FabFilter Have Released Their Pro-Q 2 Plug-in - Now You Can Check It Out For Yourself

Our friends at FabFilter have released, as promised, the new version of their amazing Pro-Q EQ plug-in. The new features include Full Screen mode, unique Natural Phase processing, Auto Gain, Spectrum Grab, Gain-Q interaction and slope support for all filter types make Pro-Q 2 better than its predecessor.

Completely Redesigned From the Ground Up

This is no little upgrade, the team at FabFilter have completely redesigned the internal filter engine which not only improves the existing zero latency and linear phase modes but also makes it possible to add a new natural phase mode and have filter slopes from 6dB per octave to a massive 96dB per octave.

FabFilter Pro-Q 2 Fey Features

  • Natural Phase mode to perfectly match the magnitude response of analog EQ’ing while also closely matching the analog phase response, without noticeable pre-ring or a long latency
  • Full Screen mode for super-precise adjustments
  • Spectrum Grab: just grab and adjust a peak in the real-time spectrum analyser right away!
  • Universal slope support for all filter types, for example enabling users to make ultra-narrow bell filters or very steep shelves including 18, 30, 36, 72 and 96dB/oct.)
  • Highly improved Linear Phase mode, offering a better magnitude response and smooth changes without zipper effects
  • New EQ filter types: Tilt Shelf and Band-Pass, in addition to the existing Bell, High/Low Cut, High/Low Shelf and Notch filter shapes
  • Gain-Q interaction option: when enabled, Q and gain influence each other in a pleasant way often found in analog mixing consoles
  • EQ Match feature to automatically match the spectrum of another track via the side-chain input
  • Auto Gain automatically adjusts the output gain to compensate for the audible gain loss or increase introduced by the active EQ bands
  • Improved spectrum analyser with adjustable range, tilt, freeze, and horizontal zooming
  • Optional piano roll display
  • Flexible interface resizing
  • Full output level meter
  • Phase Invert option
  • Highly improved CPU optimisation: Pro-Q 2 uses less memory and is more than twice as efficient as its predecessor!
  • Improved analog magnitude matching in Zero Latency mode

Pricing And Upgrades

FabFilter Pro-Q 2 is now available for EUR 149, USD 199 or GBP 124, supporting both Windows and Mac OS X in VST and VST 3, Audio Units, AAX, RTAS and AudioSuite plug-in formats. 

Existing FabFilter customers can purchase or upgrade to Pro-Q 2 with very attractive discounts by logging in to their online user account.

Try Before You Buy

You can download the Pro-Q 2 from the download page on the FabFilter site and try it out for free for 30 days. Then if you decide to buy it you just use your personal license key to unlock it.

Show & Tell Review Coming Soon

We will be making one of our show and tell reviews of this plug-in very soon.

Using Waves Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter To Bring Character And Sheen

In this free video tutorial Russ shows how the Waves Vintage Aural Exciter has some tricks up its sleeve. In this video Russ gives two examples how the different mix modes bring entirely different results.

In the first example he uses the Aural Exciter to add character to a drum loop.

In the second example he uses the Aural Exciter to add air and sheen to strings.In this in depth video tutorial Russ shows how there’s more to the Aural Exciter than first meets the ear.

Watch it here

ADR A Whole Low Budget Film? Sounds In Sync Made It Possible

Sound designer/editor/mixer Jonah Guelzo was working a low budget/ crowd sourced film recently directed by his brother Joel.  The problem was that there was no consistent location sound so the only solution was to ADR the whole film so Jonah looked around for a creative solution and he teamed up with our friends Sounds In Sync to use their EdiPrompt and EdiCue software to make this ADR process as painless as possible and this video is the story of that journey.

Drumdrops Drum Samples Mixed By Guy Massey - Free To First 20

Our friends at Drumdrops are releasing the 1965 Ludwig Super Classic Kit Kontakt 5 pack tomorrow, 28th August between 4pm and 4.30 pm with a special introductory offer.

  • First 20 people will receive it free
  • Next 50 people will receive it for £ 15.00
  • Next 50 people will receive it for £ 25.00
  • Next 50 people will receive it for £ 30.00
  • And then it will return to £ 40.00.

Recorded At Top London Studio The Square

The kit was recorded by our resident Drumdrops engineer Ben Thackeray and mixed by Grammy award winning ex-Abbey Road engineer Guy Massey. The drummer was Tim Weller, a busy UK session drummer recent clients included - Death in Vegas, Chris Difford, Future Sound of London, Marc Almond, Beverley Craven, Natalie Imbruglia, Duke Special, Ellie Goulding and Noel Gallagher.

