Exponential Audio Announce 3D Link Technology Now In Public Beta

Our friends at Exponential Audio are proud to announce that its 3D Link technology is now available in a public beta of the surround reverbs.  This beta code may be tested and used by any license holder of PhoenixVerb Surround or R2 Surround.

3D Link is an exciting new way to add reverberation in 3D environments such as Dolby Atmos and Auro 3D, giving you up to 14 channels of reverb. It’s already been used in production work, so it’s now time to open up the testing.

This beta also includes support for new workstations such as Reaper and Nuendo and yet again CPU load has also been reduced.

How does the 3D link Work?

3D Link is a special technology developed by Exponential Audio.  It has been developed to simplify mixing in extended surround formats, i.e. formats with height channels.  Most workstations including Pro Toools currently stop at 7.1, and adding height channels requires a number of tricks and making a convincing reverb has been difficult, with all sorts of odd bussing, delays and filtering.  Having this patched-together reverb react to changing source placement has never been very convincing until now.

3D Link has changed all that.  It works whether you need 7.1 on the bottom and 2.0 on the top for Dolby Atmos or 7.1 down below, 5.0 above, and a top channel for Auro 3D. But it doesn’t stop there, if you need a custom configuration like 5.0 for the lower channel and 4.0 for the top then you can do it.  Mono will link to 7.0.  Stereo will link to stereo, and so on.  It’s all about your creative needs. The only restriction is that PhoenixVerb Surround must link to PhoenixVerb Surround and R2 Surround must link to R2 Surround. You can have as many linked pairs as your mix demands.

What Workstations Are Supported?

Any workstation that has been approved for the surround reverbs may work, as long as it has the ability to output a mix on multiple busses.  Extensive testing has been done with Pro Tools, Nuendo and Cubase and 3D Link works well in all of them. 

What does this cost?  Is it a separate product?

Beginning with version 1.1.0, 3D Link will be part of both surround plug-ins.  There will be no additional charge and no separate installation.

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Pro Tools Expert Podcast 125

Russ, Mike & Neil bring you another show with talking points, tips, tricks and questions answered.

Groove 3 Titles We Like


Deals page

Talking Points 

Community Feedback Kindly Sponsored by RSPE Audio Solutions

  • Joe Teresi - tip on using clip gain before a compressor to get a more even sound.
  • Donald Crees has let up know about a free AAX plug-in and special offer on another AAX plug-in
  • Justin Bryant - Can you do an article on building a studio in the garden?
  • Matt Greaves has found a possible bug with Autotune Evo when importing a track into Pro Tools 11
  • Dualta Barrett - Can you do a video on using ring modulation?
  • Mark Kaim - Suggestions of how to do the mastering bot versus human challenge
  • Matt Cheney - Can you do a video on the best ways and plug-ins to use to handle frame rate changes?

Questions - Kindly Sponsored by Alchemea

  • Shiv Dhuna - Why do the tracks that I export from FL Studio don’t sound the same in Pro Tools?
  • Eric Everhart - Why do plug-ins like Slap Delay II or Extra Long Delay II don’t work in Pro Tools 11?  Video on Time Adjuster plug-in

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Waves Add more Plug-in Deals For July

Our friends at Waves have added some more plug-ins to their selection of special offers for July.

1 day, 1 Surprise Plug-in, 1 crazy price

They are due to offer one plug-in at a crazy price for today only, check out the Specials page for this and other great deals. 

Plug-In Alliance Summer Sale With Reductions Of Up To 50%

Our friends at Plug-in Alliance are running a summer sale until August 14th. They are offering reductions of up to 50% on individual plug-ins from their huge range of plug-ins from brands like Brainworx, Maag, and Elysia.

Bundle Up And Get More

You can also create your own custom bundles and save up to an additional 50% on top of the summer sale prices.

Pre Reverse Reverb Trick

Here is a simple yet useful production trick I picked up earlier in the year when I was re creating a mix of ‘Lost’ by Gary Numan, from ‘Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind)’. There are several moments in this dark and atmospheric production where his voice eerily comes in backwards, bathed in reverb which crescendos before the main melodies are sung. This is an emotive trick that is easy to achieve with a couple of AudioSuite plug-ins.

I strongly recommend you listen to the track ‘Lost’ as hearing this effect in the context of a production should give you ideas of how you can implement it in your own mixes. I am going to explain how to setup this trick using stock plug-ins in Pro Tools.

Keep in mind that this method can be used with any instrument… not just vocals.

1. Audio Clip

Create a new audio track. Create a copy of the clip you want to effect onto the new track.

2. Reverse

Highlight the new clip and go to AudioSuite - Other - Reverse and hit Render. You will clearly see the new clip has been reversed.

