Pro Tools tips, tricks, support and news for users of Pro Tools. Free Pro Tools video tutorials and free Pro Tools plug-ins. We support both the music and post production community.

We offer advice for users of all versions of Pro Tools both current and legacy formats. We’re independent and are not affiliated with Avid or their associated companies.

Pro Tools tips, tricks, support and news for users of Pro Tools. Free Pro Tools video tutorials and free Pro Tools plug-ins. We support both the music and post production community.

We offer advice for users of all versions of Pro Tools both current and legacy formats. We’re independent and are not affiliated with Avid or their associated companies. 

7 Ways To Build A Great Studio Business

It’s never been harder to make money from producing music. There are a lot of studios and talented producers struggling to make ends meet. 

Here are 7 tips for not only getting customers but keeping them too, 7 Ways To Build A Great Studio Business. The principles apply for studios both large and small.

Know Your Craft

There’s nothing worse than turning up for a session with an engineer who doesn’t know what they’re doing. You are going to have a lot of people coming through your studio many of them will know a lot of stuff about recording and the gear, so you need to be top of your game. It certainly doesn’t engender confidence and people remember stuff like this, they will probably tell their friends and colleagues too. Being known for a negative is not a good way to try and build a successful studio business.

Have A Great Attitude

Even if you know everything there is about making great recordings (highly unlikely) the last thing people visiting your studio need is a bad attitude. The creative process is hard enough at the best of times, remember that some of the people visiting your studio have no idea what the process entails. Even if they do they will still be anxious about getting things right. When it comes to your customers remember that they are the star - not you. Go the extra mile.

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Pro Tools Expert Podcast 154

Russ Hughes, Mike Thornton, James Ivey and Julian Rodgers bring you a bumper show catching up with talking points, tips, tricks and questions answered.

 Groove 3 Titles We Like 

  • Pro Tools Power User is a 19-video series, from Jeff Silverman showing tons of cool Pro Tools tricks & tips.


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Community Feedback Kindly Sponsored by RSPE Audio Solutions 

  • To help you to configure your ideal S6 take a look at the RSPE S6 Configurator, where you can build your own custom, virtual Avid S6.
  • Scott Metaxas wants to know where are the Structure patches that used to be on the site have gone.
  • Kevin de Wit has a tip when using iZotope Ozone 6 standalone and you run out plug-ins slots.

Questions - Kindly Sponsored by Alchemea  

  • Josh Doyle asks for our advice on how to run Pro Tools remotely and is having trouble routing the Pro Tools audio over the network.
  • Joseph Stevens is a composer and is looking to upgrade his system and needs a system that will handle a lot of VIs. What do we recommend? Why One Pro Tools Expert Sold His Pro Tools HDX System And One Is Keeping His
  • Arizona Stoneheart asks for our advice on how to tighten the timing of vocalists. 
  • Nicholas Mintern is looking to upgrade his screen and is looking at two 4K screens and wanted our advice.

Find Of The Week    

  • Russ - Studio One Expert
  • Mike - Create Pro - Mac Pro towers with trash cans processing 
  • Julian -  A K&M 21231 Boom & 21411 Stand - made my life much easier today, as it can hold a 4038 at full extension and not slip.
  • James - IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R 430 monitor stands. 

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Review of the CFX Concert Grand by Garritan & Abbey Road Studios 

In this video James takes a look and a listen to the CFX Concert Grand piano library by Garritan and Abbey Road Studios. This is so much more than just one piano in a room. James tries this library on classical, jazz and rock music to find out how it works for different musical styles.

The Garritan Abbey Road Studios CFX Concert Grand places the user on the bench before the Yamaha CFX, an incredible concert grand piano characterized by a wide palette of tonal colors and the ability to create the most subtle, expressive nuances. This beautiful instrument is matched with the stunning acoustics of Abbey Road Studios’ legendary Studio One and the finest collection of microphones in the world.

All facets of this project – the instrument, the room, the mics, and the recording expertise – work together to create the finest sampled piano ever captured. Experience the passion reflected in every detail.

Review of the CFX Concert Grand by Garritan

Interview With Rock & Metal Guru Kevin Churko

Our friends at Sonnox caught up with multi Juno Award-winning producer/engineer Kevin Churko who is at the top of his ‘rock/metal’ genre. His career kicked started with Ozzy Osbourne’s Black Rain album, and more recently he’s been producing bands like Papa Roach, Five Finger Death Punch and In This Moment. 

Watch this video shot at Kevin’s ‘Hideout Studios’ in Las Vegas, in which he reminisces about working with Ozzy, and shares some of his mixing secrets as he breaks down a track off the recent ‘In This Moment’ record.

