Pro Tools tips, tricks, support and news for users of Pro Tools. Free Pro Tools video tutorials and free Pro Tools plug-ins. We support both the music and post production community.

We offer advice for users of all versions of Pro Tools both current and legacy formats. We’re independent and are not affiliated with Avid or their associated companies.

Pro Tools tips, tricks, support and news for users of Pro Tools. Free Pro Tools video tutorials and free Pro Tools plug-ins. We support both the music and post production community.

We offer advice for users of all versions of Pro Tools both current and legacy formats. We’re independent and are not affiliated with Avid or their associated companies. 

Free Tutorial: How To Combine Multiple Takes Using iZotope RX4

In this free video tutorial ‘Mr RX It’, Mike Thornton shows how to combine two takes that don’t match into one seamless piece of audio using iZotope’s RX4. Mike includes a hidden feature in the RX4 Spectral Denoiser module when using incomplete noise profiles as well as the new Ambience Match feature added in RX4 Advanced in rescueing this recording.

Not Got RX4? Then Download The Trial.

if you don’t have iZotope’s RX4 then you can download a free 10 day trial from iZotope’s web site.

See Our iZotope RX4 Show & Tell Review

Watch Mike show off the new features added in RX4 and RX4 Advanced in our Show & Tell Review.

Want To Learn More About iZotope RX4 & RX4 Advanced?

Watch Mike’s Groove 3 tutorial series on iZotope’s RX4 & RX4 Advanced - over 5 hours of video tutorials from Mr RX It.

Nugen Audio 'Sound Leaders' Interview Series - Shoreline Studios On Game Trailer Audio

Our friends at Nugen Audio recently interviewed Gary Zacuto and Garrard Whatley from Shoreline Studios in Santa Monica, California. They create sound design and audio for the world’s top game trailers and in this video they show us what it takes to bring these intense scenes alive, and explain why the Nugen Audio True Peak Limiter is part of their workflow.

World class, broadcast quality limiting is an essential requirement for any audio production, and the latest standards now demand true-peak compliance. ISL delivers both, with a great transparent sound with complete confidence about meeting the standards.

Now there is no need to second guess your sample-peak limiter time or deliberately increase headroom to avoid a downstream problem. Just dial in your true-peak limit and ISL take care of it..

Waves Soundgrid Plug-ins Now Part Of Native Purchase

In what looks like a very smart move Waves have announced that starting March 1st all purchases of Native Waves plug-ins will also include the Soundgrid licence too.

In an email sent to customers they say:

We are pleased to announce that starting March 1st each Waves plugin or bundle will have a single license for both Native (local) and SoundGrid (DSP) processing.

This move by Waves removes the additional burden and related costs of rebuying Soundgrid versions of their Waves plug-ins for those who are considering investment in the Soundgrid DSP platform.

For more information about Waves Soundgrid visit Waves web site.

FabFilter Pro-MB And Pro-Q 2 Updates Now Available

Back in December FabFilter updated Pro-MB and Pro-Q 2, in which they introduced Retina support and new features in the Pro-MB.  However they have found a couple of issues that they wanted to fix as soon as possible. These latest versions contain these various bug fixes along with small improvements.

What Is New In FabFilter Pro-MB1.11 & Pro-Q 2.03?

  • Fixed a bug that caused knobs and sliders to respond incorrectly to subtle mouse movements while dragging on OS X and on High DPI displays on Windows.
  • Pro-MB: Renamed the existing interface size options to Medium and Extra Large, and added a new intermediate Large option that will fit comfortably on 1920x1080 monitors on OS X.
  • Pro-MB: Fixed a bug when deleting a muted band in Dynamic Phase mode: the mute effect would remain audible after deleting the band.
  • Pro-MB: Fixed display behavior when zoomed in horizontally: display curves and dragging would not work correctly for bands docked at the left or right edges of the frequency scale.
  • Pro-MB: Fixed sidechain filtering control behaviour when zoomed in horizontally in the display.
  • Pro-MB: Fixed possibly incorrect gain change reporting for bands that use compression in combination with a Stereo Link setting below 100%.
  • Pro-Q 2: Fixed a bug in the VST 2 plug-in (introduced in Pro-Q 2.02) that caused the Auto Gain setting to always be set to Off when loading sessions saved with Pro-Q 2.01.

Pro Tools Tutorials For Beginners: MIDI Basics

Do you want to understand the basics of using MIDI in Pro Tools?

In this free Pro Tools video tutorial Russ takes you over MIDI in Pro Tools and how to get your favourite MIDI synths, samplers and drum machines working. In this session find out how to:

  • Create an instrument track in Pro Tools
  • Insert a virtual instrument
  • Using The MIDI Editor
  • Using MIDI tracks
  • Setting up Xpand2
  • Using MIDI loop record

Watch this free Pro Tools video tutorial here

TC Electronic LM2 Hardware True Peak Limiter & Loudness Meter For Live Broadcasting

In my loudness training courses I stress the need for true peak limiting and in audio post production there are a number of plug-ins available, However for live broadcasting the options for a hardware solution are more limited.  

True Peak Limiter

It is great to see that TC Electronic have seen this gap in the market as their LM2 is not only a hardware loudness meter and a true peak limiter based on the same algorithm as their Brickwall 2 Limiter. It even features 5 dedicated limiter profiles tailored for specific types of content.

The LM2 will connect to any mixing desk via AES, ADAT, SPDIF, TOS or analog inputs and outputs. It could even double as a format converter.

