Pro Tools Expert Podcast 142

Russ, Mike, and James bring you another show with talking points, tips, tricks and questions answered.

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  • November deals at RSPE include promotions from SPL, A Designs, Crane Song and more
  • Mulomba Luabeya Luabeya is not very happy with Avid, what about taking legal action. 
  • Chris Schmid discovered a shortcut for changing the grid value to triplets and dotted notes.
  • Colin Mansfield had some advice to help not loose your iLok when out on the road.
  • Cory Rizos gave us an update on his issues with Avid’s inflexibility on the Advanced Support plan and he is not impressed with Avid’s response.
  • Frank Vitale would like us to be nominated in the People’s Choice Award.
  • Joe Belliston wanted to commend Waves for there customer service.
  • Kevin de Wit told us about Gobbler’s transition from Gobbler 1 to Gobbler 2 and his concerns and praise for their change of policy.
  • Marty Dickerson shared his views on the Avid upgrade plans and how we are covering these issues.

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Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack Released - With A Suprise Free Module, REVIVAL SONIC ENHANCER

Slate Digital have just announced the release of the long awaited Virtual Mix Rack Plugin.
Not only that, there is a suprise module “The Revival Sonic Enhancer” which amazingly is a free download for everyone - Just download the VMR Demo and you’ll get a time limited trial of all the VMR modules but the Revival Sonic Enhancer is yours to keep - Free !

Here are the details of the Virtual Mix Rack:

The VIRTUAL MIX RACK continues the Slate Digital tradition of providing the absolute most authentically modeled analog sound in a digital audio plugin.
The ‘VMR’ includes four world class mix modules, including two classic equalizers and two versatile mix compressors, with more modules to be developed.
The ‘VMR’ operates as a Virtual 500 series rack with hot-swappable modules, putting your whole processing chain in ONE WINDOW.
This allows you customize your own channel strip, with signal flow following the modules, in any order you choose. Mix and match filters from different EQs. Chain an EQ before or after your compressor. Moving modules around is easy, fast, and creates no break in audio playback. Audition signal chains faster, easier, and in real time with the Slate ‘VMR’.
Check out the VMR Demo Video Here:



Modules included in the Virtual Mix Rack are:


The FG-N is a digital recreation of one of the most classic discrete Class A British equalizers from the 70’s.
All aspects of the circuit are modeled, including the rich harmonics and saturations that naturally occur when the equalizer is in use. The original model only contained one mid band, so we thought it would be nice to double it so that it has two mid bands. This equalizer is lush, fat, and bold. It sounds great on everything from drums to vocals, and can even add the perfect saturation to synth and electronic tracks. 


The FG-S is a digital recreation of one of the most famous British console equalizers from the 80’s.
This equalizer also has rich harmonics and interactive mid bands with a fat musical tone. This is the ultimate workhorse mix eq that can be used on any track. It is great for surgical cutting strokes, or wide bell and shelf strokes for making drums and guitars punch out of the speakers.


The FG-116 is the most precise digital replication of the classic American FET limiter. No expense was pared to capture every nuance of this classic sounding compressor/limiter. From its trademark timing characteristics to the extremely musical sound of its transformer, the FG-116 will give engineers the musical and fat tone that has made the hardware so famous. The FG-116 sounds great on everything like lead vocals, drums, and bass guitars.


The FG-401 started as a recreation of the classic british console channel compressor, but morphed into quite a lot more. First, we gave it variable attack and release with increased range which added more tonal options. But then, we added an optimal transformer inout, and not just any transformer, the famous transformer from the British Class A Console! This adds a beautiful warmth and sheen to the compressor. Last, we added an entirely unique second circuit path that provides and additional smooth and rich tone. The FG-401 is perhaps the most versatile mix compressor in the world that can sound good on any source you feed into it!

And of course the Free ‘REVIVAL SONIC ENHANCER’ of which you can see Steven Slates demo video here:

System Requirements 

Dual Core Intel Processor, 8 GB RAM Recommended
Mac OS® X 10.7 or later
Intel Mac 32bit: RTAS
Intel Mac 32bit and 64bit: AAX, VST2, VST3, and AU
iLok2 Required

Dual Core Intel or AMD Processor, 8 GB RAM Recommended
Windows 7® (32/64 Bit) or later
Windows 32bit: RTAS
Windows 32bit and 64bit: AAX, VST2, and VST3
iLok2 Required

Note: AAX 64-bit, Pro Tools 11 compatible

Virtual Mix Rack Is Available Now at a very special introductory price of just $149 and includes a free ilok2


Amazing PEQ 1 FREE - Parametric EQ and Preset Warmer Plug-in

The guys at Amazing Machines have released the Amazing PEQ 1 FREE - Parametric EQ and Preset Warmer Plug-in, for use in Native Instruments Reaktor 5.8 or newer.

