Free Kontakt Synth With Cool Sequencer - A New Once Each Day

The team at Prodyon are giving away a synth a day on their YouTube page. 

Today’s synth is very nice giving an organic synth sound which moves over time with the sequencer patterns.

There are plenty of knobs to tweak, so geeks should be in their element.

Watch the video and get the free synth link from here

Pro Tools Fundamentals - Naming Everything

One of the things which first attracted me to Pro Tools was that it doesn’t do things for you. Everything in your session is there because you made it, and if you made it hopefully you understand it, and its exactly the way you want it to be. This has been eroded a little recently by things like factory templates but still largely holds true. For the most part if you start a new session you will be met with a blank page and if you create an aux send, Pro Tools doesn’t assume you want an auxiliary return creating (I’m talking to you Logic Pro…).

However with freedom comes responsibility and Pro Tools puts you in charge of pretty much everything, including housekeeping. If you want to stay on top of your session its in your interest to label everything. I’m pretty obsessive about this stuff and even in a session with one track I’ll still label it, in my book leaving it as “Audio 1” is just plain wrong. So what can/should you name and how do you do it?

Naming Sessions

The first opportunity for naming comes right at the start when you create a session. Sometimes you may be just creating a junk session to play with some ideas or to check something out.

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Using Waves Renaissance Bass In Audio Post Production

In the second in a series of three videos looking at ways to use the Waves MaxxBass, Renaissance Bass and Lo Air plug-ins in audio post production, Mike Thornton shares how to get the best out of the Waves MaxxBass plug-in.

Click here to watch this free video tutorial

Using The Aphex J Pre 500 & RPA 500 To Record Guitar And Bass

In this video James builds on the drum track he created in the first part of this review by adding bass and guitar parts.

The Aphex J Pre 500 & RPA 500 are part of the Aphex 500 rack series units.

Groove 3 Join Forces With Hal Leonard Publishing - Celebrate With September Special

Groove 3, the best place for online video training for the audio and music production world, have joined forces with Hal Leonard, the leading publisher of books and digital content on the music business, audio technology, and instrument history. 

Top Learning Resources

Groove3 currently offers more the 850 hours of top-notch online training. The new, exclusive content from Hal Leonard will include product by world-renowned recording, audio, and music experts from many fields, including the Hal Leonard Recording Method by Bill Gibson, the Bruce Swedien Recording Method, Rikki Rooksby’s series of books on songwriting, and much more.  Additional courses and products will be announced and released in the coming weeks.

John Cerullo, Group Publisher of Hal Leonard Books.

Groove3 is the most trusted and time-tested online quality resource for training videos for musicians, and bringing Hal Leonard’s reputable brands and content into their community will be a huge benefit to all musicians interested in learning online.

Get Our Groove 3 September Special

We’ve teamed up with Groove 3 to celebrate, so head and offer their legnedaryannual All Access Pass for just $100 - that allows you to watch all the content on Groove 3 site for an entire year. You can also try it for 30 days for $10. Head over and enter the code PTE33 at the checkout to grab this deal.

Share Your Good Dealer Experiences With The Community

At the end of our discussion on Podcast 132, on the “Tale Of Two Cities” story where Mike Aiton and Russ Hughes had two very different dealer experiences, we asked if you would like to share your good dealer experiences.

Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty

If you have had a dealer go above and beyond the call of duty, or go the extra mile, or even the extra 15 miles to get you out of a hole then please share your story with the community, lets identify the good dealers and show them some love for helping us out when we had a problem.

Good News Only Please

This is in response to a request from community members for information on great dealers, so please share the good news stories only please.

iZotope Announce Great Deal On Stutter Edit - 60% Discount

Buy iZotope Stutter Edit in September for 60% Discount The Lowest Price Ever!

Keyboard Magazine said…

There’s nothing like Stutter Edit – no other plug-ins have successfully combined buffer chopping, live performance, remixing, and “studio thinking” to this extent.

Designed by top producer BT and developed by iZotope, Stutter Edit is an innovative tool for both studio and stage that delivers cutting edge audio slicing and manipulation.

How Does Stutter Edit Work?

Stutter Edit´s features revolve around an innovative engine that continuously samples live audio, storing that audio in a buffer that can be manipulated in a myriad of ways.

Special Offer Until 30the September 2014

Our friends at Time+Space Distribution are offering iZotope’s Stutter Edit for just £59.95 or 71.95 Euros inc vat. If you are outside the EU they are offering it at $112.28 exc vat.

Plus Get Free Stutter Edit Expansion Packs

Once you´re using Stutter Edit, you can add even more fuel to your creative fire with FREE Stutter Edit Expansion Packs available to download from the iZotope website. Featuring multiple preset banks and 250+ gestures, these packs will help you add chopped-up vocals, funky disco-style breaks, sweeping rhythmic filters, and more.

Avid Apply For Patent On 'Smart' Recording Algorithm

Earlier this year Avid filed a patent application for what they describe as “Metrical grid inference for free rhythm musical input.”