It is also a stereo loudness meter compliant with all major broadcast standards and offers detailed 24/7 logging for documentation and evaluation. Oh, and as an extra bonus, they also include the LM2n native Stereo Loudness Radar Meter plug-in worth $149 with each LM2 hardware unit. 

30% Discount For A Limited Period

But the good news doesn’t stop there. Until June 30th 2015 TC Electronic through their sales team and dealer network are offering a 30% discount on the LM2 so if you are looking to make sure your studio will be compliant with the appropriate loudness delivery specifications like EBU R128 in Europe or ATSC A/85 in US and Canada then take a look at the LM2.

More on the TC Electronic LM2 True Peak Limiter

Preparing Pro Tools For Automatic Installation In A Mac Enterprise Environment - Update For Pro Tools 11.3

12 months ago we ran a series of articles part 1part 2part 3 & part 4 from community member Neil Martin focussing on getting Pro Tools and its associated extras into a state whereby it could be deployed en-mass which is especially useful in educational establishments. 

Neil has been in touch with an update following the recent Pro Tools 11.3 update, as a couple of things have changed. Over to you Neil…

This is just a follow up to the deployment series I wrote last year since Avid have changed a few bits and pieces. Following the Pro Tools 11.3 update, I’ve updated the post-install script here.

Avid Have Changed The Shoe

Aside from some tidying up, the main change is to deal with Avid renaming the Shoe Tool. Also, after testing Avid’s new installer package for Pro Tools 11.3, I’ve found it deploys without any need for modification/repackaging with Casper (I’m no longer using Munki where I work but other Mac admins have reported it’s also fine).

There is a really cool tool, Suspicious Package, that is great for peeking into installer packages to see how they tick - what files they place where and what scripts they run pre and post install. With this I discovered that all the new installer does is run a pre-install script that deletes the Pro Tools application if it exists and then installs Pro Tools in to /Applications.

On first run, Pro Tools checks for the Shoe Helper Tool and iLok License Manager and installs them it if they’re not installed. This is the exact same behaviour as seen with the previous versions.

So to deploy, one must install Pro Tools, any desired extras (HD Driver, Codecs and the AIR Creative Collection) and the iLok License Manager, then run the post-install script above. The good news is, one only has to repackage the AIR Creative Collection, which hasn’t changed versions since last year.

Thanks Neil for the update and if this is revelant to you then don’t forget to read this update in conjunction with Neil’s detailed descriptions in part 1part 2part 3 & part 4 from February last year.

Avid Announce The Release Of S6 Software Version 1.4 For Their S6 Control Surface

Avid has announced the release of S6 Software version 1.4 for the S6 Master Module and associated workstations. This software release delivers a number of new features for all S6 users. S6 Software v1.4 includes the following new and changed features….

  • Input and Output Assignment Improvements
  • Automation Trim Metering and Write Indication on Fader Modules
  • New Preference Settings for Banking, Navigation and Display
  • Home Screen Settings
  • Page Switches on the Master Module
  • Auto Talkback
  • Displaying Names in Asian Characters
  • Expand Mode Improvements for EQ and DYN Knob Sets
  • Progress Indicators for Session Load and Workstation Connect

The Auto Talkback feature will be a very welcome addition for a lot of smaller production facilities that wee used to this featue on the ICON Consoles With an X-Mon. For more detail on exactly what is in the v1.4 update see the following documents:

Registered users will find the installers in their Avid Account under S6 Software Updates. 

Neil Makes Podcast 153 His Final Show

If you don’t listen to the podcast then you might miss the news that Neil is leaving the team to concentrate on the other commitments he has. Some of you may know that he is one of the guys behind Pro Tools PC, this is starting to take off.

As the person who asked Neil to join the team two years ago I wanted to give my personal thanks to him for his outstanding knowledge coupled with his caring attitude that meant he spent hundreds of hours serving the Pro Tools community here.

Don’t worry though, Neil will still be active on forums and social media as and when time allows.

Thank you Neil for your contribution to the Pro Tools Expert team. I’m sure many in the community will share my desire to thank you publically.

Russ Hughes

Pro Tools Expert Podcast 153

Russ Hughes, Mike Thornton, Neil Hester and James Ivey are back together to bring you a bumper show catching up with talking points, tips, tricks and questions answered.

 Groove 3 Titles We Like 

  • UAD Fatso Explained everything you need to know about this unique Tape Simulator and Compressor.


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Talking Points Kindly Sponsored By Universal Audio    

Community Feedback Kindly Sponsored by RSPE Audio Solutions 

  • Chaz Charlton wanted to share his discovery of Impact Sound Works’ Shreddage 2 guitar sound library

Questions - Kindly Sponsored by Alchemea  

  • Josh Doyle asks what system we use to keep track of updates for software and plug-ins. We recommend Plugin Update from Kasrog
  • Henry Bowers-Broadbent is having some issues with MIDI clips merging or changing size and wanted to know what is going on?
  • Dave Hedin is having occasional CPU spikes in Pro Tools after which the audio is distorted and needs a restart to clear. What do we think the problems is?
  • Ryan Miller wants to be able to find out what plug-ins are used in a session without opening the session. 
  • Alastair Blackwood wants to know how Russ is getting on with his Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt interface.

Find Of The Week   

Team Announcement

Neil Hester has decided to move on and will be stepping down as a team member. We would like to thank you Neil for all you have done for the community.

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