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More Evidence Of Delay Compensation Bug In Pro Tools 11 

Community member Top Jimmy (and a few other Pro Tools 11 users) has been running tests to replicate the delayed audio problem when recording in Pro Tools 11 vanilla. He wrote to us via Facbook:

Hey Russ, There’s a bug in 11 vanilla that has just been officially recognized*. With delay comp on, newly recorded tracks can be late depending on position in the edit window. Thread here:

I made a short screen cap vid here (3MB):

*We are unable to find any note of Avid officially recognizing the issue. If there is a thread we’ve missed, please let us know in the comments below; if not, perhaps a response from Avid would be good at this stage?

You may want to test it yourself, but it does seem like there may be an issue that needs ironing out.

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