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Top Producer Puts A Spanner In Most Of Our Acoustic Posturing

What does the man who has produced everyone from the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and Roy Orbison do about studio acoustics? Bugger all!

If you were fortunate enough to see the BBC documentary about Jeff Lynne, then you will have seen his recording studio - well in fact his house. Not a piece of sound proofing in site, no acoustic tiles, mo-pads, reflection filters, custom designed rooms. He was recording his vocals in an office, guitars in his lounge - in his words “I prefer to use the sound of rooms instead of effects, moving air has a quality you can’t recreate”.

I’m guessing there’s someone who has read all the books on perfect studio design who may want to take exception to this article, but if I’m going to take advice from anyone, then I’m more likely to take it from an experienced practitioner any day of the week. He is also a Brummie, so he gets my vote every time!

If you can get to see the BBC documentary then I highly recommend it.

Apogee Join The Thunderbolt Gang With Symphony 64 Thunderbolt

Apogee have announced Symphony 64 | Thunderbolt, a 64 channel Thunderbolt card for it’s flagship audio interface Symphony I/O. With Symphony 64 |Thunderbolt, connect Symphony I/O to any Thunderbolt™ equipped Mac for true Thunderbolt compatibility and performance. Symphony 64 | Thunderbolt will also connect X-Symphony equipped AD-16X, DA-16X, Rosetta 800 and Rosetta 200 converters to Thunderbolt Macs.

More here

How To Set Up A Subwoofer

This article forms part of the manual for the Avocet speaker controller by Crane Song. Now we know Dave Hill knows his stuff so I tried to implement some of the techniques in my own studio and all in all I think I do have a better sounding speaker set up after the alterations. It’s quite a lengthy document but stick with it. The results will be worth it.

Accurately Set Up a Subwoofer With (Almost) No Test Instruments
Bass frequencies are extremely important to sound reproduction. Everyone is interested in getting
their bass right, but most people haven’t a clue how to proceed. This article will help to settle the
process of integrating an active subwoofer with an existing “satellite” system. If your room and
loudspeakers are good, you’ll only need two test CDs and your ears to adjust your subwoofer. If your
room is not so good, or you want to refine the sound even further, then we’ll discuss the best way to
integrate test equipment measurements with your hearing. The simple listening test will also reveal if
your room has problems and if it’s time to hire an acoustician.
Let’s review the basic requirements for smooth, extended bass response.

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Create Eighties Synth Pop In Pro Tools

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Russ takes a couple of instances of Xpand2 and a few other free plug-ins to produce some Eighties synth pop.

Using as ever, just the FREE stuff.

Mike Thornton Takes The iZotope 10 Day Challenge On Video - Must See!

Our very own Mike Thornton was invited by iZotope to take a challenge with RX2 audio repair.

They threw everything including the kitchen sink at him with the challenge to fix it; this included text alerts, feedback, hiss, even a recording from a funeral where the cable was miswired so it had hum.

We know that RX is amazing, we also know that Mike is the RX master - which makes this series is a must see!

Watch it now and for the next 10 working days.

You can also download a demo copy of RX to try yourself on your audio disasters.

Also check out Mike’s RX training series here at Groove 3

Native Instruments Action Strings Is Out Now: High-Drama Orchestral Sound

Bring on the epic sound of a real 60-piece string orchestra. ACTION STRINGS delivers a stunning new approach to cinematic strings, using played phrases to deliver fascinating, natural sound plus maximum ease of use. The 14 GB of live-recorded, instantly playable string phrases are designed to add big screen suspense and drama to your movie or game scores, or provide grandeur to your rock, pop and R’n’B tracks. Highly flexible and simple to use,ACTION STRINGS puts a world-class orchestra at your beck and call – even without concert-grade keyboard skills. Create edge-of-the-seat sequences with total ease.

ACTION STRINGS runs in KONTAKT 5 or KONTAKT 5 PLAYER and is available exclusively at the NI Online Shop for $339 / 299 €.

Shure KSM 313 Ribbon Microphone Review


In this microphone review James looks at ways to use the Shure KSM 313 ribbon microphone on kick drum, bass guitar and guitar cabinets.

Flux:: Announce Updates To Their Plug-in Range

Flux:: have released new builds for all their software. It contains a range of minor bug fixes for various problems that caused unpredictable problems and that could lead to unstable DAW projects.

General Enhancements & Fixes (All products)

  • Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Support
  • Unexpected unauthorization of all plug-ins (All OS X platforms)
  • Minor bug fixes all over the product range

IRCAM Software (IT_1.3.8c) -Main Fixes

  • SPAT and VERB unexpected crashes in 7.1 configurations
  • Long loading times in ProTools improved 

Flux:: Software (2.4.8c) - Main Fixes

  • Long loading times in ProTools 

Pure Analyzer System (PAS_SP2c) - Main Fixes

  • Unexpected non working/crashing Windows Trial version installer
  • R128: Disappearing loudness value when gated in on “Integrated Value” 

To download the new installers please go to the Flux Download page

Pro Tools Expert Podcast 35

Russ, Eric, Mike, and Neil are here with another Pro Tools Expert podcast. This week is a bumper question & answer edition…

  • Intros
  • Competitions
  • Benefits of collaboration
  • Avid HD Native Thunderbolt v Apollo Thunderbolt
  • Follow up on PT10.3 on a Mac Pro 1,1
  • Elastic Audio problems with Pro Tools
  • Line Error problems - how to fix them
  • Can I use PT9 live and providing multiple outs 
  • How to record group “Yeahs”
  • How do I track Pro Tools workflow?
  • Checklist for template session
  • Free vocal remover recommendations
  • Problems with PT10.3 on Mountain Lion crashing on Save
  • Problems with versions of M-Powered and FastTrack
  • Upcoming guests
  • New Pro Tools Towers
  • Outros 
Listen here on our Podcast Archive

Nugen Audio Announce New Product In Development

They have announced a new collaboration with DSPSPECIALISTS and ISOSTEM® to develop a ground breaking concept in upmix/downmix technology. The patented ISOSTEM® solution allows the production of bit-perfect compatible downmixes from upmixed material and can also be used to constrain dialog in the center channel of the upmix using a unique stereo stem cross-mixing process.

More information to follow as we get it, but I cannot wait to get my hands on it.