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Blue Cat Audio Announce 12 Plug-ins Are Ready For Pro Tools 11

Blue Cat Audio have announced the release of 64-bit AAX versions of 12 of their plug-ins: Liny EQProtectorOscilloscope Multi,StereoScope MultiFreqAnalyst MultiDP Meter ProChorusPhaserFlangerTriple EQGain Suite, and FreqAnalyst are now ready to welcome Pro Tools 11.

This includes all the plug-ins in Blue Cat’s Free Pack bundle, giving us FREE 64-bit AAX Pro Tools 11 ready plug-ins and we can announce that Blue Cat Audio are now sponsoring our Free Plug-ins page too.

These plug-in updates also include several improvements and fixes, which you can read about on each plug-in’s website page.  Even better, these updates are entirely FREE for registered customers! Blue Cat Audio tell us that their other plug-ins will also be updated in the future for PT11 support. You can read more about their AAX support and Pro Tools versions on their dedicated AAX format page.

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