The recording took place in Miloco’s The Square Studios in London. Quite a controlled and tight sounding live room so you can really hear the sound of this kit and treat it later. For mic pre’s we used a combination of the SSL G-Series and a number of external pre’s including Calrec 1061’s, Valve Telefunken V76, a Neve 1066 and Neve Prisms.

Mixed On SSL-G Series

The kit was mixed on the SSL G-Series console at The Square by Guy Massey. In the past few years Guy has worked with many artists including Bill Fay, Ed Sheeran, Ultrasound, Neil Hannon and Thomas Walsh and Paul McCartney as well as many up and coming acts. In 2010 he won two UK Music Producer Guild awards for engineer of the year and best album. He won engineer of the year again this year.

More Drumdrops Deals

Check out our Route Seventy Sticks sound lbrary in this months deals here

Get The Kit For Free

Head over to the Drumdrops site from 4:00pm GMT tomorrow to grab them

Pro Tools Expert Podcast 131

Russ, Mike, Neil and James are back together to bring you another show with talking points, tips, tricks and questions answered.

 Groove 3 Titles We Like


Deals page

Talking Points Kindly Sponsored By Universal Audio

Community Feedback Kindly Sponsored by RSPE Audio Solutions

  • RSPE are offering a summer rebate on Royer ribbon mics
  • Gregory Lawson is looking for videos on using UAD and Sonnox plug-ins
  • David Thomas - In podcast 130 you talked about not stealing content and then later talked about using a proxy server, surely double standards?
  • Jascha Viehl - Following our EDL tip 4 there is a solution for PT10 users on a Mac from Bernhad Maisch called The Guardian Angel for Write Automation to Selection after Previewing in HD Systems. 
  • Ryan Okuly has found out you don’t need to Eleven Rack firmware v2 update which cost $100 He has used an Eleven Rack with firmware v1.0.3 on Windows 7 and 8.1 systems 
  • Glenn Skinner recommends we look at another free tool. The Kosmology FreeFall with 120 instruments 
  • Knut Richard Vanderloock would like to recommend ToonTrack pianos following the feedback about pianos in Podcast 130.
  • David Topple - Consider using the Delete key when working in music to clean up your tracks.

Questions - Kindly Sponsored by Alchemea

  • There are some very good courses at Alchemea for people already working in the industry, firstly one for post production covering working in surround for film and TV and a second course on audio in games.
  • Brendan Biele liked the sound of the older Dynamics II limiter but can’t get that sound in the current Dynamics plug-in, any suggestions?
  • Mårten Eriksson Problems with latency using with MOTU hardware with Pro Tools Vanilla and can’t find where to set the recording delay in Pro Tools.

Find Of The Week

  • Mike - FabFilter Pro-Q 2 plug-in
  • Neil - Zynaptiq Unchirp and Don’t Crack have got the Plug n Mix VIP bundle for just $49
  • James Noctua Quiet fans for my 192, 96 and HD I/O £8 each. and the Fossboard Guitar pedal board. 
  • Russ - Elgato Thunderbolt Dock

Listen on to the Pro Tools Expert Podcast on iTunes

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Free Powerful Synth And Sequencer Plug-in For Pro Tools And Other DAWs - Kontakt Hosted

If you own Kontakt then here is an excellent free synth and sequencer plug-in that allows the user to create complex looping arpeggiator patterns and then moprh them. Thanks to community member Glenn Skinner for the tip.

Kosmology FreeFall

FreeFall is a completely Free version of the powerful Kosmology Sequencing System, which uses 110 Sampled Instruments collected from current Kosmology and Kosmos products to offer a free entry point into the world of Kosmology. Kosmology provides 8 completely separate instances which can be switched in real-time via a specified set of Midi notes. Each instance uses 2 synths with independent Filters, has 7 sequencers with independent clock divides and step amounts as well as 48 assignable parameters. The workflow is enhanced by lots of useful options such as copying, pasting and randomizing and a single instance can be copied to all Instances or to a specific instance. The idea is that you set up the 8 instances and then play them as an instrument as you would with any synthesizer, they are even polyphonic.

Kosmology requires Native Instruments Kontakt 5.3 Full Version (it will only work in Kontakt player for 15 minutes).

