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Pro Tools Expert Podcast Episode 63

Russ, Mike, & Neil are here with a packed Pro Tools Expert podcast that includes; 

  • Intros
  • Competitions
  • AAX Announcements
  • Plug-ins not going AAX
  • AIR AAX Plug-in updates
  • Pro Tools and Hackintosh
  • Testing the Pro Tools PC
  • Pro Tools 11 in action
  • Pro Tools 11 surveys
  • Community Tip 1 - Anthony Dominello
  • Community Tip 2 - Rob Schaap
  • Community Tip 3 - Shane Felton
  • Community Tip 4 - John aka Tunes
  • Community Tip 5 - Anonymous
  • Sound stops but PT keeps rolling
  • Getting 003 drivers - download link
  • PT11 upgrade options for Mbox 3 owner
  • Does the following Maths work? PT 11 + PT10 + ReWire = RTAS in PT11
  • Request for video to show complete clean install of OS Mountain Goat and Pro Tools 11 - Mike’s Pro Tools Toolkit For Mac on Groove 3
  • Creating mp3s from Pro Tools Express
  • Avid Vantage cover
  • Should I upgrade from 8LE to PT10 or 11?
  • Colours between memory locations
  • What are the replacements for a 002R 

You can listen here;

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