Gobbler 2 Public Beta Gets An Update

If you are yet to try Gobbler 2.0 public beta then they already have a new version with added features and bug fixes, this follows a lot of interest in the first version which has led to excellent feedback. Version osx-2.0.6-build-104 offers:

New Features

  • MFA-enabled accounts are now shown an error when a login is attempted.
  • Fixed several user-reported crashes.


  • Gobbler Collect now supports Ableton Live projects with all linked media on the same drive.
  • Extraneous files in Logic project folders that are not referenced by the project are not included in backups.
  • Collaborators’ names are now displayed in tooltips when mousing over their Avatar images.
  • While downloading projects from workspaces, the files are now placed within a sub-folder named after the workspace containing those projects.

As we’ve already said no Windows yet but that’s coming soon.

More here


50th Anniversary Of The Moog Modular Synthesizer

50 years ago this month Moog unveiled their modular synthesizer at the AES show in 1964 which would become an iconic synthesizer.

Dr. Robert Moog introduced the world to a completely new type of instrument that would go on to change the course of music history and influence decades of future instrument design. In this mini-documentary a Moog engineer, Moog Historian, and Bob Moog himself, explore Moog Music’s quest to resurrect the original methods, materials and designs used in the foundational modular synths. Through recreating Keith Emerson’s modular system, Moog Music rediscovers the power, elegance, and enduring legacy of its first instruments. 

Thanks to our friends at Source Distribution for bringing this to our attention and you can find out much more at the Moog site here.

Pro Tools Expert RedNet Event - 10 More Tickets Released

We are thrilled by the response to our RedNet Event hosted at Alchemea in London next week, all free tickets were snapped up fast, we’ve got attendees from education, top studios, producers and engineers all keen to learn more about how RedNet can help them in their workflows, of course we also have free drinks too.

However we’ve manage to get another 10 tickets for the event.

The event is an evening for audio professionals to meet the Focusrite RedNet team, to see RedNet in action and to take part in small informal demonstrations of RedNet’s potential in music and post environments.

It is an opportunity for those who are considering investing in RedNet to have their questions answered and to see and hear it in action.

There will be a free bar during the evening so it’s also a great opportunity for audio professionals to meet up and chat over drinks.

The event takes place on Tuesday October 21st 2014 at Alchemea College in London.

Spaces are very limited so book early, only those with tickets will be admitted on the evening.

Click here to book your RedNet Event tickets now

Free Extended Video Tutorial Using Waves V-Series Neve Plug-ins

Watch this free in-depth video tutorial with mixing engineer and educator Michael White for an inside look at the Waves V-Series, a unique collection of three state-of-the-art plugins modeled on vintage Neve processors.

Even better if you like what you see then you can grab them now for $99 instead of $500, that’s a steal.

Click here to get Waves V Series plug-ins at $99

Internal Battles Rage At Avid To Deliver Customers What They Want

An interesting picture is emerging following our recent story on the Avid Pro Tools Support announcement at AES last weekend.

Several sources have independently confirmed to us that behind the muddle, is not an effort by Avid to confuse their customers, but simply that internal politics were not ironed out before the announcement was made. This would explain both an incomplete picture from the Pro Tools Support announcement and the unwillingness for Avid to comment publically on it thus far.

It seems that there is a possibilty that Pro Tools licensing in the future will include both the option to rent and to buy, which is in line with the statement made by the Avid CEO;

Some in the industry have been frustrated that they’ve been forced to a single delivery or pricing model, like cloud or subscription, that benefits the vendor more than the actual customer and, in fact, in some cases may be more costly and less flexible.

Our customers will be limited by only their own imagination and strategy, not by limits dictated by their vendor.

Furthermore it would appear from our sources both within and outside of Avid, they are trying to iron out the possibility and mechanisms of buying certain features for Pro Tools such as surround, track counts etc. 

It woud seem that yet again the lack of information coming from Avid on this and many other issues is simply down to a lack of internal agreement. Until that is settled, we will have to wait this one out.