Powerful Sequencing Features

  • 8 Instances that can be switched on the fly via Midi. each Instance has:control over 48 Distinct Parameters which include Cutoff, Resonance, Filter and Amp Envelopes Envelopes (Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release), Filter Envelope Amounts, Octave, Various A/B Tune options, FX Sends plus more.
  • Pitch Sequencer – Offsets the root note by -+12 semitones and can Tie notes and mute themVelocity Sequencer – Velocity in turn can be assigned to both Volume and/or the Filter Cutoff
  • 5 assignable Sequencers – each of these sequencers can target any of the 46 available Destinations and can like the other synth parameters can be completely different for each of the 8 instances.
  • All sequencers have independent Clock Divisions
  • All sequencers have an independent Step Size (maximum 64 steps) which is great for Syncopation

Download Information

To download Kosmology Freefall click here

5 Things To Think About When Buying A New PC - Part 5 - Upgradability And Future Proofing

Our culture of mobile devices and tablets is increasingly pushing the idea that every year (or maybe two) we should be ditching the old model and replacing it with a nice, new shiny one. Last season’s model seems so dated and underpowered so quickly – and, would you look at that, all the cool new stuff only seems to run on the new version. With PC’s it doesn’t have to be this way. If you buy a decent machine you should have access to the insides where all sorts of bits and pieces can be improved upon or added to over time. This can stretch the life of your machine to something more like 5 years before it starts feeling a little old. Be aware that some computer manufacturers put warranty seals on their systems to prevent people from getting inside.

It should be noted though that certain upgrades have a limited window of opportunity. Intel’s development cycle is about 18 months at which point something new gets introduced that may or may not be compatible with the last generation of motherboards or processors. If that happens then the current generation may vanish quite quickly from the market place and leave you struggling to find a replacement CPU. Other components are more generic and their connections tend to be around much longer. So it’s best to aim as high as you can in terms of processor as it’s the most difficult to upgrade down the line both in terms of availability and the physical fiddliness of removing the old one.

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MIKEROPHONICS Mic Pre-Amp Shoot Out: Neve 8801 Channel Strip vs Focusrite ISA One

Updated on Thursday, August 28, 2014 at 5:39PM by Registered CommenterMike Aiton

I have in my grubby paws a nice Neve 8801 Channel Strip (thank you to A&E UK) and thought I would record a quick test (in the spirit of my recent mic pre shoot out) against my studio Focusrite ISA One.

The Neve 8801 Channel Strip 

The 8801 Channel Strip is a complete channel from the Neve 88R console – often considered a great sounding analogue music console. Contained in a single rackmount unit, this unit is completely hand-built and hand-wired by Neve.

The 8801’s signal path consists of a Neve mic preamp, high and low pass filters, four bands of equalization, a compressor, gate, dynamics side chain and an insert point. The order of the signal path can be easily modified as the producer requires.The filter section and/or the equalization section can even be routed to the dynamics side chain to tailor the dynamics response of any input signal. There is even a USB socket to store the controls for recall. 

Funky, flexible and fully buttoned then!

The Focusrite ISA One

The ISA One is a single channel, variable impedance Mic Pre-Amp (and Headphone Amp) and DI. It is my studio standard and based upon the legendary Focusrite Console

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How To Change The Fan In Your AVID 192, 92 or HD I/O

We have talked a great deal of late about reducing the background noise in our own studios. To that end I decided to take on 3 of the loudest units in my studio, my Avid HD I/O, my 192 and 96 I/O.  


Words of warning. If you are not happy using tools or getting up close and personal with cables and the like do not start this project. Also if your units are new and still under warranty opening them up and messing with the power supply will make these warranties null and void. You have been warned. The plus side is that doing this will get rid of some of that frustrating background noise. The results are amazing.

I used only 4 tools for this job. A small and micro sized Philips screw driver. A small pair of pliers and a small blunt tipped tool. These are available in most PC tools kits. 

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Zynaptiq Release UnChirp So You Can Remove The Birdies

Our friends Zynaptiq have released UnChirp  It is an audio-plugin that they claim removes artifacts caused by lossy audio encoding & other FFT processes, like spectral denoising. They say that you can reduce musical noise and high frequency chirping (a.k.a. “underwater sound” or “warbling”) and restore lost transients & treble.

If you need to salvage poorly encoded music, speech that’s gone through a low bit rate uplink, over-denoised audio, or footage recorded with consumer mobile devices? then you might want to check out UnChirp.

They recommend that you enjoy this video in HD - They show some interesting before and after examples that suggest you should listen to in quality and not listened to in lower resolutions as those would have new lossy encoding applied and you could be back to square one.

Try It Before You Buy It

There is a demo version available from their Downloads page. if you like it then the price is $399 and you can buy it from their store.

Zap It With The New Zynaptiq ZAP Bundle

Zynaptiq have also announced their ZAP Bundle which is made up of UnFilter, UnVeil, PitchMap and UnChirp. You can buy the ZAP Bundle for $1099. If you already some of the Zynaptiq plug-ins then you can upgrade for the difference in the purchase price.