PureMix Release New Video On Stem Mixing And Loudness Control

Fab Dupont is on a roll after his excellent video on compressor fundamentals he has now released a video on stem mixing and loudness control.

In this video, Fab Dupont focuses on the numerous benefits derived from working with stems like faster workflow, greater versatility especially on larger sessions and yes, loudness control.

But Fab isn’t trying to show how to “make the loudest record ever” rather in this video he shows how to manage headroom and dynamic range to emphasize certain parts of your mix like drums, percussions, bass, etc. If your music relies heavily on sub bass frequencies and/or heavy hitting drums and you’ve had problems handling your low energy and transients, you know what he is talking about. 

Pro Tools Expert RedNet Event Hosted By Alchemea London A Resounding Success

Last night Pro Tools Expert and Focusrite joined forces with top Avid Authorized Training Partner Alchemea to give audio professionals a chance to learn more about the Focusrite RedNet system.

The event included a chance to enjoy free drinks and nibbles and then to take part in sessions covering the theory of RedNet and then to see it in action and ask more questions.

The sessions were repeated giving all those attending a chance to understand the technology behind RedNet and then more practical applications for the system.

In attendance were a mix of top audio post and music engineers, mixers and producers from organisations such as Disney, BBC, and Ravensbourne College as well as freelancers who work on top TV, film and music. We also had some of the team from our friends at HHB who were able to talk to those interested in investing in RedNet.

It was a rare occasion where many of the Pro Tools Expert team were in the same place, with Russ, Mike, Neil, James, Julian and Mike A all there to learn more about RedNet.

The Event got a big thumbs up from hosts Alchemea and Simon Short of Focusrite who said;

“The evening was a great success. I felt it was important to give engineers the opportunity to meet the team in a relaxed environment, and find out how they could benefit from RedNet technology, and that’s exactly what happened!”

The Pro Tools Community Gathering

It was great to see so many people who are part of the Pro Tools community and put faces to names and share beer with people like Alan, Glenn and Dave - the blog is a good place to start but there’s nothing better than meeting one another - I’m thrilled by the success of this event. said Russ Hughes

You can see some pictures from last night’s event, many whom attended felt was a resounding sucess. When asked if more events like this should take place the idea got a big thumbs up.

Our Next Pro Tools Expert London Event With Synchro Arts

With that in mind watch this space for a Synchro Arts event to celebrate the launch of Revoice Pro 3 happening in November at Alchemea.

Links For More Information

If you are interested is knowing more about RedNet then contact RedNet specialists HHB

If you are interested in knowing more about Pro Tools training course then contact Avid Authorized Training Partner Alchemea

AVID's CoreAudio Manager/Drivers Causing Hold Up In Yosemite Compatibility For Native Instruments

Native Instruments have published an update to their OS X 10.10 Yosemite compatibility statement and it seems that most of their hardware is currently unable to run reliably on systems using Avid’s CoreAudio Manager/Driver, the statement reads;

Native Instruments has conducted compatibility tests with Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite which have shown current NI products to work without any specific issues under standard installations of this operating system. 

However, products with a hardware dependency, such as Maschine, Komplete Kontrol, Traktor, Guitar Rig and Controller Editor will not launch when AVIDs CoreAudioManager/Drivers are installed under 10.10 Yosemite. Native Instruments and Avid are working together to resolve this compatibility issue. 

Native Instruments is currently conducting further systematic compatibility and performance tests with the release version of Yosemite, and will provide new information as it becomes available.

We will keep you posted as soon as we know about a remedy for this issue, watch this space. In the meantime you can read our advice regarding upgrading your Mac to OS X 10.10 Yosemite here.

How To Create Pro Tools Session Archives That Are Future Proof

In this free Pro Tools video tutorial Russ shows how to create a back-up of a Pro Tools session that is future proof and does not rely on proprietary software.

He shows how to use plug-ins so that presets are retained for use in other DAWs and also the creation of back-up stems in both clean and effected formats. All these things will ensure that you can open the Pro Tools session in any DAW and at any time in the future.

This video is useful for those both needing to work with other DAWs and for those wanting to create an archive that is future proof.

Watch this free Pro Tools video tutorial here

Positive Grid BIAS Desktop Guitar Modelling Plug-in Shipping Now - Is This The Plug-in Guitarists Will Love?

Positive Grid have already got a good reputation with their iOS guitar modelling app, but now their desktop version has started to ship.

Both version ship with a great collection of modelled amps, the option to audition presets on their ToneCloud and download them and customize to your heart’s content. In the pro version you also get to do some magic where it listens to an amp recording and then matches your sound to it.

Positive Grid BIAS Desktop comes in two versions.

BIAS Desktop features;

  • 36 authentic amp models to get started.
  • Complete BIAS amp design modules for customization.
  • Download thousands of amp models from ToneCloud.
  • Sync with BIAS iPad and iPhone.