The Amazing PEQ-1 FREE is a straightforward Overall Tone Shaping tool, capable of drastically change an audio source with its 1 Band Mid-Range Equalizer and its Preset Warmer. We’ve given it a quick spin and it is a very nice little plug-in for a quick, simple and straightforward way of tone shaping a track, we tried it on a piano and a drum track, both benefitted from it.

Amazing PEQ 1 FREE Features:

  • 1 Reaktor Ensemble
  • 1 Band Parametric Equalizer
  • Preset Warmer

Amazing PEQ 1 FREE Compatibility:

Native Instruments’ Reaktor 5.8 or newer.

5 Tips For Getting A Great Job In Audio Production And Keep It 

Some of our readers are hoping to get a job in audio production, either in music or post. Wer an this story a couple of years ago and we know that a lot of college tutors and parents found it helpful.

Here is an updated version of the top five things I tell my kids on how to get a great job, stay hired and get promoted.

Be Better Than The Rest

I’ve sifted through hundreds of resumes, letters of application and interviews and I want to let you into a secret about what happens when I advertise for a job. Recently I advertised on an online site for someone to look after my bookkeeping, it was for one day a month and self employed. I placed the ad at 9:00am and by 10:00am I had 172 applications. I managed to sift that down to 4 in less than 30 minutes… and here is how. The job asked for someone local, qualified, experienced and flexible. Over 100 of the applications were not local, this was not a highly paid post and only one day a month, so they went. Secondly, I looked to see of the 100 or so left, how many of them had the qualifications, less than half, so that now had me to about 40. Then I looked at experience, about 10 were now left. Then I read through them to look for the stars, what I mean by stars is candidates who stand out, that left me with 4 people. I phoned all of them for a chat, of course they waxed lyrically about how brilliant they were - they should do, but one told me that she ran a small company helping creatives to do the things they hated doing. In that moment she described me and she got the job! There’s a lot of people looking for a job, especially in a studio or a post house, so you had better look good on paper and better be good when they call.

As a footnote to the bookkeeper hiring story; I hired Cath in 2012 when I first wrote this article, she has been with me ever since and has been an absolute star.

You Can Have Experience Having Never Worked Before

One myth I hear a lot from those looking for their first job is that they need a job to get the experience. Rubbish!

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Apple Mac Mini i5 Late 2012 Running Pro Tools On Internal Soundcard - Power Test

A few days ago we took the latest Macbook Pro Retina 15” for a spin to see how it handles Pro Tools 11, you can see our Macbook Pro 15” Retina Pro Tools 11 test here.

We’ve been asked to run the same test on a Mac Mini, so we’ve run this test on a Late 2012 i5 which is more or less the same kind of spec as the new mid range model in the latest round of Mac Minis. 

This is the basic’ test, just the Mac Mini, internal soundcard and internal drive, it’s just you, your Mac, an iLok, headphones and a USB micro keyboard.

Is it just fit for a few demo tracks or can you get some real work done… find out below.

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Waves Add More Special Offers For The Rest Of November 2014

Waves Add More Specials For The Rest Of November 2014

For the rest of November Waves have added some more deals to their Specials page. The deals will expire on November 30th 2014.

Linear Phase Multiband Compressor - $79 normally $250

This is designed for mastering with 5 user-definable bands with linear phase crossovers for phase distortion-free Multiband Compression using technologies like Adaptive Thresholds, Automatic Makeup Gain, and Finite Response Filters

Renaissance Maxx - $149 normally $350

This is a great little bundle containing all the Renaissance plug-in including compressors, EQ, reverbs, bass enhancement as well as the IR-L convolution reverb and Tune LT. This is a great way to get a load of Waves plug-ins at a very good price.

Signature Series Bass & Drums - $99 normally $500

Waves have a growing range of Signature Series plug-ins and this is a bundle of 9 plug-ins that are aimed at bass and drums that have been created in collaboration with Chris Lord-Alge, Eddie Kramer, Jack Joseph Puig and Tony Maserati.

