How To Audition Pro Tools Plug-in Presets Without Using Your Mouse

It is possible to audition Pro Tools plug-in presets without using your mouse, simply by using the up and down keys on your computer keyboard and with a modifier key you can jump between preset folders.

This is particularly useful when auditioning synth sounds when playing, but it can be used for any kind of Pro Tools plug-ins, here’s how.

Open The Plug-In Settings Dialog

The plug-in dialog window is a handy feature in that displays in grid form all your saved presets and any shipped with the plug-in. If those presets are in folders then you can also navigate through those too. To open it use the button that looks like two rectangles on top of one another, see red legend above.

To Navigate The Plug-In Settings Dialog With Your Computer Keyboard

You can navigate around this folder using the up, down, left and right arrows on your computer keyboard.

To navigate to a new folder press the CMD key on a Mac or Windows key on a PC and then the up or down arrow key.

That’s it, it’s great when using virtual instruments.

Using DB33 On Guitar And Bass In Pro Tools

In this video tutorial Russ shows how you can add character to both guitar and bass using the free AIR DB33 as an effects plug-in in Pro Tools.

In demonstrates the value of using it as a send rather than an insert on the channel so that the sounds can be blended together, this gives an even greater tone palette to work with.

This video shows it working on electric guitar and bass guitar.

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Pro Tools Expert Podcast 134

Mike, Neil and James are here to bring you another show with talking points, tips, tricks and questions answered.

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UAD Announce AMS rmx16 As Part Of 7.1 Software Upgrade

UAD have updated their plug-in software with the addition of emulations of two iconic hardware processors…

AMS RMX16 Digital Reverb Plug-In

This has to be the most amazing news to have a plug-in version of this ultimate iconic hardware processor.  The AMS RMX16 was the world’s first microprocessor controlled, full-bandwidth, digital reverberator. Heard on hundreds — if not thousands — of seminal recordings from the 1980s to today, the AMS RMX16 is still found in nearly every major recording studio the world over.

Now exclusively available for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces, the AMS RMX16 Digital Reverb plug-in was painstakingly developed by original hardware designer Mark Crabtree of AMS Neve, using the exact same algorithms as the legendary hardware. He dusted off his original schematics and extensive notes. It was a laborious two-year process, and the end result is a UAD plug-in that apparently contains exact instruction-for-instruction models of the original algorithms — giving you it’s iconic reverb sounds in your DAW.

Watch the video of Mark Crabtree talking about the process, that all happened round the corner from where Mike lives.

Summit Audio TLA-100A Compressor Plug-In

By no means an ‘also ran’ in this release, the TLA-100A was a studio mainstay since its introduction in the 1980s. This Compressor is revered for its hybrid tube/solid-state circuit, smooth punch and presence, and intuitive interface. Developed by Softube, you can now track and mix with a crafted emulation of this modern classic with the Summit Audio TLA-100A Compressor plug-in for UAD-2 DSP hardware and Apollo interfaces.

Upgrade And Try These New Plug-ins

Note that all UAD plug-ins include a fully functional 14-day demo period. During or after the demo period, UAD plug-ins can be purchased individually in their online store.

Avid S6 Video Tutorial From RSPE Audio - Expand Mode

RSPE Audio once again enlisted the help of Hollywood Mixer Gary Lux and Avid’s own Richard McKernan for their next S6 video tutorial. The video shows how Expand Mode on the Avid S6 allows you to easily view and edit all of the parameters of an EQ, Dynamic, or Insert with simply one button. Check it out, and stay tuned for more video tutorials.

To learn more about the S6, visit our blog dedicated to Avid’s S6.

Free TRIM Enabler Software For Mac SSD Owners

Here’a a nifty piece of free software from Cindori.

Trim is must-have feature for most Solid State Drives. It increases data writing speeds as well as the lifetime of the SSD.

With Trim Enabler, you can bring that feature to Mac OS X. It’s as easy as flipping a switch.

There’s a free version as well as a paid-for version.

