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Avid Compact S3L System Is Now Shipping

The Avid S3L compact system, with its brand new modular networked design for live sound mixing, is now shipping.

What Is It?
The modular Avid S3L System is comprised of an HDX-powered processing engine running AAX plug-ins, scalable remote I/O that can live on stage or in a rack, and a compact control surface that’s built for the road but equally at home in the studio.

A fault-tolerant Gigabit Ethernet network connects all devices and uses the open Ethernet AVB and EUCON standards for maximum performance and flexibility. Award-winning VENUE software drives the system, and with Virtual Soundcheck and direct Pro Tools integration.

Who Is It For?
The S3L is for artists and musicians; the networked design simplifies system set-up and configuration with drag-and-drop functionality, while direct Pro Tools recording and mixing capabilities open opportunities for live album releases. The compact S3L System is easy to take on tour or install in any club, theatre, house of worship, or other performance venue to efficiently and easily respond to a broad range of demands.  It takes up very little space so is great for any venue where seating capacity is an issue.    

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