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What You Can Buy For The Price Of An Avid S6 Console

Now that pricing is announced for a the new Avid S6 console, we thought we would look at see what you could get for the same kind of money. To be clear, the Avid S6 is a control surface, it contains no audio components, it’s simply a way of controlling your DAW. That is not to take anything away from the Avid S6, simply to make clear that when considering an Avid S6 then you need to factor in pre-amps and anything else found on a conventional desk.

But if you are going to shell out this kind of money for your productions then what could you get instead? Here’s what we’ve found you could splash the cash on instead.

A Used Neve VR 48 channel mixing console - £25,000

Ex- Pinewood studios Neve console complete with the flying faders, patchbay and all the Neve sound.

A Used SSL -4040G+ - £35,000

A fully maintained SSL desk complete with Total Recall and patchbay in mint condition.

A New SSL AWS9000 SE - £41,500

If you don’t fancy used glory then you could grab yourself a new SSL AWS9000, as well as lots of automation you also get features of the AWS that include ultra clean SuperAnalogue mic pre’s, precise twin curve E+G Eq, classic SSL Dynamics processing, 5.1 Mixing and Monitoring, motorised faders.

A New Rupert Neve Designs 5088 - 16 Channel Console & Avid HDX2 Core System - £32,000

Yep, you can actually get a Rupert Neve 5088 along with a Pro Tools HDX2 with 16/16 - so a complete Pro Tools system with change to spare.

A used 1998 Ferrari 348 TS - £30,000

If you think that you can’t get a good sound from a Ferrari then you’ve never heard one going full throttle on a home straight. We’re being silly really, but if you’ve got this kind of money to spend then it’s worth a thought!

So, there’s a few alternatives for your hard-earned. Is the S6 on your shopping list or something else? Discuss.

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