Pro Tools Quick Tips - Get A Gain Advantage

New to Pro Tools 10? Clip gain allows you to choose as many points on the audio and adjust the gain.

Clip Gain takes seconds to learn and allows audio level adjustment that is forensic and fast!

Neyrinck Release Preview Of New Hi-Res V-Control Skins For iPad 

The next release of V-Control Pro 1.6 will include a new set of high resolution skins to match the new iPad3 retina display which supports a massive 2048-by-1536-pixel resolution at 264 pixels per inch. The previous iPad supported 1024-by-768-pixel resolution at 132 pixels per inch so this is a 4x increase in resolution. Each DAW and Video edit app we support will have a redesigned skin to take advantage of the stunning new iPad display. 

The new release will also include new skins for Media Composer and Digital Performer, along with continuing to support Pro Tools, Logic Pro 9, Cubase/Nuendo, Digital Performer, FL Studio, Tracktion, Studio One, Reaper, Reason, Ableton Live, SONAR, Media Composer, and Final Cut Pro 7.

You can click on the image above to see the full resolution Pro Tools skin which also includes a V-Window display of the Avid channel strip. This relly now provides a very cost effective control surface especially if you already own an iPad 3 but the sums are still not that crazy if you had to buy an iPad just to get a control surface.

V-Control Pro 1.6 will be a free update for existing customers and will be available for purchase at the Apple App store for $49.99 within the next few weeks.

When Is A Backup Not A Backup - Toy Story 2 Vanishes!

If there is ever a story about why backups are important and even more omportant, to regularly test the backups, this story is it.  It’s all about how Pixar nearly lost Toy Story 2 and its told as only Pixar can…

Nugen Audio Release A Pro Tools AudioSuite Loudness Plug-In

We took a look at Nugen Audio’s loudness batch analysis correction application back in February 2012. Well now they have released an AudioSuite version of it that we can use in Pro Tools to prepare our files to meet the new standard.

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Dealing With Avid Artist Series Connection Issues

Some users are having issues connecting their Artist Series controllers to their computers.

Neil and Mike outlined things to check.

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Pro Tools Expert Podcast Number 14

Russ, Eric, Mike are back and joined again by new team member Neil Hester who will be covering Windows issues. This is a bumper edition as we try to clear the backlog of your questions

In this week’s show;

  • Pro Tools & Intel HD 2000 Graphics card.
  • Using VIs in Pro Tools
  • Calibrating monitors
  • Trashing Preferences
  • Pro Tools and Solid State Drives

And much more.

Links for this week’s show;

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Virgin Airlines Install A Pro Tools Studio For Customers At Heathrow Airport

It might sound like some mad story, but it’s completely true, Virgin Airlines have installed a Pro Tools studio for their new Clubhouse at Heathrow airport.

Speaking to The Telegraph they say ‘Virgin claims its services from London to New York and Los Angeles are well-used by members of the entertainment industry, hence the idea to provide equipment for musicians to record tracks while they wait to board a flight.’

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Pro Tools Quick Tips - Start A Tab

Next time you need to edit audio in Pro Tools then take a tip from the top editors. Use the TAB key to move to the next transient on the timeline.

It’s one of the things that has made Pro Tools number one with top studios and engineers. Before long you’ll be flying through edits.  Turn it on using the icon shown above.

HHB Have Some Pro Tools Special Offers Until June 15th

Avid Promotions and upgrade offers – Valid until Friday June 15th 2012:

Upgrade to the Sound and Performance of Pro Tools|HD Native and Save  Trade in any qualifying Pro Tools|HD Core or Accel Core card towards a Pro Tools|HD Native card, which comes with Pro Tools HD 10 software, for just £1299 (ex VAT).

Save on HD Native bundles –Customers can save up to £1000 on a Pro Tools|HD Native system bundle, featuring their choice of HD OMNI, HD I/O 8x8x8, HD MADI or the HD I/O 16x16.

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How To Optimize Windows 7 For Pro Tools

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Neil, our new Windows guru offers some tips for optimising your Windows 7 system for use with Pro Tools.

I’d highly recommend checking out Avid’s Optimisation and troubleshooting page here:

There’s quite a lot to do but it makes a hell of a difference to system performance, the page has actually been recently updated so even if you’ve been through that page before, its worth a double check from time to time to see that nothing new has been added to improve your system performance further.

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