Winners Of The Acon Digital Deverbate Competition


Last month we ran a competition with 5 chances to win a copy of the Acon Digital Restoration Suite bundle and we can now announce the winners pictured above from left to right.

Dave Bell

My name is Dave Bell, I have lived in Germany since 1976. I came over to work as a musician for the American Forces, and never looked back. I have always had my own recording studio, even if it was only a 2 cassette recorders. Now I have 2 mobile Pro Tools rigs, one at my house, and a Studio rig for tracking.

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More Information Emerges About SoundToys 5.0

They won best in show at AES 2014 and more information has emerged about SoundToys 5.0.

The new Soundtoys Effect Rack is the core of the next version of SoundToys, Soundtoys 5. The new version will enable users to create, audition, save, and recall combinations of Soundtoys effects.

The Soundtoys Effect Rack integrates all 12 Soundtoys effects into a single plug­-in, improving workflow by visually displaying an entire effect processing chain – eliminating the need to navigate multiple plug-­in windows to adjust parameters, add new effects, or change the order of effects. It also includes overall input and output level controls, a wet/dry mix control, and a global feedback control – which add new creative possibilities that would require additional plug-­ins or complicated routing to accomplish in most DAWs.

Soundtoys 5 will ship Q4 2014. Pricing TBA.

Nugen Audio Continue To Celebrate Their Anniversary With A BOGOF Offer & VST3 Support

As part of their 10th anniversary celebration during October our friends at Nugen Audio are offering a BOGOF (Buy one Get One Free) deal on any of their plug-ins.

Buy any two plug-ins from the Nugen Audio store or via their dealers and get the cheaper Nugen Audio plug-free. So there has never been a better time to buy Nugen Audio plug-ins.

Nugen Audio Supports VST3

Nugen Audio have announced that their entire family of plug-ins are now compliant with Steinberg’s Virtual Studio Technology 3 (VST3) standard. Moving forward, all future releases of Nugen Audio’s plug-ins will be VST3-compatible.

MasterCheck Gets Editors Choice

In this Show & Tell review, Mike takes you on a tour of the new MasterCheck plug-in from Nugen Audio to help you deliver content in this new loudness normalised world including on line services like iTunes Radio and Spotify. Watch and find out what the hidden feature is and why he has awarded MasterCheck Editors Choice.

Show And Tell Review Of Waves Abbey Road TG12345

Russ takes a look and listen to the new Waves Abbey Road TG12345 plug-in model of a vintage Abbey Road mixing console.

He gives a full overview of features and then shows it in action on drums, bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and vocals. See what he thinks and check out the examples before downloading it yourself and giving it a spin.

Watch the review of Waves Abbey Road TG12345 here

Working In Immersive Audio With The Auro 3D Format In Film Production

Are you interested in working in immersive audio?  Are you starting or already work in immersive audio in either Auro 3D or Dolby Atmos then this series of videos on working in immersive audio in the Auro 3D format will be of interest. In this first video Mike Thornton experiences listening to music in the Auro 3D format for the first time and explores recording and mixing techniques with Patrick Lemmen, who is resident engineer at Galaxy Studios in Belgium, the home of Auro 3D. 

Video 2 - Film Production

In the second video in the series, Mike Thornton explores the techniques and workflows for Auro 3D in film post production with mixer Gareth Llewellyn and product specialist Sven Mevissen.

Future Videos In This Series

In subsequent videos in this series we will be looking at how to use the new reverb tools from TC and Exponential Audio to handle reverb natively in Auro 3D, how to use the Auro Tools to manipulate the sound in the Auro 3D sound stage and a discussion of some of the issues of the main two formats in immersive audio - Dolby Atmos and Auro 3D from Auro Technologies’ perspective.

Kazrog Recabinet 4 Released - Featuring Thermionik Amp Modelling

Recabinet version 3 has been a very popular plugin with the PTE team and community in the past so I’m sure everyone will be excited to see this new version 4 release which now includes “Thermionik” - The name of Kazrogs own new amplifier modelling technology.

Hybrid variants

Thermionik allows users to mix and match “Pre” and “Power” amplifer sections of various well known and highly regarded amplifiers together and come up with unique hybrid variants, You want the Pre amp section from a Mesa Boogie Rectifier but the power amp section from a Peavey 5150 ? No problem Thermionik has it covered.

Creative Tone Control

Along with the regular amplifer tone stack controls you might expect to see there are additional depth and saturation controls to get exactly the sound you are looking for.