Video Sound Suite - $99 normally $500

This bundle is aimed at video editors who need a broader toolbox to handle audio that in days gone by would have been handed off to an audio specialist.  Because of that it is a great bundle for audio specialists starting off in the audio post world. Using the same plug-ins as movie and game audio professionals, you can reduce noise, clean up and enhance dialog, smooth out and maximize volume as well as re-create room acoustics and more. 

Musicians 2 - $59 normally $160

This is a great little bundle for musicans or composers who want a little more that the factory plug-ins included in your DAW. The bundle is made up of 6 plug-ins that cover EQ, compression, double-tracking, delay, level maximization and more.

PAZ Analyzer - $49 normally $150

It generates a realtime visual representation of your audio’s stereo positioning, frequency spread, and peak/RMS levels, real-time vector display with zoom, optional resolution in 10Hz steps for precise analysis below 250Hz, 52 or 68 band analysis and you can save results as text file.

Waves Weekend Deals

This weekend Waves are offering these plug-ins but remmber these deals expire on this evening.

  1. Waves Trans-X native plug-in $49 - normally $100
  2. Waves JJP Drums native plug-in $49 till Sunday - normally $100
  3. Waves Maserati GRP native plug-in $49 till Sunday - normally $100

Grab them while you can. Check out the Specials page too for more great deals

Nugen Audio Donates VisLM Licenses to 41 NaSTA Student Stations

The Nugen Audio loudness metering plug-ins are going to help to prepare members of UK’s Student Television Association (NaSTA) for the demands of mixing broadcast content to the new loudness standards.

Nugen Audio has donated VisLM licenses to 41 student television stations throughout the UK. All members of the National Student Television Association (NaSTA) will use the plug-ins to help them comply with the European Broadcasting Union’s EBU R128 loudness recommendations, and also as a training tool for students to gain loudness monitoring experience in preparation for professional careers. NaSTA distributed the VisLM licenses to student stations throughout its network in Scotland, England, and Wales. VisLM is now in use daily by on-campus television stations to create and edit programs ranging from major events and sports matches to coverage of student elections.

Mitchell Perry the NaSTA marketing officer told us…

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PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 May Be The Ideal Recording Solution If You Have A Live Act Too

There’s a lot of audio interfaces on the market, some offer a lot of features for the home studio, but for some live is an important part of their entire workflow and having to invest in both live and studio equipment can get costly.

A few months ago I purchased a PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 to use as part of my home studio, in some ways as an expensive mix solution for creating videos. Over time I’ve really started to love it and can see the potential it has for those working in a band who may be looking for a mixer and also a recording interface. It’s not a new product, but for the money (it streets for less than £800) and this is what you get for your money.

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Chuck Russom FX Offers A Green Friday Sale On All Sound Effects Libraries

Chuck Russom are offering significant reductions on all his libraries until December 1st 2014. Check out his site to see what is on offer. If you need some more sound effects libraries then it might be worth checking out Chuck’s site.

Why A Green Friday Sale?

Chuck explains…

It’s that time of year again. When everyone starts rolling out their huge Black Friday sales. But why is it called black Friday? That’s such a dark name, like something bad happened on that day. Well, here at Chuck Russom FX we celebrate Green Friday. It’s green because of all the money you are going to save during our huge sale.

So Friday is now Green, and all of our sound libraries are on sale. Oh, I know what you are saying; “Aren’t you a couple weeks early with this sale?” Who cares! Why wait to save money! Green Friday is happening now, and the sale continues all the way until December 1! Why just have one day of savings? We’re crazy like that. Go save money now, no need to wait two weeks. 

Pro Tools Expert Podcast Extra Sound Effects Panel Interview 

We interviewed Chuck along with Michael Raphael who runs Rabbit Ears Audio and Frank Bry who runs The Recordist. If you are into sound effects this is well worth a listen as we discover how they each got started and how they choose what libraries to record.

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Free Indian Ricksha Sounds From Tovusound

Community member Tobi Vukadinovic contacted us to tell us about his free sound effects library covering the classic indian ricksha.

Technical Details

28 soundfiles files - WAV @ 24Bit, 96 kHZ ORTF Stereo

Recording Equipment:

  • Microphones: Neumann KM184 Stereo Pair, Sennheiser MKH416
  • PreAmp: Sound Devices MixPre
  • Recorder: Tascam DA60

Audio Examples