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SoundToys Release AAX 64 Bit Public Betas For Pro Tools 11

Look what I found in my SoundToys account tonight. Public beta installers for AAX Native 64 bit SoundToys plug-ins. The ReadMe with the installer says…

This installer includes eight plug-ins (Decapitator, EchoBoy, Crystallizer, Tremolator, PanMan, PhaseMistress, FilterFreak 1 and FilterFreak 2) supporting 64-bit operation for the AAX Native format. It is intended to be installed on top of an existing SoundToys V4 installation. By installing you acknowledge that you are aware this is beta software and you are installing it at your own risk. No additional manuals or documentation will be installed.

Keep them coming SoundToys, please can I have Speed and Pitch Doctor asap?

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