The Problem Of Being Constrained By The Metronome

The basis of the patent revolves around the restrictions often placed the user when recording, in the application for the patent Avid state;

Systems that enable a user to record music for playback or for producing musical notation require that a tempo and a time signature for the music be supplied before the user can start recording. Once the user starts recording, he is constrained to play in time to a metronome click. This is an impediment to recording new ideas, as decisions about changes in tempo and time signature have to be made in advance and the user is unable to introduce timing variations that are a natural part of a performance. If the user opts to turn off the metronome click, he can record in an unconstrained manner, but the recording system is unable to interpret the musical data for quantization or displaying notation because the input is not aligned with an internal tempo map. The requirement to pre-select a time signature and tempo is particularly difficult for less experienced users, who may not be familiar with music theory or even with musical notation. There is therefore a need for musical input systems that free users of this constraint.

What The Technology Aims To Do

The patent goes on to suggest how the algorithm would work;

A free rhythm musical input system enables a user to record in a natural manner by not requiring the user to make decisions about tempo or time signatures. It also removes the constraint of playing at a constant tempo that follows a metronome click. In such a system, the user is able to indicate to the system that he is ready to start recording, e.g., by hitting a record button, and take his time to prepare this thoughts, at which time he can start playing in an expressive manner The system then interprets what the user plays to infer the locations of the measures and beats, and the corresponding tempos and time signatures that best represent the musical intentions of the user.

Audio Or MIDI?

As to the kind of input types the patent suggest both MIDI and Audio;

In the system described above, the free rhythm music is received in the form of a sequence of MIDI events, in which the temporal locations of the notes and their duration are provided explicitly. It may also be possible to receive the music in audio form, and use audio analysis tools to determine the temporal locations of the note onsets and, in some cases, also the durations of the notes within the audio, thus broadening the applicability of the described techniques to acoustic performances or recordings.

Other Similar Software

Other similar software is made such as UJAM technology which allows the user to sing/play into a microphone and then places the music around the free form performance. AudioScore is a similar technology that already ships with Sibelius.

Where Will We See This Technology?

The patent is unclear as to what Avid products would implement this technology, although Avid have been working to create core solutions that can be used in various products such as Pro Tools and Sibelius.

A Point To Mention

The inventor of this technology is Paul Walmsley, who was part of the disbanded Avid Sibelius team and now works with the new team at Steinberg.

The full patent application can be seen here

HHB-Scrub Supply An Avid S6 To LipSync Post

Our friends at HHB-Scrub has supplied London’s LipSync Post with a 24-fader Avid S6 M10 console and Pro Tools upgrades.

LipSync Post is spread across two buildings in the heart of the post community in London’s Soho. Whilst upgrading their Studio 6 LipSync chose to fit an Avid S6 M10 control surface as well as a Pro Tools 11 HDX system and Scrub’s technical team customised the console layout to fit the workflow of LipSync’s engineers.

LipSync will also benefit from the new features added to the S6 in version 1.2 software, which further enhances the flexibility of layouts, VCA groups and the Softkey Editor, in addition to functions that enable editing directly from the Channel Strip.

LipSync Senior Re-Recording Mixer and Music Composer Rob Hughes told us…

When we came to update our desk in Studio 6, we wanted ultimate flexibility and integration with our Pro Tools HDX system. It’s a busy room that needs to serve as a mix studio for drama, short form and documentaries, as well as feeding work into our larger theatres and handling re-versioning and deliverables. The Avid S6 was our first choice and we’re delighted to be working with Scrub again. Their expertise is always invaluable in making the set up as fast and painless as possible.

The team from HHB will be in their usual position at IBC if you would like to have a chat with them about your requirements.

Get Ready To Rock - Softube And Marshall Enter Into Partnership

Softube, already makers of some of the finest amplifier simulations around, have entered into partnership with iconic British amplifier legends Marshall. There’s nothing specific yet on what products are going to be developed but get ready to kick some stacks over.

About The New Softube And Marshall Partnership

In a statement on the Softube website they say;

This partnership will see both companies apply their proven expertise by designing and making innovative guitar products that will excite and inspire.

This is more than a passing collaboration; it’s a long term project with long term goals. Marshall and Softube already have several new products under development

Jonathan Ellery, Managing Director of Marshall Amplification says:

For over 50 years Marshall have been innovators and leaders in guitar amplification. Our partnership with Softube will not only strengthen our offering and give Marshall access to world leading technology but it will also put us on the digital map.

Oscar Öberg, CEO of Softube added:

We are excited and more than a little proud to form this partnership with the most well-known company in our industry. Great times lie ahead for all guitarists!

What Softube Marshall Products Are Coming?

As we say there are no specifics so far so it’s hard to say but it looks like it could be both plug-ins for use in DAWs and Softube technology inside Marshall amplifiers, nothing yet us confirmed.

What would you like to see in a  Softube/Marshall product?

More from Softube here

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