already.

There are some deadlines looming with regard to the new Avid Upgrade/Support plans and so here are our thoughts…

Pro Tools Express, Pro Tools LE, and Pro Tools M-Powered/MP Owners

Avid have specified on their Pro Tools 11 licensing page that all Pro Tools Express, Pro Tools LE, and Pro Tools M-Powered/MP Owners have until December 31st 2014 to take advantage of the Update/Crossgrade plan for a fee of $199 for 12 months and it also includes a 12 month support plan. These new licensing plans are not perpetual, although the Pro Tools software will continue to work after the 12 months is up, you will be unable to take advantage of newer versions of Pro Tools released after your plan has expired. If you want to continue to receive upgrades then you will need to be prepared to pay $199 per year.

Pro Tools LE Owners


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Is It A Support Plan Or A Software Subscription?

The Importance of Perceived Value

I’ve posted some thoughts about “perceived value” before, in my recent piece about streaming vs owning music I suggested that if something costs less, it has less perceived value. The elephant in the corner of the digital economy is that there are two kinds of goods, those which are difficult to manufacture and those which are not. The huge difference between hardware and software is the ease with which digital goods can be copied. If you can make as many of a thing as you want, how much is one worth? This is where the illegal downloader tries to justify their action. “If the product is infinitely reproducible at zero cost then I haven’t cost you anything” would be the justification to the software pirate - Of course they have cost the industry a huge amount but this cost is less tangible than stealing a physical product.  

Creative Content & Software

The two digital products we are most concerned with at Pro Tools Expert are creative content and software. As people who make their living or aspire to make their living producing creative content like music, videos radio programmes etc, we are more aware than most of the knock on effects of limitless online piracy. As we all know, the story can appear bleak for professionals trying to survive in a world which contains the perfect mechanism for the unrestricted, unauthorised distribution of the fruits of our labours.

Living in Cloud Cuckoo Land

As software consumers it is easy to assume that software is written by massive corporations in gleaming white futuristic buildings with overpaid developers whizzing down wide corridors on Segways (at least that’s how I imagine it is). However when you sit down and think about it, that is as silly as a consumer of music assuming anyone who has ever put a record out lies all day in a platinum infinity pool in a house in the Hollywood hills.

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Pro Tools Software Makers Avid Relisted On NASDAQ

Avid, makers of Pro Tools software have been relisted on NASDAQ as of yesterday, December 8th 2014.

The company was delisted in February becuase of the late filing of its 2012 Annual Report. 

In a statement John Frederick, the company’s chief financial and administrative officer said 

“We are pleased that Avid stock will once again trade on the Nasdaq.”

For more information visit the Avid investor relations page

Pro Tools 11.2.2 Announced - But Still No OS X 10.10 Yosemite Support

Yosemite Users, Don’t Do It!

Avid have announced the latest update for Pro Tools 11.  However, disappointingly it doesn’t include support for Apple’s current OS - Yosemite. Avid tell us that Pro Tools 11.2.2 does support Mac OS X 10.9, 10.9.1, 10.9.2, 10.9.3, 10.9.4 (Mavericks) and Mac OS X 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion).

On Windows, Pro Tools 11.2.2 supports Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and Windows 7 SP1

Avid S6 Users, Don’t Do it!

Avid also say that S6 owners should not update to Pro Tools 11.2.2 at this time.

HD Users - New HD Drivers & HDX Firmware

Pro Tools HDX and HD Native users, be sure to install the 11.2.2 HD drivers. The HD drivers may be found in the Driver Installers folder included in the 11.2.2 download.

Pro Tools 11.2.2 requires a firmware update for HDX card. The firmware update will take place during Pro Tools launch after you have updated. Avid tell us that the firmware update has been tested for backwards compatibility with Pro Tools 10.3.6 and later.

New Versions Of Revibe, Space & X-Form

If you are upgrading to 11.2.2 and  you own ReVibe, Space and X-Form you should update to the 11.2.2 versions of thes plug-ins which should be available from the respective plug-in pages on the Avid site or in you Avid Acoount.

Wait Until You have Downtime Before You Upgrade

As we always say, if you are in the middle of a project, consider very carefully whether you should run any upgrades. We recommend you wait for some downtime so that if there are any issues you have time to fix them or go back to the previous version.

Issues Resolved in Pro Tools | Software 11.2.2

  • In certain mixer configurations, virtual instruments on Auxiliary Input or Instrument tracks that are configured to receive MIDI from standalone MIDI tracks are now correctly time-aligned in offline bounces. (PTSW-195783)

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Users Intending To Upgrade Beyond Pro Tools 11 Drops From Half To One Third In Latest Poll

The results of out latest Pro Tools users poll are in, in which Pro Tools owners were asked to tell us their upgrade plans in light of the recent announcement from Avid about the new Pro Tools 11 licensing.

A poll was conducted before Avid confirmed the final details and after the same poll was conducted again. The latest results of the 1500 people polled show the number intending to upgrade beyond Pro Tools 11 dropping from half to one third. It seems that the facts only made Pro Tools users less convinced of the new Pro Tools licensing.

The results are shown below. Discuss.