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Lynx Make A Statement About The Compatibility Of Their Converters With Pro Tools 11

The following statement has been posted to the Lynx Studio Technology Facebook page and although their converters have always been in the “Not Officially Supported By Avid But Should Work” category they would like to re-assure their customers of their ongoing dedication to their functionality in Pro Tools 11. They also mention the upcoming release of a new free firmware update for the LT-HD to add features and compatibility for Pro Tools HD-X systems. Heres the full story; 
I had a chance to see Pro Tools 11 in Frankfurt and I talked with several of the Avid representatives at the show. This is a very exciting addition to the Pro Tools software, bringing a lot of features into the computer and taking advantage of the power of 64 bit computing. Avid has clearly communicated the level of support this new software offers for their own Avid converters. Avid does not, as you know, comment about support for the third party converters from Lynx and other companies. That’s our job.

From the conversations we have had with key distributors, retailers, and the Avid representatives at MusikMesse, we have the impression that Aurora converters with the LT-HD card will continue to work with this new software. The new software is expected to ship by June 30 and we will keep you posted about any new details we hear.

Lynx has supported all Pro Tools systems for over five years and we intend to continue to do so. In fact next week, Lynx will release a new free firmware update for the LT-HD to add features and compatibility for Pro Tools HD-X systems. 

Pro Tools 11 is also a great fit for the AES16/Aurora combination. This interface option is stable, widely accepted and blazing fast – it may actually be the lowest latency option for conversion for Pro Tools or any other DAW set up.

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