  • BIAS Professional Desktop features; 

  • Everything from BIAS Desktop, plus:
  • Amp Matching Technology to capture your tube amps.
  • Featured artists Amp Matching presets download.
  • Glassy, Crunch & Insane Amp Expansion Packs.

    More Information About Positive Grid BIAS Desktop

    Download A Demo Of Positive Grid BIAS Desktop 

    Pro Tools Expert Podcast 138


    Russ, Mike, Neil and James bring you another show with talking points, tips, tricks and questions answered.

     Groove 3 Titles We Like 


    Deals page

    Sonnox Community Award

    • September’s winner is Glenn Skinner

    Talking Points Kindly Sponsored By Universal Audio 

    Community Feedback Kindly Sponsored by RSPE Audio Solutions

    • Tony Molica overhauled an old damaged Millennia mic preamp, and he is so glad he did, so check your attic for a gem.
    • Andres Gonzalez has made a multisample instrument Colombina harp instrument and offers a demo and a download link 
    • Glenn Skinner wanted to ask if there was a shortcut to delete deactivated tracks when cleaning a session up for archiving. Also he would like to know what one thing would each person like to be added to the next version of Pro Tools.
    • Todd McKernan perhaps Avid should sell off Pro Tools to another company.  
    • Yahir Vergara asks if we can make some videos on how to use Slate’s Batch Commander.
    • Chris Bach updated us that PatchWork won’t enable Garritan Personal Orchestra to work properly in Pro Tools 11 but a free player Sforzando from Plogue is working well.
    • Lari Paavilainen asked if we tried the Blackmagic UltraStudio SDI?    

    Questions - Kindly Sponsored by Alchemea

    • Alchemea Weekend Production Courses 
    • Partnership with FX Rentals and Pro Tools Expert 
    • Jason Riddiford - How can I duplicate a MIDI Note next to the source note rather than the next bar?
    • Matt Greaves would like to know if it is possible to disable UAD plug-ins that he hasn’t bought yet and what is the difference between legacy versions and the full versions of UAD plug-ins like the 1176.
    • Andreas Rauscher asks if you can use the Waves Dugan Auto Mixer in Pro Tools?
    • Clay Reid has got plug-in problems after installing a plug-in update on his Windows 7 computer with Pro Tools 9.

    Find Of The Week 

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    Free Rock Drum Kit Plug-in - MT Power Drum Kit In AU VST And Format Mac And PC

    Mark the Editor over at Reason Expert has tipped us off to a cool free drum kit with a surprising feature set, albeit with a single set of sounds, however after taking it for a spin we think it is worth having in your plug-in arsenal, especially if you are starting out and looking for a nice drum kit.

    MT Power Drum Kit is made by a developer called Manda Audio and although the site suggests there is both a free and paid for version of the plug-in it now seems that the paid for version is being given away for free. You simply try to buy it and then you get directed to a page telling you it’s now free.

    Click to read more ...

    DDMF Announce Meta Plug-in Wrapper In RTAS For Pro Tools Legacy Support

    Our friends at DDMF have announced the RTAS version of Meta Plug-in the AU/VST wrapper for Pro Tools.

    There is already an AAX version which we recently sold in our deals store, however the RTAS version of the wrapper is to support the large number of Pro Tools users who have Pro Tools 10 and below and who are not moving to Pro Tools 11.

    We are surprised to see a new plug-in released in RTAS format but there are still many 32 bit Pro Tools users who want to get their hands on plug-ins with legacy support - this is a nice move by DDMF.

    To try the demo of DDMF Meta Plug-in click here

    Using An AMS Neve DFC To Mix In Auro 3D Immersive Sound

    In this the 3rd video, in the continuing series on working in Immersive sound using the Auro 3D format, Gareth Llewellyn shows Mike Thornton how AMS Neve have integrated Auro 3D into their DFC Gemini console for a truly integrated workflow when mixing in the Auro 3D format neatly side stepping the channel restrictions imposed by Avid in Pro Tools, by using Pro Tools as a playback device and mixing using the AMS Neve DFC Gemini console.

    Click to read more ...

    Pro Tools Expert Announces New Partnership With FX Rentals - Amazing Collection Of Vintage Studio Gear

    We are thrilled to announce that Pro Tools Expert have entered into a new partnership with top London studio rental and sales company FX Rentals.

    Watch this exclusive video with Russ Hughes from Pro Tools Expert and Pat Roche from FX Rentals. In the video Pat talks about FX Rentals and the collection of amazing vintage studio and music gear, there’s plenty of gear porn in the video.

    What Does This Partnership Mean?

    The partnership will give Pro Tools Expert access to some of the most sought after studio gear in history from FX Rentals’ amazing collection, part of the plan is to use this collection to bring even deeper reviews and comparisons between plug-ins and the hardware originals.

    We also hope to be able to bring muturally beneficial member only offers to the Pro Tools Expert community and benefits of the Pro Tools Expert resource to those using the services of FX Rentals.

    What Do You Want To See And Hear?

    Let us know what shoot outs and vintage gear reviews you would like us to feature on Pro Tools Expert in the comments - this is going to be fun!