SoundToys Announce PrimalTap Retro Delay And Plug-in Rack

SoundToys, purveyors of top plug-ins and some of the nicest people on the planet, have some new goodies they are showing at AES 2014.

PrimalTap Retro Delay

Based on the vintage Prime Time delay unit PrimalTap is a dual digital delay with;

  • VCO modulation, 
  • multiple feedback modes, 
  • two very unique features from the classic hardware. The “Multiply” control, originally created to make the most of limited RAM memory, doubles the delay time with each click of the knob. It also reduces the sample rate, creating long lo-fi delays, and unusual pitch jumps while switching between the four settings.
  • The “Repeat Hold” button loops the entire delay buffer, and everything that’s stuck in it. Once the sound is “held”, you can continue to warp, modulate and pitch-change to create bizarre audio landscapes. These two controls really are “must-hear” features.

Release Information

PrimalTap will be available individually, and included in Soundtoys 5, featuring the full line of Soundtoys plug-ins and the new Soundtoys Effects Rack. Upgrades from Little Upgrades from Little PrimalTap will also be available.

Pro Tools Fundamentals - 5 Uses For Utility Plug Ins

A long time ago I put quite a lot of time into learning Photoshop. I’m thoroughly behind the times now but the basics haven’t changed since then. At the time there were several popular bundles of plug-ins which, it occurred to me, seemed to be little more than fancy macros which automated the application of the standard tools available to anyone with the software. In a similar way the more unglamorous plug-ins, many of which you’ll find in the “other” category can be more powerful than you might expect. Here are five examples:

1. Signal Generator

I use this more than I realise. From its intended use as a test signal for calibrating monitors or external hardware through nerdy mixer experiments to side-chaining sub tones for extra oompf under kick drums I find I couldn’t get by without it. If you are using a multi mono version then its worth bearing in mind that the multiple mono plug-ins won’t be in sync and therfore in phase with each other. Add to that the related consolidate clip with slate tone shortcut and this plug in is a must. If you’re not familiar with consolidate with slate tone (not sure if thats what its called but I think its an undocumented feature) it is a variation on the standard Option/Alt+Shift+3 shortcut to consolidate clip. By adding Ctrl/Start you can consolidate a clip containing a 1KHz tone at -20dB (the default setting for the Signal Generator plug in). This is such a timesaver when you want to create a session quickly with some audio just for test purposes, something I do a lot in those “what happens if you…” moments. Of course this would also be useful for dialogue editing Gordon Ramsay, I wouldn’t be surprised if that is why it exists.

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Forget Trying To Be Like Everyone Else - Work Hard At Being A Better You

The minute we created singing contests we started to miss the point of the creative arts. It’s not about trying to be better than everyone else, when you do that then you start to compare yourself to others and focus on what they have that you don’t. Yet it’s your unique qualities, indeed your differences that are what will make you stand out in the world, not your similarities.

It’s a cynical ploy on behalf of the TV producers, a self fulfilling sales prophecy. We get sucked into endless weeks of voting for the ‘best’ (now there’s a word) and at the end they get a new artist to market that generates lots of sales for them. It doesn’t always work, the winners of some of the X Factor and Pop Idol are now selling insurance - they were also part of the plan to use everyone to sell more music.

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Avid Offering Annual Support Plans Including Upgrades From November 2014

Avid have announced that starting in November 2014, new Pro Tools Software license purchases and upgrades will include a one-year, renewable standard Avid Support plan. This plan includes all future Pro Tools updates and upgrades including the new cloud collaboration and Avid Marketplace features we covered earlier this year plus, access to their support staff around the clock.

Cloud And Collaboration Features Now On The Table

This means that Avid have moved past offering these as Technical Previews as they are promising these feature will be added sometime in 2015.

What’s Included In Standard Support

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Show And Tell Review Of Avid Pro Series Multiband Dynamics

Russ takes a look at the latest addition in the Avid Pro Series range of plug-ins for Pro Tools. The new Avid Pro Series Multiband Dynamics. It has a couple of tricks up its sleeve, watch the video to find out what they are and see what Russ thinks.

In this review of the new Avid Pro Series Multiband Dynamics we look at:

  • The feature set on this new AAX Native and DSP plug-in.
  • The sidechain feature and how it works.
  • The extra plug-in that ships free with the Avid Pro Series Multiband Dynamics

Watch this video review of the Avid Pro Series Multiband Dynamics here

Show & Tell Review Of The New Avid Pro Series Subharmonic Plug-in

Avid have announced the 2 new plug-ins that we got a sneak peak of at IBC last month. Russ is taking a look at the Pro Multiband Dynamics plug-in and here Mike takes the new Avid Pro Subharmonic plug-in for a spin on speech, music and sound effects in stereo and surround modes and finds it has a neat trick up its sleeve. It can be controlled by MIDI.  

Check out this video review of the Avid Pro Subharmonics plug-in here.

Avid S3 Is Now Available As A Standalone Control Surface

It maybe that Vintage King might have jumped the gun a little but Avid are now selling the control surface form the S3L on it own as a stand alone control surface.

As we revealed in our IBC 2014 report on the new version of the the S3 - the S3L-X the control surface can now work as a stand alone control surface and 4x6 interface. 

Avid S3 Control Surface Key Features

16 High Quality Touch Sensitive Alps Faders

  • Same as Venue Profile and SC48
  • Individually cabled, not soldered
  • Easily replaced
  • Individual screws

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Slate Batch Commander Pro Tools Enhancement Software Now Available To Buy Separately As Software For Mac

When Pro Tools users saw the Slate Batch Command software for Raven many of us thought, love that software but do I have to buy the Slate Raven to get it? Not anymore, from today Slate has released it in software form for Mac. It seems it is possible to get powerful Pro Tools features without having to buy hardware you either don’t need or can’t afford.

The Slate Batch Commander software for Pro Tools enables complex and often laborious tasks to be automated. They explain;

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Steven Slate Drums 5 Platinum Announced - SSD5 Coming Soon

In what looks like a bit of a cock-up, Sweetwater have announced Steven Slate Drums 5 Platinum before Steven Slate has. A nice find by eagle eyed Neil in the latest Sweetwater mailer it looks like this will be an announcement from Slate at AES.

Complete facts are sketchy but what we can see from the print ad is;

  • SSD5 Complete version for $399
  • SSD5 EX version for $149
  • Samples recorded on 2” tape
  • New browser
  • New mixer
  • Thousands of ‘go to’ grooves
  • Expansion packs from Chris Lord Alge, Terry Date and David Bendeth
  • VST, AU, RTAS and AAX

More to follow once the official announcement is made.

G-Technology And Gobbler Form Strategic Alliance - A Marriage Of Online And Offline Storage For Creatives

It’s all Gobbler news today and not only have they released Gobbler 2.0 they also announced a strategic alliance with drive gurus G-Technology. G-Technology drives are found in most studios and post houses, with their iconic silver design.

In their press release G-Technology say;

By having G-Technology drives paired with the Gobbler platform, audio creatives get the most sophisticated cloud collaboration tools combined with the speed and flexibility of G-Technology’s reliable, high-performance external storage solutions.

Gobbler Bundled With G-Tech Drives

Beginning today, customers who purchase select G-Technology external storage solutions at participating retailers and distributors, including Sweetwater, Hal Leonard and Full Compass, will receive a complimentary one-year Gobbler subscription.

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