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Sonnox AAX 64 Bit Plug-ins Coming Soon For Pro Tools 11

Sonnox have just tweeted to say “AAX 64-bit plugins on the way very soon”. This is great news but of course with these kind of messages they create as many questions as they answer. How soon is “very soon”? Which plug-ins? All of them? Some first? 

So Sonnox users, in order of priority, which 3 Sonnox plug-ins do you want first? I will start off…

  1. Oxford Dynamics
  2. Oxford Inflator
  3. Oxford Limiter

Although there are loads of dynamics plug-ins I do like the Oxford Dynamics which is why it is top of my list. The Oxford Inflator does ‘something’ to a mix and I have been finding more uses for it. There are other broadcast limiters but I have some current projects with the Oxford Limiter so I am going back into Pro Tools 10 to continue using the AAX 32bit verison.

I am missing the my old friend the Sonnox EQ but I can live without it, there are other eq plug-ins I can use instead for now which is why it didn’t make my top 3.

Do let us have your top 3 Sonnox plug-in that you would like ported to AAX 64 bit and why.

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