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Quiet Art Announce New Defaulter - Pro Tools Clip Gain Normalizing Plugin

Our friends at Quiet Art have announced their latest plug-in Defaulter, a Pro Tools clip gain normalizing plug-in. Quiet Art already make the popular Wave Rider plug-in. Defaulter is compatible with both ProTools 10 & 11.

Quiet Arts say;

Defaulter is the Pro Tools clip gain normalizing plugin. It is a perfect companion for WaveRider, and an excellent addition to any collection of gain staging plugins.

Clip gain is the best thing Pro Tools adopted in recent years. Now, you have a tool to help you get the most out of it.

Defaulter analyzes the clip and applies clip gain adjustments to bring it up or down to meet your specified peak level. It ignores clips with levels below the user set threshold.

Try Quiet Art Defaulter

If you want to try out the new Quiet Art Defaulter plug-in, there is a demo download on their web site.

Click here to find out more about the Quiet Art Defaulter plug-in

Berlin Based Adam Audio Have Been Saved From Bankruptcy

Andre Zeugner from Adam Audio has been in touch to tell us that German entrepreneurs with the CWM holding company on December 11th, 2014 have acquired ownership of ADAM Professional Audio . As we reported earlier, ADAM Professional Audio ran into difficulties with capitial funding after taking on too many projects and products.

The new owners have already gone on record that their goal is to invest in ADAM Audio and bring production back up to normal as well as to invest in new products which will strengthen ADAM Audio’s already excellent market position.

A representative of the new shareholder, Sebastian Canzlertold us….

ADAM Audio is known worldwide in the pro audio industry for its superb speakers. Due to the high precision and quality of the products as well as the large technical expertise of its employees, the company has become very quickly a leading supplier of professional audio monitors. All of this provides a very good basis for further growth, which we strive for together with the existing team.

Sven Schmöle, Managing Director of ADAM Audio added…

With CWM we have a partner on our site that supports our passion for innovation and helps us realize our full potential. Our task now is to resume production as soon as possible in order to supply our customers with products again.

Review: Bad Cat Samples' Bad Cat Pack Also On Our Deals Page With 33% Discount

Check out Russ’ show & tell video review of the Bad Cat Sample Pack.  If you like it then we are offering the Bad Cat Sample Pack at £42 which is 33% off the normal price for the 6 virtual instruments. The pack consists of The Music Box, Bass Pedals, Indi Glock, Performachord, Lucky Harp and Mini Keys.

Pro Tools Quick Tip - Swapping Volume Automation And Clip Gain In Pro Tools HD

Another Pro Tools quick tip, this one is the cool way that Pro Tools HD users can convert volume automation to clip gain and vice versa.

Some people are not aware of this feature but it has several uses including;

  • You may want to commit your automation to the track as clip gain and then render it to the audio track for exporting as a completed audio track.
  • You may have a track with a lot of clip gain changes written to it and may want to convert that to volume automation instead, leaving the original audio unaffected.

Here’s how to do it.

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Waves Offer $100 Off SoundShifter Plug-in In Their Next Daily Deal

In their next daily deal Waves are offering their SoundShifter plug-in for the next day or so they are offering SoundShiffter for $49 instead of $149.

What Is SoundShifter?

SoundShifter is a pitch-shifting and time-shifting processor. It enables you to change keys, tempos, durations, and manipulate the time-pitch continuum with accuracy and clarity. For tonal transformation and transposition, SoundShifter is well worth a look especially at this price. It has Parametric, Graphic, and Real-time components with punchy, smooth, transient, and sync modes, with time, tempo, bars, samples, SMPTE, feet & frames, pitch, interval, and frequency controls.

You only have a short period of time to take advantage of this deal so check it out here.

From Creation to Final Mix: Episode 2 - Free Video

From Creation to Final Mix: Episode 2 is now available featuring producer Fab Dupont helping the band The Arrows to produce a new track.

In this episode they look at using Boom, laying down a bass guitar and synth line in Pro Tools.

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Pro Tools Expert Control Surface Survey - Complete Results Available To Download

You may have seen our infographic last week giving the highlights of our Pro Tools Expert Control Surface survey, completed by over 800 Pro Tools users, many of whom are professionals.

We’ve now compiled the complete results document in PDF form, it runs to 24 pages and makes interesting reading, it is free to download for personal use.

By downloading this document you agree to our terms. This document was created for community use and not for any commercial purposes. It can be downloaded for private use, it must not be used by any organisation; commercial or otherwise. You may not redistribute this report in full or part without our written permission. This report is copyright (c) 2014 Pro Tools Expert.

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Boz Digital Labs +10dB Review - Compex Vocal Stresser Plug-in Emulation

Boz Digital Labs are fast becoming well known for good quality, low cost plug-ins. They make some great plug-ins at good process and have a really nice ‘small-developer’ attitude.

Eli Krantzberg has just done an extended review, including their cool new A/B sound examples over at our sister site Logic Pro Expert. Eli writes;

2014 is a great year to be a DAW owner. New plug-ins of all sorts keep coming fast and furious. Some are hardware emulations, some are hybrids using existing technology to enhance older paradigms, while some are completely new and unique. And the prices are lower than ever. Enter Boz Digital Labs; one of the great new crop of up and coming plug-in developers. They have just released a new plug-in called +10dB, a faithful recreation of the rare and sought after Compex Vocal Stressor. This unit has a unique sonic signature and vibe to it; and has not already been emulated to death by every other plug-in developer. And no, it is not just another hardware channel strip emulation. With the absence of physical hardware restraints, Boz Digital Labs have gone beyond simple imitation. The plug-in comes in three flavours. Dynamics section only, Equaliser only, or the bundle that combines them together into a single channel strip. Here I’ll take a look at the bundle version.

It’s a great review and well worth a read, check it the Boz Digital Labs +10dB review over at Logic Pro Expert

Grab These Great Dance And Hip Hop Loops From Mode Audio - Pro Tools Expert Exclusive

We are very pleased to announce a great deal on an exclusive bundle of loops and samples from the team at ModeAudio.

Save 50% With Our Exclusive Super Bundle

We have merged their Dance and Hip Hop bundles into a super bundle just for our community and just for one month and you are saving 50% on the cost of all the libraries contained in our bundle. The Pro Tools Expert bundle is just £60.

More here

Sunday Sound Effects Round Up - Sonniss Deals, Free Content From A Sound Effect, Interview With Ryan Billia 

Pro Sound Effects Interview Ryan Billia From Rumble Audio

Pro Sound Effects have released their first Sound Design Spotlight interview in which they interview Ryan Billia from Rumble audio based in Brooklyn, New York. In the video Ryan shows his audio post facility in East Williamsburg and talks about his particular approoach to sound deisgn and how he use sound effects and his first experiences of using the Hybrid Library from Pro Sound Effects and goes into more detail on how he designed the sound for an Icelandic Geyser scene in the Sony Pictures Classic “Land Ho” feature film.

Free Sounds Effects From “A Sound Effect”

Many of the sound effect creators on A Sound Effect, another site that sells sound effects from a variety of independent sound effects providers, have teamed up to offer an early Christmas present of over 130 sound effects for free which work out to be 2 GB when uncompressed, or about 1.5 hours worth of sounds.

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