Get TRIM Enabler here

BBC Chose Dynaudio As Their New Reference Monitors For Radio & Music Division

A few years back, the BBC decided to replace their monitors in the Radio & Music division. After a comprehensive selection procedure, the AIR 6, AIR 20, and BM5 reference monitors from Dynaudio Professional were chosen as the new standard monitors.

The comprehensive selection procedure was carried out under EU procurement guidelines, where each of the interested parties were asked to submit 3 different monitor sizes. Every single monitor and company was evaluated separately, and 10 different brands were short listed, The final selection process included a variety of usability tests. In addition the speakers had to pass through technical evaluations, extensive blind listening tests, and factory inspections.

Martin O’Donnell, Broadcast Sales Manager at HHB Communications Ltd told us…

As BBC Radio & Music moved to replace their existing monitors, we took a close look at their acoustic requirements and technical specifications. We presented loudspeaker combinations from a number of different manufacturers and following the evaluations our Dynaudio Professional proposal was chosen to meet the tough BBC requirements.

This is so different than back in the day when the BBC Research and Development group designed and commissioned such classic speakers as the LS3/5A and the LS5/8A. Mike still uses his 37 year old LS3/5As, maybe its time to consider a change?

Sonivox Products Updated To AAX For Pro Tools 11 Compatibility

Sonivox have announced that their products are now AAX 64 bit and now Pro Tools 11 compatible.

Supported Formats:

  • AU 32/64-bit.
  • VST 32/64-bit.
  • AAX 64-bit.
  • Stand Alone 32-bit.

Updated Sonivox Products:

  • Twist 2.2 Spectral Morphing Synthesizer.
  • Wobble 2.2 Dubstep Grime Generator.
  • Vocalizer Pro 1.2 Vocoder Musical Instrument.
  • Big Bang Universal Drums 2.2 Flagship Drum Instrument.
  • Big Bang Cinematic Percussion 2.2 Cinematic Percussion Instrument.
  • Eighty Eight Ensemble 2.2 Flagship Piano with Splits & Layers.
  • Playa 1.4 Flagship Hip Hop Instrument.
  • Playa Aggro Electro Boom 1.4 Legendary Hip Hop / Urban Instrument.
  • Playa Strings 1.4 Legendary Hip Hop Strings Instrument.

Update Eligibility 

Version 2.0 owners (or Vocalizer Pro/Playa Series Version 1.0) are entitled to a free update. Current owners of earlier versions can purchase an upgrade.

Visit the SONiVOX website for details.

Eventide Release New UltraReverb - Special Introductory Price

Eventide have announced Ultrareverb, they say it’s the culmination of 35 years of reverb R&D.

What Is UltraReverb

Halls, Chambers, Rooms, Plates, and Ambience derived from Eventide’s flagship hardware processor, the H8000 UltraHarmonizer®

Features Of The New UltraReverb

  • Create acoustically natural or other-worldly environments
  • Packed with over 300 killer presets for mixing, mastering, post production, and sound design
  • Includes Artist Presets designed by top engineers and recording professionals
  • No Physical iLok Key required
  • Native format for AU, VST, or AAX64 for Mac or Windows
  • Session compatible with Eventide Reverb HD/TDM from the Anthology II bundle

Special Offer

Until October 17th 2014 Eventide are offering the UltraReverb for $79 instead of $199.

More information can be found here

Audio Post Production Workflows Using Pro Tools - Part 12 - Mixing Part 2

Last week in part 11 of this series on Audio Post Production Workflows Using Pro Tools, with the first of two articles from Howard Bargroff, who mixed the award winning Sherlock series, concludes this journey through the audio post production workflow outlining how he configures Pro Tools for mixing thes large drams and the tools he uses. Back to you Howard….

Printing Audio And Stems

Printing audio is generally across three 5.1 or LtRt stems; dials, music and fx, unless the production require further splits, then a final 5.1 mix and an LtRt mix through a Neyrinck soundcode plugin is printed. Master tracks are used for a bit of gentle C4 on all the stems, and the 5.1 mix then goes through a Waves L3 for a bit of final mix compression, with some further light L3 containment on the LtRt mix.

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