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Community Tip - Bounce Once & Use Strip Silence

With the support of iLok, more tips & tricks from the community,  this one is from John Robnett….

I work in radio and usually have to create a million idents and bouncing down each one individually can be tiresome (and i’m on Pro Tools 10) - so I don’t have faster than real time bounce.. So, I create a print track to mixdown my production to another track and then simply export (no bouncing necessary) In order to do this I do the following… 

  1. Create an aux and audio track at the bottom of my session naming them Print Bus and Print Track 
  2. Name 2 buses Print/Master 
  3. Set the output of all my tracks to the print bus.. 
  4. On the “print bus” aux I choose the input bus “Print” and place any necessary final compression 
  5. On the Print track I set the input “Master” bus and the output to the soundcard… 

Now here it depends if you’re on HD or LE

  • HD click the “I” button on the “Print Track” to hear the throughput of what’s on the tracks and then hit record to write to the track… 
  • LE - Click the record button on the “Print track” to hear the throughput.. Making sure “Auto Input Monitoring is selected” 

The bonus with this - is if you’re working on a long track and you notice one small mix mistake - you only need to re-record that section and consolidate it with the rest of the track.. It’s usually best to record a little before the section to take care of any latency issues. Then simply Apple/Shift/K will export the finished track. In addition….

  1. if you’re working on multiple pieces like me…. 
  2. I record everything in one go to the print track… 
  3. Use Apple/U - to Strip Silence the gaps… 
  4. Then use the rename function to batch name all the tracks in numerical order with ease… 
  5. Right click on all of them in the region list and select “Export Clips as Files” to save them as consolidated individual files… 

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