Interview With Studio Design Guru And Respected Acoustics Expert Andy Munro

Our recent primer article on monitoring for home studios has been very popular, all information aimed at those with small home studios on limited budgets.

Pro Tools Expert has a long relationship with studio design guru and respected acoustics expert Andy Munro from Munro Acoustics.

Munro Acoustics

Over 30 years Andy has earned an enviable reputation designing studios for Coldplay, AIR Studios, Metropolis Studios and more recently the new flagship BBC Broadcasting House in London.

Extended Interview With Andy Munro

Russ met with Andy Munro and talks Shure, The Rolling Stones, the early days of home recording, plus of course lots of discussion around studio acoustics.

Pro Tools Mapped Shortcuts For Cubase Users - Free Download

You may have seen our recent video tutorial on creating custom keybaord shortcuts in Cubase 7.5 for those wanting Pro Tools keyboard shortcuts.

Community member Emilio Conesa has now provided his presets for users to import into Cubase as a free download.

Emilio is a pro session guitar player who has worked with artist such as Bobby Brown and The Whispers. He writes.

Hello Russ! Here’s a link to the key command xml file in my dropbox. Read the notes also. Anyone can have at it. Don’t forget to backup your previous commands in case.

I haven’t been able to use Pro Tools 11 due to show stopper bugs such as the delay compensation problem. It’s been a very disappointing experience. Emilio

You can download the Pro Tools keyboard shortcuts for Pro Tools presets file created by Emilio here

Will You Still Be Using Avid Pro Tools In 3 Years Time? Poll

The last few weeks have seen more discontentment amongst Pro Tools users, some fuelled by the uncertainty created by the recent support upgrade announcement.

How confident are you about Avid’s future? How much has this affected your confidence in using Pro Tools long term? Do you still think you will still be using Pro Tools in 3 years time?

As ever please vote and leave your comments for discussion.

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5 Common Monitoring Mistakes In Home Studios

A nice selection of monitors at Funky JunkWe get a lot of questions about getting great sounding mixes at home. The number one problem for most users is not their DAW or their ears, but the monitor setup. If your monitors are not giving you a true representation of what is leaving your mix buss, then you need to fix it.

Here are 5 common mistakes people make with monitors.

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How To Get Sounds Like 'Don't Tell 'Em' Using The Free Stuff In Pro Tools

In this free Pro Tools video tutorial Russ takes a listen to the track ‘Don’t Tell ‘Em’ and shows how to get sounds like those used in the track using just the free stuff in Pro Tools. He even shows you his special sauce plug-in.

Watch this free Pro Tools video tutorial

Using TC System 6000 & Exponential Audio Reverbs In Auro 3D

In this the 4th video, in the continuing series on working in Immersive sound using the Auro 3D format, in Galaxy Studio’s Aurotorium, Gareth Llewellyn shows Mike Thornton how to use the TC Electronic System 6000 and Exponential Audio Reverbs to handle reverb natively in the Auro 3D format. See how these tools propagate the reverb natively through the Auro 11.1 soundscape.

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How To Set-Up Pro Tools Shortcuts In Steinberg Cubase 7.5

After many requests by the community Russ begins this new series of helping Pro Tools users interested in working with other DAWs. A poll on this site found that over 60% of people are using more than one DAW, in some cases three, this video will help those people jumping between Pro Tools and Cubase or considering the switch.

Keyboard shortcuts are the core to any effective workflow in any DAW. Many Pro Tools users have mastered these and have them ingrained into their memories making using any other DAW hard work.

Several DAWs offer the option to remap the shortcuts to custom settings.

In the first video in a series Russ shows how to remap Cubase 7.5 shortcuts to work just like Pro Tools. He shows that in a matter of minutes you can fly around Cubase as if you were using Pro Tools.

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Native Instruments Offer A Workaround For Avid CoreAudio Yosemite Issues

Native Instruments have issued advice for those experiencing issues with Avid CoreAudio in Yosemite issues.

Yosemite is as yet unqualified by Avid, but this advice is for those users of Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite who also use Native Instruments products with hardware dependencies.

In the advice Native Instruments say;

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Show And Tell Review Of Positive Grid BIAS Desktop Guitar Amp Modelling Plug-in

Russ takes the new Positive Grid BAIS Desktop amp modelling plug-in for a spin.

Positive Grid claim that BIAS Desktop is not only a great amp modelling plug-in for guitarists, but with the added options to tweak to your heart’s content, grab new sounds free from the community Tone Cloud and also model your own sounds right from within the plug-in.

Does it live up to all the claims, Russ checks it out in this extended review. Find out what he thinks.

Watch the Positive Grid BAIS Desktop review here

Cream Bass Player Jack Bruce Dies Aged 71

Jack Bruce, bass player with iconic rock legends Cream, has died aged 71.

Cream, made up of Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Bruce, are considered by many to be one of the most important groups in rock music. Bruce wrote most of the songs, including ‘I Feel Free’ and ‘Sunshine Of Your Love’, he also sang vocals.

Bruce’s death was announced on his official website. A statement from the family said: “It is with great sadness that we, Jack’s family, announce the passing of our beloved Jack: husband, father and granddad and all-round legend. The world of music will be a poorer place without him, but he lives on in his music and forever in our hearts.”

Image: (CC) Christian Sahm.