FREE Compressor Plug-in From Fxpansion

Our friends over at FXpansion are offering DCAM FreeComp, a free circuit-modelled compression plugin in VST, AU or RTAS formats.

DCAM FreeComp is a realistic model of a classic console bus compressor design, designed to gel subgroups and entire mixes together while enhancing punch and definition. It’s also excellent at taming peaks in individual tracks and instruments, creative sculpting and heavy, pumping compression effects.

For more info on how to get a copy click here

Stereo Width Tricks And Tips Part 1

Nowadays we track more and more in stereo, no longer having the constraints of 24 tracks on 2” tape (sorry showing my age, but you could insert, new systems have a higher track count as technology improves). However if you aren’t careful when it comes to mixing, having loads of stereo tracks sat on top of each other, can leave you with a very poorly defined stereo mix with little, if any, defined stereo imaging and perspective.

So what to do?
What a lot of folk do is dive for the stereo width plug-ins or wash synth and guitar sounds in wide stereo chorus in the hope of producing a wider stereo mix, because wide is good, but if you aren’t careful all it will do is end up with a wider stereo mush.

You could reduce most of the components down to mono and pan them across the stereo image so each of your instruments has its own place in the image, it may sound like a contradiction but your mix can end up with a wider perceived stereo balance and elements will stand out more easily.

The best way forward is somewhere in between. There are some sounds that work well in mono like drum sounds. I think the sub-title for this series is that over used phrase “little is more”.  If you pull in the width of a lot of your stereo sounds then those that are left will have room to breath and the others will have a clear space to occupy in the stereo image of your mix. You will have also created the space in your mix for image enhancers and special effects to work clearly in your mix.

So over the coming parts of this mini series we are going to look at some solutions.

Export Auria iPad DAW Session To Pro Tools 

Russ shows how to transfer a session from the Auria iPad app from Wavemachine labs into Pro Tools.

Review Of Auria iPad DAW From Wavemachine Labs - Extended Video

Russ takes a look at the new Auria iPad DAW from Wavemachine Labs.

He does a show and tell of the highlights and gives his opinion.

Max Gutnik Moves To Line 6 As VP of Product Management

Max Gutnik, until recently Senior Director of Product Management at Avid and one of the key people behind Pro Tools development, has moved to Line 6 as VP of Product Management.

On Linkedin Avid’s Tom Graham said “Max is a passionate, strong leader with very big ideas in the pro audio space and has successfully helped shape the market leading program Pro Tools”. Also on Linkedin, one of the men behind the Eleven Rack, Hiro Shimozato, said “Max is simply one of those guys who innately gets it: the market, the channel, the customer and the technology.” You can read more recommendations like these on Max’s Linkedin profile.

I spoke to Max this morning and he confirmed the news and had this to say “I’m very excited. Line 6 is one of those rare places where innovation is truly in their DNA. The people there are amazingly talented and passionate about their products and their customers. It’s going to be fun!”

Line 6 are rapidly becoming a force to be reckoned with and have come a long way since the ground-breaking Pod guitar processor.

Wavemachine Labs Auria Now Shipping In The App Store

The long awaited Auria from Wavemachine Labs, a fully functioning DAW on the iPad is now shipping.

More here

Your First Steps With Pro Tools Part 15

Here are two useful tips…

How many times have you been mixing a track and found that as you progressively push the levels up you end up hitting digital headroom on the Master Fader and so you have had to bring the individual track levels down which is never that easy especially if you have started adding automation.

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Pro Tools Expert Podcast Number 23

Russ, Eric, Neil and Mike are back for another action packed show.

In this week’s show we discuss;

  • AAX updates for both effects and instruments
  • Sibelius
  • The recently resurrected AIR Users Blog
  • Mastering
  • Hybrid drives
  • And more

Links for this week’s show…

Listen here on our Podcast Archive

Skootch - Pro Tools Workspace Manager Video Now Online

Friend of the Blog and former Digidesign programmer Bob Nagy has uploaded an introduction video to his fantastic Skootch Workspace Manager software for Pro Tools on the Windows Platform. 



Skootch unlocks the full potential and versatility of window management within Pro Tools that has never been available with Microsoft operating systems before.
Users can preset screen layouts across multiple monitors,  Slim down the title menus to regain valuable screen real estate and a whole lot more .

Whats more, Bob Will be our guest on next weeks Podcast (July 23’rd) in which we will also hear about why us Windows PC “Pro Toolers” owe him a whole lot of grattitude that we might not even be aware of.
To coincide with the interview, We will also have a competition launching on Monday where one lucky winner can get their hands on a copy of Skootch.
 - So be sure to check back with us on Monday 23rd July.

Makers Of Finale & Garritan Confirms Receipt of Proposal From LaunchEquity Partners, LLC

Is this a coincidence or is there something happening in the score writing world?

MakeMusic, Inc. MMUS +13.37% confirms that it received, on July 15, 2012, a proposal from LaunchEquity Partners, LLC (“LaunchEquity”) to acquire the operating assets of MakeMusic, excluding cash, and assume the related liabilities of MakeMusic, free and clear of all liens and encumbrances, for $13.5 million. LaunchEquity’s proposal contemplates that MakeMusic would adopt a plan of liquidation, which would include a distribution of MakeMusic’s then available cash to existing shareholders. LaunchEquity and certain of its affiliates currently collectively own approximately 27.7% of MakeMusic’s outstanding common stock, according to the latest filings by LaunchEquity and its affiliates with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

MakeMusic Inc. is a world leader in music technology whose mission is to develop and market solutions that transform how music is composed, taught, learned and performed. For more than 20 years, Finale(R) has been the industry standard in music notation software, enabling composers, arrangers, musicians, teachers, students and publishers to create, edit, audition, print and publish musical scores. MakeMusic is also the creator of SmartMusic(R) education software that is transforming the way students practice. With SmartMusic, students and teachers have access to thousands of band, orchestra and vocal pieces allowing students to practice with background accompaniment and get immediate feedback on their performance. SmartMusic allows teachers to individualize instruction and document the progress of every student. The SmartMusic Inbox(TM), an Android(TM) and Apple(R) mobile application, provides additional access for teachers to review, grade and comment on student assignments. MusicXML(TM) is an Internet-friendly way to publish musical scores, enabling musicians to distribute interactive sheet music online and to use sheet music files with a wide variety of musical applications. Garritan(TM) sound libraries provide musicians with state-of-the-art virtual instruments with the playback quality of a live performance. Additional information about this Minnesota company can be found at

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