We often say here at Pro Tools Expert, most of the issues at Avid can be put down to cock-up and not conspiracy. Lets hope that the people inside Avid championing the cause of the Pro Tools users win out in these battles.

As is always the case, Avid do not make official comments on these matters and so they are unlikely to confirm or deny these rumours.

Genelec 8000 Series Trade Up Promotion - Two Weeks Left


Back at the beginning of July our friends at Source Distribution announced a trade up promotion to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the launch of the Genelec 8000 series of active monitors.

This UK only trade up promotion allows you to trade-in your existing monitor(s) and get a discount on a brand new pair of Genelec 8010A, 8020C, 8030B, 8040B or 8050B models. 

You only have two weeks to take advantage of this deal so if you are looking to upgrade your monitors then you can get more info here.

Pro Tools Expert Podcast 137

Russ, Mike, Neil and James are back to bring you another show with talking points, tips, tricks and questions answered.

 Groove 3 Titles We Like


Deals page

Talking Points Kindly Sponsored By Universal Audio 

Community Feedback Kindly Sponsored by RSPE Audio Solutions

  • 3 October Deals from RSPE - 
    • Buy a 4-710D Tone-Blending Mic Preamp and get a FREE UAD-2 Quad DSP Accelerator (supplies limited); 
    • Buy and Apollo and get up to $1295 worth of UAD Plugins; 
    • Special pricing on Metric Halo plugins and Production Bundle 
  • Frank Herrlinger has made his own private mixing tool in the Native Instruments Kontakt 5.3 format. He has called it Sub and you can check it out on his site http://www.audio-wiesel.com/sub/ 
  • Darren Vermaas offers some great tips on working on Audiobooks from the question form last week.
  • Hector M asks what we think that using skeuomorphism in plug-ins is good or bad?
  • Our Rednet event is now sold out but there is a waiting list.

Find Of The Week 

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Foley Collection Release FC204 Trot & Gallop

We showed a sneak peak at the end of our Show & Tell review of the Foley Collection with Alvaro de Iscar Gonzalez. Now they have released Trot and Gallop, a foley collection of all things horse related.

They have been recorded at 96KHz and 24 bit. From sand to snow, concrete to dirt, grass to stones …. they have it all in their instrument. You can select your surfaces mix, add-ons and extra sound mixes.

They have programed to sound natural with two banks of keys: Trot and Gallop. You can navigate through the different menus to adjust the add ons, extras and surfaces levels. You can also adjust extra time attack to create the perfect sound for your horses.

You need Kontakt 4.1 or above. The Foley Collectiion instruments won’t work with the Kontakt player.

Winners Of The Acon Digital Deverbate Competition


Last month we ran a competition with 5 chances to win a copy of the Acon Digital Restoration Suite bundle and we can now announce the winners pictured above from left to right.

Dave Bell

My name is Dave Bell, I have lived in Germany since 1976. I came over to work as a musician for the American Forces, and never looked back. I have always had my own recording studio, even if it was only a 2 cassette recorders. Now I have 2 mobile Pro Tools rigs, one at my house, and a Studio rig for tracking.

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More Information Emerges About SoundToys 5.0

They won best in show at AES 2014 and more information has emerged about SoundToys 5.0.

The new Soundtoys Effect Rack is the core of the next version of SoundToys, Soundtoys 5. The new version will enable users to create, audition, save, and recall combinations of Soundtoys effects.

The Soundtoys Effect Rack integrates all 12 Soundtoys effects into a single plug­-in, improving workflow by visually displaying an entire effect processing chain – eliminating the need to navigate multiple plug-­in windows to adjust parameters, add new effects, or change the order of effects. It also includes overall input and output level controls, a wet/dry mix control, and a global feedback control – which add new creative possibilities that would require additional plug-­ins or complicated routing to accomplish in most DAWs.

Soundtoys 5 will ship Q4 2014. Pricing TBA.