3. Reverb

You need to be sure the length at the end of the reversed clip is long enough to have a reverb tail rendered to it. Use the ‘Selector Tool’ or ‘Multi-Tool’ to highlight the whole reversed clip and be sure to include at least double the space at the end. It is best to highlight more than you need, excess can be trimmed away later.

Open up a Reverb under AudioSuite - Reverb. Select a Reverb that sounds good for you and click Render. You will see a long reverb tail in the waveform.

4. Reverse Back

Simply reverse back the reverb clip with AudioSuite. To get the best from this method try creating a few reversed clips and add different reverb settings so that you can compare between them.

5. Position And Edit

I generally slip the newly effected clip under the original vocal until it sounds right for the song. To adjust the length of the effect I either create a fade with clip gain or automate a volume fade to get my desired amount of time into the moment.


This can also be done with delays.

If there is a name for this method please do share it, if not… let’s name it together.

Audio Repair In Music Production: Removing Plosives and Mouth Clicks

Declicking tools are not only for dealing with vinyl records or digital clicks. In this video, Mike Thornton shows you how to use RX 3’s Declick module to remove mouth noises from an intimate vocal recorded close to the microphone and how to combine Spectral Repair’s attenuate mode with the Brush tool to remove mic pops and plosives.

Waldorf Announce AAX Versions of Largo, PPG Wave 3.V and the Waldorf Edition

For lovers of Waldorf synths then there’s some great news. Waldorf have released 64 bit versions of their plug-ins in AAX format, the updates features Largo, PPG Wave 3.V and the Waldorf Edition.

Waldorf Largo AAX

Largo offers three fat oscillators, two of them with sub oscillators. These oscillators include models of classic analog waveforms as well as a selection of waves from the PPG and Waldorf Wave stored in two Wavetables. All these run through two Waldorf multimode filters with steep cutoff, resonance up to self-oscillation and a drive stage to add even more punch and grainyness to the sound. Ultra-fast envelope generators and flexible LFOs as well as an easy to understand, yet extremely versatile modulation matrix make for a sound designer’s dream.

PPG Wave 2 AAX

PPG Wave 2 was the very first digital Wavetable synthesizer with analog filters that allowed completely new worlds of sound and endless sonic possibilities. Shortly afterwards, the successor PPG Wave 2.2 came out and was born to make history. With a gigantic arsenal of waveshapes, it could not only reproduce known analog sounds, but also brilliant choirs, bells and whistles. The digital sounds of wavetables had been unheard until then and offered sensational sonic evolutions by smoothly going through 64 waves back and forth.

The Waldorf Edition AAX

The Waldorf Edition features the famous and award-winning PPG Wave 2.V, Attack and D-Pole plug-ins as VST and AudioUnit variants.

More information from Waldorf

Fear Is Sometimes Our Biggest Creative Challenge

I started a new project yesterday for a client. It has been 6 months in the making, from discussion, request for a proposal, pitch, agreement and then eventually the green light.

The night before I start a new project I often find myself having the same sleep pattern as when I need to wake up for a flight, sporadic short bursts of sleep followed by longer periods of lying awake having the project playing over and over in my mind.

Is the idea any good? Have I hired the right talent? Have I made the right gear choices for capturing the performance? Will the vision I have become a reality? Will the client like it? Am I good enough? Are just a few of the thoughts that play over.

These are just a few of the neurotic thoughts that flow - of course I’m a creative, it’s the very gift that allows me to dream up creative ideas that is the same thing that curses me with visions of failure. Add to this the fact that a lot of creative types think in black and white meaning everything is either fantastic or a disaster and you know you are in for another roller coaster ride of emotions.

Of course I’m not the only one - perhaps I’m describing you?

In the final analysis it’s fear that is sometimes the biggest challenge, looking into the eyes of your latest project and hearing the demons whisper ‘you can’t do this.’ 

It’s at this moment we have to look right back and say ‘watch me!’

Do You Have Golden Ears? Take The Test

There’s a lot of discussion doing the rounds at the moment about the quality of recorded music. It all starts with the source material and how well the people making the music know what to listen for.

Philips have create the cool website where you can take some test to see how well you detect changes in sound on the same piece of material. It isn’t perfect and it won’t get you a degree but it’s an excellent way to give your ears a spin.

Furthermore, if you want to help your friends who listen to MP3s hear how different things can sound then this may be a great way to introduce them to critical listening.

More here

FabFilter Summer Sale - 25% Discount On Bundles

Until August 1, our friends at FabFilter are running a Summer Sale in their online FabFilter web shop, offering 25% discount on all plug-in bundles! In addition, if you already own one or more FabFilter plug-ins, go to your online FabFilter account and you can get discounts of 25% or more during the Summer Sale.

We love FabFilter plug-ins, take a look at our show & tell reviews

Also look out for our review of the Pro Q eq plug-in which more and more of the team are using. So don’t miss out on this chance to start off or even complete your FabFilter collection, or recommend FabFilter plug-ins to a friend!