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United Kingdom

New Pro Tools Prefs Helper Released Ready For PT 11

Peter Gates from Free Range Audio here in the UK has taken up the baton left by Jean Charles Deshaies and produced PT Prefs. Peter says…

This is not in connection with JC Deshaies’ one though obviously inspired by the great man. He is therefore not responsible for any differences/failings etc! It doesn’t do some of the things his did (yet) but it does do extra things like deleting prefs/DBs from all versions of Pro Tools from 7-11 inclusive and also deletes the Waves cache. With Pro Tools 11 this may even become redundant, we’ll see. Though for now it can delete certain PT 11 Prefs/DBs etc.


It was written for my own use but anyone is welcome to try it - and I cannot emphasise this enough at their own risk - Always have your system backed up. This software should only ever move things to the trash, so items are recoverable. I will endeavour to fix the software if any problems arise though this software is provided free and not under any explicit or implied contract of service or warranty so treat it as such. 

Any problems/queries/suggestions, do let us know here or on the special thread on the DUC

Note that PT Prefs requires Mac OSX 10.6 or above, Intel only. Peter may do a PC version if there is much demand, although I think Trasher 10 has it pretty well covered.

The only feature I am missing is the backup & restore, so you could keep a ‘good set’ and restore them if there was trouble.

You can download v1.1 from here.

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