One Day Only FREE Moog Synth From Arturia 

On June 21st, Arturia will for one day only make available a download of a free, non-time-limited special edition of their hugely successful Minimoog-V software.
This special version does not include extra modulation present in the full version of Minimoog-V, but is arguably truer to the original Moog Minimoog in this case, and of course is available totally free of charge.
The download will be live on June 21st from here

Multiple Heads in Eleven Rack & Re-Amping

Click to playIn this video James shows you how to use the Eleven Rack to create the effect of playing through multiple amplifiers, and re-amping using the Eleven rack and other amplifiers.

Your First Steps With Pro Tools Part 9

Template sessions
It is well worth getting to grips with template sessions. With Pro Tools you can set up sessions that can be templates for other projects. These are really useful if you have a number of regular projects. I also create a template session when I working on an album so that I can very quickly create a new session for each song.  Put in the template what ever you might need like a click track, busses for effects and headphone monitoring, include any plug-ins you might want to use with the appropriate preset loaded. Whatever you find yourself doing when you start a session, try to have it in your template so you don’t end up wasting time doing the same things over and over again.  It is also worth have some template sessions with things like regular effects combinations and use Import Session Data to bring in the appropriate tracks.

Take a look at Russ’s video on setting up templates or Mike’s video on templates from a Post context. You will need to be a member of this site to view these videos.

You can even add audio and other media to your template sessions so if you using the same content in a regular job then keep these in your template too.

Where Pro Tools Began - Pictures

I was first introduced to Digidesign in the late 1980s with Sound Designer.

If my memory serves me well, it cost around £6,000 for the software and hardware and an additional £7,000 for the Mac IIcx to run it - it was a stereo audio editor! Check out the great line in the copy ‘with these features, compare Sound Tools to any audio editing system, you’ll find one difference. Price’.

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Apple's Tim Cook Speaks On Future Of Mac Pro

In an unprecedented Apple move, a company who seldom speak about their future product plans, Tim Cook has responded to what Fortune described as ‘the wrath of the Apple power user’ with a statement on the future of the Mac Pro.

In an email to a user who emailed him, he replied.

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DUY Announce The Release Of AAX Versions Of Their Plug-ins

DUY is pleased to announce the support of Avid’s AAX platform and ProTools 10. AAX-compatible versions of our software are available now. Existing users are being informed by email of the links to download the software and upgrade paths where applicable. 

Available plug-ins 

  • MagicEQ   (AAX DSP & AAX Native)
  • Magic Spectrum   (AAX DSP & AAX Native)
  • Deep Analog EQ   (AAX DSP & AAX Native)
  • DUY DaD Tape   (AAX DSP & AAX Native)
  • DUY DaD Valve   (AAX DSP & AAX Native)
  • DUY Analog Bundle   (AAX DSP & AAX Native)
  • DUY EverPack   (AAX DSP & AAX Native)
  • DUY Wide   (AAX DSP & AAX Native)
  • DUY Shape   (AAX DSP & AAX Native)
  • MAX DUY  (AAX DSP & AAX Native)
  • Z-Room   (AAX Native)
  • DUY Silence   (AAX Native)
  • DUY31   (AAX Native)
  • DUY Native Essentials (all native products)   (AAX DSP & AAX Native)
  • DUY Absolute Collection (all available native & chip-based products)   (AAX DSP & AAX Native) 

Upgrades for existing users 
Emails are being sent to users informing them of the latest links to download the software and how to upgrade to the new AAX versions. All existing users of DUY products should have received an email with instructions to upgrade by 12 June 2012.

Demo versions 
Demo versions of our AAX plug-ins will be available from 17 June 2012. An iLok is required both for the demo and the full version. 

At last some plug-ins that are DSP and Native and a good selection too.

Don’t forget to visit our AAX Database page for all the latest info on AAX plug-ins

Want To Be A Gobbler For Windows Beta Tester ?

Gobbler Are Looking For More Windows Beta Testers

Sign Up Here: Gobbler Win Beta

MOTU Announces Track16 Desktop Studio Interface

Don’t be deceived by first looks, this is MOTU’s new Track16 interface and it’s bigger than it looks.

Track16 is a 16 x 14 desktop studio interface with mixing and effects. Track16 connects via FireWire or hi-speed USB 2.0 to a Mac or PC computer and features elegant design, compact size, simple one-touch operation, and studio-grade sound quality. Together, the Track16 base unit and included breakout cable provide a total of sixteen inputs and fourteen outputs, hybrid FireWire/USB connectivity, optical digital I/O, MIDI I/O, and SMPTE time code sync. Advanced features include a 16-bus digital mixer (with reverb, EQ, and compression), audio analysis tools such as an FFT with spectrogram “waterfall”, and an instrument tuner.

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TC Electronic Announce New LM2 Stereo Loudness Meter Plug-in

In an intereseting new development TC Electronic have released a dedicated low cost stereo only version of their LM6 loudness meter plug-in. 

The new LM2 plug-in still features their Radar Display that gives you an overview of the loudness landscape of any stereo audio signal. The main radar view shows you loudness history, while the outer ring displays momentary short-term loudness. Finally, True-peak Levels are shown in real-time on the right side of the user interface, completing the overview.

Plug-in Formats
The LM2 plug-in supports all major plug-in formats, including AAX, RTAS and Audio Suite for Pro Tools as well as AU and VST on Mac or PC.

It supports both monitoring real-time audio signals, and performing off-line measuring in Pro Tools as an Audio Suite plug-in. Used this way, loudness measuring can be done much faster than in real-time – only the CPU of your computer sets the limit of off-line measurement speed.

Special Introductory price
As an introductory offer, you can get the new LM2 Plug-in for just $99 until 1 July 2012. As of 1 July 2012 the price will be $199. The LM6 plug-in (surround version) is $599.

Your First Steps With Pro Tools Part 8

Auto Backup
In this article we are going to take a look at the Auto Backup feature built into Pro Tools. Note this isn’t an auto save feature where the sesion is saved every x minutes. It is an auto backup system where Pro Tools saves a copy of the session in a special Session Backup folder.

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