Waves dbx160 Plugin v dbx160 Hardware Shoot Out

We like to take plug-ins modelled on vintage hardware and compare them with the original.

In this audio shoot out we’ve put the Waves dbx160 against our own hardware unit. There are 4 instruments with A, B and C versions. A is the original audio, then B and C is either the software or the hardware. Simply pick the one you prefer the sound of, in a few days time we will let you know which one is which.

Now pick which you prefer. There is no right or wrong answer, simply a preference.

Waves Release Their New dbx 160 Plug-in Announced At NAMM

Waves have now released the dbx 160 as the first of the products announced at NAMM.

The original dbx 160 was considered by many as one of the best drum compressors. The dbx 160 compressor was used in almost every major recording in the late ‘70s and throughout the ‘80s, and later models in the 160 series became industry standards.

The Waves 160 plug-in has been created in collaboration with dbx, has resulted in an authentic-sounding software version of this iconic piece of hardware. In addition to the meticulous modeling of the vintage compressor, the Waves dbx 160 plug-in incorporates unique and exclusive features not found in the original hardware, such as Waves’ MS Matrix, mix and noise controls, and a stereo component.

Waves are also offering their 160 plug-in for a special introductory price of $99 for either the Native or SoundGrid version for a short period of time before the price will revert to the normal price of $150. 

More on the Waves 160 plug-in here.

PureMix Announce A Mixing Contest To Win A SoundToys Plug-in Of Your Choice

PureMix are running another Mixing Contest for a Salvation track and the the 3 best mixes, as chosen by Fab, will each win a Soundtoys plug-in of your choice. The track Fab has chosen for this contest is one he has featured in his MixCheck series. PureMix subscribers can read all about this Salvation MixCheck on the PureMix site.

If you aren’t a subscriber yet then take a look at the PureMix subscription options.

If you go to the Puremix Mix Contest page then you can read more about how Fab approached the mix and listen to his final mix.  Then you can download the tracks and do your own mix and submit it. Who knows you might win a Soundtoys plug-in.

Entries must be uploaded by March 3rd 2015.

Free Tutorial - How To Remove Unwanted Sounds From A Recording Using iZotope RX4

Remove Unwanted Sounds Using iZotope RX4

Coughs, bangs, buzz, and other imperfections can distract from an otherwise flawless performance. In this video, watch our very own ‘Mr RX It’, Mike Thornton as he uses the Partials & Noise tab in the Spectral Repair module to remove them, using an acoustic guitar track an example.

Not Got RX4? Then Download The Trial.

if you don’t have iZotope’s RX4 then you can download a free 10 day trial from iZotope’s web site.

See Our iZotope RX4 Show & Tell Review

Watch Mike show off the new features added in RX4 and RX4 Advanced in our Show & Tell Review.

Want To Learn More About iZotope RX4 & RX4 Advanced?

Watch Mike’s Groove 3 tutorial series on iZotope’s RX4 & RX4 Advanced - over 5 hours of video tutorials from Mr RX It.

Take Advantage Of Waves Native Special Offers Now & Get Free Automatic Upgrade To SoundGrid

As we announced recently Waves are merging their Native and Soundgrid licensing. Because Waves are retiring the Native pricing the deals being offered this month on the Waves Specials page are especially interesting because if you buy the Native version you will get a free automatic upgrade to SoundGrid on March 1st. 

Here are some of the February deals that caught our eye…

Don’t forget that these deals and all the other offers on the Waves Specials page only last until February 28th. This will be your last chance to get Waves plug-ins at Native pricing.

G-Technology G-DOCK ev With Thunderbolt Storage Review From Production Expert

Russ got his hands on the G-Technology G-DOCK ev With Thunderbolt Storage and put it through its paces for Production Expert.

He writes;

As editor of Pro Tools Expert and weekly contributor to the Pro Tools Expert podcast there’s a question I’ve seen asked again and again, should one chose a desktop or portable hard drive?

Desktop hard drives normally offer faster speed and greater capacity, whereas portable drives offer the flexibility of being able to throw them into a bag for a studio session or a gig. The best of both worlds would be nice.

G-Technology have come to the rescue with a combination of both desktop Thunderbolt drive and 2 x 1TB 7200rpm portable drives, they call it the G-DOCK ev With Thunderbolt Storage.

Of course with any product that aims to meet a number of needs there is the danger of compromise, being a jack of all trades and rather than a master of one. Have G-Tech fallen into this trap or have they managed to deliver on a mixed set of needs?

Check out his G-Technology G-DOCK ev With Thunderbolt Storage review Production Expert to see his conclusions.

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