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Pro Tools Expert Podcast Episode 72

Russ is back from his holidays and is joined by Mike, Neil, & James with a packed Pro Tools Expert podcast that include….

  • Competitions 
  • What Plug-ins are you waiting for before upgrading to Pro Tools 11
  • Will you wait or ail you switch to Pro Tools 11
  • Quick Shortcut Key modifier chart Mac to PC  
  • Community Feedback Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant
  • Community Feedback James McPherson
  • Community tips - winner - Mark Phillips
    Watch the blog throughout the week so see the great community tips that you are sending in. Remember the one we vote as the best will win an iLok.
  • Will Pro Tools 11 work with a first generation iLok
  • Can PT8LE and 10HD be installed on the same computer?
  • Pro Tools still seeing demo license
  • Macbook Pro 2012 or Mac Pro 2008 for Pro Tools 11 
  • Pro Tools 11  won’t recognise 3rd party plug-ins AAX Dummies GuideAAX Database 
  • Will Pro Tools Express run on Windows 8
  • Upgrading Pro Tools and plug-ins
  • CPU Error messages PT10 on Macbook Pro
  • Does the 002 work on Windows with Pro Tools 11?
  • Pro Tools 11 HD Upgrade Install problems
  • Is there a 64 bit AAX BBC PPM plug-in available?
  • Any idea when Steven Slate’s SSD 4 will be AAX 64 bit?
  • Moving tracks around in Pro Tools
  • Advice on backup strategies Mike’s Sound on Sound article
  • Sibelius and Pro Tools 11
  • Pro Tools session file compatibility - Essentials, SE, Express
  • Pro Tools needs a valid audio drive
  • Help needed with mapping keys on Oxygen 61 for drum programming
  • What is the difference between OP59 & R128 loudness specs Nugen Audio Loudness Standards

This podcast was brought to you completely by Pro Tools 11 and you can listen here;

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