Established Recabinet Quality

Plus of course the fundamental part of Recabinet is its fantastic amplifier cabinet section including a bucket load of revered industry standard cabinet models with vaious microphones in multiple positions all topped off with the built in console style EQ.

Audio Examples and full spec’s can be found here

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Why Avid Are Hoping You Will Buy Into Their Pro Tools Support Plans

Avid announced their Pro Tools Support Plans yesterday hoping as many Pro Tools users as possible will buy into them.

Although as is the case with so many Avid announcements so many questions remain unanswered, most of all for those who have already invested in Pro Tools 11. There’s already a pretty ugly thread on the Avid forum the DUC gaining momentum. Community member Nigel, a long time and loyal Pro Tools owner wrote; 

This is very confused, and hares are in danger of running, but Avid’s communications this time are even more opaque than we’ve experienced previously. I’m astonished that Avid continues to fail to appreciate how unclear information causes massive ripples of discontent and is very damaging to its reputation.
Community member Mike wrote;
Why does Avid have to be so cryptic in their product announcements? It leaves too many unanswered questions.

There’s a clear reason this announcement has been made now, which is (other than dot releases) the Pro Tools product features Avid have been pushing as part of their ‘Everywhere’ plan are not going to be here this year and now are cited to appear ‘sometime in 2015’, according to a comment from Avid yesterday on this blog. Sometime in 2015 means anytime between 3 months and 15 months from now.

This leaves customers with some options to consider.

First there are Pro Tools owners who don’t own Pro Tools 11 who will think that as the next version of Pro Tools is so close then why should they upgrade now? It’s a valid point, especially if it’s the same cost each time. Then there are Pro Tools 11 owners who have already shelled out for Pro Tools 11, that means there is no new version of Pro Tools for them to buy anytime soon.

This leaves Avid with a big problem.

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Sound Radix Announce Another Clever Plug-in Called Drum Leveler

Have you wanted to adjust the levels of individual elements in a mixed drum loop? Sound Radix have developed Drum Leveler to help you do this. This is what they say about Drum Leveler…

Drum Leveler is a new beat detection-based downward and upward compressor/expander from Sound Radix. By selectively applying gain to single drum beats, Drum Leveler easily achieves the desired target level for each beat, without affecting bleed noise or beats that are out of the user-defined processing range.

Unlike traditional envelope-followers that detect incoming levels and utilize VCA to apply gain changes, Drum Leveler runs an advanced new algorithm that takes full advantage of the digital domain – allowing unparalleled control over your drums’ dynamics. 

Drum Leveler is powerful yet easy to use. It will help you achieve solid driving grooves, improve clarity and add punch to any percussive performance.

Drum Leveler is currently in beta and will be available in November. As soon as we can get our hands on a copy we will try it out and report back.

Waves Weekend Deals For October 11th & 12th 2014 Only

Waves Special Offers For This Weekend

3 more great plug-ins at great prices from our friends at Waves, but hurry these will finish on Sunday.

  1. Waves WNS Noise Suppressor Native Plug-in $199 - normally $600
  2. Waves Guitar Solo Native plug-in $29 till Sunday - normally $49
  3. Waves Manny Marroquin Signature Series $149 till Sunday - normally $500

Grab them while you can.

Check out the Specials page too for more great deals.

SoundToys Announce PrimalTap Retro Delay And Plug-in Rack

SoundToys, purveyors of top plug-ins and some of the nicest people on the planet, have some new goodies they are showing at AES 2014.

PrimalTap Retro Delay

Based on the vintage Prime Time delay unit PrimalTap is a dual digital delay with;

  • VCO modulation, 
  • multiple feedback modes, 
  • two very unique features from the classic hardware. The “Multiply” control, originally created to make the most of limited RAM memory, doubles the delay time with each click of the knob. It also reduces the sample rate, creating long lo-fi delays, and unusual pitch jumps while switching between the four settings.
  • The “Repeat Hold” button loops the entire delay buffer, and everything that’s stuck in it. Once the sound is “held”, you can continue to warp, modulate and pitch-change to create bizarre audio landscapes. These two controls really are “must-hear” features.

Release Information

PrimalTap will be available individually, and included in Soundtoys 5, featuring the full line of Soundtoys plug-ins and the new Soundtoys Effects Rack. Upgrades from Little Upgrades from Little PrimalTap will also be available.

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